Criminal probe: Special counsel appointed to investigate Hunter Biden


U.S. Attorney David Weiss has been appointed as a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, it was announced by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday.

Weiss, who had been overseeing the Hunter Biden probe, will now take on a broader role encompassing all matters related to the investigation that includes the notorious lifestyle and business dealings of the president’s troubled adult son.

“Beginning in 2019, Mr. Weiss, in his capacity as U.S. Attorney and along with federal law enforcement partners, began investigating allegations of certain criminal conduct by, among others, Robert Hunter Biden. That investigation has been recently referenced in federal criminal proceedings in the District of Delaware. And, as noted in those proceedings and other public statements by Mr. Weiss’ office, that investigation remains ongoing,” said Department of Justice Attorney General Merrick Garland in a statement.

“On Tuesday of this week, Mr. Weiss advised me that in his judgment, his investigation has reached a stage at which he should continue his work as a Special Counsel, and he asked to be so appointed,” Garland said. “Upon considering his request, as well as the extraordinary circumstances relating to this matter, I have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint him as Special Counsel.”

Weiss will continue to serve in his current capacity as U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware.

This development came on the heels of an announcement from Weiss’s team that the plea negotiations concerning tax and gun charges against Hunter Biden is at an impasse. That case will likely proceed to trial and is about his failure to pay income taxes and lying on a firearm application form by not disclosing that he is an illegal drug user.

But since then, his former business partner Devon Archer has testified to Congress that Hunter Biden put his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, on the speaker phone about 20 times to converse with executives of the Ukrainian power company Burisma. Also, Joe Biden called in Hunter Biden during business dinners in Paris and Beijing, apparently in order to emphasize how close Hunter is to his father and how much influence he can pull to foreign businesses.

Weiss was originally nominated by then-President Donald Trump in 2017, gained confirmation from the Republican-controlled Senate in 2018. He was retained by the Biden Administration.

in July, Hunter and his father huddled at Camp David as the Biden family came under increased scrutiny from the House Oversight Committee as more and more evidence has poured out about influence peddling by Hunter Biden when he served on boards of both Ukrainian and Chinese companies during the Obama-Biden Administration.

Hunter was an invited guest at a June state dinner for the Indian prime minister at the White House, an event attended by Attorney General Garland.

In July, cocaine was found at the White House in the West Wing around the time Hunter was known to have been there, causing a brief evacuation. That weekend, Hunter left for Camp David with the president. The Secret Service has still not revealed who left the cocaine in the area where Hunter Biden can come and go, and the law enforcement agency for the president says it will not investigate further.

Human Events editor Jack Posobeic wrote, “The appointment of Weiss as a ‘Special Counsel’ allows the Biden DOJ to keep the investigation open indefinitely and stall all House requests for information to coverup the Biden family corruption ring.”


  1. Hmm. Seems the part was left out about the clairvoyant testimony, three tarot readings, how the alignment of the moon and stars was interpreted by a fortune teller, and what Hunter spelled backwards and upside down using American English letters spells out in Sanskrit.

    • in 2014 Joe withheld money from the Ukrainian government until they fired a prosecutor who was investigating the company his son “worked” for and Joe bragged about this quid pro quo at a press conference. also eyeball witness Devon Archer. if the justice department had even 25% of the evidence that they have on the Bidens on the orange man during the blue anon fueled psychosis trump would be buried under the prison and I’m sure you’d call it justice.

  2. Nothing will happen. The Democrat Elite are the new Teflon Dons. Mainstream media plays a large part in this as few outlets have even reported this.

  3. My opinion is a special counsel appointed by the current administration will be simply a cover. They will not find anything because they will not want to find anything. There should be a truly independent investigator that is not tainted by politics at all but that is pretty impossible these days.
    The real question that will never be officially answered by the administrations appointed people is what role did the then vice president have in selling America out for personal dollars.

  4. The last paragraph sums it all up.
    Anything to block/stall the real investigation so they can continue to pretend their own phony investigation.
    Sounds similar to the Jan 6 debacle that was so phony they had to destroy any and all information regarding the circus show because they knew it was a scam.
    They must have learned that stunt from Hilly and Billy
    So much for transparency Joe Sniffy promised.
    The only thing transparent about him and the white house are the lies he tells and the press secretaries fake eyelashes which surprisingly havent flown out the window.from batting her eyes at Peter Doocy while confirming his lies.
    Lawyers will wear it out.

      • Did you miss civics class?

        Specifically the process of how these appointments are made?
        Or it’s wildly unusual for a special council to be a government employee?

  5. Appointing Weiss is not allowed as that position is supposed to be given to someone who does not work for the government. Let us not forget that Weiss is also the constructor of the Biden’s plea deal. We are in a banana republic.

  6. OMG.. Weiss is the same Biden crony who on behalf of the government argued in court for the sweetheart deal for Hunter to be excused of all crimes past, present and future. Fortunately the case blew up because the judge actually saw through the scam and saw through to the Biden cabal’s corruption. Weiss will simply let the clock run out doing nothing until the statue of limitations run out on any and all of Hunters crimes, thus protecting the Big Guy. Just like they’ve been doing.

        • You can’t reason through that sentence. I have to surmise either you’re a bot or in some Russian detention center amusing yourself and fellow teenagers. Try to keep things reality based – at least when you post. You can always go back to 4chan for arousement.

          • You lonely there?

            You are among the last people in existence in a position to question anyone’s cognitive capabilities.

            You would first have to have some to understand the concept.

            Thanks for playing. Don’t forget your consolation prize as you leave.

