Black Lives Matter demands defunding of police, but is it an actual hate group?



Black Lives Matter, a leftwing organization that has risen to national prominence over the past half decade, is now calling for the defunding of the police. The demand is unequivocal:

“We call for a national defunding of police. We demand investment in our communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive. If you’re with us, add your name to the petition right now and help us spread the word,” the group posted on its website on Thursday.

The #BlackLivesMatter group has been front and center in raising the conscience of the nation as it pertains to the treatment of African-Americans in the criminal justice system. The group characterizes police killing of blacks as “genocide.”

Tucker Carlson, conservative commentator on Fox, begs to differ. He says that in 2019, only 10 unarmed African-Americans were shot and killed by police in the United States, far fewer than unarmed whites.

According to the Washington Post’s data, 2019 was the safest year for black suspects in police custody since the Post began tracking the data.

On the other hand, the number of police officers killed last year was 48.


The “defund the police” campaign comes at a time in Alaska when the police chief of Palmer, in the heart of the Mat-Su Valley, is in hot water over comments he made on Facebook two years ago, when he referred to Black Lives Matter as a hate group. Chief Dwayne Shelton wasn’t the police chief back then, but was a uniformed officer on the force who had risen through the ranks.

Chief Shelton was placed on leave this and the City of Palmer issued a statement on Facebook: “The City of Palmer (City) rejects the ideas contained in the past inappropriate social media postings by Palmer Police Chief Shelton who is currently on administrative leave with pay. Instead the City recognizes and respects the diversity of our society and promotes the principles of tolerance and equality embedded in the Constitutional underpinnings of our Nation.”


The Southern Poverty Law Center, which classifies groups as hate groups, says that Black Lives Matter is not a hate group. The SPLC has, however, also said that Antifa is not a terrorist group.

According to Influence Watch, Black Lives Matter is a group that is funded by George Soros through a group known as the Democracy Alliance. The group has connections to radical left-wing organizations.

“It is estimated that groups associated with the BLM Movement have taken in $133 million since 2013. Organizations associated with liberal billionaire George Soros are said to have provided at least $33 million to various BLM movement groups since 2016,” Influence Watch says.

“In 2015, the fundraising club Democracy Alliance, led by liberal donors like George Soros and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay, recommended “its donors step up check writing to a handful of endorsed groups that have supported the Black Lives Matter movement.” BLM Movement groups which received support from the Democracy Alliance were the Black Youth Project 100, the Center for Popular Democracy, the Black Civic Engagement Fund, Color of Change and the Advancement Project.

Ford Foundation and the Borealis Philanthropy created the Black-led Movement Fund, a funding vehicle for the Movement for Black Lives, the coalition of groups responsible for the extremist “Vision 4 Black Lives.” The fund has received “pledges of more than 100 million dollars from liberal foundations and others eager to contribute,” Influence Watch says.

Read the Influence Watch report on Black Lives Matter at this link.


  1. I have a solution for those who want to defund the Police.
    Each of your sign an agreement with the city that you want the police defunded.
    Then give your address, home and mobile numbers to the City with your signed request.
    Your address and phones will be keyed into the 911 service and NO POLICE will respond
    to those addresses and phone numbers. You may also add your car license plate and your Driver
    license ID so you will get no police services when away from home.
    Your savings to the city will be calculated and you can designate what minority group will receive the money.
    Your name, address and vehicle plates will be posted in the news papers so everyone will know about
    your position to fund minorities….and that you want no police services.

    I plan on leaving my tax $$ with the police. The men and women who serve my city deserve my support. The rest of you who want to defund… not call me if you need help. Bob Williams

    • Fantastic! I’ve never had need of the police, but someday I might. I’d rather know someone had my back than didn’t.

      • You say that now. But let 2 robbers with guns break in while you are with your children/grandchildren etc and…..I pray this never happens to you but if it does I pray you have sense enough to call 911 for both their and your sake.

    • That is the best thing ever! I don’t want to defund police. Why is this happening. It is in LA. I guess a group can push & force it’s way and mute the voices of people like me that do not agree. So wrong!

    • You are so right about everything you said. These people are true idiots. We know black lives matter is funded by George Soros who is nothing but a Nazi Jew killer and a violent terrorist. Black lives matter is a racist terrorist a group! Unbelievable that people are supporting this movement and screaming racism at the same time.

