Listen: Sarah Palin campaign confirms ‘she never quit,’ (even though she did halfway through her term)

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Trigger warning: Jerry Ward, senior adviser to the Sarah Palin campaign for Congress, told KENI talk show host Dan Fagan on Wednesday that Palin never quits, that she only does what’s best for America and Alaska.

Ward insisted that Palin never quit her term as governor, with 18 months to go.

Fagan was incredulous. He has been a vocal critic of Palin for quitting, for signing off on high oil taxes, and for helping to install a Democrat Party-backed governor by endorsing Bill Walker and Byron Mallott in 2014, instead of her own former lieutenant governor, Republican Sean Parnell.

Fagan asked Ward to explain several times. But Ward would not budge. He continued to repeat that Palin never quits.

“What would you say to those people who are maybe thinking ‘I can’t vote for Sarah Palin because she quit on us once, she may quit on us again.’ What would you say to them?” Fagan asked Ward.

“Sarah Palin is a fighter. She never quits. She does what’s best interest for America and the state of Alaska.”

“When you say she ‘never quits,’ I know you don’t mean that,” Fagan replied. After all, it is a fact that she resigned from office in July of 2009.

“Dan, Dan, she is not a quitter. She is a fighter. She always does what she thinks is in the best interest of Alaska and America,” Ward repeated.

It went on this way for over two minutes, with Ward never off message from the “she never quits” answer. Fagan finally thanked Ward for joining the show. Listen to the clip:

In 2009, the Guardian newspaper wrote: “The customary political calm of the celebratory 4 July weekend was shattered by frenzied commentary over the surprise decision by Sarah Palin to stand down as governor of Alaska, which has left pundits intrigued, baffled and amazed.

“Palin added to the speculation over the weekend, dropping a few further tantalising hints but falling far short of a definitive explanation. The most suggestive of those hints were made in an Independence Day post on Facebook where she alluded to a “higher calling” and said she was “now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together”.

“Those words will strengthen the camp that believes the resignation amounts to a first step in a bid for the White House, as opposed to those who interpret it as the beginning of the end of her political career. But, this being Palin, nothing is clear,” the newspaper wrote.


  1. Sarah is no more a quitter than Wally Hickel was or than Fran Ulmer Or Ted Stevens was….In fact if one bothers to do more than five minutes research its pretty easy to find a long list of Alaskan Politicians who ‘quit’ their elected position to seek higher office…

    • At least they were honest about why they quit and didn’t have to make up a fake excuse to leave the office.

    • Hickel quit because he was asked by President Nixon to be Secretary of the Interior. F.U. quit to run for Governor. Ted Stevens didn’t quit. He lost re-election. Palin was not asked to post a higher office. She was not ousted involuntarily. She quit voluntarily.

      • Sarah stepped down to save the state money from the lawsuits being filed daily from the Eagle River lib – she was not able to do the job of Governor because she was fighting off those lawsuits. She did what she thought was best for this state!!! Truth, it’s out there.

    • Bob, help me out here, you are saying that Sarah quit to seek higher office? Huh, I’ve been in Alaska since before Statehood and I cannot recall her quitting to run for “higher” office. I do recall that she had a short attention span, never did her homework and was very provincial in her outlook however.

      FYI- Wally went to work for Nixon and ran Interior, it was a good move for Alaska, especially at the advent of the Oil Industry and getting the pipeline approved and Ted got Appointed to the US Senate another good move for Alaska. Wally later got Axed by Nixon an event that showcased Wally’s strength and character. Ted was wrongfully accused and convicted but later thankfully exonerated and all the while your girl was repugnant in her attitude towards Ted and told him to quit… Funny that since she supported the wrong Begich in so doing. I forgot Bob, you had a point to make?

    • The long list of Alaskan politicians that quit are not running for Congress. Sarah is, and she is a quitter and a RINO. Sarah Palin is no good for Alaska

  2. Well, it is campaign season so you’ve got to expect a lot of partial truths, half truths, stretched truths and outright lies and of course a lot people just simply don’t understand plain English!!

