Feds admit in court: Doctors have the right to prescribe Ivermectin for Covid


A legal battle between the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and three doctors who accuse the agency of impeding their right to prescribe ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment was in court this week.

According to Epoch Times, at the Aug. 8 hearing, the federal government’s lawyers made an important admission: Doctors have the right to treat Covid with Ivermectin.

Ashley Cheung Honold, a lawyer representing the FDA, stated on the record that the agency recognizes doctors’ authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat Covid.

Three medical doctors — Drs. Paul Marik, Mary Bowden, and Robert Apter — contend that the FDA repeatedly cautioned and even ordered doctors in 2021 to not prescribe Ivermectin for Covid. The doctors initially filed the case in 2022, but a federal judge dismissed it, which has led to the appeal in the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Many doctors across the country have lost their licenses or been dismissed from their practices for prescribing Ivermectin. Dr. Meryl J. Nass had her license suspended by a licensing board in Maine after she prescribed Ivermectin via telemedicine. A Florida doctor was fired from a Florida hospital board meeting for testifying that Ivermectin was effective against Covid. Across the country, doctors are now in fear of the government.

“The fundamental issue in this case is straightforward. After the FDA approves the human drug for sale, does it then have the authority to interfere with how that drug is used within the doctor-patient relationship? The answer is no,” argued Jared Kelson, the attorney representing the doctors, according to the report by Epoch Times.

The crux of the legal argument centers on whether the FDA’s statements constitute medical advice and whether they overstepped the agency’s authority in regulating approved drugs. The FDA’s Aug. 21, 2021 posted on X, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” was admitted as evidence in the trial. The tweet contained a link to an FDA page advising against using ivermectin for Covid.

In another posting, the FDA wrote that Ivermectin “isn’t authorized or approved to treat COVID-19,” and “Q: Should I take ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19? A: No.”

The FDA’s lawyer stated to the judge that the FDA’s statements were responses to incidents of consumers being hospitalized after self-medicating with ivermectin intended for animals. However, the doctors’ lawyer argued that the FDA’s role is to provide information on adverse drug reactions, not medical advice.

Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod, part of the panel of judges hearing the appeal, questioned whether the FDA’s tweet “No, stop it” was a command.

Honold, on behalf of the FDA, described these statements as “merely quips” and explained that they did not prohibit doctors from prescribing ivermectin.

“Can you answer the question, please? Is that a command, ‘Stop it’?” Judge Elrod asked Honold.

“In some contexts, those words could be construed as a command,” Honold said, as reported by the Epoch Times. “But in this context, where FDA was simply using these words in the context of a quippy tweet meant to share its informational article, those statements do not rise to the level of a command.”

The official statement clearing the air on whether the FDA can direct doctors on the matter was then uttered:

“FDA is clearly acknowledging that doctors have the authority to prescribe human ivermectin to treat Covid. So they are not interfering with the authority of doctors to prescribe drugs or to practice medicine,” Honold said.


  1. Too little too late for the folks who died as their loved ones fought tooth and nail for the drug. And I suppose all those docs who were struck off by medical boards will be reinstated now? My foot. If the intent was to ruin trust in medicine, they sure accomplished it! Not that I was surprised. I was already an “anti-vaxxer” for years before all this started.

    • Dee Cee, The last 3 years have been revealing as to who and what controls Medicine in America. I will not condemn individual Medical Practitioners but we all better realize that the system in place governing medicine in this country is seriously SICK and Governed by $ , politics and the lust for power.

      Pleading Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse when you stand before the Judge, meaning every individual needs to be a Lawyer, similarly one had better become educated in medicine and health if you want to avoid suffering, poor health and increasingly as we’ve seen, an untimely departure from this Earth.

      Screw these Bastards. This is tyranny.

  2. As an FYI … you can buy Pharmaceutical Grade 12mg IVERMECTIN from India for less than 20-cents a pill and have shipped directly to your house. You don’t need … “No Stinking Prescription!!!”

