Alaska’s governor, attorney general join pushback against federal limits on ammunition sales to civilians


Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor, alongside several other states, signed a letter addressed to the Biden Administration in response to a previous letter from Democrat-led group that was demanding that ammunition manufacturers who receive federal funds be banned from selling ammunition to the general public.

The original letter, authored by leaders of several Democrat-led states, called for an investigation into the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri, claiming that federal funds recipients should not be permitted to supply ammunition to civilians due to concerns about its use in criminal activities.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy expressed his reservations about such restrictions, stating, “We have seen this administration take full advantage of wordplay to restrict the rights of American citizens. Politicians, ignorant of the tools and practices they fight to restrict, use catchphrases like ‘military grade’ to create the illusion that these rights are not meant for the average citizen. They hate that law-abiding citizens have these rights and will use these underhanded tactics to take them away if allowed.”

Gov. Dunleavy emphasized his commitment to preserving the rights granted to citizens since the nation’s founding and ensuring that citizens with the right to bear arms also have reasonable access to ammunition. “In this case, that means fighting to ensure that citizens who have the right to arms also have reasonable access to ammunition,” he said.

The response letter, signed by Alaska and other states, argues that restricting ammunition sales by manufacturers who receive federal funds would hinder law-abiding citizens’ ability to access ammunition and exercise their Second Amendment rights. It contends that these manufacturers receive federal funds to maintain expertise and staff for potential surges in production to meet military demands. The letter points out that when the need for increased ammunition production arose during the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, ammunition manufacturers were unable to meet the demand, highlighting the importance of their ability to continue civilian sales.

The response letter disputes the characterization of the ammunition produced by Lake City Army Ammunition Plant as “military ammunition.” It asserts that the ammunition available to the general public is manufactured and sold in accordance with the requirements of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and it is not the primary cartridge intended for military use.

The response letter argues that creating an artificial distinction to label such ammunition as “meant-for-military-use-only” is an “overt attempt to punish Americans’ exercise of their Second Amendment rights.”

Attorney General Taylor emphasized the importance of accuracy and honesty in policymaking, stating, “In calling for an investigation into Lake City Army Ammunition, these Democrat-led states are misrepresenting an agreement that strengthens our national defense, in an effort to erode the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.”

He also highlighted the real-world consequences of such actions, particularly for Alaskans who rely on ammunition for sporting purposes, self-defense, and subsistence use. Any measures that decrease availability, access, or increase the cost of ammunition would negatively impact residents, particularly those living off the road system. Attorney General Taylor concluded, “We will continue to fight infringements of the Constitutional rights of Alaskans.”


  1. …….surplus: an amount of something left over when requirements have been met; an excess of production or supply over demand……..”
    Neither Lake City or any of the other several Army ammo production facilities are producing ammo for civilian sale. They dispose of still useable surplus ammo through on-site stores or through the Civilian Marksmanship Program, which has tight membership requirements. They are not disposing of currently used calibers by either military forces or domestic agencies. If this ammo is being obtained by criminals, it is because they steal it from legitimate citizens or agencies, and almost universally when caught, they are eventually released to continue their criminal activities. I know this because a thief (and previous felon) who stole firearms and ammunition from me remains in legal gamesmanship with the courts three years after being caught (upon service of a warrant) with one of my firearms in a car in front of a school (yeah, police stopped him there so they could stack that charge on him, too).

  2. Thank you, Gov. Dunleavy and A.G. Taylor. “..the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The right to possess ‘Arms’ must certainly include the ammunition necessary for their function.

    The infringers, whose motives are either diabolical or hopelessly naive, now realize that they can never succeed by banning firearms. There are far too many of us – ‘we, the people of the United States’ – who already possess maybe four hundreds of millions of firearms.

    The infringers new objective is to choke off the supply of ammunition, so that the right to keep and bear arms eventually becomes moot. They are already feverishly at work in certain state governments. Too, the courts – our final peaceable resort for the protection of our natural rights – may eventually be corrupted by political appointees to the judiciary.

