What did Alaska’s delegation say about the indictment of Donald Trump?


As of Friday morning, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan is the only member of Alaska’s congressional delegation to release a statement regarding the indictment of former President Donald Trump:

“The indictment of a former president and current candidate for the White House is unprecedented and will almost certainly do lasting damage to our polarized nation. Both local and federal prosecutors have previously declined to bring charges. Any criminal indictment of a former president should involve a serious crime with credible, airtight evidence. From numerous press reports, this sealed indictment fails this test. Now, a local partisan prosecutor, well known for being soft on violent crime, has moved our country into banana republic territory – a sad day for our nation. The American people will see through this abuse of the rule of law.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who voted to convict Trump during his second impeachment in 2021, when he was already out of office, has issued no statement but has a press availability scheduled for Friday during the Arctic Encounter Symposium, which is a Murkowski power-orbit gathering taking place at the Dena’ina Convention Center this week.

Rep. Mary Peltola issued no remarks about the indictment. She was scheduled to be on a panel at the Arctic Encounter this morning in Anchorage.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that this is how the system works, and Trump can now prove himself innocent in a court of law: “No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence. Hopefully, the former President will peacefully respect the system, which grants him that right.” She was scorched by conservative commentators who pointed out that people in America are innocent until proven guilty.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said “The weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law on its head. It is un-American. The Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney has consistently bent the law to downgrade felonies and to excuse criminal misconduct. Yet, now he is stretching the law to target a political opponent.”

DeSantis continued, “Florida will not assist in an extradition request given the questionable circumstances at issue with this Soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor and his political agenda.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy wrote, “[Manhattan D.A.] Alvin Bragg has irreparably damaged our country in an attempt to interfere in our Presidential election. As he routinely frees violent criminals to terrorize the public, he weaponized our sacred system of justice against President Donald Trump. The American people will not tolerate this injustice, and the House of Representatives will hold Alvin Bragg and his unprecedented abuse of power to account.”


  1. Lisa is holding a party, along with House Husband, where they are cheering on Alvin Bragg and all of the George Soros lovers. Liz Cheney, Mutt Romney and other Republican celebrities will be joined by Lisa’s Democrat friends. Nancy and I are invited but we have to catch the ferry back to Petersburg and will be unable to attend.

    • Frankie and I are holding out breaths again, hoping to keep Lisa’s hateful antics off the headlines. Lisa can be such a disgusting daughter. Once again, our Alaska Republican friends are shunning us. We invited Dick Cheney and his wife to join us for cocktails in Petersburg while we sit this one out. Sure wish we had our jet limo back. We really hate the SE ferry service.

      • Too bad. Lisa, Liz and I are hosting a huge bash. Nancy Pelosi is going to show up in her thong and perform $500 lap dances for the RINOs. After-party hush money proceeds will be sent to the Joe Biden for Re-election Fund. Lisa and I just love the DC life.

        • Nancy Pelosi in a thong, giving lap dances. Now there’s an image that will make you regurgitate your meal.

          • Nancy,
            Can we get this Joe Biden and Lisa ” Who’s your daddy,” thing worked out between us? I have a feeling it’s going to come up again soon. Joe has other problems to worry about besides this. And I don’t care anymore what history says about me. I just love all of my government pension checks that I’m currently receiving.

          • Frankie,
            Suggestion……sniff Lisa’s hair on your next photo op with her. It will keep everyone guessing …….even Nancy.

  2. I am guessing that Murkowski and Peltola are waiting for the Democrats to tell them what to say. Although, I am pretty sure both of them are hoping Trump ends up in jail because of this. Or the next bogus charge. Or the one after that.

  3. Princess hates him and Mary is told what to say. Both favor a socialist America.

    Only Swampy has enough on the ball to realize how bad this is for America.

  4. Regarding that human wax figure Pelosi.

    It’s still a country where the government must prove guilt. The defense doesn’t have to prove a damn thing. Yet.

