Police Chief McCoy announces he is going to work for Providence Alaska


The suspense is over: Anchorage Police Chief Ken McCoy has announced on social media that he is going to work for Providence Alaska, a major hospital in Anchorage and the state. He will join the organization as its first-ever chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer on Feb. 14, two weeks after he retires from the Anchorage Police Department on Feb. 1.

The announcement was also made on the Providence Alaska blog on Wednesday.

“Ken brings to this role a track record of forward-thinking leadership with a gift for discovering and molding talent and motivating inclusive, equitable teams,” Preston M. Simmons, Providence Alaska CEO, said in a press release.

McCoy’s job includes identifying, developing, and maintaining relationships to “integrate diversity and inclusion with health initiatives that advance health status,” as well as access and awareness in the community, the release said.

“McCoy will be responsible for coordinating efforts to promote culturally competent, patient-centered care as well as diversity and inclusion within the Providence Alaska workforce.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion, grounded in justice and integrated into all aspects of health care, are vital for improving patient health outcomes and quality of life,” said Simmons. “Thirty-eight percent of the Providence Alaska workforce identifies as people of color, and we serve some of the country’s most diverse communities. Ensuring Providence continues creating a diverse and equitable workforce while providing equitably delivered services is essential to our mission of serving all.”

McCoy is joining Providence after serving as chief of police of the Anchorage Police Department. He was with the force for 27 years.

McCoy earned a bachelor’s degree in justice from the University of Alaska Anchorage and a certificate in criminal justice from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is also an active member of a variety of local and national boards focused on justice and law enforcement, including a role as vice chairman of the board of directors for Standing Together Against Rape (STAR).

“After serving the public for nearly three decades, it was important for me to continue to make an impact in our community,” said McCoy. “Joining Providence allows me to continue my work guiding teams and organizations with diplomacy, dignity and fairness.”

Leftist members of the Anchorage Assembly and the Anchorage Daily News have race-baited over McCoy’s announced departure in recent weeks, insinuating that he did not want to work for the current mayor. Until today, McCoy has been mum about his plans.


  1. Huh? I had to read that three times to comprehend his new position, which seems completely unrelated to law enforcement and more related to …..? Social work? Wow. So, does inclusion and cultural diversity include all people? Are all people treated equally? Or are ‘white people,’ whatever that is, as skin color really is not an indicator of any racial history, excluded from inclusion, cultural diversity and whatever else ….. good grief. It is all so nauseatingly ridiculous.

    • The joke is on them, number one, you’re not white, there are no white people, we all have pigmented skin, simply hold a piece of photocopier paper aside your head and ask if them to describe the difference– if they cannot (or will not) it’s discussion over, you’re a person of (with) color.
      The liberals take *everything* literally like pedantic children, we need to start to play by *their* rules.

    • It may be that McCoy was not satisfied with the (low) number of people being killed by the Anchorage Police Department, and so decided to move into the Medical-Industrial Complex instead, where in the past couple of years such opportunities have blossomed profusely.

  2. Further proof Providence has gone off a cliff. If you have to hire someone to make sure you’re providing appropriate care to all people, you’ve answered your question:
    You’re not. You are driven by politics over ethics.
    If possible, seek care elsewhere. Especially if you’re not in their preferred patient checklist.

  3. Good luck Chief! May I suggest some Ranch or maybe Thousand Island to top off that word-salad job description?

  4. It looks as if when preparing his press release, Simmons grabbed a large jar full of woke words, shook it well, and just dumped it out onto the release and called it good……

  5. After only a couple of months on the job, it’s unlikely that Providence created a new position and then offered it to Ken McCoy “out of the blue”. It appears that McCoy went looking for a new job soon after he was appointed and confirmed as Anchorage’s first black chief of police.

    If McCoy was UNwilling to continue with the Muni for (even) one year, he should never have accepted the position in the first place. This move is disrespectful of us, the mayor, APD, and the Muni.

    My opinion of McCoy has decreased. And I am certain he doesn’t give a damn.

  6. In a state where most if not all residents could not care about what color anybody’s skin is, I find it remarkable that so many folks think we need to “increase diversity.” Have they never looked around? What’s not diverse?

    Now is this really means making sure we hire enough folks who can’t be bothered to show up for work, or work hard, or even be qualified for their positions, like it usually means in the Lower 48, that just means the rest of us will look elsewhere for service. Announcing that you are hiring a bunch of folks who just can’t be bothered isn’t a good look for any business.

