Murkowski turns on Trump?


Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska gave strong support for the words of General James Mattis in an interview with reporters, telling them she’s not sure she can support the president any longer. Her remarks have her trending on Twitter once again.

Mattis criticized the president for saying he would use the military to quell riots, if necessary. “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people — does not even pretend to try,” Mattis wrote in a scathing statement.

“Instead he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership. We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society,” Mattis continued.

“This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise; and to our children,” Mattis wrote.

“I was really thankful,” Murkowski told a Politico reporter. “I thought General Mattis’ words were true and honest and necessary and overdue.” She told the reporter she is “struggling” over whether she can support Trump.

Murkowski is Alaska’s senior senator, and attracts a strong following from Democrats, liberals, and moderate pro-choice Republicans. Conservative Republicans in Alaska have had trouble reconciling her stances on various issues with their own values time and again, but she pulls broad support from the middle of the political spectrum.

“When I saw General Mattis’ comments yesterday I felt like perhaps we are getting to a point where we can be more honest with the concerns that we might hold internally. And have the courage of our own convictions to speak up,” Murkowski was quoted.


  1. So she’s mad at him because he’s willing to do something about the riots? She has no compassion for the thousands of business owners and many people who have been damaged.

    • You’re twisting words. Nowhere did she say ‘I’m mad at him for doing something about the riots’. In reality I’m confident she does have compassion for business owners and many of the people who have been damaged are peaceful protesters exercising their 1st ammendment rights. I think what she probably is mad about is chronic lying, conspiring with foreign powers to meddle in our electoral process, conspiring against allies to withhold military aid for quid-pro-quo, committing election fraud trying to cover up affairs with playmates and porn stars and general thug like behavior and child like immaturity.

      • LOL! If she were mad at “chronic lying, conspiring with foreign powers to meddle in our electoral process, conspiring against allies to withhold military aid for quid-pro-quo, committing election fraud trying to cover up affairs with playmates and porn stars and general thug like behavior and child like immaturity.” She would be vehemently denouncing Obama and all of his corrupt appointees, not to mention the Clinton Epstein connection. She would also be denouncing CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT etc. Andrew please do some real research before you embarrass yourself further.

      • So Andrew, you didn’t read the news that it was found Trump didn’t meddle with the elections? It was actually the Democratic Party who meddled with the Russians to try to over throw the election results? Quit using false Democratic talking points hoping that if you repeat them enough they will become true.

        I’m not voting for Murkowski ever and in fact she should be recalled because she isn’t what she says she is…a Republican. Her platform is that of a Democrat and she should quit Lying and just run as a Democrat. She won’t do that because she knows it is hard to win as a Democrat in Alaska. She’ll be gone next term.

        I disagree with Suzanne-Murkowski started the fight with Trump and he should be able to call her out on it. We voted for him because he fights back unlike most weak Republicans.

    • Half of what you said is what the Democrats are doing, the other half is women trying to get in on the money train trying to sue him or just discredit him so he wouldn’t get elected in 16. Well, that didn’t work then and it won’t work this time around either.
      Lisa is a Democrat in wolf’s clothing. She votes exactly like Diane Feinstein wants her to. Alaskans are tired of it and she will be replaced in 22.

  2. Proud of Lisa and how she represents Alaska. She speaks truth to power and political demagoguery.

      • Yeah, puny brainless morons are always quick to label people because they can’t handle a single thought that doesn’t fall into their pea brained world view. Own it Chrissy. I’m not as tolerant as Lisa.

          • Lisa needs to join Daddy in retirement…….who literally placed her in that office to begin with.

          • Sorry, chrissy, but you’re the one relying on ad hominem…

            Kinda ironic, donthcha think?

