Open container citation dismissed against lawmaker, after Trooper could not appear in court due to his own arrest for sex crimes


Sen. Josh Revak, who gave Sen. Scott Kawasaki a ride to the Kenai Classic in August, won’t have to face the charge of open container — the container of beer that Kawasaki brought along with him — because the Alaska State Trooper who stopped Revak for speeding is now in jail.

“The trooper that issued the citation and had the reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop will be unable to attend the scheduled hearing. While the circumstances surrounding this citation dismissal are not standard, it is standard practice for the Troopers to request the dismissal of a citation when the trooper with the reasonable suspicion for the stop cannot attend the hearing and rescheduling is impossible,” the Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

What makes it impossible for Trooper Benjamin Strachan to reschedule his appearance is that on Oct. 13 he was arrested for sexual abuse of a minor.

Troopers’ investigation found probable cause that Strachan sexually abused multiple victims within the last year. In consultation with the Alaska Department of Law’s Office of Special Prosecutions, Strachan was arrested on one count of Sexual Abuse of a Minor in the 1st Degree, and six counts of Sexual Abuse of a Minor in the 2nd Degree. Strachan was remanded to Wildwood Pretrial.

Strachan had been an Alaska State Trooper since June 2020 and has been assigned to Soldotna Patrol during his entire career. Per policy, Strachan was immediately placed on leave pending the outcome of his case.


  1. The legislators are accustomed to living above the law in their personal lives while diverting public funds (PFD) illegally to serve their special interest sponsors, predominately state employee unions.
    The Troopers are known for their indifference towards rural youth, specifically the systematic ignoring of reports of alleged rape, and failing to obtain medical tests for victims.
    Which leads to repeat offenders not being charged and harming multiple additional victims.
    This story is timely and fitting, highlighting the degraded state of the state with its’ incompetent legislature and dysfunctionally administered state agencies, with this weeks’ top place loser highlight, the Troopers.

    • Brian, I’d say that week in, week out, you’re a top contender for that spot.

      Trooper indifference to rural youth? Really?

      Maybe you should look at parenting indifference, both urban and rural, and then ask yourself if you’re expecting a state employee to raise everyone’s kids.

      Old saying…why and how do you expect a Trooper to fix what it took you years to screw up?

      Put a little common sense in how news gets attention. It’s interesting news because it is unusual.

      No one reads an article about a dog biting a man, no one cares…now when the man bites dog, That’s News!

  2. From the MRAK Podcast I was very glad to hear through Suzanne Downing that Senator Revak does not drink alcohol. He is outstanding! When you think of leaders, especially Alaska, you automatically assume they are all alcoholics because of most, if not all, of them are partiers and drunks.
    Here Revak chooses not to drink when alcohol slowly kills brain cells and everything else in your temple (body).

    • His district is blessed! Especially his daughters! they know their Senator representative is Sober-minded. He operates on his full brain working. However Senator Kawasaki obviously is demonstrating the damaging effects of alcohol- how slow he thinks.

  3. Last winter, Trooper Strachan stopped me just south of Clam Gulch for driving 65 mph in a 55 zone. Can I get my $60 fine refunded?

  4. I tried to become an Anchorage cop many years ago and I would of made a good one. I was not selected yet I see people like this guy and wonder WTF!

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