    We’re headed there fast, but hopefully she’ll be Botox in the ground before we get there.

  5. Pelosi has it wrong as usual, Its innocent until proven guilty. It’s a direct violation of law in America and an attack on the Constitution and our rights. This is a direct political hitjob. This is no different than the Nazi regime or Mao. They direct an accusation against a person or group and then create a false crime to persecute them with. They are doing this with everything across the nation. Look at what’s being forced from special interest groups on us. If you don’t comply, then we will vilify you and make you do or say what we want.
    No More! We will not stand for it anymore.
    If this much effort is going into this, then where is the effort for Hunter and Bidens CCCP? When will we see them in the courts?

  6. What’s left of the Constitution? And both parties have sold their votes to the Highest Chinese Bidder. Sad, scary Days ahead as we turn into a Police State. IMO

    • We are a post Constitutional society. We didn’t bother to defend it or teach it in school. So we lost it.

      This aftermath is sad, but inevitable.

  7. Would be nice to see him counter sue for defamation. Money seems to be the only thing that’ll make a lib think twice.

    • Defamation for what? He has admitted to paying off porn star Stormy and they have him on tape approving the payment for the payoff of Karen McDougal. Keri Lake has a better chance with her legal challenges!

  8. Hey Peltola,
    I don’t know how you got to Washington DC with these ideas, but in this country nobody has to prove themselves innocent. Everyone is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. You should educate yourself before you speak.

  9. I heard someone say that some in America have declared war on President Trump. Alaska had a much better economic opportunity with him in office though. This precedent will open a door to reaching back to punish all former presidents for law breaking. It is unfortunate but that is what democrats want for this nation.

      • Shall we compare Trumps ‘transgressions’ to the biden family? Maybe we should compare him to the Clintons?

      • If only there was a single justice system in this country. Not the one we currently live under, where you are more likely to be prosecuted because of your political affiliation than because of your transgressions.

  10. Import masses of third worlders, end up with third-world-style politics, including the weaponization of the legal system to engage in blatant political persecution of the regime’s opponents.
    Welcome to Bananamerica.

      • As she should have been, and always have should have been.

        Thanks for the support, Maureen!

        Glad you agree!

      • Which, sadly and shamefully, did not happen, Maureen.
        Even you should be able to see the stupidity of your attempted analogy.
        Oh, but wait, one needs to exercise intelligence and reason in order to make a comparative analysis — feelings don’t cut it, and “feelings” are all that you radical leftists have to base your contradictory, insane and evil political opinions on.

      • Cool slogan.
        But, where were the hordes of lawyers, DAs, and Attorney Generals pursuing “her” for eight years?
        And, that makes all the difference.

    • The hypocrisy of the knuckleheads posting here knows no bounds. Nobody weaponized the justice system or committed more politically motivated impropriates than the Cheeto when he was in office. He is quoted as follows – “I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department”. A few examples:
      • Urged the DOJ to seize voting machines and phony up a letter falsely stating there were problems with
      elections in several states, all based on his election lies.
      • Pardoning his lackeys Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. Flynn had pleaded guilty twice.
      • Pressuring James Comey to drop the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn and his Russian friends.
      • Instructed his attorney general to have Roger Stones’ sentence reduced and to drop the FBI
      investigation into Michael Flynn.
      • He instructed an US Attorney to go after Gregory Craig for violating the Foreign Agents Registration
      Act. The investigation determined him to be innocent but was instructed to indict him anyway to even
      things out.
      • Trump demanded that the DOJ indict John Kerry for violating the Logan Act. An US Attorney was forced
      to investigate Kerry and nothing was found.
      • Trump had his attorney general to remove any reference to his illegal behavior from the Michael Cohen
      I could go on for days.

    • Maybe try and provide actual proof for your paranoid ramblings sometime; oh, and also maybe a retort that doesn’t include the words “radical leftist.”