    • You are so right about everything you said. These people are true idiots. We know black lives matter is funded by George Soros who is nothing but a Nazi Jew killer and a violent terrorist. Black lives matter is a racist, terrorist a group! Unbelievable that people are supporting this movement and screaming racism at the same time. The blacks are screaming about the cops abusing them but they don’t bother to say that 75 percent more whites are shot by cops every year than are black. They take all of the facts totally misconstrue them turn them around and throw them back in your face to make themselves sound plausible. It is a racist, terrorist group.

      • Where can I find these statistics and this information? Has this study taken into account the ration of population?

        • Heather I posted a link to facts about Black Lives Matter. Here is the link.

          Oswald posted on Jun 7th in this series statistics and real deaths caused by police ?‍♀️ and they prove this entire racist narrative by BLM and Antifa is a gross lie and a myth. More whites die during Police shootings than Blacks.

          What happened to Mr. Floyd was a tragedy greatly exaggerated by emotions and words intended to cause turmoil and violence.

          I condemn that he died during the arrest but he would not have died if he was not a career criminal on drugs and resisted arrest. That is a fact but not a excuse for the knee on the neck. Passing counterfeit money is not a capital offense. If you live by the sword you may die by the sword ⚔️.


      Chicago’s most violent day in 60 years: 18 murders in 24 hours.

      [Link removed by moderator. Links not allowed in comments.]

      • Well once again trumptards always trying to bring us down. Well guess what? You will never bring us down and we will keep on fighting for equality and injustice until our last breath, and now the whole world sees and they with us so you go ahead, it’s not the BLM you have to deal with anymore but it’s the whole entire world, and we’re saying in one big voice Black Lives Matter. Now deal with that

        • Stop being such a racist Earl! Why would you put any race above another? We are one race, the human race! Bottom line.
          This is just creating more division . It needs to stop!
          A country divided will fall. I hope your ready for the communism that’s coming next!

        • You lost all your influence with the riots. Peaceful protest is one thing, but people can see that BLM is nothing more than an anarchist group which as used race to push its agenda. People fell for it out of the foolish idea these are black sympathizers. You are being played. Your anger is just used by the media for its ratings, they don’t actually care about you. Why would CNN really like a group that broke part of their property?
          I suggest you look at riots from other parts of the world, and the comments on it from the natives. You will see that your ‘movement’ is not welcomed in many places and is just an excuse for anarchists to cause chaos.
          Black Lives Matter has not denounced the riots, which means that they seem to be OK with them. They have, however, advocated defunding the police. Something only anarchists do. Lots of people feel like this but they don’t talk about it, me generally included. BLM is just good at silencing those who have an opinion and view that they don’t, and who can see through all this bull crap and see how black people are being USED.

          Black lives Matter? What about the black owners of businesses? Or the black cops killed at the riots? Their Black Lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter. It’s all a lie. They haven’t even mentioned them because THEY are the ones that destroyed their businesses and THEIR rioters killed the cops.

          Sane people see this and shake their heads, but they don’t talk about it because they’re afraid that BLM will vandalize their homes and businesses otherwise. Do you think you’re getting anywhere with that? You aren’t. The Silent Majority is real and they don’t support terrorists.

    • Defunding the police department? Really? What next…getting rid of it altogether? Wouldn’t that be a perfect solution for these thugs who want to committ the crimes they are committing everyday, without anyone stopping them.

      What the F*ck is this world coming to. Black Live Matter is a black, hate terrorist organization. i read their discription of their organization and it’s bullshit. ‘To stop the violence in the US against BLACK civilians….however, it does not mention the crimes committed against others, such as what they have done with these riots, by their own hands. They murdered men and women…innocent people and destroyed their homes and businesses, and people seem to be saying they have the right?! No, they DO NOT!!! I guess you white people rioting with them think that if you do this, you’re on their side and you will be safe, eh? LMAO…Guess you didn’t watch the riot vidoes close enough. Some of those protesting with them were beaten as well…because YOURE WHITE!!! I support the funding for police departments and I believe ALL LIVES MATTER…Blue LIVES MATTER….as well as anyone elses lives. If you disagree you are most certainly racist and support violence and crime and try to legitimize it. Human life means nothing to you,(not even the man who died) and your riots and support of them prove this. The change you think you’re bringing about by the things you’ve done will not be a postive change, for yourselves or anyone else. ALL LIVES MATTER….except to this black organization and those. too ignorant to see their agenda

      • It is run by an Islamic militant. They encourage segregation amongst us. They have advisors on there website to report if anybody says anything bad about them. Then they make up fake accounts and harass you. Calling you names and then accusing you of racism. They even harass American Black’s that have a high following calling them traders. Look up on : Daily UK Black Lives Leader Murder Police. He has millions of dollars now so he has built more websites.

