Oregon, Hawaii now have illegal petition circulating to recall Alaska’s governor



After an official recall petition was sent to an Arizona man to pick up the signatures of snowbirds in that state, other illegal recall petition activity has been identified by Must Read Alaska readers in Oregon and Hawaii.

The Recall Dunleavy Committee had listed an Arizona contact for those out of state who want to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy. After Must Read Alaska’s story that brought up the illegality of gathering signatures out of state, that listing was removed from the group’s official page.

Readers sent in notices for two other sites — Oahu, and Astoria, Oregon, where signatures have already been picked up by one eager petition booklet holder:

Astoria is the home to many seasonal Alaskans who work in the commercial fishing industry in the summer, and winter over in the Lower 48.

This weekend is the 23rd annual “FisherPoets Gathering” for writers and creative types in Oregon celebrating commercial fishing.

Alaska Statute 15.45.575 that says petitions may only be circulated in person throughout the state and in person.


  1. The Courts should and must shut it down. Dirty tricks from disgruntled Lawyers. The lawyer’s should be disbarred.

  2. Courts won’t shut down. People are being told by the petition group that the governor stole their PFD. It’s just like when the Democrats first went after Trump with Russia, then Ukraine, and now the coronavirus. They have no moral code beyond having the ends justify the means.

      • Charlie, my family agrees with you. Like a pack of rabid mongrels, the unions and left are snapping at our Governor for doing what must be done to save our state, When or if the governor capitulates to these people and the state fails the mongrels will rejoice and say see he collapsed the economy of the state with his actions.

      • Charlie,
        I understand your sentiment but there is an obvious provision in the state constitution for the recall effort.
        I am in that 4 percent with no strong opinion one way or the other on an outcome (call it undecided) , but do feel that the process should be allowed to move forward in a fair and Democratic way.

        • No opinion? You gotta be kidding, Steve. You’re highly opinionated here at MRAK. btw, did you drop a dime with Suzanne for all of your published opinions?

        • Steve, get your reasoning straightened up. Their was no legal threshold to recall the governor. Policy differences do not rise to that level. We the readers here at MRAK thought you were more intelligent.

          • You do realize that one court has upheld the legal threshold and our SC will also rule on it soon. What is your legal background to have such an expert opinion? Heheh!

          • Yeah, a bunch of activist left-wing judges who are getting bar complaints generated against themselves. Grow up, Yankee. You’re an old codger drawing SS and Medicare and you don’t give a damn about others, or the law.

          • Boy Paul you are getting pretty far out there today. The poster I responded to referred to “legal threshold” and I brought her up to date. You, on the other hand, seem to be poisoned by some ill-gotten idea about leftist judges. You are the expert on your opinion but what does my being an old codger have to do with the law?
            I’ll tell you, nothing. Further it puts your idea of the law in question and you need to grow up.

    • The statute can be acquired at no cost with no identification in about a minute online. I mean how gray can this be for god’s sake?>>>>>>>

      Sec. 15.45.580. Circulation; prohibitions.
      (a) The petitions may be circulated only in person throughout the state.

      Pretty damn plain.

  3. It will be close to impossible to clear out all of the illegal signatures, sadly. The people signing will be registered voters in Alaska. The people gathering out of state signatures have probably already figured out a way to get these signatures counted, they won’t quit just because it’s against the law. The entire process has to be stopped, NOW!

  4. Bar complaints. These intentionally circulated recall petitions must have consequences to Lindemuth and Kendall. Bar complaints against these two clown attorneys must be filed.

    • Grievances against attorneys Lindemuth and Kendall can be filed by any AK resident who voted in the 2018 governor’s race. Go to AK Bar Assoc website and find out how to file a complaint against an AK attorney. Or call ABA and ask for a grievance form.. Let’s get these complaints going against these two outlaw lawyers who are trying to ruin our state.

  5. Exactly. ..the courts should nip and shut this so called recall committee! Another ploy to unseat a well deserved governor….Gov. Mike Dunleavy!

  6. Our voter rolls are so dirty that you could have left the State ten years ago and still be a registered voter here. They wouldn’t be Democrats if they weren’t trying to steal an election.

  7. Do you associate with known and purposeful law breakers? The Recall Dunleavy group has decided that Alaska statuate doesn’t apply to them, and they can, and will, break those laws however, whenever and wherever they choose in order to remove Gov. Dunleavy. This group is getting more shifty by the hour.

    • Fisher poets? At first glance I thought this gathering was named after a large member of the weasel family! Then as I went further down I saw a picture of one of those tiny Kodiak style pocket seiners. Oh, ok so this is a gathering of ” gender neutral fishermen” .

      So it now has come full circle. One of the biggest reasons for Statehood was to end the outside control of Salmon Fishing. To end fish traps and to let individual Alaska residents control their resources. Evidently this recall group wants to return to the days when decisions regarding fish were made in Seattle.

  8. Snowbirds aren’t Alaskans, they are repeat Alaskan Tourists. Same goes for out of state commercial fishermen.

  9. These are NOT “seasonal Alaskans”…there is no such thing. If you are an Alaskan, then you live here most of the year, not just during the summer months. I’m tired of people who come up here to work (on the slope or in fishing industry), who manage to get a mailing address up here so they can “prove” residency. There needs to be a huge fine and jail time for that. If you’re only up here for work, you are not a resident.

  10. As an Alaskan by birth who has lived overseas for two decades and now lives in Texas, I’m horrified by all the ugly accusations against Alaska Democrats! Keep it clean and keep it civilized, folks—smearing your legitimate opponents with unsubstantiated opinion-based accusations only demeans you and your message. Have heard better arguments on the issues from kindergartners!

    AHS ‘53

    • This is a funny comment as the arguments on here have run exactly like this poster is describing for a long time. In fact there are a bunch who post exclusive unsubstantiated opinion-based accusations, without fail, daily.
      Kathleen is evidently a newbie. Heheh!

    • This is a clear violation of statute that is easily accessed via the States website. It literally takes three minutes to get the statute from the source. How can one explain away such blatant disregard?

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