Poll: Most Americans want Texas to stand its ground

Photo credit: Congressman Michael Cloud of Texas

The dispute over the concertina-style razor-wire that Texas installed on the U.S.-Mexico border near Eagle Pass, which went to the U.S. Supreme Court, has most surveyed voters siding with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and not President Joe Biden’s administration, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports. The Supreme Court upheld the federal government’s right to take down the wire, as ordered by Biden.

The Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that 69% of likely U.S. voters support Texas erecting barriers at the border to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing, including 53% who strongly support the action.

Just 27% oppose Texas taking action on its own to prevent illegal immigration, including 15% who strongly oppose the state’s action, Rasmussen reports.

That means as many as 5% of registered Democrats agree with Texas and not with Biden; in 2022, 32% of American voters identified as Democrat, according to Pew Research Center.

The poll was taken Jan. 23-25 and captured the views of 940 likely voters. It has a +-3%

“Texas has transported over 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities. Overwhelmed Texas border towns should not bear the brunt of Biden’s open border policies. Our transportation mission will continue until Biden secures the border,” Gov. Abbott wrote on Monday.

A border deal by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma is a nonstarter for many conservatives. It would allow 1,400 illegal entrants a day to claim asylum during an “emergency border shutdown.”

“This terrible border deal normalizes 5,000 illegal aliens crossing the border per day. That’s 5,000 too many. Democrats are LYING when they say that the border is Congress’s fault. Biden opened the border. I won’t vote for any bill that allows him to continue flouting the law,” said Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Lankford acknowledged Monday that an agreement is probably days away. A Republican, he has worked with Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat and Sen. Krysten Sinema, an Arizona independent, as well as the administration to get to an agreement. But the draft has been excoriated by many on social media.

“The Schumer/Sinema border deal allows 5,000 illegal immigrants into our country per DAY,” wrote Arizona’s Kari Lake, candidate for U.S. Senate, in response to a leaked version of the agreement. “That’s 5,000 illegal immigrants, too many for me. Secure the border & turn them back. Then send the 12 million illegal immigrants already in this country back to their homelands.”

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem wrote, “The border deal would have done NOTHING to secure the border. In fact, it would have codified the open border! This is why the American people don’t trust the Washington establishment. Joe Biden doesn’t need a deal to secure the border TODAY.”

Late last week, Ohio Sen. JD Vance introduced a bill to prohibit the federal government from removing state-installed fencing at the U.S.-Mexico border. The State Border Security Act would stop federal agents from removing the razor wire or other fencing built by state governments within 25 miles of the southern border with Mexico.

Where do you stand on it: Should Texas stand its ground or follow the orders of the Biden Administration to remove the razor wire? Use the comment section below.


  1. I stand with Texas!
    I foresee based on what is happening in Texas that each state will have to decide for our own borders in the future.
    One of the few roles of our government is to secure our borders for the citizens already in the United States, but we have seen a willful decision by the current administration for open borders in the hopes these folks will vote for the democrats and possibly worse, to attack American citizens from within our country! WE SEE YOU-Obama, Biden and all you others in our local, state and federal government and private sectors!

    • I have a strong suspicion that folks that make statements about supporting the inhumanity at the southern border, are not really interested in serving their own personal interest to the nth degree by donning bunny suits near Tok. It’s just a suspicion, but we do run with suspicions a lot in these times.

  2. It’s both a national and a state border and the state has every right to control its own borders. The five Supreme Court justices who sided with the federal government need to be replaced immediately. They obviously don’t understand the U.S. Constitution.

        • Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution is commonly referred to as the Supremacy Clause. It establishes that the federal constitution, and federal law generally, take precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions. It prohibits states from interfering with the federal government’s exercise of its constitutional powers, and from assuming any functions that are exclusively entrusted to the federal government.

          • Oh child. There are multiple flaws in your interpretation in this clause.

            You’re like someone who cherry picks a Bible verse and claims to understand it in context.

            While your argument is bad Swiss cheese (more holes than substance), I’ll just focus on two areas for now.

            1-Texas is in no way interfering with the Imperial Federal Government. The Border Patrol can remove the fence any time it actually wants to. The only place this holds actual water is if Texas was attempting to put fences on designated US government lands.

            And before you even bother to try. Texas was fully within its right to deny federal agencies access to the disputed areas while in dispute.

            2-The Imperial Federal Government was not doing its Constitutional job to protect the borders of Texas. The Constitution does not forbid states from acting in self interest when the fed chooses to be absent.

            I’m guessing you’re a public school grad.

      • So you’re saying there is a fine line between Texas and mexico that the federal government owns. That is absolutely bull shit. Don’t forget Texas is a republic they have every right to defend themselves. Lock and load Texas. The feds best get on board with Texas or get out of their way.