      • C(ommunist)man, the proof of what I asserted is all around you, and abundantly obvious to those with open minds not clouded by radical leftist dogma and unprincipled, “everything is fair game” political obsession.
        As for the phrase that I incessantly use in reference to people like you, you ARE radical leftist extremists, so why should I not label you, and those like you, for what you actually are? Or is the truth of that label a little too uncomfortable for you, even as you wallow in your Marianas Trench-level depths of cognitive dissonance?

  11. We know Murkowski hates President Trump, Did we really expect Paltola, a slippery Democrat to respond negatively towards the indictment?

    Sullivan is the closest thing we have to a conservative in our delegation.

    • Don Trump has pissed in the conservative well, poisoning it for the foreseeable future. Of course he’s not being charged for that event however. And we’ve not even seen the charges yet Thom, so how could anyone respond negatively towards an indictment few have even seen.
      You having a problem with a grand jury returning an indictment based on evidence they’ve been privy to? These are regular people from that area and are likely reasonable folks, but your boy is on the receiving end so your loyalty is blind, right? Heheh!

      • The tyrant of trouble brought against trump is a political witch hunt. If you can’t see that then you can’t. I get it. And I’m not gonna argue with you. You’re welcome to your opinions, even if they’re wrong.

        The man has made his place in history.

        The election in 2024 is just 19 months away.

        I’m not sure at this point if I am going to vote for Donald Trump. He has done much good for the country. I may vote for dissatisfy decides to run he would be a better choice in my view. But I digress and back to the main topic, Donald Trump is being prosecuted and hunted by the left. There is no mistake about that.

          • I would not dream of telling anybody what to think, least of all you. As far as Donald Trump is concerned and the potential for an upcoming trial, I believe it is the jury that will decide whether or not he is guilty. What I think has little to do with the outcome.

          • You did say this was a “political witch hunt”, did you not Thom? How does that square with your now thinking a jury may determine he is guilty?
            If he could be found guilty of a crime, how is that a political witch hunt???
            Of course we don’t yet know the charges even but you’ve already gone on the record of calling it a political witch hunt yet acknowledge he could be found guilty of a crime.

      • Billy Boy, I’m guessing that these newest charges against Trump are all fluff, same as the one’s soon to be coming out of GA and following the Raid on Trumps house in FL. BTW, Trump revels in the Media Attention these actions give him. Trump loves the limelight.

        The purpose of these charges is to make Trump relevant to his MAGA Bleaters who comprise a solid block within the Stupid Party, ( Republicans) and to toss some red meat to the hard core Commie democrats, ( Evil party). Indignation is a strong incentive in shoring up one’s base and silencing Trump’s potential Stupid Party opponents, ( DeSantis, Pompeo, etal) any of whom would wax the corrupt EVIL party nominee in a straight up contest.
        In 2024.

        The EVIL party, ( Democrat) has decided that keeping Trump in the news is their ticket to victory in 2024, meaning that they want T to be the Nominee! Sadly, the Stupid Party, ( Republican) cannot figure this out.

        In the age old war between good and EVIL, evil can and does win when the people follow STUPID.

        I hope this clears things up for ya. Look for more Chi- Com control over your EVIL and UNI- PARTY ( MeConnel) regime in the coming years. I hope you are enjoying this spectacle.

        • I’m enjoying it immensely Bobby Boy and I’m affiliated with no party, either. And I still believe Trump takes a plea to salvage his kids (Uday, Usay and Ivanka) from jail time. Some fluff. Heheh!

  12. I am so sick of people saying, ‘no one is above the law,’ while they hold their political rivals BELOW the law.

    Not being above the law doesn’t mean you get to push them below the law. The rule of law applies both ways.

  13. Pelosi is right. The idea of innocent until proven guilty only exists as a heady, existential ideal in U.S. History and Civics classes. She’s been around a hundred years, building the system she refers to.