  3. Go ahead and put this fraud in office, Alaska. Go ahead and screw yourselves for years to come.

    ACES, Walker, reward her for that.

    Sure, she’ll get us coverage in the news. For all the wrong reasons.

      • Not to worry there, little buddy. Do your best from here on and someday you may be as original. We’re all rooting for you and I’ve already made your ribbon. Go you! ?

      • Am I the only one that noticed the slurred speech and repetitive unconventional diction?

        I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea who that guy is and don’t recall ever having heard him talk before. Maybe he sounds like that all the time?

  4. Lousianna Dan! Running Alaska’s politics from His Home State of Louisiana! I also think Palin is a fighter& would be a good fit with Marjorie Tayler Green Matt Gates & the other pro Make America Great politician. NB The Third doesn’t even mention it, although I see His uncle Mark showed him how to hold a shotgun?

    • NB3 never endorsed the thief of the PFD for Governor (Bill Walker). NB3 is endorsed by every significant conservative in the state. I wish Trump had done some research before making his endorsement.

  5. To be a Palin Bot you have to either deny reality, be overly emotional, or have an IQ below 100.

  6. “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”
    -Samuel Adams

  7. Ward say this , witch one of us would not of jumped at the chance to be Vice President of America. Sara has lots of accomplishments for the people in the bank. Then it’s she backed walker not Parnell witch one of us can say I did not back Obama. Give me a break here your pile in on Palin to help nick and ENOUGH. Who has the accomplishments of for and by the people Sara. Support Sara she supported us.

    • Palin quit 8 months AFTER she lost her race for Vice President.
      A lot of people like me did not back Obama. I recognized him to be a fraud and a radical leftist early on.
      Sarah quitting may have been the best thing for Alaska. It gave us Sean Parnell for 6 years.

  8. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing during the interview. Good job Dan. Now all we need to do is to get the spineless one, Dunleavey, to come for another interview and questions from the listeners.

  9. There comes a point where political double-talk reaches such a fantastically ridiculous level it makes the listener embarrassed for the speaker. Beyond cringe.

  10. Let me guess? If Trump runs! She wants too be his running mate! Then dumps us again??? Or she just got her ticket for Congress!??? Years?

  11. Ward needs help. Those who believe Ward need help. Perhaps Ward might want to review payroll and expense records to back-up his claim.

    More egregious than the big quit, which a count as a good thing: 1. Palin went after the oil companies. 2. Palin endorsed/helped Walker.

    Perhaps Ward might want to do a bit of background reading instead of repeating. Try Josiah Royce, a great American philosopher at the beginning of the last century. Royce defined a liar as a man who willfully misplaces his ontological predicates; that is, a man who says “is” when he means “is not”, or “is not” when he means “is.” ~ quoted by Mortimer Adler in “Six Great Ideas”

    I didn’t (and don’t) listen to Fagan so don’t know how far Ward is into the lie-to-truth process. But let’s give give him 20 of those obvious misplacements of ontological predicates. So, per Huxley (in the third chapter of Brave New World), Ward has only sixty-two thousand three hundred and eighty more of those ontological predicate misplacements to go. Then TRUTH will be established and maybe Palin can get some back pay.

    Go Jerry! Go Brandon! Just Go Away!

    • I’m no fan of Fagan. I think he’s a buffoon. Apologies to buffoons.

      But where is he wrong? You disagreeing doesn’t prove him wrong.

      Since you invoked Taylor-Green, please list her actual accomplishments in the House. Can’t? There are none.
      She is considered a joke and not taken seriously by anybody.

      A better comparison would be AOC. Attention whores all in it for themselves.

  12. To give credit where due, Ward certainly sticks by the person he’s chosen to help run for election.
    Unfortunately for him, doing it by pushing a crystal clear lie, is not going to work.
    With the absolutely astonishing claim that Palin never quits, he is insulting the intelligence of everyone, and people do not appreciate that.

  13. Sarah didn’t tax the oil companies. She negotiated a higher royalty for our oil. This is not the oil companies’ oil! It is Alaska’s oil, and the companies won’t leave because of higher royalties. Quit spinning royalties as taxes.

