Former public media employee gets nasty with Bronson Administration: ‘you should be run out of town — and take that c*&% Suzanne Downing with you’


The quality of public discourse has been in decline for years. But it is seldom that a person who works in media — especially public broadcasting — is caught putting crude and sexually disrespectful language into the public record. But it happens.

Case in point: A [edited July 8] former employee of Alaska Public Media had some unkind words for the Bronson Administration on Wednesday. After four dangerous, garbage-munching black bears were put down near the Centennial Park Campground, out an abundance of caution for the campers there, some Anchorage residents were unhappy. Some were clearly distraught.

Chris Bydalek was one of them. He wrote an email to Mayor Dave Bronson, City Manager Amy Demboski, and several other members of the executive branch.

Must Read Alaska did a public records request concerning any public complaints about the bears on Wednesday, and among the documents retrieved was a curt note from Bydalek, which made it clear he thinks the Bronson Administration should be run out of town and “take that cunt Suzanne Downing with you.”

Bydalek is former contractor with the Alaska National Guard who joined Alaska Public Media in 2018, after volunteering at KSKA and KABN as a board operator and producer.

He worked as an audio engineer for APRN, and in television operations for KTUU. He apparently only lasted a year, according to Wesley Early, a reporter at Alaska Public Media, who took exception to this story but who could not provide evidence as to when Bydelek left the company.

(Within days of this story being published, Alaska Public Media had corrected its website:)

Sources at City Hall said Bydalek has a history of abusive emails.

Suzanne Downing is the publisher of Must Read Alaska.



  1. That your efforts at putting out such excellent and well researched journalism every day, would provoke such a vitriolic response from a communist media person….just proves you’re on the right track, Suzanne.

    Wear it as the badge of honor that it is.

    • AMEN Tim, Without Suzanne and MRAK. Alaskan’s statewide would be left totally in the dark, and at the mercy of the fruitcakes of the left!

  2. Oh for Guinnesse sake. Mayor Bronson is doing as funtastic a job as feasible with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth: “Do you mean I eeee have to work with them? With the ditty unwashed public who elected him? Woe is me.”

  3. Why did the bears have to be killed? Campers/hikers have many interactions with bears and killings are rare. Of course, Mr. Bydalek’s comments are totally unacceptable. He must be Democrat otherwise he’d be out the door.

    • I guess you don’t remember the famous tranq and move them to hope where the bears just got into more trouble and eventually had to be killed anyway.

  4. I am offended by this misogynistic and vulgar statement from the high-minded left. Salty liberal tears.

    • Oh please! Did your mother let you get away with the generally false “he did it too” excuse??
      This person mistook the public discourse for his personal profane rant session and for that reason it will most likely be placed in the round file. Since he works in communications, one could assume he has the necessary vocabulary to compose a rational, thoughtful missive to convey his frustrations constructively. Instead he wrote a potty-mouthed email, clearly saying way more about him and his arrogance than the mayor or his staff.

    • Boo. You think Trumps the only President to ever use salty language? How about Obama? Bill Clinton? Joe Biden calls people SOB and Bastard almost daily no doubt in anyones mind he’s called women the B word and there are multiple you tube videos of him using the N word.
      This is the double standard that people like you use to hold up examples of the right but never the left. You must be a democrat.
      “Independent” give me a break.

    • We are gonna get that motherfu*ker is not a quote from a conservative. It is a left politician talking about Trump.

  5. There is a reason I don’t pay any attention to Alaska public media, NPR, or KTUU… Not even to find out what the looney left is saying – it’s just not worth it. That anyone has the patience to monitor their lies so we don’t get blindsided is more than I could deal with. Hang in there Suzanne – we really appreciate your work.

  6. Congratulations Suzanne I knew I picked a winner when I went all in with must read look at you go ma’am kill in it. Our mayor is the man Ethan Berkowitz look at the evil coward you are still hiding under a rock. Just imagine what GOD has for you oath breakers for mocking him and doing the citizens like you evil corrupt cowards have done. Team integrity

  7. Well it is obvious he can’t get a real job just non profit jobs that don’t contribute to the working people. He shows how much of a looser he really is.

  8. You can always tell the Alaska-ignorant Greenies because they don’t understand cities are for people and the remaining 99.999% of Alaska is for wildlife. Everyone loves to see moose, lynx and bear in town, but protecting people is always paramount. Go for a Sunday drive out of town, but never endanger people. BTW, we’re way past due for a bow hunt in town to cull the moose.

  9. Chris Bydalek should have been put down with the bears. This foul-mouthed creep is a garbage dweller with no talent whatsoever. We will remember him, thanks to Suzanne.

  10. Wow. Very rarely does someone totally lose their mind like this. There’s usually the typical spit for spat back and forth foreplay first. This person’s credibility is completely shot because even leftists staff people with a little bit of control. Can’t go around half cocked or a loose cannon. Using their first amendment rights in this way is uncalled for. Regardless of how you feel about Suzanne, she’s earned the respect of everyone in journalism.