    Once someone is targeted by the corrupt “Justice” system in America, they are in the fight for their lives. The system fabricates evidence, hides and withholds exculpatory evidence, deliberately inaccurately presents incriminating evidence, intimidates defense witnesses into not testifying, intimidates prosecution witnesses into lying on the witness stand, pays exorbitant fees to so-called expert witnesses, and on and on. Then, the judge, whom would be presumed to protect the constitutional rights of a defense and the presumption of innocence, puts his thumb on the scale to benefit the government by enforcing the statutes designed to ensure a guilty verdict.

    We truly live in a society where the amount of wealth one has is directly proportional to their chances of “proving their innocence”.

  14. Concerning our representatives, what they say is meaningless.
    They lie as easily as taking a breath.
    Their actions tell the story which tells me all three are worthless grifters.

  15. Why are so many of you so quick to claim this is political persecution?

    If the charges are bogus, then they wont hold up in the court of law. Pelosi has it wrong, you are innocent until proven guilty and it is up to the DA of any state or city to make the determination whether they think they have a case against a person. It is clear, whether he is right or wrong, that DA Bragg thinks he has a case.

    No one is above the law. Shouldn’t matter if you are young or old, black or brown or white or purple, republican or democrat or libertarian or socialist, rich or poor, former president or sitting president. If you break the law, allegedly, then you must be held accountable.

    If as so many of you are saying these charges are bogus, this will do nothing but help President Trump. Let this play out in court and in the end, we will see who has egg on their faces and who does not.

    He still gets a trial and will be held to account by a jury of the people. His legal team and the DA both get a say in who is on that jury.

    • Glad you say no one is above the law.
      Since we agree, you’ll support DA Bragg in throwing the book at Hilary Clinton.

      She committed the exact same crime, but on steroids, in the exact same district, during the exact same election.

      This is a political persecution. The DA was elected on the promise of going after Trump. You can put fingers in your ears, claim it’s just another day, but you’re still badly wrong.

      Just be honest. Try it sometime.

      • If Hillary Clinton broke the law then she should be charged with a crime. You have no argument from me. I will say the exact same things I am saying about President Trump.

        I’ll say it again, I’ll even shout it out loud. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!

        Again, it is up to a DA to determine if they think they have enough evidence to charge a person with a crime. That is their decision and in NY and other jurisdictions, those DAs are elected.

        Didn’t we hear multiple times after President Trump was elected that “Elections have consequences?”

        Unless you can show me direct evidence that this DA is fabricating evidence or something nefarious, other than saying he would prosecute President Trump if he had the evidence, then this is a prosecutor doing his job.

        Also, a Grand Jury indicted President Trump. They called all sorts of witnesses who will have to testify in OPEN COURT during a trial. But again, he is innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof is on DA Bragg to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that President Trump committed these alleged crimes.

        And I’d like to wait to see all the charges leveled against President Trump before I jump to the conclusion that this is a political prosecution.

        It is not like Russia or Iran where President Trump will be tried in a day and convicted behind closed doors. As much as many Liberals want that, it wont happen. He will get his day in court, unless he takes a plea deal, which I doubt.

        Try being honest with yourself, what evidence do you have to prove this is a political prosecution? Otherwise you are just wasting time being upset that someone was indicted by a grand jury

        • Then FBI Director Comey listed numerous felonies committed by Hillary in front of Congress. There was no prosecution. Comey said no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against her. For felonies? Why not? Fear of reprisal perhaps? The Democrats are shameless in their attacks on their political opponents, as witnessed by the bogus impeachments and the weaponization of government agencies. Can’t wait for this administration to be replaced. The next conservative president better well understand how pervasive the Deep State really is.

          • That ain’t right. If what you say is true, she should have been charged with a crime.

            But who ran the DOJ when this occured? Could that have been Jeff Sessions? Or maybe Bill Barr? Or maybe one of the other temporary people he had in that job during his term?