  14. Sarah Palin had been in the spotlight and saw the riches and fame it could provide. She wasn’t about to stay in Alaska where she’d be required to roll up her sleeves and work. Her first few years had high oil prices (what was it, about $130 per bbl). Alaska was flush with cash and the job was easy. Once oil prices tumbled there went the budget and the fun.

    • “Roll up her sleeves and work……”? I’ve lived in Alaska almost 50 years & I can only think of two Governors who actually did any “work” for Alaska – Hammond & Hickel. The rest were either grifters, yuppies, con men, tools of industry or businessmen culls. MRK for some reason thinks some of their readers are not acting rationally by supporting Palin. Kind of reminds me of Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters a basket of deplorables. That did not age well for Clinton.

  15. “Roll up her sleeves and work……”? I’ve lived in Alaska almost 50 years & I can only think of two Governors who actually did any “work” for Alaska – Hammond & Hickel. The rest were either grifters, yuppies, con men, tools of industry or businessmen culls. MRK for some reason thinks some of their readers are not acting rationally by supporting Palin. Kind of reminds me of Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters a basket of deplorables. That did not age well for Clinton.

  16. We do not need a quitter as soon as the lawsuits begin she will be hiding and using somebody’s money to hire lawyers.

    • Most states protect their elected governor once they are elected so they can do the job they were elected to do in the first place. The reason most of Alaska’s former governors never got their pants sued off them is because they were corrupt scumbags and sided with the money, IN STEAD OF THE ALASKAN PEOPLE. Many were too busy chasing whores and partying, and don’t pretend you don’t know who. That said, I’m for Sarah 100%, AT LEAST SHE IS A REAL ALASKAN! Keep putting in these two bit con men, and pretty soon Alaska will be completely owned by foreign countries!

  17. So what is it a calculated retreat, to regroup and fight another day? No doubt the woman is had her fair share troubles. I personally wish she would just fade away like MacArthur.

  18. I am not a Palin supporter though I confess I would vote for her if the only choices were she or Walker in some imaginary future contest.
    I do not deny that she “quit” but I also respect why she did it.
    I am concerned, however, that this MRA series seems to grow from personal animosity.
    The point was made.
    The horse is dead.
    Continuing to flog it has no point unless it is to help elect a left-wing candidate.
    Fortunately there IS a viable alternative this time.
    For which I give Thanks.

  19. He said she does what is in the best interest for Alaskans, which was resigning as governor to save the state from vicious attacks from political opposition. It sounds like that’s where the “never quit” comes from. Remaining as governor, when she was getting frivolous lawsuits thrown at her and her family by the big league political scene, would have hurt Alaskans. I don’t think it’s so black and white. People are quick to throw her under the bus. I remember the dirty politics and insane media that swarmed Palin back then.

    I can understand that this site is not for Palin though. Hit piece after hit piece seems a little personal.

    • Grip, this site is populated by thinking persons. Not a vendetta against Palin. We have a immensely better candidate and then we have Sarah. We have a candidate who has the ability to represent Alaska and then we have Sarah who will represent Sarah.
      Think about it.

  20. So Dan fixated on a nuance?!? He couldn’t get past it and on to her endorsement against her VP, or other tangible stuff? I guess it is a quicker line to emotions when you say someone is a quitter. Another term for that is a “cheap shot”. What was the guy referring to about Dan not being a quitter? Maybe something that you’d need to understand nuance and not go for the cheap shot to get it.

    • There is a use for bringing up a cheap shot in the primary. Trump did that to Ben Carsen. Took me a while to grasp, but he pointed out an effective low blow that would have been used against Carsen in the national election. This is not the primaries. Leave low blows to the opposition. Dan is too smart to not get what the guy meant unless he is blinded by bias. Hence the guy’s urging to “wake up”

  21. Look, I’m no friend of Ward, but if I found myself in a brawl–and, as Tod knows, brawls do erupt–Ward wouldn’t hesitate to step forth and help me! Only a certified imbecile would think that he’d call Palin a quitter? But, look at Fagan: you know he’s all jaw and finely dined! He’d never “waddle” in to help anybody.