      • Hi Clay,
        United States Attorneys are appointed by the President of the United States, with the ADVICE AND CONSENT of the United States Senate, and serve at the direction of the Attorney General. Trump didn’t “choose” Weiss because he “liked” him or even knew him. Delaware is a a very heavily Democrat State. Trump, as all Presidents do, chose someone who he was “advised” to choose. Even though Democrats were in a very slight minority in the Senate at that time, they had enough members to block approval of anyone they wanted to. The way it works is you can have YOUR Republican guy approved for your District if you approve OUR Democrat guy in our district. This is something that is played out with the Senate. Not the President. Otherwise, no one would ever get approved.

        • It is almost unheard of for a POTUS to deny the pick of the senators from the state in question.

          • I’ll put my knowledge of the US government and how it’s supposed to run against yours, any day any time.

            Am I gonna be wrong occasionally? Sure. But right far, far, far more than wrong. I learned civics decades ago when it was actually taught.

            BTW: my source is none other than US Senator Ted Cruz. Someone who knows the process intimately.


        • Actually you and MA are not correct on this. A president can nominate anyone they want. In the case of a recommendation by a senator of the state of the same party they usually accept that recommendation. Simply look up Eric Miller 9th circuit court of appeals. Neither senator from. Washington supported his nomination. They did not turn their blue slips. He was still confirmed by the Senate.

          • Once I found $20 on the street outside Sullivan’s Steak House.

            That didn’t turn the sidewalk into an ATM, it was a one time thing.
            Same applies here.

          • i went to a few different sources from both sides of the aisle. But actually wikipedia was the easiest to find info. I simply put in blue slips. Found out their significance was constantlly changing. In 2017 McConnell said the heck with them. Than they offered up an easy list. Paul Matey (Third Circuit, New Jersey), Joseph F. Bianco and Michael H. Park (both Second Circuit, New York), and Kenneth K. Lee, Daniel P. Collins, and Daniel Bress (all Ninth Circuit, California). I verified by checking their senate confirmation vote. The senators in their states were opposed and voted nay to their confirmation. I think Biden and the democrats forced through a couple also. you can thank me for the civics lesson. The Office of Legal Policy advises the president on judicial nominees. So maybe you should go after Beth Williams for Trump’s lousy nominations. Leonard Leo probably recommended more judges than the entire senate. Would you like some help understanding maritime shipping.

  7. Ya, sure.

    It was getting so clear the Biden’s are deeply corrupt Garland had to set the cover up in motion.

    Nothing will happen.

    • Yah, that’s what I wanted to post… Whitewash in process – and bleachbit for the laptop. Hey fruitcake commie garland – what’s the difference between “special counsel” and “special prosecutor”? – That of itself should tell you absolutely nothing will come of this except “orange man bad”… When weiss fails the American people royally and actually gets blamed for botching things – wait for it – right before the election brandon will blame Trump for incompetently nominating loser weiss…

  8. Big deal dog and pony show with a known ending. Nothing will happen except maybe a hand slap or tongue lashing. After all he is a Biden.

  9. Borrowing from O. Cromwell (1653), and now addressing Joseph and Hunter Biden, Merrick Garland, et al:

    “You have (been) too long here… Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

  10. They will throw Hunter under the bus to get Brandon elected. Then, off the big guy to get Kamala in the oval office. The rest is history. Live your life folks
    It’s all out of your control.

  11. This just shows how utterly inept, or more troubling, complicit, most Republicans in Congress are. The appointment of Weiss as Special Counsel is a slap in the face to all Americans who believe in equal justice before the courts. Weiss slow walked his investigation of Hunter Biden for 5 years and culminated his investigation with trying to hoodwink a federal judge into acceping the sweetest of plea deals in American legal history. Thankfully, she did not accept the subterfuge. Congressional Republicans need to grow a spine. Start impeachment proceedings against the corrupt gang at the DOJ – Garland, Weiss, Jack Smith & Wray. Initiate disbarment cases against any corrupt Democrat State Attorney Generals et al. Start the impeachment inquiry against Short Stairs Biden. Stop funding the Biden crime families’ money laundering operations in Ukraine. Stop telling us what a great job you are doing while you are getting the crap beat out of you by the corrupt DOJ & FBI!. For the love of God, start punching back or you will go down in history as a bunch of yellow bellied cowards!

  12. Meh. This is a delay of a year or two, max. Once our favorite incontinent dementia patient is out of office his replacement will likely chase this matter down as if enacting the lord’s vengeance.

    It’s what you’d do if you were at the helm.

  13. In its own way, it’s brilliant.

    Appointing Weiss Special Council gives him the ability to slow down Congress investigations (assuming congress plays by the traditional rules).

    Garland can adopt a fiction of having given the GOP what they want.

    Weiss, on paper, has the authority to compel cooperation of people who didn’t trust him or were otherwise disinclined to participate in the first whitewash of Hunter and co.

    A lesson well learned from Stalin. Control all aspects of the investigation, choose the people to be guilty or innocent in advance, and pick the outcome you like best.

  14. Since the judge in Delaware isn’t having any of the Biden/DOJ shenanigans, the only way to carry out this travesty is to move the trial to a different, more compliant, court – it’s probably going to be DC, but maybe LA. And the only way that they could still use their stooge, Wiess, in a different state is to make him Special Counsel.

    Since it will take time to establish and hire staff for this new Special Counsel’s office, he’ll be able to let several more statutes of limitations lapse. By the time he finally takes this to the new court, there’ll be hardly anything left to try.

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