Only in Alaska: Sen. Revak, speeding, was cited for Sen. Kawasaki’s beer by a trooper who was then cited for molesting minors


Sen. Josh Revak of Anchorage was cited for having an open container of an alcoholic beverage in his vehicle, which was stopped by Alaska State Troopers on the Sterling Highway.

The official statement from Alaska State Troopers is as follows:

“On August 18, 2021 at approximately 1322 hours, an Alaska State Trooper initiated a traffic stop on a Ford SUV near mile 76.5 of the Sterling Highway after radar detected the vehicle traveling 66 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone. The Ford SUV was occupied by two adult males, including the driver 40-year-old Anchorage resident Joshua Revak. During the course of the traffic stop an open container of beer was located in the center console of the SUV between the two occupants. Troopers observed no signs of impairment from the driver. The driver was issued a single citation without incident under AS28.35.029, Open Container Of Alcoholic Beverage, with an optional court date in Kenai Traffic Court. At no point during the traffic stop did the driver identify himself as a legislator, and the Soldotna-based Troopers were not aware that he was an elected official. It is not uncommon for a Trooper to issue only one citation during a traffic stop, and the citations issued depend on a variety of circumstances including the Troopers’ discretion.”

Revak has a DUI on his record from many years go, but has said in public he does not drink any longer. The court date has been set for Oct. 27 in Kenai. The offense carries a $200 fine.

Sources say that in the vehicle with him was Sen. Scott Kawasaki, and that the two were ride-sharing to the education day event at the fundraiser that helps preserve the Kenai River for future generations of fishers. The beer belonged to Kawasaki, and Revak said he did not know it was a beer in the container.

“It could have been an energy drink,” Revak said. “I haven’t drank in over seven years,” he said, when reached after this story was posted. “He never took a drink the whole way down. He had it when he got in the car, and there wasn’t a trash container, so he put it in the console.”

Other people who attended the event said the troopers pulled a lot of people over that day.

In a strange twist, the trooper who pulled Revak over was arrested last week for sexual abuse of minors.


  1. He’s a gift that keeps on giving. Considering his 180 on the PFD he may need to drink a lot to quite what remaining conscience he has left.

  2. You should not had been speeding Senator Revak. Naughty-naughty-naughty. If you made better choice to drive 50, Trooper will had no cause pulling you over. And! Alcohol eventually leads to trouble. And! Alaska needs to replace their 40 beer distilleries with 40 water distilleries.

  3. Oh for God’s sake! Is EVERYONE in a position of authority in Alaska a scofflaw and criminal??? Anytime 2 or more of them are together, no matter the “job”, it’s a damn rogue’s gallery. Scumbags the lot.

  4. Alcohol kills brain cells, Its the slow way. Illicit Drugs are the fast way if Alcohol isn’t fast enough for you. IT all slows the brain and body down below what its capable achieving. Be Best to do what Samsons mother was told to abstain from all alcoholic beverage since her son was to be set apart. I guess that mothers were taking some wine during their pregnancy not knowing about the effects.

  5. Wait… Wasn’t there a special session in Juneau? What were Josh Revak and Scott Kawasaki doing together in Kenai going fishing?

  6. Of far more concern is the Trooper arrested for multiple child sexual crimes.
    Our politicians are an ongoing clown show of utter incompetence.

  7. Wow ! Good grief !!!!’ You should know better . Whether it was yours or your passenger’s you know it is against the law ! But heck you must be above the law you are in State government !

  8. Sadly, at the very least, he exercised poor judgement. I doubt that Revak couldn’t smell what was in the can, or whatever type of container the beer was in, so the “it coulda’ been an energy drink” doesn’t pan out. And, Kawasaki must have known that Revak wasn’t a drinker and shouldn’t have drank in front of him. If the beer was indeed empty, it should have been thrown out prior to getting into the vehicle. Duh. Juneau has apparently gotten ahold of another one.

  9. Ten miles over the speed limit is not unusual on the Sterling. But Scott Kawasaki with a beer? I doubt it. Kawasaki is a bourbon and soda man. The beer belonged to Revak. And that Trooper needs to go to the Mallott School for reformed pedophiles after he serves his sentence for criminal conviction.

    • Kawasaki’s mom, whom he still lives at home with at age 52, would never let Scott drink anything with more than 1% alcohol. And she would never let him ride with a stranger.

    • The Mallott School for Reformed Pedophiles never got off the ground. Bill Walker sent Mallott out, with a stern warning by Mrs. Walker to never hang out or be seen with Bill again.

  10. Refreshing article that reported the facts without being riddled with opinions and bias. Articles, like how this was written, are the reason I originally started reading your blog. Thank you.

  11. just listening to mrak podcast John is one minute talking about freedom and how he loves it and the peninsula loves it and the next minute he’s talking about how a passenger of a vehicle should be thrown in a cage for having an open beer in the console of a car. Then he breaks out the “ won’t somebody please think of the children “ meme. Just because it’s a law doesn’t mean it makes sense. Who did this hurt? Who was the victim? Dumb laws like this are almost as antithetical to freedom as covid mandates. boomercon hot takes are so funny

  12. BAD optics Josh. No matter the reason. Suzanne didn’t mention Party affiliation, but this Republican wouldn’t be caught dead in the same vehicle as Kawasaki (even if some folks I know think Scott is a nice guy, he’s still the opposite party). I suppose next Josh is going to tell us he’s voting to steal the PFD.

  13. Childish response.

    So many think that their issue can be resolved by making excuses and that’s incorrect; excuses are for your mom. In this case the issue is that there was an open container in the vehicle and the driver’s excuse does nothing more than prove the officer’s assertion.

  14. ●$50,000,000,000 Dear Nanny State: YOU do too much! Could you not tell us how fast to go in rural areas? Those mile and nanny marks cost a lot and don’t look scenic. COULD we have a lot less of that? Thanks. Signed, Your Beloved Countrymen

  15. Wow-and let’s just say -ya can’t smell cannabis or beer? Who in the hell are ya kidding? Both should Be censured -what
    The hell, just
    Vote them out. In the end-they stole the pfd

  16. Ah Revak..the Benedict Arnold of Alaska conservatives..hand picked by Giessel herself..he is, in many ways, the worst of what a politician can be..and that is saying something..considering how loathsome and unethical the breed tends to be…

  17. If you think the law is unnecessary ( I think it is as long as the driver passes a breathalyzer) then start the process to get it changed

  18. Nothing erodes public confidence in their duly elected officials when two legislators are dumb enough to be driving in a vehicle with an open container of alcohol. Something any mature adult knows is a no, no. But priceless is their carefully contrived story about how the planets all lined up perfectly to cause this unnatural order of the cosmos, an open can of beer in their car! Ahhh…their careful balance of enzy teeny amount of blame here and inadvertent stupidity there. All to get this wretched incident behind them so they can get back to their dysfunctional legislative colleagues.

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