    • Wonderful idea!! This needs to occur throughout the country. It would significantly reduce the burden on our hard working police officers and would also teach these people calling for defunding the police a lesson over time.

      Apparently they don’t have the intelligence or foresight to see how devastating this would be to the communities they live in…it’s sad that such ignorance abounds in people today. What that piece of filth did to Mr. George Floyd was an abomination and he deserves the electric chair along with countless others who are currently killing people all across our land. Specifically, Chicago and the 25 murders which occured last weekend….

      Yeah, defund the police. And while you are at it have them pile all their weapons out on the streets so the BLM militia can come pick them up…….I think not!!! People wake up!!

    • Amen! Robert and the same should apply to those who hate America. They should leave this country. In fact, I am willing to donate into fund to send America haters to a socialist country or any country willing to take them.

  2. The group Southern Poverty Law Center itself is a hate group. I’ve researched their tactics and it’s quite obvious that their MO is to target any group that is against abortion, gay issues, religious freedoms, etc … Don’t rely on what they say. Even their top hierarchy was disrupted by shenanigans over money. Look at their funding!

    • Jeff,
      I’m so glad that someone besides me sees through the smoke and mirrors contributing to the attempted destruction of America and has the spirit to say it. Black Lives Matter, if following ‘broadcast’ principles, is a legitimate, constitutionally oriented, justice for all, organization. Trouble is, they don’t. Two days ago, the founder and CEO(?) of BLM announced that it is time for war against whites and everything they stand for. I would certainly call BLM a “hate group”, racist, leftist, socialist organization. Their ultimate goal is to destroy America and “restore” it to the ‘rightful’ owners. No whites need apply.

      • BLM can come to my home and try to take me out! I am sure I am a far better shot than they are!

    • You are right, I’m sick and tired of white people getting looked at like we are all bad. How long would “white lives matter” last without being called a terrorist organization.

      • Bobby, I am a black man. Well, until Biden told me because I don’t support him or the modern-day Demoncrap Party. Nevertheless, I totally agree with you. All Lives Matter to me because God created us all and all human lives, regardless of race, creed, and sex, matter to the Lord. The forces behind this BLM movement are not about the betterment of any lives let alone blacks. They are a socialist movement. They really full of crap and should be equated to a BM (bowel movement) in these libreal controlled cities and States.

  3. Yes it is a hate group, they hate all things American. They hate the flag , the Anthem, the Constitution, and our Republic. They wish to replace it with a Marxist tyranny. As far as the SPLC; it is a Marxist disinformation group run by old-timey fellow travelers.

  4. I agree with you, Bob Williams. “BLM” is definitely a racist, anti-white, Hate group. Remember Chanelle Helm’s list of demands, for white people, about 2 yrs ago? (BLM activist, Kentucky) Now ~ Defund the police? So criminals can run free? I don’t think so. Not in my country. I support the men & women in uniform. Military, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics. And America. And I support knowing the difference, between right & wrong. Apparently young people these days, don’t. Karma to them, if our country degenerates into the socialist / communist thing they seem to want.

  5. The death toll from the current riots is now higher than the number of unarmed African-Americans killed throughout the entirety of 2019.
    And BLM wants to be known as the peaceful folks targeted only because they are black wanting only justice be eliminating police?
    Here are some other numbers for perspective. Your opinion is yours. Facts are everybody’s.

    Of the 1004 people killed by American police in 2019, 371 were white, and 236 were black.

    That’s noteworthy in itself since blacks are far likelier to become involved in violent confrontations with police than whites.

    Of those people killed, 20 whites were unarmed and 10 blacks were unarmed.

    There have now been a total of at least 17 deaths as a result of the recent riots. Of those 17 deaths, just three were killed by police.

    One of those killed was retired police captain David Dorn, who was shot in the head by looters as he tried to protect his community.

      • Hi Scott, I think we’re looking at similar data.

        The numbers I found were 25 white unarmed deaths and 15 black unarmed deaths (56 total for 2019).

        Keeping that in mind, white people are:
        61% of US population
        45% of US unarmed deaths 2019

        Vs black people:
        13% of US population
        27% of US unarmed deaths 2019

        Any unarmed death is truly a tragedy. Looking at the numbers you can see how there’s a problem.

