Halibut Cove woman sentenced for boat-buzzing moving floatplane in 2022


A Halibut Cove restaurant owner has pleaded guilty to charges of reckless boating and attempting to interfere with the navigation of a floatplane.

Beck was sentenced to three years of probation, including three months of home confinement, along with a $9,500 fine. In addition, Marian Beck, 70, is required to surrender her mariner’s license following the reckless actions that endangered the safety of a seaplane full of passengers.

The incident took place on Aug. 23, 2022, when Beck, who owns The Saltry restaurant, operated a boat in a reckless manner. She engaged in several close passing maneuvers in front of a floatplane as it was taxiing out of a waterway. The floatplane was carrying passengers who were participating in a bear and sightseeing tour via the plane.

Beck, who is a licensed mariner and operates commercially in Halibut Cove and its surrounding areas, will have to relinquish her Master-Captain’s license to the U.S. Coast Guard as part of her sentencing.

The court’s sentencing was based on the determination that Beck’s actions had created a reckless and dangerous situation. The court emphasized that the sentence is intended to reflect the seriousness of the offense and to send a clear message to industry professionals, aiming to deter any future criminal actions of a similar nature.

U.S. Attorney S. Lane Tucker for the District of Alaska stated, “Ms. Beck’s conscious disregard for the safety of the pilot and his passengers will not be tolerated. Seaplanes are an integral piece of Alaska, and the pilots and passengers of these planes should be free to operate and travel freely within the state and elsewhere without harassment in their day-to-day operations.”

Paul M. Shultz, Special Agent in Charge of the Coast Guard Investigative Service Northwest Field Office, said, “The Coast Guard Investigative Service values the safety of all mariners and will not tolerate dangerous and deliberate acts that endanger the lives of others. We thank the local community for their tips and their patience as this case was investigated and brought to resolution.”

Rear Admiral Megan Dean, Commander of the Coast Guard’s 17th District, expressed support for the court’s decision: “The Coast Guard fully supports the just result in this case. We want every mariner to operate their vessel safely and in compliance with the law.”

The Coast Guard Investigative Service Northwest Field Office, with assistance from the Alaska State Troopers, conducted the investigation that led to Beck’s guilty plea and sentencing.


  1. If you’ve ever met a crazed liberal with the crazy eyes, that’s Marian. She belongs in a straight jacket or rubber room.

    Was there ever a motive revealed? Did she just not like the sea planes using her personal body of water? I was hoping she would spend some time at Wildwood.

  2. Why & the crazed nature of this person should not of been given such a light sentence… 1 1/2 years in jail with mandatory mental evaluation & therapy! 125,000.00 fine with 5 years probation period. !5 years loss of a mariner’s license. The liberal courts have to be reexamined for sentence’s of such crimes.

  3. That’s why parents who worked hard for an estate should not leave little inheritance to adult children. Give them a little but tell them if they want more to work hard for it while distributing the remaining wealth out into the community upon death.

    You know what Donald and Ivanna Trump did? They made their kids do without and make them work for what they have today. Learn the value of the dollar. There is humility built in children born in a family who does give them great education, great home, and great opportunities if they have to work just as hard as their parents to attain the wealth the parents earned.
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  4. What you have here is a woman that has lived her life in relaitve peace and spent 20 years operating her restaurant business. Along comes some New Age retirees who build a “retreat” across the cove, no big deal. But then the kids of the retirees decide to fully monetize the “retreat”, turn it into a tourist lodge and the environment the woman had enjoyed for decades is gone. There are two sides to every story and it is important not to vilify someone just because the courts come down on the side againt them. No, it wasn’t a good plan to drive a boat around in front of an airplane and that decision is now doubly bad because some idiot judge has pulled her ticket so now her ability to earn a living is stolen from a 70 year old woman. A penalty that essentially destroys a life over an event that had no threat against any lives is the scales being unequal to a gross degree.

    • This poor lady’s actions now cause her some troubles. Her blatant disregard for safety is the reason why she should not have a mariners license anymore.

      That loss of a mariners license does not stop her from doing business, it just prevents her from captaining a boat. Her restaurant, the Saltry, can still feed it’s guests. Nothing in the judgement against her does it state otherwise. That restaurant is only open May 24th to September 1st in 2024 anyways so her having house arrest in Halibut Cove in the summer or Hawaii right now ain’t so bad of a punishment, nor does it seem like she is lacking in funds.

      All I see is sour grapes from someone who tried to take the law into their own hands and now have faced the consequences for her own actions. No one forced her into that skiff and made her act dangerously.

    • So the Saltry and the boat ride over isn’t a tourist trap? She created the tourist trap environment and wants it all to her self and decided to risk her life and the life of those on that plane because she wanted exclusive rights to the water that belongs to all of us? The only thing stolen from her was her sense of morality, of ethics, of justice when she decided that she was entitled to something that didn’t belong to her.

    • some idiot judge? ability to earn a living is stolen? had no threat against any lives?
      What a myopic viewpoint. She recklessly endangered several people. The judge I agree failed at the task at hand. Should have given her years in jail. And how was ANYTHING stolen from her? She clearly can’t be trusted with a boat or even her freedom.

    • Robert you need a mental evaluation yourself. I don’t care for the houses that have sprung up all around me but I’m
      Sure as hell not angry with the people who have moved in. And I sure don’t want to harm them. Everything and I mean everything changes in a life time I myself am sick of the nimbys. That entire age group happens to be the most selfish people on the planet. If a person doesn’t want anyone around them I would suggest the only option. Buy every piece of property around you otherwise shut up. There is no excuse for her actions. None .

    • No sympathy. If she wanted to maintain her quaint surroundings she should have bought the land herself or petitioned the zoning board, borough assembly or the appropriate authority to restrict land use; she has NO right to singlehandedly dictate to others what they can do with their property.
      And, by the way, her actions were absolutely a threat to the lives of every person on board that airplane.

  5. Sorry to put this here…

    What happened to the “All Stories” option?

    It says ‘go to homepage’. Click and off we go to “NEWS 12 PAPER”

  6. Richard did you watch the video ?? What part of aggressive boating around a plane load of passengers did you not see. ?? I would suggest you stop at your local optical shop for an eye test. The water they were on is navigable waters. Coast guard rules apply for both craft. The less maneuverable craft has the right of way. She blew it.

  7. 20 years doing air taxi work in kodiak I have never even heard of someone doing something like this. All the fishermen, lodge owners and residents held air taxi guys in high regard assuming they would need a ride to the ER or the dentist at some point in their lives. We all looked out for each other we didn’t act like this person.

  8. If this was done at Anchorage International airport with a Boeing load of passengers and some nut in pickup ? Probably ten years in prison . Especially if NRA stickers and MAGA bumper sticker . This old gal got off pretty light !

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