      • Navigable water is not federal public land, the twice unanimous Sturgeon decisions reinforce this and the Submerged Lands Act states land under navigable waters is owned by the states. Much of the US Mexico border through Texas is made up of navigable waters, the floating barriers were placed in navigable waters belonging to the State of Texas, not The United States of America. Borders between cities, counties/boroughs, states, and Countries are along rivers and lakes, both sides do not own the other side and everything in between. The actual border on much of the Mexico Texas border clearly belongs to Texas, not the US Federal Government since the border is on submerged land under navigable water that belongs to Texas.

  3. Alaska should already have National Guard troops in Texas.

    The first thing that should of been done years ago, during the Trump administration, was to close the border to all commerce with Mexico. Mexico can’t survive without the cash from auto parts, fresh produce and gas and oil. It wouldn’t of taken long before the Mexican Government completely shut off all illegals entering Mexico, which cures the whole problem.

    Now the question that needs answered is who is paying the Mexican Government too feed and transport all the illegals? Not all of them are walking from Central America.

    You can bet your first born kid, Mexico isn’t losing money they don’t have to transport and feed millions of illegals. It’s no secret that Mexico operates on graff. Now which Americans are commiting treason by passing payoffs to Mexican politicians?

    Senator Sullivan needs to sponsor a Bill to sanction all trade with Mexico. It’s the one way to solve the problem with out conflict.

    • I agree. Governor Dunleavy send Texas help now . The Biden administration has let a bunch of terrorists cross into our country. There are Somali, Chinese and on and on. Bunch of communists. The Mexicans are the least of our problems.

  4. Yes! Texans were four years late to do it. They were wasting time messing around bussing and flying migrants deep into the heart of America. All the Southern Border states need to be standing their ground. Just because of DC is not doing its duty. Doesn’t mean State leaders can ignore their duty protecting state citizens. Its a Dereliction of duty.

    • Actually, they really weren’t late till biden took office. With Trump we had secured the border and were on the way to even more secure until numbn*tts decided to screw it all up.
      The only thing they took too long with was sending them to DC and Delaware.

      • We have an absolute right to defend our lives ourselves and our homes as well as our nation’s territory or land. We can ask formally for military help with this absolute right to defend ourselves. Such a right is received by all from God.

  5. We stand with Texas. Laws already exist, crossing the border other than legal ports of entry is criminal. Understand that the federal gov sponsorship of this criminal migration and entry is part of the globalist agenda to destroy this nation for a one party world. Let’s ask our congressional delegation what they are doing about it?

    • Care to explain yourself Bildo? Care to rationalize how thousands of illegal aliens per day is good for America at large? Or, are you just another troll? More likely option 2.

    • Bilbo are you on the boarder protecting your state or are you a lib windbag??? Your handle sort of gives you away. Scared to use your real name. Puts you in the coward zone with me …

    • Coming from you, I accept the compliment.

      Based on your post, I assume you are with Grandpa Bloodstains.

      If the choice is Abbott or Grandpa Bloodstains, it’s Abbott every time.

  6. Wow, what a great, scientific, representative poll.

    They asked the massive amount of 940 likely voters out of 330,000,000 total population. That is a whopping 0.0000028484848% of people in this country.

    Even if we take the total people who voted for Biden and Trump in 2020, (81M for Biden and 78M for Trump) that gives us 940/169,000,000 = 0.0000056213017 % of voters in this country.

    And even if we accept this sample size, how did they select their 940 likely voters? Were they randomly selected across all 50 states and 14 territories? Were they picked from only conservative or only liberal states? With no information regarding the makeup of those polled, how can we trust the results of the poll?

    At least pick a good sample size for your poll. If the pollsters had chosen 1690 or 16900 people, their results might have some validity. As it stands, with such a small sample size and no information about the makeup of those polled, these numbers mean that 69% of 940 people polled side with Texas.

    • So, nitpick the methodology here while trying to avoid and evade the gist of the story, eh Pablum?
      How interesting, how revealing, how radical leftist of you.

      Regardless, your pro-open-border, pro-invasion bias is certainly clear here.
      That marks you as an enemy collaborator and a traitor.

      • I made no comment regarding the results of the study, only to state that their sample size was too small. But because I look at this study from a scientific standpoint, I am a radical leftist who is for open borders and am pro invasion. What logic you have Jefferson.

        At least make an effort to sample .001% of the potential voters.

        If questioning the methodology of one single poll makes me a traitor or an enemy collaborator in your eyes Jefferson, I think you need some new glasses.

      • LOL, seeing Jefferson and Masked Avenger get so sour makes my day.

        They cant refute most points so they resort to personal attacks. Either you are a child who should let the adults talk or a radical leftist or communist or lack logic or reason. It is never that your point is wrong, it is that you are their sworn enemy who is coming for their lives because you don’t kowtow to their narrow world view.

        Just look at the post by Masked Avenger below yours and above mine

        • Pablo, I often do not bother to try to refute your statist and pro-establishment BS simply because it, and you, are not worth the trouble.
          One does not need to taste, feel and closely examine crap to clearly know that it is crap.

