Plane down on Montague Island; two rescued


The Coast Guard rescued two people after their plane crashed on Montague Island, Alaska, Tuesday. 

A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew forward deployed to Cordova, arrived on scene at 6:46 p.m., landed near the crash site, embarked the two survivors and transported them to Cordova. The two people were reported to be in stable condition with no reported injuries.

Coast Guard Sector Anchorage watchstanders had received a report at 4:15 p.m. from a friend of the pilot that a P-18 Super Cub aircraft with two people aboard crashed just above the high tide line at Montague Island. The two survivors were communicating with the reporting source via InReach, a palm-sized satellite communicator made by Garmin.

“The quick response by the aircrew in Cordova helped these two get the help they needed,” said Chief Petty Officer Katie Brown, Sector Anchorage command duty officer. “It’s incredible these two people made it out okay, and the fact that they had communication equipment readily available really aided in our response time.”

The cause of the incident is under investigation.

Montague Island is at the mouth of Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska and is a destination for fishing enthusiasts and, in the fall, deer hunters.


  1. Coast guard has office buildings in a lot of our cities next time you see the orange and white building stop in an say hey we love you all. Team Alaska

  2. The pilot in question has crashed several times and this is not the first Super Cub she’s destroyed. She needs some training and the FAA should consider suspending her pilot’s license until she can pass a BFR under their direct supervision. I’m just happy that she hasn’t killed any of her passengers yet!

  3. Looks like they may have actually set it down in good shape if it wasn’t for the Driftwood. I want to knew a pilot at a Chignik Lagoon, that went by the nickname of Pinky because he had lost a little finger in a previous accident. He had engine trouble and sat down on the beach in Southwest Alaska and got picked up after a few hours. He went out a couple weeks later with parts to put it back together and fly away and the back half of his plane was torn off. The surf had come in and totally demolished it. He wants called out a mayday on final approach into Chignik Lake. About 30 seconds later he called it off as he was able to restart his engine. Apparently his carburetors iced up. I went out in the school truck to see what was up and he was bringing in a little bit of mail. When he got ready to leave I had to jump start his engine off of the school trucks battery. His old raggedy 207 really did have duct tape on it. I think he must have rolled the dice challenging karma many times.

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