    • That’s not the point Rob…you can buy anything online with “no stinking prescription.” The point is the FDA interfered with doctors and their treatments. Doctors were fired, were removed from the medical board, lost their license to practice medicine all because they didn’t follow the FDA’s narrative.

      • Doctors forfeit their authority and discretion regarding medical treatment when they apply for, and are issued, a state medical license. If a doctor fails to prescribe medicine in the manner and dosage recommended by pharmaceutical manufacturers then the doctor risks losing his license. A doctor could also lose his license by prescribing substances not approved by the state licensing board. Arsenic is an example of an unapproved substance despite having been used for a variety of ailments in the past. In fact, it is being reconsidered at this time in view of pathogenic resistance to antibiotics.

        • To add to the problem pharmacists are the final authority when a doctor writes a script because he is responsible for knowing what other drugs the patient takes and if there is a risk of drug interactions with other prescriptions that patients take. I would never be able to handle the stress of being a pharmacist. Way too much liability on one person.

      • It is NOT strictly a horse medication. It has been used in humans since the 70’s to treat parasites and some skin conditions in humans, and was effective in treating people gravely ill with Covid. They just didnt want people use a cure that worked because they want to push their so-called vaccine which causes heart conditions and clotting that is killing the young and old

        • Where is exactly is your evidence that the worm medication was effective in treating COVID? Duke Clinical Research Institute and Vanderbilt University recently released a joint study that ivermectin and a Placebo have the same effect on COVID, none.

    • Great feedback comments … Dave, Wayne, and Marie. So, it looks like we’ll all have to seek our own pharmaceutical solutions to cure our ailments, sourcing our own prescriptions online, at least until the The Machine (aka: the FDA) catches on. Buy then, they’ll be hyper-focused on our online purchases and most likely control what we’re buying and from whom and from where.

  3. They may have the right, but many (most?) did not have the will, including mine. She said that there was plenty of evidence for the effectiveness of Ivermectin, but that she did not want to be labeled a nut. So she would not prescribe it for me when I had Covid.

  4. I had no problem getting a plentiful supply of Ivermectin thru a sympathetic physician writing a script and an excellent pharmacy in Arizona that had no problem mailing to me all that I asked for at an excellent price. Never had to use it though!!

  5. Woops. So they’re using the Maddow defense… when I say “literally” I meant “figuratively” so you can’t sue me. Good stuff that only liberals can get away with. Either way, nothing will come of this.

  6. This has always been the position of the FDA. The ability of a physician to prescribe ivermectin to COVID patients is not the issue in the (failed) lawsuit on appeal. Keep trying.

  7. If I were one of those doctors who lost their license to practice, I’d get the meanest pit-bull of a lawyer and sue the medical board, and then the perps responsible for the loss of income. I’d claim loss of income, damages, and hardship because of this. No class action lawsuits either. Each one of those doctors should lawyer up and go for the jugular IMO.

    • Why? It was still not responsible to prescribe a medication that has been proven by several medical studies to have no impact on COVID. Studies by Duke, Vanderbilt, University of Oxford, University of Kansas Medical Center, University of Minnesota, and many others. Can you find one study from a reputable institution that found any evidence that ivermectin is effective in treating COVID? I would be interested in reading.

    • Thankfully your federal government allows pharmaceutical companies to “field test” their concoctions on “sheep” and grant them immunity from having to pay out for anything that goes haywire down the road as in the case of the swine flu vax that left many “sheep” paralyzed before they pulled it and admitted it was dangerous.
      Keep on shooting up if it makes you feel better but not wise to criticize other peoples choices based on past experiences unless you get off on communist style vaccine mandates.
      Russian roulette is another game to play if you get bored.

    • I suppose your pro-establishment Kool-aid was more effective?

      Even in the face of overwhelming evidence against the power establishment’s evil lies, you still dare to blindly repeat them. Keep licking those boots! How utterly disgusting.