            Why didn’t they lead the way in charging Hilary Clinton with said felonies? Could it be that they investigated and determined that no charges should be filed?

          • Got it, anyone against your interest and what you see as right and wrong is part of the deep state. Makes sense.

        • DA Bragg ran on a platform of sending Trump to jail.

          He is attempting linkage to federal crimes Democrat prosecutors passed on as insufficient.

          He has made a career of reducing penalties for everyone not named Trump. Including murder.

          He has not gone after Hilary the same way.

          Many prominent democrats on the national scene as saying it’s crap.

          There is no precedent for this. None.

          The list is so long and obvious even Stevie Wonder sees it. But you refuse to.

          I can’t help someone who is so ideologically blind. Not will I waste any more time doing so.

          • Did Hillary violate any New York State laws in the city of Manhattan?

            If not, then DA Bragg has nothing to do with any sort of prosecution of Hilary Clinton.

            His jurisdiction is NYC and that is it.

          • Hey ‘Pablo’. Glad you pointed out that bragg is the D.A. for NYC. Maybe you can tell us all why he, as a local D.A. is trying to pin federal charges against Trump?

          • Who knows what charges DA Bragg filed against President Trump? As far as I’ve seen, the indictment is sealed. No one other than his attorneys and the prosecution have seen the indictment. There are many who think they know, but no one actually does.

            Wait to see what he was charged with before jumping to conclusions.

            As I will wait to see the trial before passing guilt. Everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty.

            If you are so upset with how DA Bragg is running Manhattan office, move to NYC and start working to remove him from office. Otherwise you are getting upset about something happening more than 3000 miles away from Alaska

      • What crimes?! We don’t know what President Trump has been charged with as the indictment is sealed

        Until then, take a breath and wait. Patience is a virtue.

        It is not like President Trump will be put to trial tomorrow and convicted Wednesday. He will get his day in court to fight these charges.

        I will not pass judgement until I hear some actual facts in this case. Those presented by both sides in a court of law, in front of a Judge and Jury, not the media.

    • So YOU pay for that.

      Why should anyone be subject to repeated bogus legal actions? It costs big money to fight. Big money even by rich guy standards. But you already know that, don’t you? Since for the last 40years or so, you lefties have been bankrupting any person or business that you don’t agree with, by filing legal actions over and over until they run out of money to fight back

      • If President Trump wins his case in court, the taxpayers of Manhattan will foot the bill for his legal fees.

        Yes it costs lots of money, but isn’t President Trump a billionaire? Can’t he afford to fight? His lawyers will get paid from him if he loses and from Manhattan if he wins.

        He still gets to fight the charges against him.

        • So, as long as a guy is ‘a billionaire’ according to the word of ‘Pablo’ it’s ok to just slap charges against him. After all, it doesn’t matter whether it’s legitimate charges or not, he should have the money to pay for lawyers, right? Glad you think you have a say in how someone spends their money.

          And when Trump wins this case, go ahead and repeat the statement ‘If President Trump wins his case in court, the taxpayers of Manhattan will foot the bill for his legal fees’. I’m sure the Manhatten taxpayers will be VERY understanding.

          • Doesn’t matter who it is, they can fight for justice like anyone.

            And because President Trump has so much money, according to him, not me, he is set up to fight this to the bitter end.

            If this was you or me being charged, we might not have the means to fight this like he can, and would be forced into a plea deal. This happens to many poor people, that is where your anger should be directed.

            And I am not happy with the tax payers footing the bill for the losing side’s court costs. But that’s the way the rules are set up, not just there, but here as well where the City could be on the hook for Mayor Bronson’s screw up with Hickel contract for the defunct Navigation Center

        • Trump doesn’t spend a penny of his own money for his multiple defenses. Is suckers like the MAGA’s from this site that send him cash that funds his legal fees.

          • So bogus legal charges are ok as long as it’s against someone you don’t like.

