Cost of energy in Alaska up 25% this year


The first part of 2022 was significantly more expensive for Alaskans, with energy costs leading the charge. Overall, Alaskans paid 25% more for energy this year than last year.

According to the Alaska Department of Labor, the cost of living in Alaska was 7.5% higher across all categories during the first part of the year; some things were more expensive than others.

Gasoline, for instance, was over 52% higher from the prior year. Food was more than 11% higher, and housing was nearly 4% higher. Anchorage housing prices continue to drive the cost of living higher, as regulations make it more expensive to build housing in the city.

The statistics come via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Index-Urban for Urban Alaska, April, 2022, which compared this year’s prices to last year’s.

The data shows that urban Alaskans are spending more than 40% of their income on housing, and more than 15% of their income on food, for a combined 56%.

Food in the urban centers of Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau are not necessarily more expensive than some places in the United States, even if prices seem to be skyrocketing. But Juneau makes the list for the place in America where it’s most expensive to get your teeth cleaned.


  1. The mixed blessing of high oil prices for Alaska: royalty and severance tax collections are higher for the State, but we have to pay more for fuel and heating oil.

  2. No, energy and other prices are not nearly that high.
    And it’s only transitory.
    Plus, it’s all Putin’s fault anyway.
    Vote Green. Vote Woke. Vote Death Cult. Vote Democrat.

  3. A full PFD to the citizens of Alaska is well over due, of for and by the people. SO HELP YOU GOD OATH TAKERS. GOD and the citizens the time has come, now is the time for oath integrity. Oath takers you can’t be fake of the cameras no more stop and do your oath duty immediately.

  4. It’s only going to get worse. Let’s go Brandon. Does anyone know when electric ocean-going tug boats are scheduled to go online? Gonna be a little tough to get those big barges up here when petroleum gets banned.

  5. One thing for sure is if the state of Alaska would stop running oil and gas investors and workers out of business with insane Red tape and unreasonable oil and gas regulators maybe the people of the state would have less energy costs.

  6. The cost to fill my 500 gallon heating oil tank is $3K now with cold weather due in a few weeks. The Borough here as engaged in a war against wood burning for years, (ironically the same scrub brush burning all summer prevents seeing the sky for weeks). There is a disaster developing, at the scale of a tsunami for Alaska residents. As far as food, virtually all of which is imported, there is guaranteed going to be scarcity soon. What might be available is going to be very expensive. All of these issues are caused by American and western “leadership” and policy as created by the World Economic Forum. The Dutch farmers, Netherlands is the 2nd largest food exporter, are doing the best to fight for their survival. Their own government is planning to confiscate 30% of agricultural lands, and create “migrant” centers. If we had leadership in Alaska, someone, maybe the Governor or self proclaimed “conservative” Republicans, might recognize this unfolding disaster and suggest viable Alaska specific solutions?

    • You pay $500 to fill your oil tank? So do I. But it lasts three months so not too bad really. Did you know that oil heat is really expensive and electric is cheaper? A smaller house is also cheaper to heat.

  7. Oh dear us poor Alaskans… when is the federal government going to send us money? I need help with filling my oil tank! I didn’t catch fish with my gillnetter!! The natives need a new totem pole and the lbgtq needs to rent the centennial hall!!! Someone call the feds and get us our money!!!!

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