    • That’s “did-information” it did plenty for covid. We…the public just weren’t allowed to know about it because there was 3.3 trillion dollars to be made producing a new “vaccine”

    • Where do you get your information? Look at the stats from India on Covid before and after they started handing out Covid Paks (which were Ivermectin) to their citizens. Covid cases dropped like a rock!!!!
      I wonder if the Pharmacies and Pharmacists will see the day of law suits for standing in the way of VALID Prescriptions for refusing to fill them. I know someone waiting for the day to serve Fred Meyer E. in FBX.
      Only the idiots are stiil claiming it is only a horse wormer.
      WAKE UP !!!!!

      • Do you understand that its somewhat normal for people in India and other third world countries to be infested with parasites? After ivermectin kills their parasites, it frees up the immune system to fight COVID. That is why ivermectin is effective in India. I agree that it not only a horse wormer, also a people wormer. Only idiot Magabillies believe ivermectin has any direct positive impact on COVID.

    • Nyquil does not cure the common cold but I would guess you take it when you have one, or something similar. Why? Because it helps to minimize symptoms so your body can fight the disease.
      Ivermectin may not have been a “cure” for covid, but it did lessen the symptoms to the point the patient did not die (or require) hospitalization in most cases.
      So, denying doctors the ability to prescribe a treatment that is effective in saving lives is the problem.

    • Paola, Where are you getting your information regarding the efficacy of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin or other therapeutics in combatting the Engineered Fauci Flu? From the Drug Companies? (who control the FDA) Were these reports based upon Gate’s funded studies done in Brazil? Just curious.

      The simple truth is the drugs you were denied worked very well in combatting the Engineered Virus. If you doubt this look no further than Equatorial Africa where Ivermectin is commonly used to combat parasites along with Hydroxychloroquin to treat Malaria. Guess what? The Facui Flu in this region of the planet didn’t stand a chance of developing into a pandemic. Similar reports came from Uttar Pradesh a State in India (Population 240 million) where Health Authorities eschewed the nonsensical medical advice you were given and went a different route which included prescribing therapeutics you were denied.

      For what it’s worth, I was able to hand out several packets of Ivermectin to folks who were suffering the early stages of Fauci’s Flu, in every case within 24 hours the people felt much better and recovered within 3 days. But then who are we, certainly not M.D.’s slavishly following the commands of their tyrannical medical overlords.

    • Paolo: Leave the talking points in your ‘Subversives Handbook’ and search for the truth. It just might set you free. I’ll pray for you…. *

  8. I was prescribed ivermectin by my doctor but when I went to another doctor later because my doctor wasn’t available and the second doctor told me to stop taking it!!! who do you trust?

    • Do your homework. Stop viewing doctors as little gods. Their training does not give them intimate knowledge of Covid vaccines; a complex topic requiring an open mind and many hours of study to truly understand. Misinformation is rampant now. Trust yourself primarily.

    • For every doctor who says one thing, there will be another doctor who says the opposite.
      Medical science is imprecise. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. However, your 2nd Dr.’s advice is questionable. Not because Ivermectin is great or awful, but because it is a well known drug, side effects/interactions are well known. It is about as safe to take as an antacid for the overwhelming majority of people, even if you do not benefit from it.
      I would ask my 2nd Dr. why they said no, not just take their word for it.

      • That’s why medical businesses are commonly called a “practice”. Medicine is not a precise science.

  9. So the feds did illegal things during the Covid scare. I can’t believe the government would lie and tell its citizens what they can and cannot do.

  10. The sad part was all the sick comments on here from all the Lefties bashing those who made ivermectin the choice for themselves.
    Medicine is a personal choice no matter WHAT it is.
    Anything from witches brew to big pharmas phony vaccine.
    Nobody in my extended family for miles or generations will even think about an untested government regulated “vaccine”.
    My cousin who used to be a cross country competitor was coerced by a physician in the 70’s to get the swine flu vaccine and paralysis took over her body within weeks.
    She spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair being carried up and down stairs until she got fed up with the confinement and took her own life.
    Finally after way too many people suffered the same results it was pulled and condemned.

