Peltola’s ‘Blue Dog Democrats’ will be a rural Antifa, member reveals


The Washington Post revealed this week that Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola is part of a new group of what it says are “moderate Democrats.”

But one of the leading members of the group, Rep. Marie Glusenkamp Perez of Washington state, has revealed something more radical — they are actually creating a rural Antifa.

Glusenkamp Perez was speaking via videoconference during a “Postcarding and Conversation” event in late July. That’s when she said that she and other members of the group, which include Rep. Jared Golden of Maine, are rebuilding the Blue Dog Democrats into a “antifascist rural” organization.

Antifa is the most violent and left-wing part of the Democratic Party. It’s also the least acknowledged or controlled. Antifa operates as independent cells that commit violence and vandalism against police and institutions. Former Attorney General William Barr described Antifa’s tactics as a “new form of urban guerrilla warfare” in the legacy of Mao Zedong, the leader of the communist revolution in China. 

“So Jared, Mary, and I actually just took over the Blue Dogs,” Gluesenkamp Perez said on tape during the July 31 event hosted by the Downtown Nasty Women Social Group, a group of self-described women activists in New York City, according to Fox News. “They basically lost some of their membership before we came in, and we are sort of rebuilding it into – Mary, Jared, and I – are rebuilding it into this sort of antifascist rural [group].”

She then said that Peltola had taken out Sarah Palin, which Glusenkamp Perez had lumped in the fascist camp.

Antifa membership is not what the group told the Washington Post, however, when it started its publicity tour last month.

“The Blue Dog Coalition at its peak boasted 54 members, made up of more moderate Democrats who focused on fiscal stability, national security and working across the aisle to reach common goals — ideals that often led them to spar with the majority of their colleagues who have slowly inched further to the political left. Now, the three young leaders are hoping they can recruit more like-minded candidates, reestablish the power of the group now made up of just 10 lawmakers and challenge the idea that Democrats’ fundamental values can attract only a particular set of voters,” the Post reported, generously.

Fox News explained, “The comments made in private by Gluesenkamp Perez, who won election to represent Washington’s 3rd Congressional District last fall, came just days before the trio of Democrats embarked on a publicity tour to tout the Blue Dog Coalition’s alleged revamped moderate agenda.

“Earlier this week, in a profile outlining the ambitions of the coalition under its new leadership, The Washington Post amplified the trio’s message and insisted they are looking to ‘stage a comeback for moderates’ by heading up the group that has seen its membership continue to dwindle,” Fox News reported.

Peltola will stand for reelection in 2024, after having won a special election to replace the late Congressman Don Young, and then winning the November 2022 general election to serve a full two years. A Democrat from Bethel, she has one of the worst records for voting in Congress, ranking 12th from the bottom for attendance, and she has a voting record that reveals her radical views, voting in lock step with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

To date, only Nick Begich III has challenged Peltola. The businessman and Republican activist came in third in 2022 after Peltola and Palin.


    • Not ‘re-elected’, for RCV is not true ‘electing’. When one casts a vote for someone but it goes to someone else – that is not an honest election. She would never win in a straight forward voting election. Which is why the left so dishonestly pushes for ranked choice voting in states where they do not have much success w actual straight forward voting. They do not care about honest elections or truth, they just want to be in power no matter how they get there. End justifies the means.

        • Correction:
          Joe Miller won. We all know that. Our Murkowski Dynasty “survived,” with the help of freedom-hating Democrats and low IQ Bush voters. Thank you for your service to the Murkowskis.

          • The Bush is not “low IQ” Nancy, just a different culture. Best to learn how to respect and work with them – their values more naturally correspond to the GP platform.

          • Reminder: Washington DC left wing power brokers are presently suing to remove RCV from the ballot by arguing in court that the blacks that live there are too stupid to understand the new system. Because they understand it only weakens them in a deep blue enclave.

            The problem for Joe Miller then, was the same as now. The NBIII/Walker deepthroating types that ally with Democrats when convenient, and then still having the nerve to call themselves ‘Republicans’ or even ‘conservatives’ afterwards.

