Poll: Republican parents say they’d pull kids from schools that teach Critical Race Theory


In a national poll on a variety of current events, Americans were asked: How should parents who oppose Critical Race Theory in public schools respond if it becomes part of their children’s curriculum?

Nearly 52 percent of respondents believe that those parents should either remove their children from the school or take over their local school boards if Critical Race Theory enters the curriculum. Another 29 percent of all respondents believe that parents should teach their views at home without interfering at school.

Democrat respondents were more in favor of teaching their own views at home and not interfering with schools. Nearly 40 percent said that was their choice. Republicans were nearly the opposite, with only 13 percent favoring the option:

Notably, Republicans were more likely to have an opinion on the matter than Democrats. 21.6 percent of Democrats said they had no opinion, while 15.9 percent of Republicans stated no opinion.

The poll by the Trafalgar Group was conducted between July 12-13 with 1,091 respondents who were deemed likely general election voters for 2022. The respondents were 39.3% Democrat to 35.6% Republican.

Critical Race Theory is a broad set of doctrines and teachings that advance the idea that white people are inherently racist, whether they admit it or not.

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  1. Time to fire the ASD equity officer. What a joke! Never should have created the idiotic position.

  2. “Critical Race Theory is a broad set of doctrines and teachings that advance the idea that white people are inherently racist, whether they admit it or not.” In other words Critical Race Theory is inherently racist.

    • Critical Race Theory, which is just now starting to get noticed even though it’s been around for decades, doesn’t declare that white people are inherently racist, but that the government they have established is. Since that government was established by an elite group of white, male, land owners, there’s probably something to it, but that doesn’t mean if you are white, you are necessarily racist. It also doesn’t mean CRT is inherently racist, either.

      • Your argument seems to presume that any government established by humans would necessarily include features that would be to the advantage of those that established the government. I would call that a cute assumption for which there is no evidence. At least to me, your approach also seems to adopt a oppressor/oppressed model. Again, outside of Das Kapital, there isn’t much evidence for this either. CRT demands that certain propositions must be accepted. I reject these propositions. Deal with it. CRT isn’t a “lens” — it is a cult.

      • Rightttt. You’re only racist if you identify as white. At the time of the founding of this country, the idea of liberty and freedom was new and innovative. The world didn’t see it develop in Africa, not in Australia, not in Asia, not in Europe, and not even in the Americas outside of the Colonies. Sooooo, because old white men valued liberty it must be bad? You’re goofy.
        AND CRT IS INHERENTLY RACIST! It is defined by racism, or are you too ignorant to understand too?

      • It’s hasn’t been mainstreaming in society for decades. It began rather recently, deviating from its original format of critical theory. Critical theory starting in the late 19th century as a way to convince the lower class that the upper class was suppressing them through an abusive law system that kept the lower class from ever rising to upper class. It essentially was a means to divide the classes so the ultra rich and corporate types could become more powerful with the struggle created between the two classes. Much the same as what is going on now with the same concept being used to ignite a division between races and how it’s called Critical Race Theory. While everyone stays divided and at each other’s throats, the ultra rich and Corporate Types rearrange the Environmental, Social, and Corporate structure of the planet, all while you are sitting there blind to it and smug about how self righteous you are.

  3. CRT is taught at the University level, not sure why Conservatives are against higher education. This Republican believes K-12 curriculum should be established at the local school board level.

    • Higher education or advanced indoctrination? Hardly matters at what level this racist drivel is taught. Are you a proponent of CRT?

  4. Racism will go away in 2 or 3 generations IF we stop teaching it to our children. United we stand, divided we fall – why can’t the left – assuming they still want to be Americans – understand this? Because division and anger are the only ways the left can win elections. Homeschooling is a lot of work, but well worth it.

  5. “Critical Race Theory is a broad set of doctrines and teachings that advance the idea that white people are inherently racist, whether they admit it or not.” This is a misrepresentation of what it is. It was developed as a academic pursuit over 40 years ago that sought to explore the legal and societal constructs that lead to systemic racism in society. Little things like slavery, Jim Crow laws, Redling by financial institutions….

    • I mean we could go really into it… Look at James Lindsay’s explanation for an in depth analysis. Lets focus on what CRT (Frankfurt school critical theory) is designed to do. It’s a proposed solution to bring forth a planned economy. Period.

