Supreme Court, in split decision, sides with Biden: Feds can cut down Texas’ razor wire on the border

Illegal immigrants pour over the U.S. southern border in August, 2023.

U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote, agreed with the Biden Administration on Monday, allowing federal agents to remove the razor that has been placed along the U.S.-Mexico border at Eagle Pass by the State of Texas.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined with Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Amy Coney Barrett, and Ketanji Brown Jackson to seal the majority decision, while Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh were in the minority.

Eagle Pass is one of the places where illegal immigrants have been flooding Texas, leading Gov. Greg Abbott to take control of the border, after U.S. national security had been abandoned by the Biden Administration.

Border agents had removed some of Abbott’s Operation Lone Star razor wire that was placed on U.S. side, and Texas sued the Biden Administration. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals supported Texas, but the Biden Administration then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, federal agents encountered about 2.5 million illegal immigrants at the southern border in 2023. That doesn’t account for the got-aways, however. When illegal immigrants get to U.S. soil, they are typically processed and released under the Biden Administration’s lax rules.

According to House Judiciary Committee Republicans, between Jan. 20, 2021, when Biden took office, and March 31, 2023, there were over 5 million illegal alien encounters: “Of these encounters, at least 2,464,424 had no confirmed departure from the United States. During the same period, DHS released at least 2,148,738 illegal aliens into the United States.”

Only 5,993 illegal aliens encountered at the southwest border and placed in removal proceedings before an immigration judge were actually removed from the United States during this time, the committee members said.

Alaska Congressional candidate Nick Begich, a Republican running to unseat Rep. Mary Peltola, commented on the border chaos, saying, “Texas has shown us that @JoeBiden could secure the border any time he’d like. Biden CHOOSES not to. As a result, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens cross into our nation every month. @MaryPeltola has endorsed Joe Biden for President, but we can’t afford 4 more years of No Show Joe. It’s time to secure the border, put the people of our nation FIRST, and get America back on track.”

On Tuesday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan sent a subpoena ordering Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra to provide records related to the handling of unaccompanied migrant children with suspected criminal gang ties.


  1. Joe Biden has demonstrated more than a failure to secure the border. He has demonstrated purposeful intent to ensure the border is not secure. Joe Biden’s policy is an intentional state of insecurity. At the same time he attacks individuals’ rights and means for defending themselves. Available and improperly applied security resources have been wasted. American citizens cannot and should never expect to depend on the government for primary defense of their personal security! You are your own first responder until other “first” responder heroes arrive.

    • It is simpler than that, Lucas: China Joe PotatoHead is a consistent and demonstrable traitor, and deserves the harshest punishment reserved for high-level traitors. His EVERY action and EVERY policy since the cabal who uses him as their puppet usurped the presidency has proven this, over and over again.

  2. Over 3 MILLION illegals have just walked into this country during joe’s reign. Enough is enough. Never vote for another democrat.

    • One has to wonder what kind of dirt the deep state that consistently blackmails Roberts into his pro-establishment, pro-globalist Supreme Court decisions have on him. It must be good.

      • He’s a political animal. His goal is to maintain the “reputation” of the Court, not actually use the Court as intended.

        He’s got one eye on the editorial pages, the other on history books. Rarely either actually on the law.

  3. This is an unjust ruling. Several Supreme Court “justices” seem to have no regard for the Constitution that they swear to up hold.

  4. It’s not Biden by himself, it’s his globalist handlers. They want to dilute our population and create an even larger, dependent underclass. Democrats will get them to vote, that’s why they’ve spread them all over the country in secrecy.

  5. Keep shipping the illegals to sanctuary cities. Put em on buses, semis, Amazon, Hertz truck rentals, U-Haul, Amtrak. Flood them into all the Democrat cities.

    • Disagree totally.
      The lawsuit was not about borders.
      It was whether the State of Texas could legally place a barrier that prevents the US Border Patrol from accessing the border.
      Personally, I hate this decision, but the Justices can only issue an opinion on the lawsuit as presented. And, since this was not about protecting the border, but about whether a State can stop a Federal Agent from carrying out their job, the ruling is correct.

  6. Texas isn’t backing down. They’re refusing to allow the Feds to open the wire. You can send Governor Abbott a quick message if support at this address.
    They need to know patriots are praying for and/or supporting them.
    Things could get sporty, but the Feds would love it if it does. Enough is more than enough. Send a message of support.

  7. I am surprised by Barrett especially, but Roberts too. SCOTUS looks at law compared to the Constitution, and sometimes surprising alliances appear – this is one of those times. I haven’t read the opinions of the justices, but on the face of it this decision is a travesty of justice. We are no longer left with non-violent options other than to pray we can take America back again, remove 11 million illegals, and seal the border.

  8. Not a good ruling for the country, especially any border states, but it was the correct ruling.
    Does Texas have a legal right to bar a US Border Patrol agent from accessing the border, and Federal lands?
    The answer to that is no, they do not have that right.
    And that is why the majority opinion is correct.
    Now, if the lawsuit that DHS brought was about whether Texas has the right to patrol, and secure the border Texas shares with Mexico, the SCOTUS would have sided with Texas. (With conditions, but Texas would have won)
    Trashing the Supreme Court Justices that rule in accordance with the law is not appropriate in this case.

    • I am shocked by you taking the obviously wrongheaded opinion on this ruling, not to mention using highly selective and disingenuous arguments to try to support that opinion. You are trying to justify the rationalizations of the nation-destroying, pro-invader policies of the Biden cabal, and I am at a loss to understand why.

      • I’ve done some research on this. Aided by a podcast from Ted Cruz. I’m not sold on the reasoning, but I believe this is partly how they got there.

        Thumbnail summary of lots of reading. No opinion on my part (I think them wrong).

        -Roberts is a swamp creature, who values reputation over all. And he doesn’t want to see the Court packed. He looked for a procedural loophole which allowed him cover. The precedent is to vacate the temporary ruling (favoring Texas) while letting the original case proceed. So, technically, it’s not over. It’s just being slow walked to death.

        -Roberts may be hoping for a Trump win so he can escape ever making a ruling. The assumption is if Trump wins the case is dropped and becomes moot. Again, typical swamp creature.

        -Barrett bought into the concept the Constitution supersedes state laws where applicable. And in her interpretation the power to police the border falls to the Federal government. There is something to this in theory.

        – both are ignorant of the real world impact, choosing to follow theory. Barrett for legitimate legal consideration, Roberts because he’s a swamp creature.

  9. Our republic is in deep trouble, it seems no branch of government cares about sovereignty of our once great nation. This is a slap on the face of all those that fought and died protecting it. Such a disgrace!

  10. Hoping our governor gets with he program and joins the other 16 and counting states that are supporting Texas in their efforts to uphold Constitutional law . Over 10 mm illegals since Brandon has been in office , and there’s Democrat congress folks calling for the Feds to take control of the Texas National Guard. This is beginning to look like Fort Sumpter 2.0. l Wonder how long that’ll take ?

  11. Texas has the right to defend their state from being bankrupted by the actions of the Federal government. States have rights and should NOT have to fight the Federal Government to exercise those rights. This is a bullshit story of “federal agents not being able to do their jobs” is just that, a BS position. They can stand on this side of the barricade and do their job. No invaders, no problem. Pull up a chair and take a break.

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