Berkowitz puts pause on Bear Paw Festival


Protests may go on across the state, but the Municipality of Anchorage won’t be giving permits to the Eagle River Bear Paw Festival — not for a July festival, anyway.

“We are announcing that we are pressing pause on the festival,” the organizers wrote tonight. Concerns over COVID-19 and the festival’s heath management plan being a match for the virus led to the decision to not proceed with the July 8-12 event, which draws thousands of people to Eagle River each summer.

The festival organizers are hoping to move the date to August, but has to coordinate with festival partners Golden Wheel Amusements and Anchorage Markets, as well and the municipality’s own reopening schedule.


  1. Why do they need a permit? Mayor Berkowitz condoned and celebrated the activist squatters who illegally occupied the Park Strip for a week last summer, in space where any legitimate event would have required a city permit. The Eagle River community should likewise feel welcome and free to host their annual event.

  2. These decisions were made in consultation with the public health division. The players were not political appointees. Please consider the facts or contacting the organizers for more information.

    • The players are not political? Imperial College and the now discredited Lancet article on hydroxychlooquine.failure being retracted? When political decisions ride on “health experts”… when the life blood of economy is shackled… one must ask how decisions are made and justified.

      In light of the political decision to let protest demonstrations go on without strict enforcement of guidelines in the Lower 48, all decisions are suspect and must be proven for all to see.

  3. Not much social distancing going on in the major cities what with their demonstrations and riots. Maybe a good thing. We’ll all get exposed sooner as the millions of participants go about their way when done beating and burning. Get this pandemic thing over with. I hope Bear Paw makes it this year.

  4. Someone needs to put together something to replace the fair.. maybe 4-5 days of local vendors or something.. but it would be a great catharsis for Alaskans who were well intended and put it on the line and put their lives and businesses on hold. It could be a way to unite and to celebrate maybe being free from the whole thing. Also, it could be a nice way for people to tell all the social distancing warriors, the busy bodies, overbearing bureaucrats and mask police.. all to go pound sand.

  5. Sad and disappointing that our local leaders cannot or will not (agenda driven) assimilate the available information out there, perform their own critical analysis to realize the sham of the flu-19 and the ideologically-driven politics involved.

  6. Why don’t we have the Bear Paw Protest on the same weekend with all the same activities. No permit needed, no masks needed, no social
    Distancing needed.

  7. Eagle Exit should solve this problem.
    One so hopes this marvelous intiative is alive and near completion.

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