Peltola hiring interns for D.C. office


Although the 2022 election has not been finalized, it’s apparent to most political observers that Congresswoman Mary Peltola, a Democrat, will win election to the two-year seat representing the state of Alaska.

The final results of the election will be determined at 4 pm on Wednesday by the Division of Elections, as the division runs the tabulation for the ranked-choice method of voting. Watch the tabulation as it is conducted at this link.

But meanwhile, Peltola, with a significant lead (she has 48.68% of the vote so far) went ahead and advertised today that she is hiring interns for her office in D.C. for spring.

“The Washington, D.C. Office of Representative Mary Sattler Peltola (D-AK) is seeking interns for the Spring 2023 term. This position offers an opportunity to learn about the U.S. House of Representatives and gain substantive work experience in an exciting and fast-paced office. Internships in the office are paid, available for college credit, or may be funded through another program or University. The hours generally run 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Interns will work for 12-16 weeks (January-May),” her office announced.

“In Washington, interns’ responsibilities will vary. They may be asked to answer phones, research legislation for the Member and legislative staff, attend hearings and briefings, and answer constituent letters on various issues before the House. As a result, interns learn about the legislative process and the many other functions of a congressional office.”

Applicants must submit:

 * Resume

 * Cover Letter

 * Writing Sample—1-page writing sample about a policy of your choice and its impact in your community.

Preference will be given to applicants who:

 * Are a current or former resident of Alaska

 * Have completed two semesters of college

Applications are due Dec. 5, 2022 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Completed applications for internships should be sent to [email protected]. In the subject of your email, follow this example: “Jane Doe Spring 2023 D.C. Internship Application”

More information about this opportunity at this link.


    • Agreed, that’s all a Palin gift.
      The silver lining is that Peltola will be a junior-junior Democrat Representative in a Republican controlled House (if the RINOs don’t vote with the Dems), thereby rendering her nearly a non entity.
      And to think: we could have had such a powerful voice with Begich, the first to declare candidacy, and the true conservative of the two.

    • Sarah?
      Excuse me, Begich was the 2 time LOSER. Begich LOST.
      The honorable thing to do would’ve been to drop out.
      Wonder if the Begich RINO supporters “ranked the red”.
      Just think if the Begich supporters spent the last 6 months, relentlessly, pillorying Peltolas record and stance on the issues – instead of the attempted character aspiration of Sarah.
      Heard of Trump Derangement Syndrome – TDS?
      Well PDS exists as well.
      Democrats never do this sort of thing – only the RINO’S in the GOP do this stuff- and they wonder why the Democrats maintain the upper hand…

      • The Begich supporters are convinced that because Begich got more marks on ballots than Sarah Palin did, that somehow he was the preferred candidate, and Palin should have dropped.
        What they are ignoring is that RCV does not care what the lower ranked marks are if you are ahead. Come in 3rd place, like Begich did, and you are eliminated. Your 1st ranked votes disappear, cease to exist. And, they are replaced with 2nd choice votes. If a candidate has more 1st rank votes than you do, they are the preferred candidate, not you.
        It is like saying the NY Mets should have won because they got more men on base, even though they did not score a single run.

      • “……Begich LOST. The honorable thing to do would’ve been to drop out……..”
        ‘Honor’ isn’t the virtue that comes to mind when discussing political campaigning. And really, under a ranked choice election, which effectively negates splitting a party, there really wasn’t a need to drop out.
        Begich, and just about everybody else (except, obviously, Scott Kendall and Murky) never dreamed that conservatives and Republicans could shoot both feet off under a ranked choice election.
        Of all people, I should have known better. As an engineer, I’ve known for decades that you simply cannot engineer stupidity out of prominence. Stupidity rules the world. This election proves it yet again. The only way to possibly survive stupidity is to properly forecast where the stupid will go, and then stand out of the way.

  1. What an embarrassment for Alaska. And due to the ridiculous application of ranked choice voting. We need to get this straightened out pronto before 2024. And stuck with the RINO Murkowski for 6 more years. It boggles the mind.

    • I hope Peltola along with Alaska’s double barrel shot gun Murkowski and Sullivan step up enforcement of the Stevens Magnesun Act and keep high seas foreign poachers out of U.S. waters, get some use out of the new Coast Guard cruisers. Also keep foreign owned Northern Dynasty out of the Bristol Bay spawning grounds (pebble), put Alaska’s governor in his place and bring back the way things used to be in Alaska.

    • Fish, family, and fringe congresswoman. She represents about 25% to 35% of Alaskans, when you takeaway all of the Palin haters who voted for Peltola out of spite for Sarah Palin. And there were a bunch of them.

      • LOL, Peltola got 48% of first place votes. That means your assertion is only true if the Palin haters cast their 1st place vote for Peltola (to spite Palin) instead of Begich. Seems highly unlikely to me.

    • “……I like fish!”
      Apparently, you love campaign slogans, too. How you imagine Peltola is going to solve a biological issue that has had every marine biologist in the North Pacific ecosystem from California to Alaska and back down to Japan completely at a loss for the past 20 years is beyond me.