            “Thanks, Lefty Democrat Jay. ”

            Or do you not know what an ad hominem is? Woops… facepalm

    • Truth to power ?????? That is the most ridiculous statement ever devised by the political correctness liberal propaganda machine. Truth to power, what a bunch of liberal trash. You people wouldn’t know the truth if it sat on the tip of your upturned noses . And the only power is the power the demonrat party wants so badly to regain so it can push its communistic ideology onto the American people. Where was your ” truth to power ” when the Obama administration was setting in motion its plan to overturn an election???? Or during the ridiculous impeachment process????? Truth to power should be rephrased to ” any lie it takes to regain power “

  3. Holding a Bible in front of Christian church is now a crime in our Brave New World.

    • No it is not! Never was never will be! The man holdIng a book he has never read and the message he sends is divisive and evil! He is the president of all of the people n ths country not just Republicans.

      • Oh so now he’s everyone’s president huh. I guess you think he should just sit idly by while lawless thugs ” peacefully ” loot ,riot ,burn businesses and murder innocent people. It doesn’t matter what he does or says, liberals will always find something wrong. Face it, liberals hate America, they hate law and order and they hate our President

      • Judith:
        How do you know he has never read the Bible? Really? You don’t! Quit spreading division, please.
        It’s people like you that really don’t want Unity…you just want HATE.

      • Giessel to Murkowski: “I’d like your job.”
        Murkowski to Giessel: “We are both Catholic girls from Fairbanks. Abortion rights. Big government budgets. Give the little folks small PFDs. Become a tyrant queen.”
        Giessel to Murkowski:. “My dad was smarter than your dad.”
        Murkowski to Giessel: “I never said my dad was smart.”

      • President Trump is the best President we have had in many many decades. Everyone supporting anarchy and the rules of new world order, wearing your ridiculous fakemasks, pretending you know what the hell is actually going on, you’re a bunch of SHEOPLE.

        It’s laughable that people are arguing over the most stupid — in my lifetime. You put on a mask for no good reason and at the detriment of your own health, because you are weak and you are ignorant as to our human rights and the Constitution. It is nothing to be proud of. Wake up. You’re all being played for fools.

      • Interesting judith that you are all-knowing like God and can admitting say with certainty that Trump has never read the Bible.

        He would love to be the President of all the people but the left/democrats don’t want him to be their president.

      • Laugh out loud. She doesn’t speak truth to what she is suppose to stand for. Just let her run as a Democrat then we will leave her alone. I guess Obama was a truthful person. You are so misinformed.

    • Ahh, no… Using gaseous chemical agents and projectiles that are not as lethal as regular bullets against American citizens exercising their constitutional right to gather and petition their government for change… Well now, that’s illegal. The “Brave New World” looks a lot like cowardly fascism.

      • Why do you liberals continue to say that stupid crap when it’s been disproven over and over that tear gas and rubber bullets were never used, they were smoke canisters to stop the rioters from throwing frozen water bottles at the police? You people are so dishonest when it comes to the truth.

        • “Disproven over and over”???
          Cite one – just one – credible source that disproves ALL witness accounts!

    • She speaks for a minority in Alaska. Mattis is a disappointment to those of us who served our country in and out of uniform.

    • Absolutely ! I, and all of my family members, will vote against her when we can. She no longer represents Alaskans ,only anchorage ,not the people of Alaska.

    • Nice thought. In both of her two elections she pulled 90% of the Democrat vote, plus the liberal Republicans. Remember Joe Miller? He beat her in the primary one year and ran as a libertarian the other year. The democrat candidates pulled almost none of the votes in either election. The dems voted for Lisa en mass. That is her constituency and she will probably get that vote again.

    • If only Dan had the guts to stand up for our citizens. But then he was fixed by the Coke Bros.

  4. There are less and less thinking people left that care what Lisa thinks anymore….she is so far out of touch…and her hate for the President is harder and harder for her to hide…She was wrong on her support of the 3 year witch hunt, she was wrong with here support for Director Comey and his group of bad cops, she was wrong on her stance for Justice Kavanaugh, she is wrong on her suport for the merchants of death at Planned Parenthood and the list goes on and on.

    • Wrong to you only means she doesn’t always agree with you! This is America, where differences are acceptable!