            Most red states suffer with this type – usually oily business-class opportunists that realize they can only advance so far in places like Georgia or Alaska calling themselves ‘Democrats’. So they assign themselves a more convenient label while holding none of the convictions – just doing bare minimum to ‘fool the rubes’ into re-electing them, while they privately spit on them.

            The presstitutes, of course, assist here by amplifying whatever political label they assign themselves. Think political ‘trannies’ like former Fairbanks mayor Jim Whitaker, if you need a good recent example.

          • I hate to break it to you, but even if all 8,000 of Murkowski’s votes that Joe Miller challenged were thrown out she still would have won (narrowly). So…how exactly did Miller win?

          • Well, that’s your opinion, Rich. We counted on the Bush voters to be low information voters and less educated to the facts of politics. We knew they couldn’t spell ‘Murkowski’ on the write-in, and that’s why we dropped leaflets all over the Bush communities before election day showing them how to spell. Even that didn’t work out so well, so I had to go and appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court on Lisa”s behalf to accept an alternate spelling. That worked. Even though we know Joe Miller got really screwed in the Primary, we don’t like Joe because he was a Yale Law School graduate and passed the Bar Exam on his first try.
            Nancy apologizes to the Bush folks for acting like Marie Antoinette in her above post. She meant no harm. Frankly, we are both getting tired of apologizing to our former friends in the Republican Party.

          • Not low IQ, low information and lockstep Democrat. Add Native blood to the candidate and that cinches the deal. The problem is: her voting record is not advantageous to rural communities, but there is a long record of minorities voting Democrat regardless of the fact that the Democrat Party continuously screws them over.

        • Yes, It is a superior system.
          There is nothing about RCV that is better in any way. If someone wins with 11% of the vote, I am good with it.
          If you think that the winner should have more than 50% of the popular vote, fine, but do it as a run off election between the two top vote getters. What Anchorage does for the mayor, or GA did in 2020 for their Senate seat. That allows the voters to make a decision on who they prefer out of a reduced field, instead of the “instant run off” that RCV provides.

          • Well we certainly have a difference of opinion there; I would much rather have a system that produces a winner acceptable to the majority of the voters rather than only representing 11% of them.

            You’ve stated your opinion that you’d rather have a top-two runoff but failed to explain why that system is better. At least with RCV someone other than a Uniparty candidate has a chance of winning, and there is no need to worry about vote-splitting or spoiler candidates. In addition, with the instant runoff being…instant, final results are available far sooner than in a state like Georgia, where they had to wait an additional 2 months and incur the cost of an entire separate election before they knew who their senators would be.

          • The other way, your way, left us with the lesser of two evils time and time and time again. Governance did not get better becuase the lesser of the two evils prevented any improvement. We are at 33t of debt. 33t poor decisions made by both parties.

          • AK Pilot said: “In addition, with the instant runoff being…instant, final results are available far sooner than in a state like Georgia, where they had to wait an additional 2 months and incur the cost of an entire separate election before they knew who their senators would be.” In addition, far fewer voters show up for actual runoffs, so the result is a much less accurate picture of what the full electorate prefers. And top-two is terrible because between the two of them they may not have anything close to majority support. Of course if you don’t believe in majority rule that’s not a problem!

        • Lisa Murkowski was a write-in candidate that year. A judge decided that people didn’t need to spell her name correctly despite the law. I heard some voters saying they would be misspelling her name on purpose, essentially wasting their votes, in the mockery. Foolish. As it turned out, their ‘mock’ votes ended up counting for her.

      • “When one casts a vote for someone but it goes to someone else – that is not an honest election.” So you’d rather that if you cast your vote for whoever turns out to be the least popular candidate, that your opinion should no longer count? Then only pick your number 1 choice and no 2nd or 3rd choice, and voila! Your opinion will be ignored as you prefer.

  1. You can’t expect her to show up and work. The grift doesn’t run itself.

    The way she votes when she is there, less voting is better for all of us.

    • I believe Murkowski was heavily funded by a REBUB reelection pac.