    • Masked; You know I wonder sometimes if you’re conservative or liberal (even if the definitions of those are up in the air), how long you lived in Alaska, your beliefs, objectives, who you supported for office.
      I do know you’re a good writer. What are you trying to avenge, Interesting.

      • “……. I wonder sometimes…….”
        I don’t. Who cares? He clearly doesn’t care about your beliefs and priorities.

      • I was born here. You? Either way, why does it matter? Clearly I’m here now and have been for some time.

        My political affiliations are clear. I’m conservative. Not GOP, DNC, or any other overused acronym.

        I vote for the candidate I think will do the least damage to the Republic as it was created. Usually, sadly, that means I must caucus with the GOP. But that happens less and less each day.

        The GOP, especially those touched by Tuckerman Babcock, are ineffective, borderline illiterate, and much bigger hypocrites than the left.

        What may be confusing to you is I call balls and strikes as I see them. Since I’m not a Republican I don’t owe them fealty. When the GOP screws up, which is hourly, if moved I call them on it.

        I do not buy into fiction like stolen elections in most cases. The DNC just outworks, out thinks, and out plays the GOP.

        While I think Trump was a surprisingly good POTUS, he was a disaster of a candidate and was beaten (see above) by a senile, corrupt pedophile in his basement.

        Dunleavy is a useless blob in the Governor’s office. I have rarely seen a man in public office wet himself so often. I compare him to Humphrey Bogarts character in the Cain Mutiny. A lot is bluster. Zero action. Old Yellow Stain.

        Mike Shower, Roger Holland, and Dave Bronson are the only AK politicians with a clue.

        And the $1,000,000 position: Sarah Palin is not the demigod so many want her to be. Her actions have hurt Alaska, she quit when things got tough, and has no actual track record to back her hype. She is a borderline fraud with bad hair and worse ego.

        Regarding the left. If I said what I actually think the way I think it, the comment would never be allowed. I do give them credit for consistently being 71 steps ahead of the GOP.

        My opinions, beliefs, and motivations are my own.

  2. Ranked Choice Voting has turned the 2022 election into one of the worst elections in Alaska’s short history of national elections. The Murkowski camp knew in 2019 that she was a largely irrelevant candidate, particularly if Trump had won re-election. The scheme of RCV was, and is to this day, an illegal initiative. The Division of Elections and the LT Governor were following the Alaska Constitution when they rejected the three-question initiative. However, the liberal led initiative, dreamed up by a Bill Walker staffer and Murkowski confidant, and pushed by a certain drive time talk show host had legs. They sued to get it on the ballot, and the AK Supremes, ignoring the AK Constitution, allowed it to be on the ballot. If Alaska does not repeal this initiative within one more national election cycle, we will be a full-fledged blue outlet, and overridden by liberals. Juneau has been blue for 20+ years. Anchorage is purple, nearly pale blue. Fairbanks is tipping over. If the Mat-Su goes, all will be lost for conservatives for at least 30 years. You think it’s hard to get development done or reign in crime now? Just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • RCV is certainly worse for three groups:
      1. Political parties. They were quite comfortable with the previous paradigm, in which their members only club selected a winner based on nepotism, backroom deals, financial promises. The new system – GASP! – lets voters, not parties, determine which candidates have sufficient support to continue (or win).
      2. Extreme partisans. Gone are the days when a group like ABT can take over a party to ensure that their hand-picked candidate makes it into the final two. It will now be a recipe for finishing 3rd, as Begich just proved.
      3. People that can’t figure out how to use RCV (Palin is a prime example). It’s just an instant runoff, without the weeks/months in between, the huge amounts of extra money spent, and extra trip to the polling station. it’s actually government spending your money more efficiently, which most visitors to this site would agree is a legitimate goal.

    • If you’re looking for whom to blame, look around you. Stupidly, we voted this system in.

      We have the government we deserve and asked for.

      This is what comes with low turnout, a popular radio host pimping his business product, and low information voters.

  3. “Democracy” has lost its true meaning. The Democrats learn new words, change the meaning, and then repeat over and over and over…infrastructure is another favorite. It’s a fancy word for money laundering in Demo speak.

    • Rs would never try to change the meaning of a word, then endlessly repeat the misleading information for political gain. For example, Rs would never misconstrue the word “groomer” as it applies to individuals that have different lifestyles. Rs would never redefine a college level academic course of study (say, Critical Race Theory) as secret way to undermine the politically dominant race, then pretend it’s taught in elementary school. Rs would never promote a repeatedly debunked economic theory (i.e., Trickle Down Economics) as a way to achieve prosperity for the masses when the research shows it only benefits the top 5%.

      You and I know our shared definition of Democracy (only allowing those that share our view to vote) is correct.

  4. Will Mary hire an older, White dude for internship?
    I’m Christian, not LGBTQ, 2 years of college, raised in Alaska.