  11. Watch him get a raise.

    Ah, the “tolerant” left.

    Evil preaches “tolerance” until it is ascendant, then it works to silence good. Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia

  12. If the Assembly would work with the Mayor, there wouldn’t be any “homeless” (sanitized term) camp in that park. Bronson came up with a solution almost from Day 1 but, the libz on the Assembly struck it down and wanted the “homeless” littered all over the city. Nothing like enabling people to keep doing what got ’em there in the first place.

  13. Thank goodness for you Suzanne. If you read this site Mr Bydalek, let me ask you do you eat with the same mouth that all your vulgarity comes out of?? For your information, there are many prayers going up every day for Mr. Bronson. He is a decent person compared to the left wingers that constantly attack him. Oh and by the way ANGER only destroys the container it is in, keep it up.

  14. The interesting thing here is that:
    The Lefties can’t keep themselves from reading MRAK on a daily basis, because they are fearful that they might personally be named in a news article. This truth continues to pump fear into their hearts. They should all try the Lisa Murkowski method and send Suzanne large financial contributions.

  15. Dave Bronson is catching heat for dispatching some wildlife from the city’s new homeless shelter in Muldoon.

    I am sure the same group of loons would attack Bronson next week, after a few homeless client’s are eaten alive.

    You can’t win Dave.

  16. Obviously, a toddler throwing a tantrum. Expects to get his way simply because he is offended and angry.
    Wonder if Bydalek is one of the regular trolls on MRAK.

  17. At least Bydalek didn’t sexually assault anyone or brag about how his status allowed him to grab women by the p—-. SOunds like I’m defending Bydalek’s comment; I’m not. I’m just putting it somewhere on the spectrum of atrocious male behavior.

    • Meanwhile, Lucinda, you keep giving us excellent examples of atrocious female behavior.
      Oops, I mean “birthing person” behavior. Gotta be PC!

    • But of course repentance is not possible, people cannot regret their actions and change, and forgiveness is unconscionable. Give it a rest. President Donald Trump, who won in 2020 by the way if one discards all the invalid and illegal “votes”, apologized for that remark and for his past behavior. Forgive him and move on. 😉

    • Interesting Lucinda, how can you gauge where he falls on “the spectrum of male atrocious behavior”???
      Chauvinism doesn’t care about politic, only power and Bill Clinton denied EVER “having any sexual relations with that woman”!

  18. Mayor Bronson did what he had to do. The other alternative was the possible inferno of a part of Anchorage. I commend him for thinking outside the box.
    The homeless issue has been with us for as long as I can remember. Despite the money thrown at it over the years, nothing changed. At least this administration is trying something new.
    Homeless individuals have camped outside for years and the threat of bears have been with them. At least with Centennial campground, there is the power of numbers and there is assistance from the muni. The ADN articles on this issue are very incendiary and I hope Alaskans and Anchorage residents can see this.

  19. You had to know that when a sow with cubs all get put down for feeding on the goodies left out for them, the kooks were going to go ballistic. I suppose it’s appropriate to now let the bears have their way and see how long before an 800 pounder ambles out of the woods to eat up all the food left on the picnic tables while the inebriates sleep it off a few feet away in their city provided mini-tent? Did anybody respond to his vitriolic emails to ask for suggestions?

  20. He wouldn’t even get this upset if a voting democrat runner got mauled because mayor bronson didn’t do anything. Relocating a bear is just as insensitive as killing it, but we are God commanded to be stewards over land and
    beast. Mayor bronson got nothing to do with campers, hikers, runners irresponciblity leaving tidbits and over filling the garabage can tempting birds and bears. Who does that, anyway!? You know! Throw their garbage in an overfilled garabage can
    so birds and beasts can scavage through it because the lid
    doesn’t close, which bears would be like us licking the food container, just because the human don’t want to wait until next dump day or just continue walking with
    their tasty trash to car or find next emptier garbage dumpster.
    Our mayor bronson took preventive action to avoid the next democrat from being eaten.

  21. According to Alaska Public Media, the subject of this story hasn’t worked for APM for several years. If that’s the case, shouldn’t this story be corrected?

    • And by several years, let’s see the paperwork on that because the website trail is there. He was hired at the end of 2018, which was 2.5 years ago, so what several are we talking about? Or is APM not being transparent when they say several? Until today he was still on the employee website; see the updated story by refreshing your browsers so you can see they only removed him today from their staff list. I know, people get busy. Also, thanks for reading, Matt Tunseth. Good to see you here. – sd

  22. This precisely why the majority of public citizens have NO CONFIDENCE in the journalistic and digital media. The media personnel are biased, and the news is twisted to a “leftist” narrative to fit an agenda, not report news facts.

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