            Got it!

    • I’m all for it so long as everyone accused gets their day in court and a trial by jury of the people.

      • How are YOU going to pay for your day in court? Do you have the cash for that or are you just going to expect the taxpayers to foot the bill? I guess it doesn’t matter just as long as you have that trial.

        • Paul, it is interesting to observe how you receive nothing but crickets in response to your well-argued comments against the inanities vomited out by “Pablo”, who clearly does not have truth, honesty or reason on his side.
          Well done!

          • I’m beginning to think he is very young. Displays a serious lack of knowledge when we compare Trump to past dems deeds.

          • Jefferson, do you have a copy of the indictment of President Trump in your hands? Maybe you can tell us all of the charges.

            And maybe I do things other than lurk on comment boards on a beautiful Sunday in Anchorage. I don’t need politics to rule my life day in and day out.

            What inanities have I vomited out? And because I don’t always agree with every word you post, I don’t have honesty, truth or reason on my side?

          • Paul,

            I am 35 years old and am born and raised here in Alaska. If that is young to you, then so be it.

          • Pablo, I have lambasted a number of your comments here based on their lack of logic and veracity, not to mention for displaying the typical arrogance and woefully misplaced self-righteousness of the typical radical leftist.
            But more than that, I have also felt comfortable and justified in countering many of your shallow and specious comments for the reason that they demonstrate, as for most other leftists here, the mindless groupthink and conformity of the contemporary radical left. Virtually EVERY ONE of your radical leftists, and not just here on MRAK, spout the EXACT SAME talking points and political opinions, verbatim — it is as if you are all carbon-copies of each other. That tells me that the opinions that you express are not actually your own, a product of your own reasoning, but simply the mindlessly regurgitated talking points and entire political agenda fed to you by the power establishment. So until you can prove and demonstrate otherwise, I will just assume that you are just another in a long, long line of radical leftist parrots, engaging in a great deal of chatter but precious little actual cognition.

          • Jefferson, if that aint the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.

            Everything that goes against your narrow world view, whether it be RINOs as you see them or those pesky leftists, is not true or honest or a reasoned argument.

            Your defense of your opinions or ideas is to call any detractor a leftist, marxist, socialist, communist, RINO or other ad-hominem attack

          • Pablo, your shallow, specious, arrogant, blinkered, conformist, radical leftist extremist neo-Marxist ‘social justice warrior’ (sic) projection is most unbecoming, but entirely unsurprising, coming from an NPC such as yourself.
            Aside from that, I am sure you are a wonderful person.
            (and would that be “a menstruating person”?)

          • Thanks Jefferson, you made my point.

            Your response to me was more key words and nothing of substance.

            Thanks again for showing us all how it is done.

        • You don’t like how the court system is set up? This is how it has been for decades or longer.

          And why should I have to pay for my day in court? Have I broken any laws or done something to be charged with a crime? Until then, I will keep my hard earned dollars in the bank.

          If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to you by the state or city or by the Feds, depending on who is charging you. Isn’t that paid for by the taxpayers of those jurisdictions?

          • You’ve been screaming about Trump not having a problem with fighting bogus charges, simply because he has a lot of money. Why should you have to pay for YOUR day in court? Same reason as Trump. After all, according to your recent posts, in spite of the legal fees involved, everyone should fight bogus charges in a court room. Right? If it’s ok to slap BS charges on Trump, why shouldn’t it be ok to slap BS charges on YOU? Just fight it out in court, it’ll be just fine.

          • If I have bogus charges against me, I will fight them tooth and nail. Whether I have the money or not. Even if I have to represent myself and plead my case.

            President Trump has never had an issue fighting things in court. His tactics have been to use his large bank accounts to tie up many different people/businesses in court for years. So now he must use his own funds to cover the legal fees, just like he did for decades prior, until he is acquitted or convicted by a jury of people from NYC that both legal teams get to determine.