        Got my data here:

        [Functional links removed by editor. MRAK does not allow links in comments]

        Washington post states that they get their data from the FBI, CDC, and their own investigations. This is necessary because data is not actually published by police departments.

        Another good source is:

        They reported 114 total unarmed deaths in 2019. The % by race is about the same though.

        You can see how the numbers differ by source. I do think the 10 black deaths stated in this article and in Scott’s comment are low compared to most sources though.

        • John Wayne,

          Not actually sure where Scott got his info about deaths during BLM movement this week. Would be interested in know that as well.

          • Here is a link I just found as of a week ago with 11 dead by the 2nd.
            BTW, the retired police captain killed referenced earlier. He was 77 and black. The hypocrisy of BLM is apparent.

            [Link removed by moderator. Links not allowed in comments.]

          • Scott,
            Thanks for the link. It’s a tragedy for our country that it came to this.

            It does make you wonder though… Is there a way to prevent crime and violence before it starts? It would make everyone safer, and could save a lot of taxpayer dollars for other things

  6. Just found out Protest rallies in Palmer on Saturday! I hear two different groups, for the Police Chief and the Socialists! 9AM and I think the other is noon!
    I will be there as soon as I can get the needed information to support the Chief!
    The hell if BLM, the hell with ANTIFA and to hell with those socialists that are trying to kill this nation!

  7. This is why we have Trump today. Obama and his Left-wing lunatics went too far. Laws of Nature apply.

  8. BLM was founded on the false narrative of the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. A movement needs martyrs even fake ones. The data and facts do not matter, only the creation of the myth.

    • You are absolutely correct. They’ve made an idol/martyr out of a career criminal (most notable was the time he held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly as he and his cohorts ransacked her home during an armed home invasion).

  9. SPLC, as a hate-group watch dog, started losing credibility about 15 years ago. They have become, like all good trickster, a version of what they claim to fight.

  10. The Palmer Mayor and who ever is involved in this disgraceful and wrongful act of suspending their Police Chief owes him a public apology and reinstatement immediately. They have acted out of emotion and ignorance and no nothing about what they have accused him of doing.

    His only offense was to post a truthful opinion and be honest. He should be applauded and asked to train not the Police but whoever is involved in this action about what BLM is really about.

    If they believe he and I are wrong they should all publicly proclaim their support for BLM’S demands and the methods they use to accomplish their goals. If they refuse the Citizens of Palmer should recall every elected official involved in this embarrassing incident.

    Before you all go jumping on the Black Lives Matter band wagon read this report and see who and what your defending. These are the facts you will never see in the MSM and liberal newspapers. BLM is an organization that no American should support.

    Before you all label me racist read the facts and if still in doubt read the references and about the listed similar groups on the bottom of the research paper. This group’s primary mission is to destroy the police in this Country.

    All Lives Matter

    Almost four times the number of Police Officers have been ambushed and killed than Blacks, More whites are killed by police officers than Blacks. The abuses they proclaim lack facts and that is why police officers are not convicted. Almost all incidents involve Black criminals resisting arrest. I know of only one they claim was a raid on the wrong address but I believe in evidence and also know people make mistakes. That doesn’t mean everyone that causes a death is a racist and did it intentionally. If you believe that research the number of people that die from mistakes by professional staff in our medical facilities each year. Most doctors and nurses are not tried or penalized because the medical profession recognizes humans make mistakes.

    The BLM group is responsible for many of those police officers dying including Black Police Officers. Easier to shout slogans than research the facts.

    • My understanding is this was not Edna, the mayor, but the temp City Manager, with push by the socialist members.
      I understand the new manager take over on the 16th of June. I plan on being there and will hammer this blatant violation of the 1st Amendment and demand that the new manager rescinds the suspension.

    • Please be careful, They have created segregation, and these advisors and ring leaders that troll our social media to influence there radical Islamist move. These members snapshot these conversations and report back to B L M on their new website page they have created with Actor N i c k Cannon. Then they troll you and harass, making up fake names.

      It has been done to me and a lot of others. It’s a radical movement.

      They have also removed the word murder police from the article that UK daily had an exclusive interview with the leader.

      They call me Karen and a racist because I won’t join them and bend a knee or put my fist in air. I only Bend on my knees to pray to Jesus.

      They now have the NAACP and all black organizations joining in to represent, for their own agenda & gain.

      They want equity not equality in which they already had even more so.

      They influence evey core of the USA through their advisors teaching Muslims & black Americans on how to talk to white people, making all have empathy to join them.

      Communist China has militarized in Africa control of Islamics in Africa they have joined forces and have one motive: genocide.

