Money mules: O’Keefe shows how ActBlue gets massive political donations from elderly, fixed-income Democrats


Journalist James O’Keefe, who parted ways with Project Veritas earlier this year and started O’Keefe Media Group, has rolled out his first project: Research shows that the behemoth Democrat fundraising platform known as ActBlue is using senior citizens who clearly don’t have the means to make large political donations, but are somehow mysteriously donating thousands of times a year and in many cases tens of thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates.

ActBlue acts like a fundraising clearinghouse for small-dollar donations. Every year it has to report to the Federal Election Commission where it got each and every dollar. The dollars go through ActBlue, and are funneled to various Democrat candidates or Democrat causes.

Nearly all Democrat candidates use the ActBlue fundraising mechanism, which is tied to the Democratic Party.

“We are a mission-based organization, which is why only Democrats and progressive organizations (not Republicans) can use our tools to fundraise,” the organization says on its website.

What O’Keefe was able to determine by combing the ActBlue donor lists is that some elderly, fixed-income donors are making thousands of donations a year. They tend to be people who can say they have made one or two donations, but no more.

When O’Keefe interviewed them, they had no idea that they were being used by what may be a program that uses their identities as mules for funneling dollars to candidates.

ActBlue has experienced significant growth in recent years. From 2004 to 2007, the platform raised $19 million. In the 2005-2006 campaign cycle, ActBlue raised $17 million for 1,500 Democratic candidates, with $15.5 million going to congressional campaigns. By August 2007, ActBlue had raised $25.5 million.

In the 2018 midterm elections, ActBlue raised $1.6 billion for Democratic candidates, with notable politicians such as Conor Lamb, Beto O’Rourke, and now-former Democrat Kyrsten Sinema benefiting from the platform.

In 2019, ActBlue raised approximately $1 billion, bringing in $420 million between January and mid-July 2019 from 3.3 million unique donors, dispersed to almost 9,000 Democratic campaigns and organizations.

One woman was listed by ActBlue as having given $18,000 to the campaign of Joe Biden for president. She was shocked by the revelation and said that she would certainly have made such a donation, had she had that kind of money, but she did not have that level of disposable income.

In 2020, ActBlue set multiple fundraising records, raising $19 million in the week following the death of George Floyd, and then breaking that record with $20 million raised on June 1.

Over half of the donations in the week following Floyd’s death went to non-political charitable causes, with one ActBlue page devoted to a bail fund for violent protesters that raised over $1.5 million from over 20,000 donors.

ActBlue also broke the single-day fundraising record when over $30 million was donated in the day following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2020.

In 2022, ActBlue raised $20.6 million on the day the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

What is surprising is the number of individual donations from people who told O’Keefe that they had only made a couple of small donations.

Kyle Corrigan, a private investigator in Wisconsin, also discovered people in his state had been used as fundraising mules for ActBlue.


  1. This is a surprise? Any entity acting as a ‘clearing house’ should be shut down and investigated to the cellular level. That goes for any and all clearinghouses no matter the cause or party they support. All contributions need to come from traceable sources such as a person or business and the trail needs to go directly to the candidate (preferable) or party with no third party involved.

  2. Lying cheating politicians wanting you to vote for them. What’s wrong with the voters that do vote for more of the same. If a relative stole from them people would be mad but a politician doesn’t even get a hand slap.

  3. Of course – the dogs who want to destroy America will stop at nothing. That O’Keefe was able to expose it is remarkable.

  4. Where’s the doj on this?
    Oh yeah, arresting grandma for peacefully protesting and parents that are concerned what their kids are taught in public schools.

  5. As a victim of identity theft within the past, and successfully defended against, is this not the very definition of identity theft?

    An act that utilizes, that is steals or represents another individual’s identity so as to benefit themselves or their cause, within this case.

    Show the receipts that this money actually came from the actual individuals within this case, rather than a identity stealing conglomerate utilizing said individual identities as a criminal front.

  6. I lot of money that’s “earmarked “
    or sent to this country and that grant is laundered under our nose and used to slit our own throats. All coming out of your own pocket.

  7. I am pretty sure if this was an organization supporting Republican candidates, there would be charges filed.

  8. ActBlue is practicing elder abuse. But, alas, since they are leftists, they get a pass. Good luck if they knock on the door of my late 80s parents – Both MAGA conservatives. I hope ActBlue is wearing body armor if my 88 y.o, mother answers the door.

    • Pray tell, Mark, what does Ginny Thomas have to do with any part of this story?

      Please elaborate.

  9. So where’s the money come from? The fact that useful idiots gather Intel for political actors from other useful idiots isn’t news, where the money comes from thay is used to exploit the useful idiots is where the story is.

  10. …More of breaking ‘honor thy father and mother’ law what the klawock youth blatently done. Actblue employees and candidates are
    committing same offense. I’m learning when we hadn’t learned this commandment we go through a season not respecting nor honoring adults older than the younger adult until that law is understood by him.

  11. It’s Chinese money trying to buy our elections. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got proxy ballots in many states as well.