    • The ones who say that are projecting their own racist views. It’s virtue signaling and an inability to grasp that the rest of us don’t feel that way.

  7. LOL! This is the most hilarious news revelation in memory! It looks like McCoy rides political/ideological waves like a world class surfer! His employers, from the ASSembly to Providence are morons. What does a “chief diversity equity and inclusion officer” do? Manage an army of lesser diversity equity and inclusion soldiers? Liberals are the dumbest bunnies in the woods!

    • You can be sure the Ken McCoy went looking for a new job soon after he accepted the appointment and confirmation as Anchorage’s “first black police chief”. Providence would not approach him with a job offer like this immediately after he committed to serve the Muni in this high-level position.

  8. Let’s sum up Providence clearly. We have preferences. White men are at the bottom of the list.

  9. Remind me never to go to to Providence Hospital again! I prefer hospitals that hire the most qualified, not the most diverse “WOKE!”

  10. Diversity equity and inclusion grounded in justice and integrated into all aspects of health care vital for improving outcomes and quality of life said Simons. From a Nurse who worked until she was 81, here is my message. I don’t know one person in need of hospital care who would think about the gobbledygook stated above. Give me an administrator who will staff their hospital appropriately with caregivers. I was in Providence for 2 days, Never had a bath, back rub or offer to brush my teeth. The staff had too many patients to care for. Now a days one doesn’t go to a hospital to get well. It is in, out and home. I was ecstatic to see that Mr. McCoy was going to be the new Chief of Police, First African American Wow. and a Bartlett Grad. Then he thumbs his nose at Anchorage Residents with the help of his gang of assembly members. Pathetic. Suzanne , please publish his salary.

  11. The ruse of substituting “equity” for “equality” is reaching warp-speed.
    Equality, one of the founding principles of our great country, is the idea that everyone is created equal, and government’s sole responsibility is to ensure all have an equal opportunity to achieve individual greatness, whatever that may be for each individual.
    Equity, in stark contrast, is attempt to ensure equal outcomes. Equity can be forced by governments or private institutions. It is in no way fair, or equal.
    Therefore, with equity, there can be neither diversity nor inclusion. The very essence of equity requires the discrimination against some for the benefit of chosen others.
    But hey, good luck Chief.

    • Yes. It’s silly to spell it out because it should be blatantly obvious to mature adults, which it is to most I believe, but many have decided that equality is not good enough because their entire self worth is based on how much they can pander to the defined less fortunate and they’ll use any identifying characteristic, usually its race or gender, to lump people together so they can have a target for their pity that they need to give out in order to maintain their self righteousness and superiority. And in order to feel that superiority, they must maintain their past positions are infallible and prove how terrible the world is and create victims and villains and divisiveness. And the Chief just bought into that. Sad. He was being professional and didn’t make any comments so he could stay out of politics and remained apolitical and universally well respected. By taking this position, he blew that.

  12. Preston Simmons should resign his position and demand a handicapped trans person who isn’t white take his job.
    If he actually believes his BS.

  13. What, exactly, is he actually expected to do each morning when he gets to work and sits down at his desk? When he logs into his computer, what items will be waiting in his inbox? How will his bosses even measure his accomplishments?
    When the community organizers have completely taken over, the world will simply stop running, because none of these people will have ever actually done anything.

  14. Worked at a hospital most my young adult life in admissions and ER Triage. Know what hospitals didn’t care about? What color you were, how much money you had, or what got you there. They just TOOK CARE OF YOU! When will people realize that Providence Hospital is practicing woke liberal garbage instead of just dealing with patients as they are? Must be being paid off by someone to do it is all I got. Because none of that malarkey the ex chief was hired for matters in the end!

  15. To end the gerrymandering and race issue we need to end asking ethnicity and race questions on the census. Let’s see whish party will go for this idea.

    We are all from the Human Race.

  16. Hmmmm…..a Non-Profit (lol) Catholic organization that needs to have a diversity officer on staff. Wow………that’s quite ironic isn’t it?

  17. What is the new salary? I’m willing to wager its well north of $100K. More doctors or nurses or perhaps updating equipment? No, and equity equality officer to add to the bureaucracy. Will he have say in who and who doesn’t get treated?

  18. Diversity, equity, inclusion is such a bunch of hoohaa. There is NOTHING diverse, equitable nor inclusive about this garbage! It is all about power and divisivness. WAKE UP ALASKA!!!

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