    If the covid vaccine was “safe” the government wouldnt have granted the drug dealers immunity from injury lawsuits. There was just too much money to be made from all the big pharma investors.
    Does Paul Pelosis name pop up as a venture capitalist investor in Pharmaceutical companies?
    You can make bank on that answer! But Aunt Nancy had nothing to do with that investment….

    • What happened to the liberal mantra “my body, my choice” “My medical decisions are mine” “No one should know my medical history”, etc.

  11. Never, ever forget what the feds did to us. Never, ever forget what the brain-dead, fawning sheeple did to us, said about us.

    It would be satisfying indeed to see fauci, biden and all the rest in prison. I would settle, however, for public admission of what they did and apologies. I would settle for the pharmaceutical companies to compensate all the parents whose children are dropping dead from the mRNA ‘vaccine’.

    And most importantly whatever structural changes made to make a repeat of this atrocity impossible.

  12. I was really sick & my Lungs were really infected & couldn’t hardly breathe, I started taking Apple Flavored Ivermectin Horse Paste in a day and a half my lungs were cleared up. Only draw back is I have this urge to run in Horse Races

  13. RFK Jr. claims Ivermectin is responsible for his full head of hair into his late 60’s! Also works wonders as a teeth whitener. To think all these Doctors wasted 10 years going to med school.

    • Sebastian, I have a full head of hair into my late 60’s, this despite having never taking Ivermectin. I also have full use of my Cerebral Cortex, which lends it’s self to reasoning and critical thinking, which is why I have read RFK Jr and considered his arguments. Bobby Jr. has presented us with a remarkable, well researched indictment of the Medical $ystem now in place in this country. It’s a pity when many otherwise intelligent people, who are unable to counter RFK Jr’s arguments logically, instead resort to school yard invective such as you have done above. Obviously the White Coated Demi-Gods and their High Priest Fauci failed you these last 3 years or so, and failing to recognize that fact does little to further your arguments.

  14. Feds lied and people died
    Hospitals lied and people died
    Corporate News lied and people died
    Nuremberg Trials 2.0 and Nuremberg style executions 2.0

  15. Moving toward the off label discussion…. I find it hypocritical that the same institution (include boards & CDC & licensing authorities) turn a blind eye to off label use of drugs for gender & other therapies such as Supprelin (Histrelin) and Zoladex (Goserelin) or my favorite off label sildenafil developed for hypertension now used to make men happy.
    Interesting where the govt bureaucrats, media, & politicians draw the line.

  16. Our local pharmacist was rationing Ivermectin, partially filling prescriptions, until she eventually refused to provide it at all with the explanation that she feared what the state pharmacy board would do to her for selling it. The FDA can spin it any way they want but the truth is the government put doctors in fear of prescribing it and pharmacists in fear of selling it and when you could even get it the cost was exorbitant. But you could get the experimental, never worked before, mRNA death shot that didn’t stop you from getting or passing on the Covid virus for free and hospitals would happily pump you full of Remdesivir as they hooked you up to a ventilator to collect their per patient bounty from the government. Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs around and the most common adverse effect in people treated with remdesivir was respiratory failure. Hard to know which is worse…big government or corporate medicine.

  17. hhhhmmmmm……….no one hurrying to get behind the bleach cure theory. nor shine a light up inside to see the fantastic cure rate.first lesson on farm, don’t stand behind a mule, milk cow even.

    yet the loonies lining up for sheep dipping

    see everyone in Atlanta for the hanging

  18. Government misinformation and non-stop fear-mongering from the MSM caused many to lose their minds to the fear of death which evoked mass hysteria. It was all a money -generating exercise and it worked for the most part. The Swine Flu “epidemic” back in 76 was a precursor to this clown town exercise. We lined up as ordered (and I do mean ordered) and took our shot. It nearly killed me. Never again. I thought the people of our small community could be counted on when the chips were down. Nope. People turned like rabid sheep on those of us who refused to obey. Learn from history.

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