            And again, how do we know these are bogus charges against him we don’t know what crimes he has been charged with? Patience is a virtue. Wait and see. I will be the first to say it is a political witch hunt if the charges are BS, but please, lets wait until we know what the actual charges are.

  16. I don’t care what our three stooges (apologies the the real Stooges) have to say. Nothing they say anymore has an ounce of honesty in it, anyways. You can tell when they are lying to us because their lips begin to move.

  17. Is that ol Linsey Graham I saw CRYING? Wait until the AI spits out all the global secrets. For all the world to see…it’s not who you know, isn’t that right Scarecrow? ?

  18. Poor Donald. Over 30 counts, most of them for tax and insurance fraud schemes. He’s such a victim. A victim of his own making. Donald will look marvelous in an orange jumpsuit.

  19. So lovely watching all the Trump cultists lose their minds over this. Trump probably loves it too since he craves attention; just like all narcissists do.

    • The minds that have been lost over Donald Trump (if they ever even functioned in the first place, which I doubt) are those of all you conformist, pro-establishment radical leftist extremists. Your rank hypocrisy and blinding cognitive dissonance are positively unlimited and unbounded.

      • Don’t worry. Judging by some of the comments here, when the anti Trump heads explode, there will be very little shrapnel.

      • When trump said he could shoot someone and still get elected, he was talking about voters like you. But of course, it’s the left that’s blind.

  20. “They” will do anything to keep Trump from power, including cheating, lying, stealing, like what occurred in 2020 using an “Insurrection” to declare an emergency to prevent congressional challenge to the election and installing fjb. A domestic color revolution against American democracy. They will try it again including ww3 and not even having an election. Trump is unstoppable and “they” are desperate. Kudos to Senator Sullivan for his statement, but we need to see much more from him.

  21. This is not about you or your emotional warming fuzzy feelings. This is about our American way of life, our constitutional Republic, the rule of law and just plain moral decency. If you can’t see that the rest of us clearly see where you are in your life. It may well be a pathetic place.

  22. And then there is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers. Do you find any problems with any of these 2 concepts?

      • His lawyers get just as much say in who the jury is as the DA from Manhattan. If his lawyers cant get an impartial jury, then he should get better lawyers. Maybe Rudy is available

        President Trump said something about loving the folks of New York. Wasn’t it that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue in broad daylight and get away with it?

        It was his choice to do business in New York City, so it was his choice to allegedly break the laws of New York City.

        But again, he is innocent until proven guilty. Let this play out in court and go from there.

  23. The whole indictment thing…
    50$ says all the changes are past the statue of limitations anyway

  24. Meanwhile the Congressional Hush fund has been paying people hush money since 1997, and using taxpayer dollars to do so.
    “According to the Washington Post, there were 235 complainants received compensation totaling $15.2 million between 1997 and 2014. That’s more than one settlement per month for 17 years and nearly $1 million per year.”
    But, it is only bad when a former President uses his own money to pay someone to keep quiet. Not bad when Congress critters use taxpayer funds to do so.
    Got it.

  25. Sitting back thinking about the reason the left is so desperate to destroy Donald Trump who actually did a fine job managing the country as president. Nobody can dispute that with true facts especially when you consider the state we are in now after only two years of the biden disaster. Joe Biden is doing this because Trump is the opposition to his party. Guess what folks? We are also the opposition to Joe Bidens regime. Who is He going to go after next? Matt Taibi already knows for telling the truth that nobody wanted spoken out loud and guess who paid him a visit the same day he was spilling the truth? 87,000 armed IRS agents arent being hired to greet us as we stroll into Walmart. They are being weaponized with real guns because they know conservatives all have many weapons. Look at what happened to the poor bastards that voted for Trump in East Palestine Ohio. How many generations will be paying a huge price with health issues for years to come? And SVB bank in Cali where Gavin Nuisance and other millionaires pool their cash gets a bailout after the bank donated 73 million to Black Lives Matter. Sam Scumbag Fried may never know what the inside of a jail cell looks like because he stole peoples money and donated it to Joe Biden. Joe is a low life vindictive SOB….