    Considering this, what shall we, the people do? As for me, whenever I need to buy a box of ammo, I will buy two or more additional boxes and set them aside in my ‘cartridge savings bank.’ My cartridge bank now looks very much like the shelves of ammunition at Cabelas and Sportsmen’s Warehouse. Try it – you’ll like it!

  3. So, let me see if I have this straight.
    The gun control advocates push relentlessly to get training requirements in place to ensure gun owners are well trained with their firearms. Therefore, safer.
    But, they also push for ammunition restrictions, limiting the ability of gun owners to… (wait for it…) actually train.
    It is all about restricting the law abiding and responsible from owning and using guns.
    Do not let them get away with it.

  4. The plant could not remain in operation without the money derived from civilian sales. The military doesn’t pay them enough for that

  5. Western Alaska wake up. Mary Peltola is 100% bought and owned by the Democratic National Party. Mary votes party line for all the socialist positions of the Bidens and his puppeteers.

    Just this year Biden has shut down Alaska’s potential land development for resources, drained our Strategic Oil Reserves to a historic low, driven our National Debt to over $33 Trillion dollars, which just in itself is going to cost over $1 Trillion to service our loans this year, has opened our borders too mass infiltration to terrorists and cartels. The list goes on.

    It’s high time to send our National Guard to Texas.

  6. The Biden administration is infested with many stinking, commie rats. Of course, they want to limit the ammo that civilians can get.

  7. States have two forms of militia organized and unorganized. so, I suppose unorganized might indicate limiting ammunition sales would be organizing which which is unconstitutional and our rights to self-defense are to remain unimpinged. The American revolution was initiated with private self-defense or we might still be under a monarchy. A monarchy form of government provides benefits. They benefits ALL go to the monarch. That is what is undesirable to communists.

  8. The left won’t stop until they disarm us all. Nor will the imperial federal government, regardless of party affiliation.

  9. If we can’t have it then the government sure doesn’t need it.
    More control and less freedom’s
    These people need to be felt with.
    They just keep taking our freedoms away from us.

  10. Keep battling, Gov and AG. No ammo means no hunting and filling the freezer. Just another way to starve us out after killing the means to transport our food to the market. The World Economic Forum wants us down to 500,000. Time for people to wake up and defend what rights they have left. It’s election year. Vote all these democrats out.

  11. Civilians have 12 trillion rounds of ammo in the good old USA. It’s a curiosity to me why would the feds ever bother trying this crap??? The ice they are treading on gets thinner by the day.

  12. Sporting goods store shelves groan with the weight of every caliber imaginable, (ok, maybe 300 H & H Magnum is hard to find) but I am unable to find 480 Ruger. Hornady developed this round some 20 years ago but today seems unwilling to supply reloading components or loaded ammo. I say the AG should send a letter to Hornady on my behalf threatening legal action unless they fulfill my order! @-A all the WAY!

    • Starline makes brass for 480 Ruger but with Covid Era… not being made presently but will come back…maybe. Bullets are available from MidwayUSA. Primers…ah… primers. Like EVRYTHING…. limited or not being made. Not a Hornady issue alone.

  13. “For military use only”….. again couching the terms that military equals death and destruction greater than civilian ammo. Banning the ammo would prevent/decrease shootings. On the other hand, reality or what makes up for it… The Hague Convention… prohibits the use of civilian ammunition… expanding bullets in war as being too damaging/lethal. “Military ammo” is considered more “humane” in combat. Of course, that isn’t mentioned by the Left/Dem/Whatever (repeating myself).

    The Hague convention ban came about when Lt.-Col. Neville Sneyd Bertie-Clay, at the Dum Dum Arsenal in Indian, developed the jacketed open lead tip bullet for the British that work fabulously. Note “Dum Dum” which also caught on as a “bad word” and misrepresented as “exploding”. Well… the bullet worked too well so it had to be banned.


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