      I’m afraid she, Dan, Mary & Don clearly understand how Alaska works. When the Repubs want the money but want to blame the Dems, the Repubs turn to Dan, Lisa and Din would dutifully voted in support of dem policies.

      Unless true Leaders are supported & elected unlike the narcissists we’ve had for the last 60-70 yrs nothing will change.

      But fear, Avenger, plain old fear will prevent you and others from realizing some modicum of governance for the people by the people instead of for party by party.

      • If you had any clue what you were talking about, you might be dangerous.

        Your babble, while entertaining, had zero to do with my point. But it’s over your head, so …

  2. Call it what you want, Antifa or Blue Dog Coalition. It’s still the same. Just like putting lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig.

  3. Antifa is the Brownshirt wing of the progressives. They will do anything, up to and including attempting to kill people.

    The Democrats know this, and approve. Keeps the agenda moving and allows the illusion of (cough, cough) clean hands.

    Just like every other violent political revolution, Antifa will eventually outlive its usefulness and be crushed by their masters.

    But they will do a lot of damage between then and now.

  4. Wow! They call themselves “Moderate Democrats” with name “blue dogs” and describe themselves as “Antifacist rural”???
    Will they protect us from Antifa or what?
    Looks more like a Trojan horse to me.

    By the way Suzanne. I am willing to donate a bonus to your cause just for the lovely (but sickening) photo of our picture perfect fine Don Young replacement!
    And thanks for the video…I hope I never meet that Blue Dog in a dark alley somewhere.

  5. Peltola is a dope-crazed, whacked-out Democrat.
    This is what megalomaniac Sarah Palin and RCV gifted to us in 2022. A POS.

  6. Call them what they are. American Communists. Peltola is a joke and clearly an Alaskan Communist!

  7. Peltola will win in ’24, guaranteed. She and her little radical friends can then start their tyranny. By using the phrase rural I imagine they will be headed to small towns and suburbs to wreak their havoc.

  8. Anyone happen to notice what happened at Andy Ngo’s trial? Not only did Antifa walk, they actively ran intimidation on independent journalist Katie Daviscourt in the Courthouse, and smashed out her car windows outside the Courthouse. No repercussions. The jurors were clearly intimidated and the verdict made that clear.

    • And the defense attorney declared that she was Antifa and that she would remember the faces of the jurors. Oh, the judge was “concerned” about the safety of the jurors… right. But the Left has said that the local no-go zones and “direct action” of Antifa are just limited local issues in just small parts of Portland. Douglas Murray has pointed out that that is exactly what third world cities… Caracas on the Columbia.

      • Only a “blue” small town or a small town in a “blue” state that has de facto neutered its residents’ ability to defend themselves. Otherwise, they will be eliminated and disappeared into the ‘Merica rural abyss.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…Whew! Haven’t laughed that hard since the last time James and his Lady Boy Club got their a** beat.
        Sweet Baby James, please, I’m daring you, go F around in small town. We’re waitin.

        • I have no doubt Antifa would happily send their idiot followers into a situation said followers would be destroyed.

          Especially if they thought they could make political hay with it.

          Antifa is in idiot part of useful idiot. Often called cannon fodder.

    • Not gonna defend the leftist cultist but as a photographer, I can testify that any facial expression can be captured with high speed repeated shots. Peoples faces look strange when captured in between expressions and words.

    • I disagree.
      I can come up with Collins, Romney, Murkowski, and a whole host of others without even trying.

  9. Ironically, James, your name says differently, as the James gang found out on September 7, 1876, in Northfield, Minnesota, thinking they could go into any small town they please and wreak havoc.

    Didn’t turn out that well for them as they were convinced it would, just as these pretend female blue dogs apparently are convinced of the same.

    Ah, well.

    Some lessons are best learned within reality, rather than wishes.

  10. Also, one ‘small town’ within South Dakota I would LOVE to see visited by thousands of ANTIFA members within any form is Sturgis, whilst the local LEO agencies take the week off, and go sightseeing elsewhere, say North Dakota.

