National Hockey League says ‘trans men are men’


The National Hockey League has waded into the culture wars. In a message on Twitter, the League made the bold statement that trans men are men. That official position means that women who chemically and surgically alter themselves to appear as men must be recognized as men, regardless of science, an increasingly accepted anti-science position on the Left.

“The NHL is proud to support this past weekend’s Team Trans Draft Tournament in Middleton, Wisconsin. This was the first tournament comprised entirely of transgender and nonbinary players, with around 80 folks participating! #HockeyIsForEveryone #NHLPride,” the NHL tweeted Tuesday.

The conversation was picked up by a person who asked, “So, men playing on womans team?”

The NHL replied, “Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Nonbinary identity is real.”

The conversation picked up steam from there, with another person responding, “And just like that, the @NHL erased the special and unique places women hold in biology and history. Shame on you.”

And on the discussion went, with the NHL apparently not understanding its audience; most of the responses derided the NHL for going woke.

Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire noted, “Amazing to watch sports leagues that rely on extraordinary performance by biological men (as well as the viewership of disproportionately male audiences) parrot the idiotic anti-biological garbage of the woke coterie. If this is true, why aren’t there any trans men in the NHL? They’re real men, after all. Must be terrible and vicious discrimination.”

Another responder told the NHL, “So you intentionally discriminated against ‘cis-gender people.’ Nice. Yes, I can play word games too.”

And before all was said and done with the NHL, came the inevitable… “I identify as a 1st round draft pick.. which team will I be placed on?”


  1. It is a simple biological fact that there is NO SUCH THING as being “transgendered”. It is impossible to rewrite one’s DNA in every cell of one’s body, which is what would be required in order to legitimately be trans-gendered. All we have today under that label are those who are confused and/or mentally ill.

    (And I dont’ know why my past comments to this effect keep being deleted.)

    • Science has identified at least 7 genders. When you have 23 pairs of chromosomes there are a very large number of combinations and distortions that could make you not 100% male, or 100% female

      • Frank, you are just babbling unscientific and unfactual nonsense.
        Yes, there are rare —- and let me emphasize, RARE — cases in which the sex chromosomes are combined in non-standard, non-XX or XY ways, such as in Kleinfelter’s Syndrome. But even in most of those cases, the person has fairly obvious and predominating male or female characteristics, even though they may have low or zero fertility.

    • Because there is no such thing as free speech, they censor everything before they allow the post, no better than the left. All sides of politics are corrupt, we’re just pawns who fall for their games

  2. Guarantee you 99.9% of players and fans do not agree with the NHL on this. Follow the science, not the faddists.

  3. Seems reasonable to ask whether NHL would work as hard to normalize sexual deviancy if no money or children were involved.

  4. NHL
    Should know. Hockey men players don’t play as rough when a girl is playing with them. She gives all, but the men aren’t giving their full strength in games
    Unless the
    man is a jerk and he wants the win. If the man player did
    She’ be in hospital. Hockey is rough and fast. Much rougher than sport.

  5. Mindless virtue signaling. I hope it comes back to bite them. I’m sure they think if they make such a statement that they will be left alone. We shall see. It is astounding how many spineless cowardly people have somehow made it into key decision making positions. Protect the money. Horrors of horrors we could be canceled. If everyone stood up to this foolish baloney then the wacky wokey cult would have no power.

  6. I identify as a millionaire so you must all now give me money and make me that way so my feelings don’t get hurt! PAY UP-LOL!

  7. So let’s see. A bunch of women acting like men on the ice. What could possibly happen.
    You cannot tell me all the men there are not ticked off about this. I’m sure they are fuming and being told to shut up.
    All day long, this is bs. NHL is toast just like the anti American league of football.
    Transgenders on ice sounds like a bad ice capade! No to all of that mess!
    Sorry ladies. All day long you will never be a man. No more than a man will EVER be a woman.
    Your gender confusion is showing!

  8. So as growing serious injuries mount up, the women who choose to do this have nothing to say. Of course they will that that is besides the point!

  9. This just in: The NHL has identified as transhockey and in the future you are permitted to refer to them as the WNBA/NBA…

  10. Thoughts to ponder:
    “If woman aspires literally to enjoy all of man’s rights, then, sooner or later, pitiless and emotionless competition will certainly replace that chivalry and special consideration which many women now enjoy, and which they have so recently won from men.”

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