      I have very good brown-skin American friends & family members who love Jesus and served in our military. We are against this. They get called traitors & coons by advisors because they refuse to join.

      America needs to wake up. They have mind control over people.

      • If you stand at their protest and condemn it, they come back even stronger & destroy & kill police. Why do think Trump put military outside the White House. Politicians need to talk to the public about this. Mayors are scared, some have quit like in California and some are boiling over saying Antifa. But they know who.

  11. This was predicted over 50 years ago. Learn the story behind the bumper sticker “Support Your Local Police”. It’s another one of those “Far Right” conspiracy theories come true, unfortunately. The first step in the Federalization of the police force.
    Odd how when your enemy announces it’s goals and you try and reveal it to a broader public, the media calls it a right wing wacko conspiracy. Then it comes true. And when I say “enemy” I mean a political ideology that has killed hundreds of millions of it’s own citizens. Just a stupid “Red Scare”.

  12. The chief of Police needs to be re-instated in Palmer and no more nonsense from the so-called leaders of Palmer to cave in to outside of Alaska matters. Black lives matter has shown the hate they have for everyone for a long time. That is why they have that image. Remember Obama and his encouragement of breaking the law with out of control behavior? He encouraged destruction and mayhem. Black lives matter bit right into his rhetoric. So, are they a hate group? Yes, they are yesterday, today. They have done all they can to fit that profile. Re-instate the Police chief of Palmer.

  13. Mayor Edna
    Doc does in fact have problems with racism
    This police chief is in fact a truthful good man, a Christian who espouses Christian values
    Are you as the mayor going to stand by and allow what is no less than a Christian being persecuted?
    The last I looked this isn’t Iraq or Saudi, or then again maybe I’m mistaken
    Get some courage for Gods sake

    • You fantasize about an imaginary benevolent deity in the sky and then you tell others their character is flawed? That sounds like the rambling of a goofball rather than an objective thinker… even for those of us that may agree that the Palmer cop shouldn’t be chastised for speaking truthfully.

  14. I do not condone the killings of black people. But if BLM is a hate group who is demanding a defunding of the police then I do not support your cause. If you want change, you should gather signatures and go to You want change, then demand that the police change the way how they train their officers. Do not create hate because many of the citizens are alreadya tired of this and do not wake up the sleeping volcano. All lives matter. Black. White. Yellow. Brown.

  15. I think Anchorage is getting contagious (not with Wuhan v). Now leftism has spread to the halls of governance in Palmer. Is this another “ism-demic”? Should we all stay home or just lock up the nuts? Wear Lone Ranger or Zorro masks? Maybe close and trash our own stores, towns and government facilities. Then blame it on others being too innocent. Those stupid tax payers have to pay anyway. Not our ‘problem’. We’re here for “equality”.
    I wish I were a fly on the wall at the next “meeting”, when they are deciding what community to try and trash next. A promise has been made by BLM, to move to the suburbs now for “action” against whites. BLM answers it’s own question about being a hate group. Answers several more (non) questions too. Federal cops shouldn’t be hesitating one bit. Doesn’t the Constitution say something about “All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”? I believe it’s part of the oath all cops and politicians swear to.

  16. I call on Anchorage’s incredibly progressive Mayor, Mr. Berkowitz, to immediately propose a forty percent reduction to the budget of the Anchorage Police Department. Absent such a legitimate showing of alliance with BLM, It will be assumed that he isn’t really serious about bringing fundamental progressive change to our community. Time to put up or shut up.

    • Brain cells much ? If they do a mess with the police department in your town I hope you are the first one who needs a cop when black lives matter the racist terrorist group comes to your home

  17. I don’t think I have the vocabulary to respond. America is being played like a violin again to defeat Trump and overturn America. Their is no data that supports systemic racism and violence against blacks. This narrative that is repeated by our media and politicians is not because it is true but because they need the black community to believe it. If democrats do not get 20 plus % of black vote from these districts that are failing, corrupt, ran by democrats, mostly democrats. There has been police training for years. Many cops are black in their districts. As kong as blacks are told they are victims and whitezxare their problem the vote is secure. Look around. Who is being hunted down. The truth is if you are a policeman there is a 18 times greater chance you will be killed by a black person. What they don’t tell you when spouting off a black is 2 times more likely to be sh5 by a policeman than a white. Seems disproportionate. Right? Blacks commit crimes at higher rates. All crimes. Violent crimes. Blacks commit 60% of ALL homicides in 2019. In every category they commit over 50% of ALL crimes. Check it out. Heather McDonald is a great source. Just had great article in WSJ. If we start talking about the real problems facing black communities like 75% single families, crime, drugs, corruption that effects federal money designated for schools, personal responsibility, race baiters posing as ministers, etc then real change can happen. Do not think for one moment that democrats want to discuss that and how they paid for the vote through entitlements. Thankfully many have “woke” and left the Democratic plantation. Listen to Candace Owens, Larry Elder along with others who are educating their communities on the real problems an white people are not ignoring. Find Candace on Brexit. Check out the major cities lime Baltimore, Chicago that care ruled by democrats black and wb5 and see how they are doing. You will be shocked. The blacks and whites are being played

