Congressional candidate Nick Begich picks up big endorsement: Congressman Byron Donalds


Congressman Byron Donalds, a Republican conservative from Florida’s 19th congressional district, has endorsed Nick Begich for Congress in the 2024 election.

Begich, a Republican, filed last July for his second run at Congress to represent Alaska. During his first run for Congress, Alaska voters ended up going with Mary Peltola, a Democrat, in the first-ever ranked-choice voting exercise in Alaska history.

Donalds, who is close with former President Donald Trump, was elected to Congress in 2020, after he defeated Democrat Cindy Banyai. He has campaigned for Trump in New Hampshire and is a regular at Trump rallies across the country.

Congressman Byron Donalds, R-Florida.

During the January 2023 Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives election, Donalds was nominated and received enough Republican votes through the 11th round of voting to keep Congress in the hands of conservatives.

“Nick Begich is the conservative fighter who can win Alaska in November and flip this seat to put America First. I’m proud to endorse Nick’s campaign and look forward to doing everything I can to help him win,” Donalds said.

Begich responded, “I’m thrilled to have America First Byron Donalds’ endorsement. He is champion for everyday Americans and wants more than anything to ensure this nation is prosperous, free, and prioritizes the people of our nation. These are values we share and I look forward to working with him on Alaska’s priorities.”


  1. Byron Donald’s is a good man. He has a very bright future ahead of Jimmy. Nick is very fortunate to get his endorsement.

    It is imperative that whoever gets the lesser amount of votes in the ‘primary’ for the Congressional election bow out of the race. We cannot afford to split the Republican vote and hand the seat to Peltola like we did in 2020. Egos must take a back seat. If Peltola gets another term, she will be there forever.

    • “Splitting” the vote doesn’t exist in RCV. If voters would look past their own ego and rank the R candidates, a democrat should never win in Alaska.

      • “……..’Splitting’ the vote doesn’t exist in RCV………”
        I would think that the last general election would have proved to you that it can. What RCV does is extend splitting to include other parties, exactly what the RINOs who brought this disaster to us intended. These political monsters don’t care about parties or platforms that they don’t completely control. They have propaganda and brainwashing down to a finely tuned form of art, so want to custom fit their candidates to the issues of the day as they plan to control them. In the case of Mr. Begich, you will see him in every election until we elect him………come Hell or high water.

    • Whichever Republican gets the most votes needs to stay in and everyone else on the right needs to get out whether its Nancy or Nick.

    • Insightful, Dave. Now if he digs deeper he might get Marjorie Taylor Greene’s endorsement. With a blonde and a black endorsing him, he’ll be able to slide right into the big house!

      • LRH, that was such a racist and insensitive comment. I thought that we as a society had gotten past Dumb Blonde jokes.
        Shame on you.

        • Robert. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a Dumb Blonde..As far as Bryon, 95 % of African Americans vote Democrat, therefore I consider them as an opposition group to my political beliefs.

        • So you thought, eh? Why there is no shame felt here! Politics is politics, and politicians are politicians! Where have you been for the last eight years: either you are a complete phony or totally naive! As an aside, which of the two dinner clubs do you belong to, the Democratic or the Republican? Whichever, munch away, Robert!

          • I didn’t see you call MGT a dumb blonde. She is, but I didn’t see you make the claim. Did you do so in invisible ink? If so, where can I get some?

          • LRH, My use of sarcasm to smoke you out must have hit a raw nerve?
            I mean I’m frankly surprised since you use the most confounded nom de plumes here. Like why pretend to be offended, right?
            As for MTG, I’m convinced that she has much more energy then brains not unlike AOC or Sarah Palin.

          • Munch on this Mr. Schenker: I didn’t comment on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s brains. She may very well be brighter than either Trump or Biden, but that wouldn’t be much of a stunning revelation! Bob, as a friendly note, were you to improve your reading comprehension your postings likely will improve.

  2. Doing the same thing as last time. Get in first and run around getting endorsements since he is the only “republican” running at the time. Expects you to vote for him based on endorsements and he “got in first”.That (endorsements) does Not make me want to vote for him. Still has same other issues. BTW-What has he done to show his stance on issues, promote and further conservative interests, etc.?

    • Nancy Dahlstrom, the popular Republican Lt. Governor of Alaska, stands in the way of Nick. Her name recognition around the state will provide a formidable opponent. Personally, Nancy is a much stronger contender for the next Alaska Governor election.
      Why muddy the waters for a fellow Republican who, earlier, has laid it on the line. Check with the Alaska Policy Forum to see the years of education on conservative issues, his handshaking tours around Alaska, time spent in Washington and his success in business.
      Why do Republicans beat each other over the head while the Democrats watch the battle? Has the Alaska Republican Party hierarchy not endorsed a candidate? Pardon me, if their announcement was missed. The State Party seems to sound like crickets…. Mary of the Left will happily watch the two Republicans battle. The Republican party needs to step up….
      In my opinion, with the Native vote leaning her way despite an anti-Alaska attitude in the Congress, Mary stands an improved chance of catching the 50+%, if the Republicans battle each other for votes.

      • I think your first paragraph details why Nancy has declared for the US house seat, but because she does not have the name recognition to be prominent in the ‘26 gubernatorial race.

      • Dahlstrom has not even done her own job satisfactorily. Why would she be a contender for governor? Personally, I’d like to see Rep. David Eastman run for governor because he has proven that he is not a go-along-to-get-along person and I think that he’d protect this state’s constitution, whereas Dahlstrom does not appear to be interested in doing so.

      • The Republican Party in Alaska does need to step it up. The candidates we have are for the waste heap. Where has all the great leader types gone? Look at what the state ended up with as a Governor and someone else wants a hang on for the Lt. Governor? People…..where are you. We are tired of the losers in office. How about some reality people that talk an honest conversation and actually live up to the promises made during campaign. So far we have ended up with legislators with earmuffs on so they can’t hear their constituents and deadbeat persons once they are elected. Its tiring to see the management of this state in the hands of dimwits and not one year of this administration that the people of the state can say it was a successful year. Every one of the Department Heads can’t do the job they are given and the attitude of waste, fraud and abuse of power in practice is alarming, from the Governor on doen.

  3. Do endorsements actually help?

    How many Alaskans are on the fence waiting to hear from a Florida Representative?

    More important is learning how to beat Mary using RCV. Once/if the left starts losing with RCV it will be easier to get rid of it.

  4. In an exercise to prevent splitting the vote with RCV, I believe that Alaskans would be better served to impress upon Dahlstrom to move toward a gubernatorial run with all of her legislative experience and get behind Nick for Congress. I’m not sure who is in the conservative hopper for governor, but it is telling that no one has made any real noise about replacing our termed out, lame duck governor.

  5. I have already started receiving unsolicited text messages from Begich…… And just so you know Nick, If I were still registered to vote in Alaska, an unsolicited text message from you or your campaign would result in a guaranteed vote against.


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