Peltola turns back on middle class, votes to save Biden’s mortgage rates penalizing good credit borrowers


In a move to protect middle-class borrowers from President Joe Biden and his higher interest rates for people with good credit, the House of Representatives passed the Middle-Class Borrower Protection Act.

Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola voted against the passage of the Middle-Class Borrower Protection Act, a bill that garnered bipartisan support of 14 Democrats and that aims to create safeguards against fee changes based on borrowers’ debt-to-income (DTI) ratios. It institutes a one-year freeze on the Biden Federal Housing Finance Agency’s increase of mortgage rates for good-credit borrowers, so that poor-credit borrowers can get better mortgage rates. The punishing rule went into effect in June.

“Why would you punish people by making it more expensive for people that have been most responsible? On the credit score piece, it’s not even clear that it only helps people who are poor. I mean, there are wealthy people who don’t manage their credit well,” Rep. Warren Davidson told reporters. Davidson, who is a Republican from Ohio, is a co-sponsor of the legislation.

The bill’s other co-sponsor, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, expressed concerns about the Biden Administration’s socialist agenda, stating, “Homeownership already feels out of reach, and now this administration wants to subsidize individuals with a history of financial irresponsibility and penalize Americans who have worked hard to build strong credit.”

Emmer’s office conducted a survey among constituents that revealed that 93% of the 6,000 respondents believed that prospective homebuyers with good credit should not be required to subsidize high-risk borrowers.

Peltola did not survey her constituents before voting against overturning the rule. The measure passed the House with a vote of 230 to 189 and proceeded to the Senate for further deliberation.


  1. Ms. Peltola does not need to ask her constituents. She is going to get rich the same way most leftists in government do, and then she won’t have to care about the rest of us.

  2. She is a good little puppet for the left. She has no brain or ability to think for herself. Again I hope her family and voter friends pay through the nose. I would like to see rates go up 50% for village housing.

    • Most people in Bush AK don’t get bank mortgages, so she’s safe there.
      And most people in Urban AK aren’t paying attention to a detail like this.
      She plays it safe; like most leftist, she is a good politician (but a bad leader)

      • Thanks George I am aware of the bush housing but I still hope that her bush voters get what they voted for.

  3. She and Hubby are the building blocks of the strong native values that “enrichens” the lives of all their people. To hell with everyone else. Cant wait to see Queen Lisa follow her partner in corruption and vote to condemn the hard working citizens in order to reward the lazy not so inclined to work group.

  4. And the grift goes on, the grift goes on…

    Happy Queen Sarah? Your ego tantrum got us here. And you are where…? Not up here working to get rid of RVC like you said you’d do.

    • Sarah had the numbers over Begich three times and the good old boys and girls of the GOP refused to get Nick to back off. It’s that group who got Peltola elected. Love her or despise her she had the numbers.

  5. It’s hard to believe that Alaskans are represented by this POS. Sarah Palin is the other POS. POSs deserve each other. NB3 in 2024.

    • Do us a favor, right? Buzz off, and take the 50% of POS Begich supporters that voted for Peltola and spoiled their vote with you. Trump’s greatest service to this country has been flipping over the uniparty rock and exposing fake Republicans, like NB3, Walker and Lisa M, to the light.

      • @Apu:
        I’ll roll with you on fake Republican POS like Bill Walker and Lisa Murkowski. But not with NB3. Apparently you don’t know him at all. I also doubt 50% of his supporters checked the box for POS Mary Peltola. I think those were POS Palin people. Let’s not get carried away here, and rather keep focused. Palin is history. Let’s get rid of POS Mary Peltola in 2024. Can we agree to that?

      • No we didn’t, apu. We voted for Sarah for 2nd choice. It was Sarah voters who went for Peltola.

      • Up North:
        Mine too. And, we will see NB3 again. I’m getting Todd to be his campaign manager.

  6. Thanks for keeping an eye on her & Buzzy Suzanne.
    A slimey couple if I ever saw one (& I don’t mean fish slime)

  7. Do you work hard, pay your bills, are you self sufficient?
    Be careful, the Biden administration and the Demolisher party will take care of you. They will do anything to make you powerless and weak- just like they are weak and powerless against Chinese government masters. The Biden abomination and his Democrat fan boys and girls are armpits deep up the Chinese government’s HeeHaw.

  8. So what has she done for the middle class Alaskans or anyone that does not live on the west coast?

  9. She better be putting her money where her mouth is. If I have to pay then she better be paying also. Typical Democrat Politician, take other peoples money to fund their agendas.

  10. When I first saw Peltola I knew she would win her election and we’d never be able to get rid of her. She’s bought, paid for, and fully entrenched. She’ll vote the way she’s told.

  11. Democrats don’t understand incentives They don’t realize this will incentivize financial irresponsibility. This is like the police arresting the witness to a crime instead of the actual perpetrator.

  12. The peltola’s matching outfit makes them look like they two took fashion advice from Dr. Evil in the movie ‘Austin Powers’

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