  12. So successful Republicans created WinRed to compete. Maybe he should look at people being billed unknowingly for reoccurring contributions by WinRed. In the world of political fundraising there is no moral high ground.

    • Absolutely. If they engage in illegal activities, go after them, dem or republican. All of these clearing houses should be shut down anyways. They are just an end around laws limiting contributions.

    • Leo Americus and Paul in the Valley: I’m glad you made these comments because, as it so happens, I did. Very superficially though, with an extremely limited set of parameters that included zip code and occupation. You are right. What stands out the most to me is that individual donors 1) made multiple donations on the same day and 2) made multiple donations for months. The only legitimate explanation I can think of is that the donor made a single large donation through the clearing house, then the clearing house doled out the donation to various political entities throughout the year, proportionally. If this is so, I’d have to dig up my ten-key because I can’t calculate the original donation. Additionally, under this hypothesis and after glancing at the ‘earmarks’, the real winners seem to be the clearing house themselves.

      If my best guess is wrong; though, then the individual donor numbers are just…. weird. Who’s going to make a donation of $.25 and $24.75, $3.00 and $.30 day after day after day. Or a daily total of $1, $3, and $3 totalling $7. Some, not all, of the individual donors are quite generous though, more than what I would think a ‘retired’ or ‘not employed’ individual person would want to donate to politics. On the other hand, campaign finance laws are an effing mess across the board. Individual donors may be relying on the clearing houses to keep them safe from the different state and federal laws.

      Caveat: I didn’t differentiate between entities, but did focus more on WinRed and ActBlue. This is a snapshot analysis and shouldn’t be taken as an important addition to the discussion.

  13. The first page of the PAC’s donors’ list at ‘ shows most of the donors are “not employed.” The first page lists donors contributing $3,650-5,000. To see if your elderly parent has been allegedly donating, enter her/his name at ‘

  14. Think this is only happening in lower 48? Think again. Go to the APOC reports of many of the Democrats in our State, especially the Liberal Assembly of Anchorage and Candidates, and you will find the exact same thing! Okeefe’s video stated that many of the questionable donations were identified as “retired”. Democrats in Alaska have an unusual high number of retired donating to them.

  15. This form of corruption has no political boundaries. Until we as a people find a way of removing big money out of election campaigns the swamp only deepens. Even a conservative community can be convinced to vote for a closet leftist with an expensive advertising campaign, as we saw in the last election. Ballot choices should be based on merit, not tv and radio adds or the most and largest signs or especially public disparagement with false information on an opposing candidate or ballot initiative. By the time it is proven to be false information, the damage is done, and there seems to be no accountability. The candidates and initiatives that used false information to sway voters should be removed from consideration immediately, even if they “won”. Like what happens in any sport. We would not be stuck with decisions based on false information and forced to lengthy processes to try to reverse our ill-informed choices if the same laws of civilization were applied to politics. You lie or cheat then you are disqualified. Period. And it matters not who’s team you are on.

  16. After watching the videos it is quite apparent that ACT Blue is not actually charging these people. Any even half-alert senior would notice daily charges or withdrawals from their accounts. These seniors however have no idea and are shocked at the dollar values supposedly donated by them. To my interpretation Act Blue is using their small donor database and assigning donations to random names in order to give the appearance of small donor funding. It seems they are deliberately obfuscating the facts about the donations origin and shielding the actual contributors from scrutiny. This is clearly of concern since foreign entities are prohibited from contributing to any campaign and it appears the real donors are shrouded in secrecy at this organization.

    • The real donors are Sberbank, Alfa Group, and the state bank of Russia. They were caught and it came out years ago, then everyone shut up about it and pretended that it had never happened.

      ActBlue is part of the Avaaz network, which is pure evil if you look into them. They are not Democrats, they are a foreign power that has hijacked and taken over the Democratic Party in a gigantic false flag operation.

  17. There is no doubt that the left and the socialist backers are participating in racketeering and money laundering as a matter of course in their manipulations of the political system. The equally obvious fact is that the bureaucracy is colluding with these entities to marginalize the people in this country that still believe in the constitution. It is probably also true that huge amounts of cash are being funneled through to these organizations and politicians by the cartels below our southern border to influence the lack of control of the travel into our country. When billions of dollars of tax free money is available for investment to influence a criminal enterprise, the criminality is rarely exposed.

    • Not to mention the 501s that were designed for this very purpose as well as enriching their staff by large salaries. The party with the most creative accountants wins. Not exactly the American way. Why else would someone running for office have a campaign budget that more than exceeds the pay for the position. Look no farther than than local politicians to substantiate.

    • Forgot to mention, the results take two years to become public information. Yippie ti yea, bend over, Americans.

  18. Check it out to see if you’re contributing ‘

    We found one guy in Anchorage in 2021 and 2022 made 2,493 contributions for a sum of $35,870.51

  19. In money laundering cases, they’re not called”mules” the nickname for the technique is “smurfing”. Legally, it is” structuring”

  20. Absolutely nothing to worry about here. We passed ballot measure 2 which puts a stop to outside dark money from contaminating our elections!

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