          • Your constant complaint is that anyone who does not believe exactly how you do is either a statist or a pro-establishment troll or a radical-leftist-extremist or a communist or a Marxist, yet you rarely refute what is written.

            In my original comment, the one that has caused you to reply to me, what did I write that was pro-establishment? or was statist? or was leftist? or was any of the other names you often call people?

            If this poll had stated the exact opposite of it’s results, that most Americans agree with Biden’s stance here, and it’s methodology was the exact same, I would post the same comment as before.

            Due to the small sample size, the results are not reliable. Due to the unknown way the respondents were selected, the results are not reliable.

            An example of why this is an issue:

            Hypothetical poll: Ask 25 Anchorage residents if they approve of Mayor Bronson’s administrations handling of snow removal.

            20 Respondents say yes. 5 say no.

            Now you write an article saying that 80% of Anchorage approves of the handling of snow removal.

            Both polls have the same flaws. Too small of a sample size and it is unknown where the pollster is getting their respondents from.

            Do you think if we polled 25 people in Turnagain we would get the same results we would if we polled 25 people in Goldenview?

          • I have better things to do than to validate the tantrums of illiterate toddlers.
            Paint must be drying somewhere.

        • Good luck Pablo, this cat tried to get me banned on an article about free speech…while he was commenting about how much he supported free speech!

          • Still dissembling here, eh Steve?

            Why don’t you try telling us again about the wonders, efficacy and safety of the Wuhan Virus mRNA so-called “vaccine”. Your silence — NOW — on that matter is positively deafening.

          • Newsflash Jeff, covid is over and has been for years. I’m sorry you are suffering from long covid and will never get over your illness.

          • Steve, your disingenuous and pathetic evasion of your RABID support and defense for the ongoing Wuhan Virus mRNA ‘vaccine’ fiasco speaks volumes about you, and none of it good. It speaks to your inherent dishonesty, you pro-establishment bias (on certain matters, anyway), and your lack of intellectual and moral integrity.

            You can try to weasel out of it all you want, but we all know here just where you stood, and where you stand today, on the dangerous, ineffective and toxic clot shots.

          • Jeff,
            Best of luck with your long covid illness…it must be tough to live that kind of existence and be trapped in the past.

    • Using this “logic”, Biden isn’t President because more Americans didn’t vote for him than did.

      After all, millions didnt bother to vote at all.

      There’s a funny thing about polls. Over time, the trends are usually damn accurate. Individual polls can be misleading, but the quantitative results are still very accurate.

      You’re attempting a dodge, and not an artful one.

      • That is a big swing and a miss there Masked Avenger.

        Comparing a presidential election to this poll is like comparing apples to ground beef, there is no comparison.

        How am I attempting a dodge? I don’t see the results of this poll as being anywhere close to accurate due to the fact that they only sampled 940 people and didn’t disclose how they choose there sample size. Two things that could cause bias in a poll. If I have to explain that further to you, you need to go back to school for a statistics class.

        And regarding accurate polls, didn’t we see in 2016 how Hillary was trouncing Trump in the polls but lost the general election? Didn’t we see in 2020 how a red tsunami was coming for the democrats in the polls but it turned out to be a red trickle?

        If the trends of polls are so accurate, why not expand your sample size from 940 to 1690 or 16900 or some other amount that is closer to .001% of potential voters? Shouldn’t you get the same results?

        • Im dead on in the assessment. I’m using your logic. If it’s flawed, look to the mirror.
          You’re nowhere near as clever as you think yourself.

          I can’t teach the blind to see. Or the mentally insufficient to think.

          • My comment about the poll was that the sample size was too small and they didn’t disclose how they selected those they polled.

            Now how do you take that logic and say Biden didn’t win?

            Sample size in presidential election was approximately 169 Million people. Who was the “polled” group? Any eligible US Citizen.

            Sample size in this poll was 940 people. Who was the “polled” group? Who knows as the pollster has not disclosed how they chose those they polled.

            Do you think we would get the same results if we polled 940 people from Alabama vs 940 people from California?

            Using your own words, “I can’t teach the blind to see. Or the mentally insufficient to think”

  7. The Rasmussen survey asked about “barriers”, not “razor wire” specifically. Other border barriers exist, and Biden hasn’t tried to remove them. You conflate barriers generally with razor wire specifically, pretending that support for barriers is support for razor wire, because you’re a willful liar celebrating Abbott’s malicious cruelty.

    • I’ll take Abbots “ malicious cruelty” over your “ compassion” anytime, any place.

      I’m curious. How many of these sweet nourishing illegals do you house, feed, and care for? I should hope dozens. But I suspect a much smaller number.

  8. Malicious cruelty, are you naive? Malicious cruelty is allowing the cartel to flood our cities, towns, and neighborhoods with illegal drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin, fentanyl, and now fenny powder. These drugs are tearing the fabric of America to shreds.


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