  5. More honest, really. Bwahahahahahaha, Sen. Murkowski, you really are a true manipulator of the truth on every occasion. You never fail to amaze me with your beguiling the Native population over the years. From us conservatives you have been getting our honest opinions that we have researched and have thought out , taking all actions into consideration. Gen. Mattis did a great job pulling all of you out of the woodwork so we could see more of your true nature. Tickety tock goes the clock. #MAGA

  6. Lisa M. Is feeling the heat, and her election is still 2 years away. This just shows how dumb this woman is. No one, and I mean no one, in Alaska or in the Lower 48, gives a damn how this idiot senator from Alaska feels about Donald Trump. However, it does solidify the anti-Murkowski sentiment among the Alaska Republicans. Just as her stupid father, Frank, acted in 2002-2006, this woman is going down in 2022. I will be there to help make this happen.

      • Yes, John Slone is the man. He must really hate Lisa Murkowski to round up 100K votes against her. Joe Miller…….are you listening?

    • Being objective? Doing what she thinks is right for our country? Orin, you’re perception is as skewed as your politics. Only far-left zealots see Murkowski as a “friend of the Left.” She’ll go down in flames come 2022. There’ll be an uprising alright, but with more conservatives than liberals in this country. Murkowski has been misrepresenting the Republican Party just as much as the Alaskan State Legislature “majority” has been doing. The voters will see that this “misrepresentation” is removed.

    • Objective, no. Stupid and dumb as her dad, Frank, yes. And Alaskans fell for her “appointment” and “write-in.”
      Some pretty dumb and stupid Alaskans too. She’s history.

  7. Why are there no comments about what Mattis wrote? Seems like that is the debate we should be having. He is one of the most admired, respected and decorated Marine General of our time. Or better yet, how about debating the recent open letter from George W. Bush? We are all good conservatives here…right? We all voted for Bush…twice. And respected his leadership and judgement and candor. Why the silence? Its easy to dismiss Independents.

  8. Lisa has NEVER supported President Trump, or his MAGA plan.
    In fact Lisa Murkowski is a shameful RINO, and has been a “anti Trumper” since day one.
    Honestly, what has she done to represent OUR state and ALL Alaskans?
    I have been and will continue to work on making Senator Dan Sullivan, our SENIOR state senator.
    Take care.
    Be safe.
    God bless.
    Griz – Alaska

    • Lisa was appointed by her father so she should never have held more than one term. She acts like she thinks she’s Alaskan royalty or something. Then, she has the nerve to say Alaskans would forget about her betrayals by her next election cycle in 2022.

      I’m here to let Lisa Murkowski know that I, personally, will remind everyone in Alaska to vote her out in 2022.

  9. I respect Mattis. But on this I disagree. We can have respect for other views but at the same time provide for public safety without cowtowing to rioters at the same time. Having the National Guard come into several cities did help restore Public Safety in some Jurisdictions. The President has not called for the National Guard or even the police to stop peaceful protest. He did to stop violence, fire setting & loss/damage to property. Some “peaceful” protest boarders on instigating violence by screaming “ fuck the police” etc. When u are the target of that it can be very difficult, especially in highly charged situations to maintain composure, but law enforcement usually does. It is all devised to provoke a response. When that happens the cry goes out…there, see how violent the police are! But the point is, the President has not come out against protest. He has come out against mob criminal activity. This is being mis represented in the media

  10. Come on Orin! What the heck are you talking about? Do you really think Senator Lisa’s Vote on Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation was “objective”? I hope her RINO record is because she is just not very bright. Like her father but even worse, if that is possible. Otherwise her behavior is just plain inexcusable.
    She has not been objective about Trump from the get go. And, ever since you ran an airline into bankruptcy you have demonstrated that you are similarly not objective. You are just angry. With all respect Orin, give it a break. Relax in your retirement rocker and don’t forget your meds. Not taking them may be confusing.

