ADN race-baits over resignation of Anchorage Police Chief McCoy


The Anchorage Daily News calls the resignation of Anchorage Police Chief Ken McCoy “abrupt,” even though the chief announced he will be staying on the force until February. The chief has worked for over 27 years for the Anchorage Police Department.

In its second story about McCoy’s resignation, the newspaper recounted how unhappy the Alaska Black Caucus is now that McCoy is leaving and insinuated that it was due to the Bronson Administration, saying that members of the black community have “many unanswered questions.”

The definition of race-bating is “the unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people,” according to Merriam-Webter Dictionary.

“As Anchorage’s first Black police chief, McCoy’s appointment was a moment to celebrate, they said, and his decision to retire left them surprised and saddened,” the newspaper reported on Dec. 7, six days after its initial report that the chief was retiring.

Those close to the chief say he was offered a job that will pay him vastly more than the department currently does.

But the followup story goes on to insinuate that something more is at stake, and works the narrative overtime to make the case.

“The mayor did not address McCoy’s retirement until the morning after the announcement,” the writers note, and then continue for several paragraphs to build a case for things being not quite right about McCoy’s departure, and how unhappy the black community is about it.

McCoy was appointed acting police chief by acting mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson, after the resignation of Chief Justin Doll in April.

“McCoy’s retirement was a shock to many, said Rev. Undra Parker of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Parker helped rally support for him alongside the Alaska Black Caucus. McCoy announced his retirement late Tuesday evening through Nixle, the police department’s opt-in notification system. Before that, it was not addressed internally in the department, said Jeremy Conkling, president of the police union,” the ADN reported.

“McCoy is well-respected and widely liked because he worked to connect with all of Anchorage’s communities, Parker said,” the story continued.

And then it rehashed the history of McCoy, something it did not do when former Chief Justin Doll announced his retirement in February.

“While campaigning, Bronson said he would not automatically appoint McCoy to the position, but would consider all options. Scores of community members, especially people of color, threw their support behind McCoy, Parker said.”

The Alaska Black Caucus was revitalized in 2020 after having been dormant for decades. The Anchorage Assembly majority quickly awarded the group over $1.6 million in CARES Act money to perform Covid vaccine outreach, and to buy a building to house its organization. The group is a surrogate for the Alaska Democratic Party.


  1. WHY does it always have to come down to color????? … geeez . He wants to retire , he doesn’t like his job ( as so many of us can profess to ) wants to do something else or maybe it’s none of our business WHY ?

    • No doubt the Chief’s title was just a stepping stone to a lucrative private-sector job…takes his pension on top of a new salary, probably close to doubled his take home pay in one fell swoop.

      Pretty smart move if you ask me. More money, less stress.

  2. If you spend a career in law enforcement one thing you learn is that there are guys who become cops because that’s what they want to do. Then there are guys who become cops and don’t like it, they realize it early and then seek out certain assignments and play the internal political game…they wear badges, but aren’t really cops.

    So….when you see a fancy cop resume’ always be a little suspcious…when you see that resume’ coupled with a clean face that doesn’t show signs of stress or scars…yeah, maybe has a badge not a cop.

    This fellow here, never met him, probably a good enough person, doesn’t seem cop, seems political. The Chief spot was merely a stepping stone to something better paying and less stressful.

    • I worked with Ken when he first came on APD ( I have been retired for many years now) he was just another guy in a uniform regardless of color who was trying to do a good job for the Municipality, I applaud his work ethic and career and hope he enjoys his retirement.

  3. Another ADN along with the Black Caucus with their misguided assumption, that Bronson has caused in some way the Police Chief’s reason to resign.

  4. ADN is supposed to be REPORTING the news, NOT trying to CREATE the news…

    Rogoff flushed the ADN, and it looks like the Binkley’s plan to ride it the rest of the way to the Treatment Plant. BTW – ‘the grinder’ precedes the treatment plant…

    • That is all very true, North. And the ADN went from news-spinning with a strong radical leftist bent pre-2020, to all-out wokester and Covidian Cult propaganda rag last year.
      The ADN is now the turd that just won’t flush.

  5. Just like Christians who blame bad behavior on the devil, leftists will blame bad behavior on the white devil or racism. Starting to see a lot of parallels between the political left and right. None of them can conceive of personal responsibility. Always someone else’s fault.

    • Sounds like you don’t know anything about the bible or any people of the Book. You made a very ignorant statement and I hope you examine what you said.

      • I don’t recall making any statement about the bible at all.
        My statement was not ignorant, it was based on personal experience with those who call themselves Christian.

      • It all depends on your perception. The people in Jericho would say that Joshua was a bad guy. He went around and did all of God’s dirty work. According to the book of Enoch, some people would say that Noah’s sons were bad because they sodomized him while he was drunk. Although eventually he did bring him back to life, Jesus the boy killed that one kid that was making fun of him. Yes I’d say it all depends on the eye of the beholder wouldn’t you?

