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Peltola votes against lowering energy costs for Alaskans

Voting with hardline Democrats in Congress, Rep. Mary Peltola said the Lower Energy Costs Act just was not quite right for the country. She voted against H.R. 1, which passed anyway.

H.R. 1 addresses persistent high inflation that is caused in part by high energy costs and returns America to energy independence, as it was under the administration of Donald Trump. It does this by:

  • – Increasing domestic energy production 
  • – Reforming the permitting process for all industries 
  • – Reversing anti-energy policies advanced by the Biden administration 
  • – Streamlining energy infrastructure and exports 
  • – Boosting the production and processing of critical minerals 
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The bill:

  • – Prohibits President Biden from banning hydraulic fracturing
  • – Repeals all restrictions on the import and export of natural gas, including LNG
  • – Prevents liberal states from blocking interstate infrastructure projects
  • – Repeals President Biden’s $6 billion natural gas tax that would increase energy bills for families
  • – Rolls back President Biden’s $27 billion EPA slush fund for Democrat special interests
  • – Disapproves of President Biden’s canceling of the Keystone XL pipeline
  • – Requires the Department of the Interior to resume lease sales on federal lands and waters
  • – Repeals harmful royalties and fee increases imposed on energy production that drive up prices for families
  • – Ensures parity in energy revenue sharing for states with onshore and offshore energy development
  • – Requires publication of the 2023-28 offshore oil and gas lease sales plan/sets deadlines for future 5-year plans

On Fox’s Faulkner Focus on Friday, Sen. Dan Sullivan praised H.R. 1 said he and his colleagues are working on a similar bill in the Senate, “to bring more American energy to Americans by American energy workers, the best workers in the world.”

“Republicans are prioritizing the American people over the Democrat’s radical climate agenda. On his first day in office, President Biden started the war on American energy. He has revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, imposed a moratorium on oil production on federal lands, directed agencies across the Federal government to impose punitive and burdensome regulations, and made us more reliant on China. Predictably, gas prices skyrocketed to the highest levels in American history. People are counting on us to improve their quality of life. H.R. 1 delivers on that promise and will ensure America continues to lead the world at reducing emissions. I commend the passing of this package, which will boost energy production, lift regulatory burdens for the construction of more energy infrastructure, cut China out of our critical materials supply chains, and lower costs across the board. H.R. 1 is how we build a better and more secure future for all Americans,” said House Committee on Energy and Commerce Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington state.

But for Alaska’s Rep. Peltola, it was just another partisan bill. She said that the country needs to transition to a renewable-focused economy. She said H.R. 1 does not resolve permitting issues, of which she did not specify. She said that “we need a roadmap to the future that lowers costs for Americans, not another partisan bill that adds to the national debt.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had a different take than Peltola: “In House Republicans’ Commitment to America, we promised the American people that we would work to reduce energy costs and make it easier and more affordable to build in the U.S. I’m proud to say that H.R. 1, the Lower Costs and Energy Act, will deliver on that promise by increasing energy production and instituting comprehensive permitting reform to speed the construction of critical infrastructure in our country. As our nation continues to recover from the highest inflation in generations, this bill will help stimulate our economy and bolster our national security while making us more competitive on the world stage against Russia and China. I am grateful for the leadership of Leader Scalise, Chairman Westerman, Chairwoman Rodgers, and Chairman Graves who all played a crucial role in getting H.R. 1 across the finish line. The need for permitting reform is something that Republicans and Democrats alike can get behind, and I encourage my colleagues in the Senate to do right by the American people and swiftly take up this bill.”

The Lower Energy Costs Act is a rebuke of President Biden’s war on affordable energy. If it reaches Biden’s desk, he will certainly veto it.

Four Democrats voted in favor of the bill, and one Republican voted against it. It passed 225-204. It will now be sent to the Senate, where it may be sidelined in a hostile committee, as the Senate is run by Democrats.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • I worked as a Precinct Chairman in the last election. After speaking to several others in this position, (we got to see the vote numbers, btw), the Tshibaka-Murkowski and Peltola’s races were’nt even close. Yet you see who won. The Dominion machines ARE hooked up to modems at the end of the night. Just a fact.

      • Exactly right George!
        If interested watch the Joe Oltmann March 31st show on dominion vote system. The elections were rigged and flipped easily because the software was made for just that purpose. New information is being exposed daily and by sheer determination the truth is being exposed.
        Mary is a fool and Alaska wasn’t foolish enough to have voted for her. RankCV is just a added layer to facilitate the fraud. It’s likely that LM was selected as well.

    • She works for public employee unions, I don’t know if Soros donated.

      I saw signs for her all over my neighborhood in Spenard. So now we have a rep with zero seniority in the minority who votes against the interests of working Alaska residents. Nice job.

    • Most every democrat, union member, native, and people disgusted with Sarah Palin.

      We’re a blue state. We get what we vote for.

          • I was in moderation limbo for what was beyond innocuous.

            I’m used to it, but once and awhile I get put in the penalty box for no apparent reason. I’ve found the easiest way to get resolved is to bring attention to it.