      • Greg. There are many people who disagree with your assessment of Orin. But I give him his due. He did start an airline and for years it served small coastal communities. But it became so mismanaged under his watch that even Chapter 11 protections did not help him. I could relate multiple occasions of Orin’s ineptness, but choose not to.
        Most offensive is his inconsistencies in his support of political Leaders. He opposed Lisa vigorously at one time and told me personally that while he did not like Trump thought he was great for Alaska.
        When someone weighs in in important issues and identifies themselves they are fair game for criticism. Personally I do not identify myself for fear of personal retribution.

  11. None should be surprised by the actions of Murkowski. A disgrace to the office, supposedly ‘representing’ Alaskans. She is among the leftist ranks that would rather see Alaska and America destroyed instead of seeing our President re-elected and our Governor succeed. A dirt bag with an obsequious attitude towards the left. She is no leader of Alaskans. She is a traitor to Alaskans and America. I opposed her when Frank “appointed” her and I will oppose her to the best of my ability now. She is no Alaskan, let alone Alaskan American. Her actions represent the leftist faction that wants our Governor out, too.
    Alaskan Americans must realize that we are in a fight to save, not only Alaska, but America. If we lose this one, we lose out state and country. Are we ready to accept that, or are we going to fight to prevent it? There is no room for ‘fence sitters’ in this war on Alaska and America. You are with us or against us.
    If a recall of Governor Dunleavy is appropriate, a recall of the leftist phony, Lisa, is almost a mandate.
    Start by ‘remembering’ in November. Her turn will come, unless recalled, in two years.

  12. Both Gen. Mattis and Sen. Lisa M. talk about issues with what happened with the “peaceful protestors” near the church. They both took issue with protestors “being tear gassed and and pushed back”. Fake news sources were called out and prove given that tear gas was never used and when do peaceful protestors throw bricks and bottles of frozen water and bottles of caustic liquids at police. Both need to apologize for not having their facts right and in essence “hollering fire, in a theater”.

  13. When was that vote for Sasse calling for the U.S. Senate to condemn infanticide? I remember Murkowsi not voting for it. That’s when I vowed to never vote for her again. So I am kind of “eh” over her grandstanding against Trump wanting to use force to stop a nationwide insurrection of looting and destruction.

  14. Senator Murkowski again demonstrates how she must be the center of attention. With 100 senators why does the media go to her to ask their questions? They know she craves the spotlight and will say what they want to hear as she is sure to criticize the best President this Country has had in many decades.

    She is an embarrassment to all non-Socialist Alaskans. I have written to her many times on times concerning her position on bills.She almost never replies unless it is an election year. She often times says she hasn’t made up her mind how she will vote when we know she will betray her party and our President. She supported Obama on many key votes and voted against her party and Alaskans.
    We tried to rid Alaskans of her in the last election but she lied to the party and a did not keep her word about accepting the parties choice in the Primary. She ran as a turncoat and with the help of the Socialists and Native voters ended up as the worst Senator Alaska has ever had! We need the party to censure and disown her in 2021, and mount a second candidate that can clearly defeat her!

  15. It’s funny that Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson, and every other pillar of conservatism in America is just another Never Trumper when they speak honestly, while the reality show host and professional gamer with extensive history conning people out of money is the only true conservative… Hilarious.

    • Your over generalizations of “every other pillar of conservatism” cost you the argument you were trying to present. You did, however, prove that liberalism is a mental disorder and that you are suffering from TDS.

  16. Once again Murkowski standard noncommitting reply answer ” I not sure can support this cause or that cause”
    Alaska needs a Senator that has some backbone instead of being neutral for fear of offending those who vote for her.

    • She’s obviously not worried about offending any voters. She does, however, show great weakness under the pressures of Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and other communist sympathizers in our government who think they won’t ever again be part of the bottom rung of society due to their careers in politics. All I ever get from Lisa is her uncomfortable squirming and double-talk word salad when it comes to serving Alaskans. She is an obvious RINO.

  17. Anyone in their right mind would jump the Trump ship by now. His approval rating is at an all time presidential low and for the sake of the US let’s hope it translates into voting him out this November. He has not strengthened the US, he has weakened it. He is a consistent, sociopathic liar and his lackeys and supporters have zero credibility in the defense of this vacuous nincompoop.