  18. We Americans need to stop smoking whatever we’re smoking and really look at the matter. If all lives matter, all lives matter. If black lives matter then they would be protesting the most heinous deaths of black people. Think about it: Black lives matter — yes I would agree the black baby that’s being aborted today matters.

    It seems crazy the only time we see black lives matter is when we see the audacious poor actions of a police officer. We never stopped to think that there could be something behind it. George Floyd was a five-time career criminal trying to get his life in order. He was not even his own State when this happened and he was committing a crime at the time. Does this justify the way he was he died? No, it does not. There are a lot of unanswered questions, but BLM gets up in their grill. I guess that’s what you would call it — all emotional and does not wait to find out what the facts were. Defunding the police is the worst and absolutely most asinine idea anybody ever had. They are paid by Gorge Soros, which also should wake you up. This is a very horrible leftist group and they’re paid to cause mayhem and dysfunction and division.

  19. We hope we will never adopt any of this dangerous rhetoric but then look at what Palmer has done to its Chief of Police and what the Mayor, marchers and special interests groups in Anchorage are doing a saying. The Chief was publicly lynched with out an investigation or due process. He and his family will never recover from this public lynching. Even if he is reinstated the haters in the community will not forget or let it die.

    Also look at what the Mayor and assembly have done and are proposing. This is slow piecemeal revolution so you die of a thousand cuts. Before you realize you have lost your freedoms and rights you are too far gone. Anchorage has mail in voting and watch who gets elected and how the votes on bonds and proposals go. I believe the liberals will win more and bonds will pass more often. Only liberal taxes increases and proposition will pass. Did the alcohol tax pass and the change to the assembly? Yes! All the bonds? It took them so long to count them I don’t remember seeing the results. Have fees and taxes gone up or been created to fund their desires. How much have they spent on the homeless programs and have the camps gone away. How much have they paid Bean’s to feed and care for them and how much did it cost per homeless person? If the homeless are be cared for in the Sullivan and Ben Boeky why are their still camps in your neighborhoods and homeless on the streets.

    Don’t believe the demands of the idiots and wackos are beyond believe or implantation. Politicians are already acting. They are beginning the “reforming of the police”, disarming them, reforming the justice system and freeing dangerous criminals. BLM demands that all drug laws be repealed, every ever convicted has there records expunged and any still in jails or prisons be released immediately. Can’t happen but some of it has happened here already. Remember the legislature’s reforms and SB 91. New York State and CA have already passed laws releasing criminals without bail so fast they are being arrested for the same offenses during the same day as their earlier arrest.

    LA is cutting 40% of their police budget, the OR Governor has proposed total defunding and creating a new agency staffed with social workers and counselors to resolve disputes and complaints. No need for police, jails or courts. Should be a sure win for the citizens.

    Time to take a stand and fight back or get on your knees and pray.

  20. I’ve recently started talking with some black folks that I know and they have a really different perspective on all this. If you are friends with any black folks, I recommend asking them what they think about all this stuff. I think it’s pretty complicated.

  21. BLM is a hate group! They are the most racist bunch anyone has ever seen. You have to be the dumbest idiot in the world to believe in their crap. It’s sad there are so many idiots that fall for this. If you think otherwise then wake up and grow up!

    • It is run by an Islamic militant. They encourage segregation amongst us. They have advisors on there website to report if anybody says anything bad about them. Then they make up fake accounts and harass you. Calling you names and then accusing you of racism. They even harass American Black’s that have a high following calling them traders. Look up on : Daily UK Black Lives Leader Murder Police. He has millions of dollars now so he has built more websites.

  22. The phrase Black lives Matter suggests racial superiority.
    It excludes the importance of anybody else’s life.
    That is racism defined.

