Public union gets permit for solidarity picnic June 14 ?



9 am Update: A union representative says this event has been canceled.

While Eagle River has been denied permits to have the Bear Paw Festival in July, due to concerns over COVID-19, the Municipality of Anchorage has allowed the Alaska Public Employees Union to have a solidarity picnic on the Delaney Park Strip a month earlier on June 14.

Critics say it is yet another example of how Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has used his emergency power unevenly across Alaska’s largest city, as the community tries to come back to normal after being shut down during the pandemic scare.

Last week, the municipality also allowed protests to occur where people were not socially distanced.

For the Alaska Employees Association Picnic, the union promises games for the kids, live music, and free food.


  1. Why do the people of Alaska put up with being treated like 2nd class citizens? Public employees are the Royalty, they have high salaries and will have lifetime pensions and benefits unknown to most private industry and corporations. The Royalty of serving the liberal/socialist agenda pays off in spades.

  2. The unions are driving policy in Alaska and are going to be the reason Alaska goes in the crapper. You can only steal so much from the rate payer and taxpayer before it exceeds possibility. And our elected officials are the reason it has gotten so out of hand. There exists no private company capable of providing all the benefits and levels of pay that are provided public employees because it is beyond the ability of the economy to support such largess. Now, extending rights to them, while depriving the people of the same rights that pay their wages is unjust and unconstitutional.

  3. You might want to change the title to “Someone mistakenly posts about an event that was already canceled in March.” Unless, of course, a permit was actually issued. 😉

  4. Permit issued in January, event canceled in March, someone mistakenly posted a save the date for the canceled event today.

    • Jy,
      Whenever the ‘permit’ was issued and cancelled is not the point. When the permit was cancelled, it was with the proviso that, if possible, it would be held on schedule but that did not look likely. Twist some more.
      The ‘permit’ for the public union function should fall under the same guidelines as businesses, meetings, functions and all public congregations, for whatever reason. To favor one group (unions) above another group (citizens) is outrageous. Isn’t that what Stalin and Hitler did?

  5. Do you all not have phones in the Republican party? One phone call and you would have known this event was cancelled two months ago due to Covid-19. This permit is applied way in advance. Typical Republican spin on a nothing burger… thats cancelled…

    • MRAK was only reporting what was posted this morning on the union’s Facebook page — the flyer for the event. MRAK posted an update to the story as soon as the union reported that they had, in fact, canceled the event. We are left to wonder why they posted the picnic today as a “save the date.” Thank you for your note.

  6. Thank you Suzanne for pointing out the leftist union members do not read their own website and the union failed to remove an upcoming event. Do they expect everyone to have to call the union offices and ask if the information the post is true or not. No wonder the public questions their competence.
    I used “Leftist” only because the commenters chose to believe only the GOP makes mistakes.

    I am a retiree member of that Union and thought highly of the people I worked with but they seem to have swallowed the TDS in all their union messages so now I just delete them.

  7. Again, time for Alaskans to start treating the state, municipal/ borough and elected officials as their employees. We pay their wages through mineral royalties and property taxes. They serve us, we do not serve them.

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