      CRT moves, as favored by democratic socialists, the same economic model that the USSR, Maoist china, and other communist societies have enacted. The question of whom can produce and consume what will not be answered by the public (because they are evil, racist, bigoted, ect) but by a planner (some dictator group in a Department of “Anti-racism”). If you don’t like this you’re to be destroyed. This is CRT at its heart. It is a lesson in economics not sociology, not personal decision making, not civil rights (equality under the law). Success is defined by equality in consumption patterns in infinitely defined groups. Impossible but a nice though. Possible and feasible does not win elections, emotion does, which these individuals are master manipulators of.

      We must not call out CTR as our opposition but the actions it entails. We must say we forbid demonizing any individual in a classroom of public funds. We will not teach controversial economics in a classroom of public funds without tremendous disclosure and under the name is needs to be called “controversial economics”.

      I’ll end by saying why this is bad. Many will say what is so bad about a planner anyway? Efficiency is the problem, it kills society’s. The distribution efficiency of a pricing system is thrown into the wind. Goods will be disparaged as they sit to be distributed/ produced in a “equitable” fashion. X/production inefficacy will be horrific demoting the quality of goods as firms will have little incentive to compete, Benjamin powell writes how the planned economy of Cuba today suffers from this. Never in history has a planned economy ever functioned to serve the masses better then a market free of government intervention beyond Smithian boundaries.

      Sorry for a lesson in economics but its needed today. We are in the 2nd cold war we must know these concepts if we are to defend freedom, being a market economy without command scale manifestations and planner lead government overstep.

    • I disagree. An academic pursuit exploring what causes racism can be called research. Teaching children that the white ones among them are evil oppressors simply for their skin color and everyone else is a victim for the same reason is something entirely different. Unlikely that it is necessary societal manipulation on a grand scale. I’ll call it evil. And as my professor’s liked to say so long ago, “The proof is left to the student”.

    • Sorry to create problems in your little world but every parent and every person has the right to review and, if necessary, dispute the race indoctrination/education offered in the public schools. And that means actually reading and discussing the language describing the program. Understanding the language does not require a graduate degree in social history. In many, if not most, cases these programs demand adoption and conformance to a set of beliefs which divides people into groups, pronounces some of them privileged or oppressed and advocates remedies that are manifestly racist. I really don’t care what label is attached, but such programs are garbage. If you do not like someone that opposes this indoctrination, that is your problem and suggests a need for mental health treatment.

    • Things like slavery, thousands of years old, Jim Crow and segregation, which legally ended in the US generations ago. Get with the times. I want my reparations from democrats for my great-great-great-great-grandfather Jacob Fryman dying at Vicksburg.

  6. Remember when the Communist “Left” ranted for decades that you can’t use government schools to teach morality? Once they removed that impediment, they were free to force their own “morality” on generations of children.

    What business is it of the government school system to teach beliefs and faiths to the children? Why does everyone now accept that schools should not be limited to teaching facts and science, but must be used to push agenda to impressionable minds?

    Though we all know that this CRT racist attack on America is mere Communist agitprop, parents don’t seem to feel they have the power to tell these little communist school boards no. We’ve spent too long letting “experts” run our country and our individual lives. People are going to have to overcome their own indoctrination in order to see these little pissant dictators for what they are and give them the boot.

  7. I never knew how bad it was until I was home with my daughter while she was doing Zoom virtual learning. I didn’t intend to listen in, it was just so bad, so hateful, so misinformed. I wanted to march over to the Superintendents office and raise _ell and I’m a calm, rational person. My daughter said this is all just Liberal Bull____ that they have to listen to. She said she usually turns it down and does something else. Well spent school dollars. She’s a senior this year so…if I had young children I would pull them out of public schools.

  8. Mark, Little things like slavery being the norm throughout the whole of human history, practiced by every race. Is that being taught through CRT? Oh, and which group sought and fought and brought an end to the ancient practice? Yeah Mark, get back to me please…

    • Ah, racist.

      When you can’t repudiate a point with facts, cry racism.

      Easier than thinking.

  9. All the left knows, are hate and division. Without those tools (and election fraud) they would go nowhere.

  10. I fully agree with CRT bans (of course blocked by the legislative RINO caucus) but the government needs to go one step further. All of this hate and evil is coming from EDUCATION SCHOOLS. Ed schools are petri dishes that breed some of the most repulsive anti-American ideology. New teachers are being taught to hate the idea of education itself, and taught to teach students to hate each other and their country. I think this is something many Republicans have missed. We need to seriously reform the education schools if this republic has any hope of surviving.

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