    • Yup, President Biden controls the State of New York’s Manhattan DA. Someone who was elected by the people of Manhattan.

      Isn’t this the same President Biden who, according to many on this site, is basically a puppet who is fed lines doesn’t remember where he is most of the time?

      Can’t have it both ways

  26. You bunch of pussies are still worried about somebody calling you a racist so you will just sit back and be destroyed… how does it feel to sit there waiting for skinny arm ugly ass fagots destroy your future while you did absolutely nothing about it

    • Aren’t you nice? Do you feel like a real man, now?

      I’m curious, Rambo. How are you fighting back? Since you’re so gung Ho for it, you must be leading several very public push backs. Please list them.

      As an afterthought: the language a man uses speaks volumes about him.
      Goes to intellect, character, standing in the community, all kinds of fun stuff.

      You certainly have revealed much about yourself.

      I hope Suzanne leaves your “missive” up. It’s the best possible way to mock you, especially since it’s self inflicted.

      • He’s not wrong, TMA.
        And I have to question what your attack on Dalton’s comment, as unpolitically-correct as it is, has to say about you.

        • It means I’m highly unimpressed with keyboard Rambos with the intellect and language capabilities of a 6th grader.

          It makes him, and people like you who defend him, look like fools and denigrates our side.

          In a culture war you have to be smarter, faster, and a better communicator. Dalton is none of those. I’ve taken dumps which are more persuasive than him. Smarter, too.

  27. If my “arrest” didn’t wake you up, maybe this will. We live in a banana republic.
    Stupid technocracy.

  28. Another interesting observation was during christmas when Joey and Dr Jill Biden decorated the fireplace and hung xmas stockings above the fireplace for all the grandchildren except they reportedly left out the name of the one child with whom Hunter had fathered with the paid prostitute. It makes Joey and DR Jill look as though they are not as proud of ALL their grandchildren as Joey claims to be of Hunter. This if true is indicative of the true nature of Joey and DR Jill. Thankfully sister in law Haley didnt bear any children with Hunter while they were filming “The Lonely Widow” which aired on Pornhub.com or there would have been another “loser” grandchild without a xmas stocking hanging for them. (Thankfully Haley was included in the payout from the Chinese oligarch so she doesnt have to make and sell porn flicks to make ends meet as a widow) It is such a sad display of a disfunctional family who lives in OUR WHITEHOUSE! I would like to praise Foxnation for the documentary “Who is Hunter Biden” which is info provided to them from Hunter Biden himself via his laptop which he “donated”. My assumption is that all of the material in the documentary is based on fact otherwise the Bidens would have one hell of a defamation of character case against Fox News organization. I am still baffled how Jill Biden became Dr Jill after this rude treatment of an innocent child. Thankfully Hunter has grown up enough to at least hide his crack addiction from the public(not a pretty sight). Although I wouldnt be surprised if him and his prostitutes showed up on an episode of Jerry Springer. Finally I would like to thank Foxnation for providing the “transparency” Joey promised the entire nation during his inaugural speech.

  29. Apparently The then Senator Biden in the mid 90s was too busy coming up with legislation that put thousands of black citizens in jail for crimes that as he said “they will be so severe there will be jail time for jaywalking”! He should have spent more time educating his children to not film lewd behavior on a laptop then abandon it at a repair facility or write accusations of being molested in the shower as a young girl in their diary and leave it at a rehab facility they had spent a month at. His parenting skills just werent up to snuff. Thats why some call him “Grandpa Sniffy”?

  30. If Trump and his team of lawyers are smart (of course they are) they will go to the NYPD and file a complaint about the leak which will automatically initiate an investigation. It is a class E felony for unlawful grand jury disclosure.

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