  23. I’m sorry, I’m a Democrat, but what I see of BLM they’re as racist as the groups on the other side that they hate!

    Some people on here say the same things I do. All lives matter!

    I’m a poor, white 71-year-old senior and I’m far from privileged! I feel seniors are a minority, too.

    I’m tired of people wanting things hànded to them. Next they’ll be bringing up reparations again.

    I know the Black people had it bad but what about the poor Native Americans! You never hear anything from them and they reàlly got screwed, too.

    What are the going to do if they defund the police? We need the police! I just don’t understand why that’s is a crazy idea!

    It was terrible what those policemen did to George Floyd. If you watch that video and didn’t feel outrage for that man, then you’re not human but we need the police.

    We just need groups who would weed out the bad guys. The trouble is over the years the cops close ranks when one of their own is threatened. If you’ve lived in the city you already know that.

  24. Black Lives Matter is nothing but a hypocritical, bunch of racists that – as a group – has done more, along with former president Obama and his wife, to cause division. Any group that makes a martyr out of a career criminal then proceeds to tell people they should idolize that career criminal is a group that can definitely be considered a terrorist group. BLM is doing their best to destroy our country. It is run by an Islamic man. Do the fools who support BLM not realize they are putting our country in a very dangerous situation with their support?

  25. BLM and Antifa types in Seattle took over an area of about 6 – 7 city blocks. They immediately established borders, created barriers and walls. They also began checking IDs to see if you should be granted entry, would kick you out if they found you were inside and did not think like them. They also have weapons for security to guard their borders and say they have to arm themselves against the police or government. They shake down business owners and call it a tax or fee for operating a business. I ask the media and the left, are they hypocrites?
    Feds should work a deal out with outlaw Motorcyle clubs in PNW to make signs that say “Occupy CAP Autonomous Zone” or “Free CAP Autonomous Zone” and then march on in and take over. Boot those punks out of there. They can mouth of to police who will not use force anymore and gang up on others only if they have overwhelming numbers. All cowards. There are some older people in the group who are holdovers from the 60s reliving the good old days.

    • I can’t believe how much information you’ve posted is incorrect. First off, it’s called the CHAZ – Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and it’s much, much larger than 6-7 blocks. Second, there are no armed guards and no one is checking IDs. You can walk right in. There are people with firearms around, but isn’t that their right to carry just like it is anyone else’s? Nearly all businesses in the CHAZ have announced their support and are donating time and food to help protesters – none have been shaken down or taxed. You can’t kick the people out, because a vast majority of them live there. There’s also always a group that protects the Seattle PD precinct that was surrendered to keep any wannabe troublemakers from damaging it. They watch documentaries in the streets and educate themselves, there are lawyers wandering around answering questions, the fire marshal stops by every day to make sure things are staying up to code and safe and they are welcome, people are giving away food, playing music, and enjoying life without fear. There have been estimated reports saying there’s less crime than during a typical music festival on the hill – which there are at least 3 or 4 major ones every year.

      Most people I’ve talked to there aren’t anarchists, they don’t want or expect it to be permanent. They aren’t acting like a sovereign nation, they aren’t trying to secede or expand. But they are making it known that the residents of one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Seattle aren’t going to stand by and watch police brutality happen again and again.

      It’s a beautiful and peaceful thing, and it’s a fascinating social experiment, too. And it’s working. Whether you want to believe it or not, it’s happening.

      • For your information the first few days that they established CHAZ, they did in fact have barriers, checking IDs, armed personnel moving about. The lack of reporting by leftist media for the first days existed. Once they started reporting they took up the Mayors mantra of it being like a festival. It is peaceful now, but I can tell you it was not from on the ground reporting in real time. You only had to look for accurate information if you wanted to. They do say that they are there permanently.
        Today I saw video where they were “asking” people to donate money for reparations to Black people. The person speaking said if you can’t donate or do not wish to do so then you are in the wrong place. Basically telling you to leave.

        These people are anarchists. You do not go into a neighborhood and just take it over and then start laying down rules to live by. They did. They gave no consideration to the people who were peacefully living and working in that area of town. The leftist councilwoman, well she is a communist, has encouraged this and stated that this is going to be permanent. If they want this type of lifestyle, they are free to purchase or receive donated land someplace and build their little nirvana. This is the USA with rule of law and every single one of the occupiers has broken laws and need to pay for this. They put graffitti over the streets and buildings.

    • Is Bernie Sanders paying you? Is the Democratic party paying you? They are the only ones getting paid for their campaigning from BLM.