    Regarding Ward’s candidate, I’ve got my money riding on a different prospect! But, I will say, good luck, Jerry!

    • Edit the first part of the opening sentence to: “Look, I’m not in Ward’s battle camp, but if I found myself in a brawl….”

  22. My guess here! You choosing a long haul! Most chances! They gunna be there on a long haul! So we have too choose wisely!

  23. I am thinking that this is what might happen.
    2 Republicans (split vote) and 1 independent (Democrat vote not split maybe)

    Suzanne, I like almost everything you say. I appreciate the work you to keep all of us informed.
    It seems to me that you have been promoting Begich. How will the split vote between these two R’s fair against the lone Independent (D)? Does the rank system actually cause both R’s to lose to the one I (D)?

    • Ranked choice scenario means every single race has to be analyzed by itself. There is no cookie cutter approach. It’s all who will be the gatherer of the most second-choice votes. In this case, Palin may have a ceiling to her support, nowhere to grow. Begich and Peltola still have room to grow. Some analysts see Palin coming in third because she can’t get the second-choice votes. I’ll continue to analyze this. – sd

      • SD – Voting for Begich and not putting Palin as a second choice or visa versus is opening a wide door for Peltola to win when the majority didn’t want her at all. That’s pretty clear. No further analysis is required. This attacking of fellow conservatives and giving reasons to not even make Palin a second option is what the democrats that pushed for ranked choice want to see. I suspect you would rather see Peltola win, who will just be another vote that will fall in line with Pelosi, rather than Palin. That’s up to you, but I again wish you would just come out and say it rather than be coy or obtuse like this.

        • Justin – that’s exactly the way a lot of us are seeing it! I wish MRAK would just come out and say it – they are acting just like Never Trumpers!

  24. Time to get the t- shirt out “Bailin’Palin – she won’t quit till she’s half way through”. Glad we hung on to this one. It’s so appropriate right now.

  25. When are we going to read some drive bys on Begich? This Sarah Derangement Syndrome is BORING!

  26. Palin seldom tells the truth. My biggest problem with her is that she’s all about her brand, all about promoting herself, and abusing the powers of her office — remember Troopergate?

  27. I am curious why the Palin campaign never talks about the excessive number of lawsuits brought against Sarah Palin. As I recall, the State rules did not allow for the State to pick up the legal fees for all of those lawsuits, many of which were just simple harassment and frivolous. She was, as I recall, running up seriously high legal bills. Leaving the governor slot may have been a smart move if it could stop all the lawsuits. After that she needed to earn enough money to cover those costs. That action doesn’t sound like quitting, is sounds like a financial survival move. A smart move. Thoughts? Comments?

  28. Sarah wants to publicity and she’ll be a publicity clown I won’t say the other word she does not know the job. I’m going for Nick I don’t care what his family is and anybody that says that he would be a democrat. just because his family is so wrong. K I call him brave to stand up to them uncle Mark was pushing for Chris Constant so what does that tell you right nowin

  29. Walker vs Berkowitz….both viable candidates supported the wrong guy. I think one was far more obvious than the other. Im holding my nose and voting for SP as NB is definitely a RINO and no way he gets a bye on supporting Berky. Sarah quit, period. Shes a reality queen. But she will vote hard right. Nick…..he will be moderate. We dont need moderate these days.

  30. Quitters cannot change history. When the going gets tough…Palin petered out. Despite Jerry Boy Ward wishes to the contrary…Quitting is not an Alaska value… Perhaps Must Read will post Sarah’s resignation speech and timeline of her quitting or MR readers who have short history memories. The fact is she did not quit to run as VP as some wish. She quit months after her and MCain lost and Obama was elected. She grew bored of being Alaska’s Governor and wanted to end her ethics and legal problems while not also not able to live on the meager Governor paycheck and paltry ordinary Alaska lifestyle ….and greedily left to make more money

    Even her father stated she quit….From 2009

    Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, told Fox News that he thought her resignation was due to the negativity from the media. According to Heath, the governor was unable to be effective while she was constantly having to defend herself against ethics complaints and the media.


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