Covid daily count: 494 new cases


The number of new Covid cases on Monday in Alaska was 494. Six new Covid-related deaths were reported. The number of hospitalizations has dropped again, and is now 196. Overall, the trend is continuing toward, 17 percent lower than last week.

The cases by community are:

  • Anchorage (152)
  • Greater Wasilla Area (76)
  • Fairbanks (56)
  • Greater Palmer Area (29)
  • Nome Census Area (26 in 2 communities)
  • Kenai (18), Eagle River (16)
  • Soldotna (16), Utqiaġvik (13)
  • North Pole (12)
  • Juneau (10)
  • Kodiak ( 8 )
  • Chugiak (6)
  • Homer (6)
  • Petersburg (6)
  • Prince Of Wales-Hyder Census Area (6 in 3 communities)
  • Houston/Big Lake Area (3)
  • Kotzebue (3)
  • Nome (3)
  • Sitka (3)
  • Sutton-Alpine (3)
  • Anchor Point (2)
  • Dillingham Census Area (2)
  • Ketchikan (2)
  • NW Arctic Borough (2 in 2 communities)
  • Unalaska (2)
  • Willow (2)
  • One each in Bethel, Bethel Census Area, Bristol Bay/Lake and Peninsula, Copper River Census Area, Fritz Creek, Haines, Kenai Peninsula Borough-South, Kusilvak Census Area, Mat-Su Borough, Sterling, and Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area.

92 of the 117 staffed ICU beds across the state are full, leaving 24 ICU beds open.

318 of the 1,100 staffed non-ICU beds are available.

184 Alaskans are in the hospital with Covid, making up 18.8 percent of all Alaskans who are hospitalized right now. The number of Covid patients on ventilators has dropped to 27.


  1. Is Covid still a thing? I see masks on some faces, but I see that humanity is still standing, not dead.
    Isn’t everyone supposed to be dead by now?
    I think it is time we stop counting cases.
    It has become obvious that government intervention only makes things worse and the hospitals are the ones using protocols that are killing patients more than the disease is itself.

  2. Wouldn’t it be useful to also track:
    … Common Cold
    … Influenza
    … Pneumonia
    Maybe this would be insightful as to which is of a greater threat to our community and where we should focus our attention.

  3. It’s kind of ran its course down here but we’re about a month ahead of you people. They don’t even put it on the news anymore. Nobody is wearing a mask except a few black folks that for whatever reason aren’t vaccinated because they think the government is still trying to kill them.

  4. Lets track the flu Broncitis pneumonia non (COVID related) COPD Emphyzema and all the other Lung problems people already had Waaaaaaaaay before COVID ! Im not saying COVID isnt’t real it is and wrecks havoc on already compromised individuals but we cannot live our lives being afraid of an illness that has been around for over 24 years and only became so lethal after the Chinese in Wuhan made it that way ! Let us use medications we know treat this deadly Flu and cure people instead of letting them die !

  5. Has anybody tallied the daily Covid counts for the last 20 months?
    Surely, if we added them all together, we’d be close to population of AK…

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