      It is a sad travesty . Do some research as to where the money is going. Media is bought. This has nothing to do with Black Lives, it has to do with making you feel empowered to create mayhem for the gain of another, and I am not a what did you call it, oh yeah a trumptard .

      When Bernie was running for president I was one of his biggest supporters. He was telling people what they wanted to hear. Then he dropped out and handed it to Biden.

      I realized something in not right. This man and his campaign has too much hate in it and is spreading a lot of propaganda along with others and the Liberal media they have made up fables and paid to create hate.

      I feel bad for you for being brainwashed especially during a rampant virus that has spread and do you know where that Virus came from…

      The only black slaves are in Africa right now, being used by communist China. That all started when Obama was in office — do your research.

      If you care so much about black lives, join the military. Democrats & socialists have ignored it and used it as there gain in which they are using you right now.

      In America you can be whatever you want to be. But please do your own personal research of all , not just what your being told.

      Obama also gave Iran 5.7 billion dollars that went to terrorists activities and research on Iran’s Nuclear bomb project.

      He also opened up our borders out of spite after Trump won the presidential position. He ordered them open for all to come in without a check point. Do you know what comes through that border? If you’re not sure, check your research. There are people other countries that hate our freedom and want to brutally kill Americans. And to think I voted for him in the 2nd term. I am ashamed of myself.

      I understand the black communities felt empowered when Obama was in office. They only looked at his nationality, being his father lived in Africa but did not raise him or support him. He went to the best universities for free. They failed to look at what he was doing for our country.

      Then all of a sudden a white man is back in office and the hate began. That hate came from Democrats who want empowerment. If you care anything about our country, you will invest your time into doing research and not listen to what the paid-off media wants you to hear. Be well, and remember Covid-19 is real and people are dying from it.

  26. Absolutely, never a truer word spoken.
    Hopefully all the people who want to defund the police will take this advice and do it straight away.

  27. Defunding the police is not getting rid of the police . Instead of you listening to opinionated news, talk to black Americans and stop ignoring the facts and sticking to your privilege lifestyles.

    Defunding means to take the money from the police and use it for community resources. How is it that the police departments don’t represent the community it’s supposed to serve? How is it that city budget helps pay for policing and they are using that money for donations to political parties? Sounds like church and school issue to me. Hate run deeps and taught to most as a child. I’m a young adult and can’t believe that you are just like my parents . The statistics doesn’t lie. What have black Americans done to white Americans beside being dominated in genetics?

    • You should really research and educate yourself before suggesting whites are privledged. You have done nothing but segregate with your propaganda. If you have not noticed, BET, Black Oscar’s, numerous actors & comedians and magazines Oprah. Black Americans dominate football, basketball etc. People like you need to research and stop harassing people. You want equity and not equality. I am sorry if your parents are racist. You need to take that up with them. Research is not through the BLM websites or your advisor telling you what to say. Do you even know what BLM supports, also that it is anti white?

      They use people for their own gain equity not equality.They are not going to feed the poor or put you through college.
      They brainwash you to do their deeds, while they count the money and you end up with nothing.

      Last I checked all my black friends went to college for free and were richer than me. I had better grades and was less fortunate, my father being a disabled veteran. I had to get a job and pay for school myself. Stop feeling sorry . Africans are being used as slaves by the Chinese in Africa. Not here, honey. Fight for a better cause like Doctors without borders or Red Cross.

      Amazon is only supporting this cause because they employ a lot of black Americans and they don’t want their factories looted. It’s a big write off. You need to understand that its just about the money to them and they are Anti white.

      We already had unity and all lives matter. Saying just black lives matter is racist toward all others, and causes segregation. If you want to feel empowered go to church . Covid 19 is real, these CEOs and Democrats are not on the Frontline protesting. They are using people like you for equity.

  28. I agree with all the wisdom stated above. Wake up America our country is being destroyed by criminals.

  29. As far as freedom of movement and no one hassling anyone in the kingdom of CHAZ, not so. Only if you think exactly like the occupiers can walk around without getting hassled. Just try to speak freely there and you will be escorted out quickly. A Twitter video was of a man who was just coming through with his own little protest, spreading the word of god. Look what happens. He was not going to be allowed to stay.

  30. It seems to me that BLM is a hate group against the police, a few bad police officers does not make all the police bad. Wanting to defund the police makes me wonder if the BLM movement is organized crime or even a terrorist group using the police brutality as a excuse to loot and destroy business. I have yet to decided which category I would place BLM in. I view it as hurting the black Americans more then helping.

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