    It could be advertised as a week-long pay per view event, though to be honest, it would only last an hour or two, but think of the revenue from downloading the action presented and reviewed over and over again, with the end clip of a lonely skateboard rolling solitarily away, to be crushed by the wheel of a motorcycle.

    As Cartman of South Park would exclaim….


    • Antifa did show up there to protest. Wasn’t many of them and the cops tried to make sure nothing happened. There is a video on YouTube of it.

      • My point exactly, John Galt.

        They were few and were protected by LEO.

        Mine own suggestion is that there are thousands of them without any such LEO protection, and let the process occur as it may.

    • Spot on! There was a time when the dems needed to fight against a larger group of people that were about to vote against the wishes of their party. All of a sudden a counter group appeared, wearing white robes and hiding their identities from the public. They rode to the houses/businesses of people that opposed the dem party and tortured, raped, killed, and destroyed in the name of that party. They didn’t have to threaten YOU, they just needed for you to see what happened to one of your neighbors.

      Flash forward to 2021 and 2022. Same party is in fear of losing control of the same group of voters. And, again, a group appeared that was willing to use violence to further the dems cause. They did the same as their ancestors: torture, rape, killing, and destruction of property. They even went to the home of a supreme court justice. They even hide their identities from the public with masks. But this time the masks are black. Yep. The arm breaker for the dems is now ANTIFA.

      Hot tip here: never trust a political group that needs to hide their identities. Never tolerate such a group.

  11. Nothing “moderate” about commie contrary Mary ‘dog. Great pic making her look like Adam Schiff on weed.

  12. Well, anitfa, whatever their name is! Is a Soros backed group! Did I spell their stupid name wrong? Hope so! Their basis group started in Portland, Oregon! Mid 80,s! Enjoy!

  13. Watch out for your small town vacant jobs including the vacant jobs available in Anchorage like Fred Meyer and Mcdonalds. We can be considered rural with a 280,000 small population. The last thing we need are a crowd of not smart activists coming in and blending in. This why I continue reminding you to encourage anyone you know sitting on their butt get a job before the democrats or antifa here aren’t too proud to serve the community in grocers, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, just the right place for not smart transplant activists not here permanently however need a quick job. Antifa anarchists are the type of group who use infiltration as a tactic. Last winter I met transplants who arrived to campaign for getting signatures for some type of tribal thingy on the ballot sponsored by some leftist Native group. It wasn’t a popular issue to the general public but for them to pull 24 year olds from California, Oregon, and Washington was suspicious especially when the young adults reminded me of the young adults by very similar appearence currently burning down Portland and Seattle. I’m like what are they doing here!? They arrived only two weeks earlier and some were looking for jobs.

  14. Especially our teenagers 15 and up- gen z. They need to be putting hours learning how to work around and with others learning how to serve their employer, their coworkers, and their community, while there are still jobs available. You know if private school and homeschool families think their teenager is so smart, smarter than the poor public school student, they would be employed. Be better money from a job go to a real Alaskan than a leftist transplant or just a leftist in general.

  15. Wow, urban ANTIFA going into Rural Alaska to stir things up. Who ever thought this up should get the Bud Lite Award.

  16. Alaska is represented on the squad. Even with ranked choice voting I didn’t think it was possible. A lot of people are buying Pelotas cookies.

  17. Rural Alaska doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding of who they are in comparison to American history including native American history and without the tribal ANCSA ANIKA conglomeration being required to provide data for their services and impacts or outcomes Alaska will forever be enslaved to big government ideology that will never respect sovereign legislation, regulations or even allowing those under the thumb of those agreements to understand how to preserve, promote and record history. Those organizations do not respect the civil or constitutional rights of Alaskan and will only continue to be destroyed without modernization and reforms. Currently the ANCSA regional conglomerate operates as a racket under federal law and need accountability but they’re being screwed by the commissioned corps officers in Alaska and don’t know it, why? The do not provide enough data to make a responsibie choice for governing these programs. Sadly, they don’t know it until they’re almost killed by these people. Support modernizing our laws, create public voting for ANCSA ANILCA TRIBAL groups -; the voting needs to be certified by APOC – Alaska public office commission – same w the interior positions – the president is forcing his views of his secretary on all of us – public voting for people like Feb haaland would stop that.

