Recall committee breaks law by gathering petition signatures out of state


That didn’t take long.

The Recall Dunleavy Committee is already in violation of Alaska Statute for collecting signatures out of state. In Arizona, to be exact.

According to the plans announced by the committee, people in Arizona who are in the Phoenix area can contact the roving signature gatherer there by contacting Mike Garner at 907-982-7328 or sending an email to [email protected] .

Collecting signatures out of state is in violation of Alaska Statute 15.45.575 that says petitions may only be circulated in person throughout the state.

Today was the official kickoff day for signature gathering for the recall petition. Petitioners, led by former Gov. Bill Walker’s disgruntled top advisers Scott Kendall and Jahna Lindemuth, need 71,252 legitimate signatures in order to have the question put on the ballot. How will the State of Alaska be able to ensure those signatures will be gathered legally? That’s going to be hard to police.

Several paid signature gatherers were around Anchorage, standing in front of stores and chasing people on the UAA campus, but the main event was a somewhat lonely venue at the Sullivan Arena, where the volunteers outnumbered the signers much of the day.

Update: The recall group has deleted the Arizona reference from its list of places to sign the petition, but MRAK has a screen shot:


    • Oh, they believe in rules just not the precepts of the Constitution of America or the Constitution of the State, but all the rules they made up in their pointy head. Their only rule is to Rule. If us stupid unwashed ignorant masses don’t vote the way they want us to then they must save us from ourselves, it’s their mission in life. A recall vote will cost millions, it will fail. If I have to vote again the same way, just like I did in a fair and legal election previously then they will punish me further by making me leaving work early to vote for the first damn thing I already did. OK, make me lose work, take my time and lost wages, it will be worth it to me to recast my ballet for a worthy, upright man. I will so be there.

  1. And all this because our Governor wants to protect our PFD!!! If your an elected official and attempt to take my family’s money your as sorry as a man with a gun trying to take my money directly and should be ashamed of yourselves…

  2. Why are those miserable recall signature people still around here. It’s time we are getting these communists out of the State along with their leaders in Juneau.

    • Amen! They will leave. Mexico is a wonderful place to be. They can protest their hearts out for 10 minutes and then they go to jail.

  3. Suzanne,

    Not so sure it’s against the law to collect signatures out of state.

    Note the statute says the petitions ‘may’ only be circulated ‘in person’ throughout the state.

    This speaks to the rule that prohibits electronic signatures gathering.

    Signatures can only be collect in person by a qualified circulator.

    Since many fine lawyers are working with the recall effort, in regards collecting signatures from Alaska residents who are out of state, I doubt they haven’t already researched what they can and cannot do.

    Time will tell if you have jumped the gun with your accusation.

    You might want to get a legal opinion before you make such accusations, no?

      • Probably took it down once the Alaskan college kids or snow birding seniors who wanted to sign it got a chance too, actually. But it’s obvious the author didn’t even bother to ask the group for comment.

    • Nayem,
      Wouldn’t “throughout the State” mean the State of Alaska? Seems pretty clear, but then Democrats always rely on their Lawyers to subvert the will of the electorate. Mexico has State’s too, so perhaps recall supporters could go there to collect signatures? Canada might be off limits since they have divided their Political Subdivisions into Provinces. But then again given the Democrats love of open borders, I am certain one of these exalted Lawyers might write an opinion that includes ” State of Mind”, in person of course!

      • Older, you may be correct but we do know that residents can vote when out of State (Alaska)-why would they not be allowed to sign a petition? In other words out of State residents will be voting in any recall election and you think it would be subverting the will of the electorate for them to be able to sign the petition?
        That is a twist in logic that is new to me. Heheh!

        • Common misconception when you don’t understand singular versus plural state is only one not multiple. Can not have it both ways. There is a difference when you vote versus signing a petition. You want to sign it come back to the state and sign.

  4. Lindemuth and Kendall are the two biggest dipsh*t lawyers in Alaska. An illegally floated recall petition should be grounds to invalidate the entire recall. What do you expect from two idiot lawyers who advised two other idiots……one a Chinese collaborator, the other a pedophile.

        • Either way, Dan, doubtful Erak contributes financially to Suzanne. It would be interesting to see if ANY Democrat has written a check to MRAK. Suzanne should charge them 50¢ per comment. Watch them disappear.

  5. Residents who are out of state during elections can legally cast their vote,

    why shouldn’t they also be able to exercise their constitutional right to petition their government?

    • Because that’s the law. Alaska Statute 15.45.575 says that “petitions may be circulated only in person throughout the state.” If you don’t like that law you can start a ballot proposition to get it changed, but you won’t be able to use out of state signatures to get it on the ballot. Nobody is stopping those people from returning to the state they are registered in to sign the petition.

      • You could be right here but it may have to be tested in court-legal wording is often tested that way and there is no threat of an illegal voter signing just because of location IMO.
        What’s not to like about allowing all legal Alaskan voters their constitutional rights to petition their government? Heheh!

    • Because they are clueless, blind idiots, like Erak above. If they don’t want to live in Alaska, why impose their will on us who do live here. Zane, contribute your money to Suzanne. Quit being a cheap Democrat.

    • Only if they are legally registered in Alaska to vote. Like Alaska, most states has laws requiring people to register in that state after a period of time. Most people don’t follow those laws. For example, in Alaska if you move here you are required to get and Alaska driver’s license within 90 days and your vehicle must be registered within 10 days if working and 60 days if not working. This doesn’t exclude seasonal workers (even though most of ther time they are given a break by law enforcement) . I know Washington has similar laws and I better Oregon and Arizona do too.

  6. I think they should get as many of those signatures as they can. Then the State PFD fraud section should use the list to see how many are getting our PFD while not live here. Then charge then with the felony it comes with.

  7. Maybe I should become a petition signature gatherer and purposely get illegal signatures to get the whole thing thrown out…

    If only I could do whatever I wanted but this damned moral compass they lack always sets me straight.

  8. If you want to send messages or exercise your First Amendment rights, (while on the street in a public venue) their address is:
    923 West 6th Avenue
    Anchorage, AK 99501

    Call the news networks at 3:45pm and show up 15 minutes later to stage a demonstration… The same way this group does in front Murkowski’s office every week.

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