  1. Hey Bethel-
    Thanks so much for giving us this train wreck! You could have squelched her political career long ago, but now this is where we are. I wish no misery upon anyone, but the results of Peltola are going to sting rural Alaska HARD!
    I never was a Don Young fan, but he’s beginning to look like a saint.

      • Mom is off searching for new boyfriends again. She has so many illegitimate grandkids now, she decided she would rather just be friends with them. But she is thinking about running for president.

        • Sarah has become more unstable over time. All the kids are messed up as a result of very poor mothering. Her instincts tell her that she is 19 all over again, and to start fresh. It’s a backwards trip.

  2. I really want to see Alaskans who voted for her out there in the bush start using electric snow machines, electric chainsaws, electric 4-wheelers, electric outboards, electric HEAT and cook stoves. Yeah, that’s going to work really well. They should not be able to use what they, in effect, voted against. Elections have consequences (even crooked ones unfortunately).

  3. Oh come on now Lefties. Snap out of your Trump Derangement Syndrome and step up to the task of defending poor”soon to be rich” pitiful Mary Peltosi. I know you are awake already as I just got through laughing at all your comments celebrating a phony indictment from a George Soros appointee. Lets hear any of you say she is representing Alaskans in Washington(Swamp)DC. Billy Frank Maureen Whidbey???? Anybody? Or could it be Don Young (who she claims to carry on in his behalf) would have voted against the bill as well? LOL!

  4. We would just like to have an opportunity to get in on the energy production kind of like Deb Hollands home state of New Mexico is and has been since she got to choose who gets pie and who just licks the pan

  5. So she is concerned about the national debt? Is that a joke?
    Meanwhile Alaska’s economy is heading down a dangerous road. If Peltola is going to vote to kill Alaska’s resource extraction economy she should start with the Donlin Creek gold mine project.

    • The royalty reductions in theis bill would cost the treasury $2.6 Billion, thge headlines do not depict what this would cost the taxpayers and fuel big oil profits

      • Taxes are not a zero sum game. If energy is less expensive, then everything about the economy grows, thus raising more tax revenue. I really don’t know why people are so ignorant of the most basic knowledge of how the economy works.

      • Frank is right. Why does every effort to “save our economy, etc,” need to involve massive corporate welfare to the most profitable companies in the world, at our expense?

  6. She is an idiot.


  7. She is a fickle chameleon. She says she supports Willow, but votes against it’s production. She says she supports Alaska energy independence and votes against it. She says she supports families and votes against keeping children warm and fed. How much more of this shill can Alaska take? But she enjoys her chauffeured limos and first class accommodations at Alaskan’s expense.

    • Just like ol Sarah. Grew up dirt poor. They both got their 30 pieces of silver. Hope it was worth it.
      Looks like it takes it’s toll after awhile…oh well.

    • Peltola votes with common sense legislation, this bill is a political stunt and would reduce revenue to the US Treasury and increase revenue to big oil.

  8. I am so thankful for all the stupid voters and rank-choice voting that elected Peltola to office.
    Since her taking office, she did nothing to benefit but screw ALASKA
    I can also thank Palin and Begich for splitting the Republican Party
    Sign the petition to recall Rank Choice Voting

  9. This act would also reduce royalty rates, the CBO estimated this act would increase the deficit by $2.4 Billion once royalty reductions are calculated into the lease revenues.

    • What’s a couple billion anymore? It’s chump change we spending trillions now.
      Since when do politicians care about deficits anyway?

    • You keep posting this nonsense. It shows your ignorance of basic economics. A rising economy produces more taxes, but the more you limit fuel production, the more you clamp down on the economy (as we have learned due to Bidenomics) and the less tax revenue the government will see. The CBO looked at the short term loss, but not the life cycle cost or gain. There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. You will see what you look for.

  10. Every State Representative and Senator needs to come out on the Record and state if they agree with her NO vote. If they do, they should immediately resign from the State Legislature since they do not support the number one thing that fuels the State coffers for Tax revenue.

    • Why would younvote yes for something that costs the US Treasury over $2.6 Billiuon, don’t oil companies make enough $$$$$?

  11. Time to show this “captain” the gang plank and vote her out of office next election cycle. She certainly didn’t present her self as against resource development in her campaign ads: “Rep. Mary Peltola has been running an ad on airwaves of Anchorage telling voters the actual things that matter to her. The first half of the ad is a voice that extols her virtues, mainly as a mother, grandmother, and fishing boat captain at age 14. She is also held up as a bipartisan member of the Legislative Bush caucus, responsible for resource development.”

    Well looks like she is showing her true colors and loyalties with her voting record (and lack thereof – the fateful vote that wasn’t due to bathroom break and leaving early).

  12. She cares only about Herself & Hubby lining their pockets with the Green Energy deals they can make, and the hell with Her voters in the Bush and across the State. Get over the Palin BS and admit RCV is the problem for all Elections Stat Wide…

  13. Every single individual that voted for her should voluntarily, nay, be forced to give up every benefit given to them via the oil industry within Alaska, as what they have benefited from within their lives thus far.

    You may NOT apply for any PFDs for you nor your family members.