  5. The RED WAVE stopped at Florida and the Valley. Because they cleaned up their election system to a free and fair elections. No question. The MATSU Valley votes in person and recently got rid of Dominion Voting Machines and the incumbents won by several thousand votes and greatly over 75%. Now in Florida, Incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis won recently in the most liberal district in Florida, the Miami District, by a 50 point margin spread, in comparison over the last 6-years. Miami District is supposedly compared to one of the most liberal cities in America, Seattle WA.
    2016 – Hillary (+30 points)
    2020 – Biden (+ 5 points)
    2022 – DiSantis (+20 points)

    Facts demonstrate that Democrats voted for DeSantis overwhelmingly! Hands down! There is over a 50–spread approval margin for DeSantis as displayed above. Liberals came out in droves for him. The difference in comparison to Alaska, is Florida fixed their election-process-system to include one-person, one-ID, and thus on voting night a winner is declared from the outcome.

    Their is no weeks of counting mail-in and absentee ballots. According to the State of Florida, you better be serving in a combat theatre 11,000 miles away in the Middle East or have a extreme medical reason to cast an absentee ballot that are due well before the Election Day deadline of November 8, 2022. The FL department of elections has to verify your condition and status of eligibility before an absentee ballot is awarded.

    In comparison, Anchorage city elections has roughly 50,000 people vote in city wide elections, but over 250,000 absentee ballots get mailed out across the country. FACT shows that 1/5 of the ballots gets utilized to vote. So what happens to the other 200,000-ballots just floating out there in LA LA land? Is there dead/alive constituents that vote?

    FACT: their are 107% registered voters in the State of Alaska voter rolls. Thus over 50,000 more voters than their are of current standing Alaska residents. Now Florida also got rid of Dominion Voting Machines, and also mandates their voter rolls get purged every single year for current resident eligibility and standing.

    That is how the now Florida democrat resident, Cheryl Anne Leslie was recently charged with a Felony in election fraud for casting an absentee ballot in all of the 2020 thru 2022 in the Anchorage city and Alaska statewide elections. Florida also created a State Task Force Investigation Department for voter fraud and have made it the most punishable of crimes and worse than identity theft.

    (BELOW US NEWS: “Florida resident voting for Alaska Legislators.”)

    The State of Alaska does not have to reinvent the wheel on election integrity. They simply have to model a State that even the most liberal democrats in comparison to Seattle voted a republican into office. GOV DeSantis won the democrats and the liberals because he represents their free will, well being, prosperity, and the safety of their families against the Biden regime.

    Covid was the smoke screen that created the mail in and absentee ballot initiative. That initiative takes weeks to count and receive, and somehow change outcomes from election night polls. That is why most European countries such as France have gotten rid of mail in balloting because they said, “it is a set up for fraud and dis-enfranchises the one person and one vote system.”

    (BELOW AP NEWS: “For 49-million voters, France old school voting works!”)

    After covid nearly ALL European Nations eliminated the mail in system, and citizens go vote in person with one-ID, and know the night of the election which candidate won. All European nations have stated, “this process is to ensure of a free and fair election system.” If other states within our country and other countries that are our best allies can get it right in election integrity, then the blue print is already there. Especially if France can hand count 49,000,000 million paper voting ballets and know on election night who the winner is. Then we can certainly hand count a quarter million Alaskan paper ballets to know on election night who the winner is.

  6. What is the US Constitution definition (to hell with the UN or any other definition)? It is comprised of public servants who have been elected, appointed by elected public servat or hired by an elected public servant subservient to the public. By virtue of having sworn an oath to uphold the US Constitution (all of it) gradually a civility becomes evident. American civil society is not amorphous. It is uniquely USA. And anyone else who says otherwise is lying. Nothing more nothing less. If you want to hold hands with monarchs do it on someone else’s dime and continent. USA! USA!

  7. Uh,……..
    Begich lost to Palin not once – not twice – but thrice in less than five months.
    Just ignore the Palin Haters. Like a good Democrat, they just never learn what truth looks like.

    • Palin lost a Presidential Election and went underground for a decade after people begged her to run for office. Her life’s a wreck now. I loved Palin, thought she was exactly what the GOP needed. But her time has come and gone. She should be retired and be a grandma. She hasn’t been relevant in 10 years and now she wants to be in the spotlight again? Yeah no. This is the third straight election in a row she has lost.

      • Read My Lips:
        She beat Begich three times in less than five months, including one primary which, before RCV, would have eliminated Begich in August.
        Would she have beaten Peltola had this not been RCV? It appears not, but it’s also abundantly clear that Begich wouldn’t have, either.

  8. “True Alaskan” needs to get his facts straight. The Dominion machines in the Mat Su are used ONLY to tabulate votes. There is no modem or internet capability. 4 precincts are too far away to bring ballots in after the polls close, and must call in their results. There is no way to transmit the results using the machines. The hand count verified the tabulation.

    • FACTS: Capability and usage are two different words with two different meanings. Dominion machines have internet/modem capability via USB ports, are you implying they removed USB ports? They would be the only machines with that modification. These ports are the means through which Dominion software updates occur, even in this latest election. This capability is why Texas and Florida have eliminated the usage of dominion voting machines for this and future elections, and why MATSU voted to eliminate dominion machine usage for the next and future. elections.

      • “True Alaskan”. I suggest you examine the machines yourse!f. You need to dispose of your tinfoil hat before you make unsubstantiated claims.

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