    • Say it ain’t so Joe, you should see a medical professional for TDS. You got it bad. See you in November

      • Can’t wait to dismiss any and all criticism of President Biden by the right as just resentment over losing the election!
        He will get a pass on everything because that’s the new standard that the right wing nuts have established. No more critical analysis of the presidency from now on. Oh, the irony!
        America – Love it or Leave it. Recognizing problems or suggesting improvement are not one of those two options. Am I right or am I right, eh boys?
        Karma is a stone cold mofo!

  18. The single most corrupt act in the history of Alaskan politics, was her appointment to her fathers seat. Knowing that 95% of incumbents are re-elected, this was done purposely to insure that seat was held by the powers that be for another whole generation. It was a Disgusting display of nepotism and the apathy on the part of the citizenry who allowed it to happen, and the corrupt establishment who fell in line, all brought us to where the state legislature felt comfortable taking your property: the PFD. The ruling class installed their puppet, and by not rejecting her, we sent a clear message we were fine being treated like serfs, so they have done exactly that. This woman is the embodiment of all that is wrong with politics today; a below average law student, a poor state legislator, who rose to one of the most powerful positions in all the world, because her father put her there, primarily because she had no actual ideology, and she could be easily bought off. Revolting.

  19. 8 long years of Obama racial division, lying and on and on showed America how corrupt politicians really are. It’s like a drug and the Democrat party is the dealer. It has taken a businessman to show the world the hidden truth of the globalist Democrat political class. Come on you left wing whack jobs that have showed up on MRA bring it on. The day will come when you will eat your words.

  20. Sen Sullivan does not approve of Trump’s behavior either. He sent me this BEFORE the George Floyd demonstrations.

    With regard to the Trump Administration, I have been supportive of its policies that are helping Alaska and America grow our economy, create good jobs and enhance our national security. I’ve also been supportive of most of the personnel nominated by the President to serve in the executive branch, which includes a number of well-qualified Alaskans. What I don’t support is bad behavior that I disagree with, including personal insults from the President. For example, on June 29, 2017, I publically stated via Twitter that “the President’s tweets insulting others don’t help our country or advance the civility and respect we sorely need right now. I hope that these cease and we can focus on moving our country forward.”

    Additionally, after it was reported that the President had made disparaging remarks about certain countries, I stated on January 12, 2018, “For over two centuries, immigrants from all over the world have come to America and built our country with energy and vitality. America’s racial, ethnic and religious diversity is a critical source of our strength as a nation. All Americans must remember the founding ideal of our country—E Pluribus Unum: out of many, one—has truly made America great.”

  21. POTUS fired Mattis for cause and we are once again reminded why. It’s time to fire Murkowski for cause. RINO is a dirty word and Lisa has to go. We wouldn’t have to listen to any of this turncoatery if Joe Miller was at the helm. Remember Lisa was placed in the position by her father, affiliation unknown really. Then she went Independent despite her promise not to. Elections have consequence and we see it here. Lets get a real Republican in the seat. This is easy and Joe would be the perfect candidate for this position should he decide to run. Might be Miller time.

    RINO is a dirty word and Lisa has to go.

  22. Ahh, no… Mattis quit. (His resignation letter is dated December 20, 2018. Ya gotta Google that, son. Short version: He quit as a matter of disgust for, and disappointment in, the POTUS.
    But by all means, let’s give Joe Miller a job. That way we won’t have to spend our tax dollars supporting him and his family on the government dole. Instead, once he’s elected, we can spend our tax dollars supporting him and his family on the, well, um, government dole.

  23. I think that Gen. Mattis must have been living under a rock 50 years ago. In the 1960s the National Guard was deloyed a number of times civil unrest.

  24. Its time for Mattis , Kelly, Mookowski, Sass, Romney to go to the nearest nursing home. They are FAKE individuals and do not deserve the time of day in the public eye! They are an example how the socialist…. globalist movement has infected our society and it took a business man to expose it.