    You may NOT apply to, nor accept any benefits from ANY program that oil companies may contribute unto, either directly or indirectly, individually or within a commercial or company regard.

    Your schools may NOT take ANY funding derived from said oil revenues.

    Your livelihood may NOT benefit within anyway, whatsoever, from said oil revenues.

    You chose your vote.

    These are your consequences.

  14. Dear Mrs. Peltola, your job is to represent the people of Alaska, not the interests of the US. Please try and stay focused.

  15. Of course she voted against it. She votes party line with the democrats and against what (she says) is her state. Hogwash!!! She is for herself and what (she thinks) will be her legacy. Don Young is rolling over in his grave. She better be voted out!

  16. What’s not to like in this Trump-era climate policy bill? Toxic mining, forcing new oil and gas leasing on public lands and waters, excusing oil, gas and drilling companies from following a slew of environmental rules. By desperately trying to ramp up drilling and mining without review as quickly as possible under the guise of climate-friendly solutions is an insult to the public. I’m glad Mary saw through this RPM & affiliated, corporate sponsored 3-card monte shell game Republicans are trying to hoodwink ya’ll with. Your grand children will be thanking Peltola & Biden. Defeating this bill will keep the lower quarter of Florida from going under water at high tide, by a few years. The biggest fakery in this bill, is it’s name. Republicans love gimmicks.

    • Oh, Mark. Do tell us about “climate friendly” energy again. Can you please tell me what the perfect temperature is for the earth, and exactly how you measure that? It is “climate change” that is the 3-card monte, and anyone who ever took a geology or history class knows this.

      • Tamra. Good comment, and ask Mr. Smarty how warm the Earth was between 900 and 1100 AD, you know when the Vikings found Greenland and Vineyards were abloom in York and Southern Scotland and France was gripped in an economic depression because the market for their wine had dried up Alll this, Long before the evils of CO2 caused by Industrialization.

        • Robert, you know darned well that the Medieval Warm Period occurred during the time of slavery and eurocentric patriarchy, and is therefore racist, and therefore irrelevant. Besides, it is simply part of that manifestation of evil toxic white masculinity called “history”, and is therefore evil. The Alphabet Army forbids you to ever bring up any historical facts again!

    • No, Mark.

      Our grandchildren will be cursing the names of Peltola and Biden under their unmanageable weight of living expenses within their home state, should they not be able to leave.

      And even if they are able to leave, their lives shall always be detrimentally affected simply by the gross cost of their livelihood, whatever that may be.

      The current oil pipeline has proven to be a very safe one, as old as it is, and any further discovery of oil, mineral, or precious metals, and within its extraction from the earth shall be even safer.

      Do you, Mark, live what you so obviously determine?

      Do you live without ANY product derived from oil, mineral or precious metals mining of any kind, inclusive of food, clothing, or transportation of any kind?

      If you do not grow your own food, using naturally found well water only as you cannot drill for it, dress yourself within fibers derived from said grown food, and walk only as a form of transportation, you are a hypocrite.

      Never mind, as you utilize a computer so as to comment here, you already have proven yourself to be a hypocrite, because whether the computer you use is your own, or not, you have utilized what you so strongly oppose.

      • Randy you need to take a chill pill. It was meant as sarcasm. If you followed any of my posts, you would see that I am pro oil and conservative.I have already posted this information awhile ago.

  17. I met her, listened to her, shook her hand. I’m actually a lousy judge of people. But as I turned away, I had to shake my head and chuckle! She’s very nice, but knows nothing!! Now people are noticing this?

  18. Peltola was hand picked and I said she would win from the beginning, and she did. She is bought and paid for and will vote accordingly. RCV and Dominion doing as designed.

    • As soon as the Queen (Palin) jumped in I knew it would be a Democrat. Just wasn’t sure who.

      Turns out we got the worst of all of them.

      Sadly I don’t think RVC is going anywhere. It’s incumbent protection at its finest. Brought to us by the sleaziest man in Alaska and a talk show host who acts like he knows better than us unwashed.

    • Correct Jim!
      All the other theories and blaim game are dead ends. Joe Oltmann podcast March 31st showing new information to your point.

  19. Peltola voted to advance her husband’s carbon business he started upon her election. She has proven she doesn’t care about Alaska or it’s people. When she’s not humping for her husband’s business she is carrying water for the rank choice billionsires — recently traveling to Minnesota snd Oregon promoting rank-choice voting,
    Peltola is an embarrassment.

  20. For all you climate change worriers or warriors you better take action to put a cap on the next major volcanic eruption with an ash cloud that will circumnavigate the Earth and block the sun for days weeks and months which will cool the Earth immensely. What will we do then to support the warming of the Earth back to “normal”. And to top it off if that gigantic eruption triggers a major earthquake the resulting tidal wave could be felt around the world. People died in California from the earthquake in Alaska! If I were in all of the climate warriors shoes I would get real busy filling lots of sandbags because it is not if but when it is coming

  21. Mary Peltola is one of the worst election mistakes ever made in Alaska, right up there with Mark Begich (maybe worse).

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