  18. So, a fascist gang such as Antifa is going to rebrand itself in Alaska as anti-fascist? We certainly live in a topsy-turvy world!

    • Eventually people need to realize a hard truth.

      Communists and leftists are the bad guys.
      Civil Libertarians are the naive good guys.
      Fascists are the anti-heros that violently resist the Communists when they overpower the Civil Libertarians.

      Nobody wants it to come to that – I like my civil liberties.
      But we need to be clear-eyed about what these leftists represent.

      Spain, 1936.
      Chile, 1973

    • Yes, the Antifa Kwethluk branch! Having lived in Western Alaska I don’t think there is enough intellect or ambition to embrace the movement. Acting up and wrecking things is usually just motivated by cheap vodka.
      Then again, those that do act up get banished from the village and end up in the big city and become a problem there. So maybe it doesn’t matter much what motivation they have. It will end up as our problem anyway.

  19. She isnt talking about putting ANTIFA in Native villages, She’s talking about putting ANTIFA unit/ cells in Anchorage, Wasilla Keni, etc. They believe we will not or cannot defend ourselves, and that may be true. They are fully organized with command/controll, communications, training, funding, and battlefield experience. They also have the blessings of the the entire judicial system as well as very large portion of state and federal legislators, and major media. They have it all, we have nothing. They are organized, vocal and highly motivated. We are not. If you think you can stop them with a pickup team of good ole boys with guns you are deluded. Even IF you don’t end up in prison, and that is a real big IF, they will still burn your town. The only way to stop them is for us to demand our civil authority, Local, State, and Federal to declare ANTIFA to be a domestic terrorist group. But that is unlikely to happen for numerous reasons, including most people being too lazy and ignorant to even try….yet. I PRAY.

    • Citizenkane you have 20 / 20 Vision. Thanks for the comment. I live in Wasilla, I see it differently now.

    • Spot on! Their targets are largely conservative groups whose goal is to punish and wreak havoc on the steadfast strongholds they cant infiltrate any other way.
      Does anyone remember how Palmer city council got blindsided but thankfully woke up and smelled the rats?
      Be on the lookout as communities like that will “have to pay” for their stubborness.

  20. This woman doesn’t even come close to representing. At the very least I expect someone the voters sent to Washington to represent them would be present at all times except for illness, that is her job – ranking 12th from the bottom for attendance. It’s appalling, that alone should be enough for a recall! Her voting record is appalling.

    • The only mechanism for removing someone from a federal office is called elections.

      We have one next year. Get motivated and get to work.

  21. Suzanne. One rule of journalism, even opinion journalism, is to rely on creditable sources. You didn’t.

    • So Paola what would you consider a creditable source? A video from the chair person of the “Blue Dogs” spelling it out isn’t enough? An admission by her that Mary is in the “club” carries no weight with you? You are just mad that this didn’t stay in dark and the clueless chair lady let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

  22. Why is it that all Democrat politicians have that same crazed look in their eyes like they are about to feast on the poor souls of the nation? Votes are not getting people like Mary Peltola & Lisa Murkowski elected and in charge. It’s the fact that people don’t see just how radical they are wanting to make Alaska. Soon, we will be no different than California. Lisa, Mary & Dan are leading this shipwreck straight to the bottom of the ocean.

  23. Still waiting for MRAK to identify one person who identifies as Antifa, or provide a photo from the thousands of Jan. 6th Capitol protesters? Maybe MRAK can get a name from Senator Ron Johnson who makes the Senate Intelligence Committee a SNL parody.

  24. I really believe Kelly Thishbaka is the only person who could beat Mary. I encourage her to enter the race.

  25. Lol Their Rural Antifa will not get the open arm greetings and love they receive from the liberal progressive psychopaths who run the city’s , the rural working people will not tolerate their nonsense , if your dressed in black and looking for trouble in these areas you will get far more then you can handle no doubt !

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