  25. I gave Lisa the benefit of the doubt after she inherited daddy’s seat and voted for her in 2004. But by 2010 she had firmly established herself as a RINO. So she did not get my vote in 2010, 2016 and she won’t get it in 2022 or anytime thereafter. She needs to move to the other side of the aisle, where she belongs.

  26. TO: Finally. Am doing something I said would never do, responding on-line to someone, especially one who hides behind anonymity. At least part of the reason I never went into politics. But will just say that anyone who throws out unsupported statements and doesn’t even have the courage to identify themselves is not deserving of consideration. Anyone wanting to speak with me, my cell # is 632-5109, but please don’t call to discuss politics. Orin Seybert

  27. For all of the Lisa lovers, she has technically never earned her seat, her daddy gave it to her. Do you think her BS voting in line with Dems is good for Alaska? Ever heard the phrase don’t bite the hand that feeds you? Trump gives to Alaska yet this RINO continually bites the hand. Time for new blood in that seat. She is a huge part of the problem

  28. I’ve known the Murkowski family for years. Lisa, her sisters, brothers, and of course, Frank and Nancy. I hope Frank and Nancy come out at some point and speak up on the behavior of Lisa. I’ve always known Frank and Nancy to be fairly conservative and as toe-the-line Republicans. I’ve given plenty of campaign money to the Murkowskis.
    But something has happened. They don’t say a word about Lisa or her awkward political positions. Frank was a US Senator for 22 years and an AK governor for 4 years. Lisa has been a US Senator for nearly 18 years. Is this what happens when fellow Alaskans view themselves differently, ……as if elevated to a royal class?
    Frank was supposed to appoint fellow Fairbanksans John Binkley to his Senate seat, but instead passed it along to daughter Lisa. What happened there?
    Alaska Republicans need to remove Lisa Murkowski from the US Senate in 2022. She no longer represents my views, nor the views of mainstream Republicans. Her recent actions have been appalling.
    I hope Nancy Murkowski can help explain the actions of her daughter. We deserve to know. Alaskans do not deserve a family that has strayed so far from their original political roots, and that has dominated the highest political offices in Alaska for 40 years….as the Murkowskis have.

    • Royal Class? She used to refer to herself as “we” all the time in interviews. I thought maybe she thought she was speaking for all Alaskans or setting her staff up.

  29. Ted,: Frank and Nancy Murkowski don’t give a rat’s behind about Alaska or Alaskans. They got theirs, in spades, with huge retirement incomes from the US government and the State of Alaska. They are proud of Lisa for keeping the Murkowski name in the political arena and in national news. Both senior Murkowskis are in their 90’s. Their much larger concern is getting Frank’s diapers to fit and Nancy to take her daily dose of Metamusil.

  30. Too much animosity here. Lets have a little humor…wickedly funny created by my husband. I can only hope the President sees it.
    Donald Trump’s recent visit to St John’s Church proves there is no vengeful God. If there was She would have torched the Bible he was holding and replaced it with a “Me, too” sign. Secret Service agents would have had to extinguish his “pants on fire.” The vengeful She would have said, “That’s what he gets for trying to grab Me.”

    • Mary, so darn glad to hear that you can confirm that God is a woman. Is she a lady too? And your husband is right, that some humor is needed because with Lisa Murkowski, all we seem to get is disappointment and anger. Could you please call Nancy M. and tell her that Lisa M. and her house-husband should retire and go to their other home outside of Alaska. Thanks, Mary. Please tell Richard that humor works best when its backed-up by action.

      • Chrissy, you seem mad all the time. Why are you always in such a bad mood? So much animosity towards those with differing opinions, it’s like you’re jealous because they thought up one on their own.

  31. Jerry, many thanks for your concern, and so glad you notice my posts…….enough to call attention to me. You are a sweetheart! Actually, I’m having more fun than a kid in a candy store with a $100 bill. Here at MRAK I get a chance to spread around my opinion and back it with facts, not rhetoric and partisan slapdowns. That’s a left-winger’s attribute. Suzanne is as good as they get in the media business and I love participating. Sorry that you misinterpret my gleeful exuberance. I’m having so much fun, here. Cheers!

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