    • I’m sure the money appropriated by the Assembly for new digs will soften the disappointment of McCoy chasing better money elsewhere. Money has a way making things all right in the end, especially if it’s free.

      • It also rewards stirring the pot so that those that are seeking self righteousness and moral superiority can easily flaunt it and buy it. If I had to guess, you might be a little right. The assembly probably didn’t want McCoy to voice any real reasons why the job wasn’t appealing while the assembly started a fight with the mayor and tried to pass a mask mandate that would force cops to respond to neighbors turning in neighbors for having too big of a party with not enough masks while on private property. And that mandate was proposed by those that appointed him so the assumed his loyalty, I’m sure. Ya, why would that be an environment that seems appealing to a new Chief of Police that truly didn’t have many enemies? So the caucus may have just learned the Al Sharpton business model. Race bait and show up when someone needs atonement and then pay me so I can deliver a minimum amount redemption, maybe, and then go away.

  6. Why don’t the Alaska Black Caucus and the ADN just let Chief McCoy have a quiet and celebratory retirement party honoring and congratulating him on his years of public service to Anchorage as a peace officer.

    Cause what the left is doing slamming his retirement with degrotory racial accusations isnt honoring and respecting the man, nor the black community, for his service and representation.
    What a horrible way for the ADN and Alaska Black Caucus to paint the man’s retirement.
    That’s all I am seeing instead of focusing on his commitment, dedication, and work contributions they want to paint a black man a victim instead of the victorious black man he is.

    • ADN and Shiloh may be making a simple Boolean connection. If the majority of the criminal activity in Anchorage involves members of the black community then a black chief may seem a logical choice.
      That, or I’m wrong.

  7. If the “Black Community” and the Black Caucus cared as much about the crime their community commits as the race of the chief, Anchorage would be a better place for ALL “communities”.

    • Yeah they don’t like to speak of about black on black crime too much. Oprah didn’t like talking about how black sold blacks into slavery. After she found out about that she wept.

  8. The police chief has been with APD for 27 years? He would be eligible for full retirement. He is at the top of his pay scale now and likely has been ready to retire. Law enforcement is a stressful career and I commend him heartedly for that many years of faithful service. ADN, now mostly a leftist mouthpiece and not a real news source, is just following the leftist strategy of never wasting a good event/crisis/anything …. If it can be used to promote ones agenda.

    • The left zeal in the community is in full witch hunt mode. They really don’t like Bronson and assume he’s a jerk and that’s why McCoy quit. They literally WANT that to be true. If I had to guess, looking back at this, I think you are totally right. A cop’s retirement is based on the top earning year. Every cop knows this and works very hard when they are close to retirement to have a bumper crop year. If I had to guess, he might have wanted the position sincerely, but as soon as he had to work in the climate of the assembly and mayor not getting along, and that’s putting it mildly, he just decided it’s not worth it and decided to cash out and took the option he always knew he had when he took the position. ADN and Alaska Public Media will put a negative spin on everything involving Bronson and blame Bronson for all of the turn over even though some have been outspoken and said that they resigned because of the relentless attacks and harassment to themselves and their family from the left. Yet, the ADN won’t go in depth on that of course, unless they want to point out why someone on the left might not like the guy. The mayor probably asked McCoy to do a lot of things involved with the mask mandate debate, and I’m sure the assembly did too. I mean the assembly was first proposing that neighbors should be able to turn in neighbors for having parties without masks, and they don’t think they have a hand in pushing a guy out into retirement? If you are just wanting to be a good cop and make the city safe, who would want to be apart of that? His silence says everything for me. He still has my respect, as does Bronson. And the ADN and Alaska Public Media still don’t.

      I did learn about the Alaska Black (Democrat) Caucus though. Didn’t even know it existed. I know of many black people that find Anchorage refreshing and stayed here after being in the military because we don’t have all of the self segregation and the racial tensions of other cities. Some of them that feel that way are conservative, but many are Democrats too and will easily take the wrong side that is only interested in stirring the pot. Hope that caucus doesn’t decide to bring a circus to our town since they learned that being noticed gets them funding. If Al Sharpton ever makes a visit up here, I sure hope many black people in this community that don’t want his shenanigans boo him away and make the black caucus realize they don’t represent blacks in Alaska, just Democrats that want to stir the pot and make enemies. I would enjoy hearing Al get booed while he fumbles around for the words. “R-e-s-p-i-c-t” “But resist we much. We must, and we will much- about that- be committed.”

    • Everyone wears a costume and to ignore that fact would not be prudent. If you’re lost, the spiritual home of the bleeding heart liberal is over at ADN.

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