Sen. Sullivan asks Attorney General Garland to apologize to Homer couple who were wrongly detained for theft of Pelosi laptop


Sen. Dan Sullivan has written a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for an apology to a Homer, Alaska couple who were wrongly detained after FBI agents busted through their door on April 28, 2021, handcuffed them and their guests, and told them they believed one of them had stolen House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop on Jan. 6.

The Huepers deserve an apology. I hope responsible officials in the Department of Justice and the FBI will provide one to them.

– Sen. Dan Sullivan

Paul and Marilyn Hueper, of Homer, Alaska, and two of their guests were handcuffed and interrogated by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and other law enforcement personnel who forcefully entered their home and searched it. The agents did not produce a warrant for several hours.

The Huepers’ front door was damaged and several personal items were taken from them, including their pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution, which was seized as “evidence” that they had acted unlawfully in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, when thousands of Americans swarmed the U.S. Capitol in protest of the confirmation of the Electoral College.

Sullivan wrote: “An affidavit filed in support of the search warrant states that the FBI received a tip about the Huepers. This person, and later another person, told the FBI that, based on released pictures of the event, Marilyn Hueper looked like a woman who had entered the Capitol Building on January 6, entered the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and took a laptop.

“According to the affidavit, the FBI used the picture on Marilyn Hueper’s driver’s license which ‘confirmed’ that Marilyn was the woman suspected of entering the Capitol and stealing the laptop and whose image was captured in video footage.

“None of this was true. Recently, New York resident Maryann Mooney-Rondon confessed to being the person who assisted in stealing Speaker Pelosi’s laptop. She and her son, who was also complicit, were arrested on October 1.

“Those are the facts. What’s left out of the FBI’s factual account is the personal suffering that the Huepers endured at the hands of the agency. According to them, their door was smashed down. Guns were drawn. They were handcuffed. Their faces were plastered across the media, while other federal agencies further scrutinized their activities,” Sullivan’s letter said.

“I am a strong supporter of America’s frontline law enforcement personnel and the tough, and sometimes thankless, job they do each and every day to keep our citizens safe,” Sullivan wrote. But he said that Alaska has a history of overzealous federal law enforcement actions.

“For example, the illegal and corrupt prosecution of the late U.S. Senator Ted Stevens remains a source of distrust between federal agents and Alaskans.

“There are times, too frequently in my view, that the federal government—particularly people in agencies with so much power—forget that they derive their power from the consent of the governed. There’s no mention of the FBI or the Department of Justice or any other agency in the Constitution. However, ‘the people’ are mentioned repeatedly, as is the Senate,” Sullivan wrote.

Sullivan said that, as a representative of the people, he provides oversight of federal agencies, and sees it his duty to call out and check unfettered powers, or to help agencies recognize when they have made mistakes.

“In discussions with senior FBI officials regarding this matter, I have tried to respectfully point out these types of mistakes and have encouraged an acknowledgement of them. I believe such an action, along with an apology, to the Huepers will help build trust and respect among the FBI, the Department of Justice and Alaskans.

“The Huepers deserve an apology. I hope responsible officials in the Department of Justice and the FBI will provide one to them,” Sullivan said. He sent a copy of the letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray.


  1. The FBI is starting to get scary, along with the DOJ. Wait until the IRS gets its new 87,000 new workers. Sen. Sullivan better not hold his breath for this apology.

    • Blue lives matter…. until they don’t. Must be nice to be so… “flexible” in your “commitments.”

      • I don’t know much about blue lives or blue live matter but I have my doubts that they’re speaking of FBI brass and IRS agents when they chant Blue live matter. I think it’s more geared towards beat cops TMYK ?

      • I support blue lives of those who serve with honor, integrity and righteousness.
        The corrupt ones who only wear the clothes but don’t practice the above, do not deserve support.
        The cops who keep the peace are the ones we need. The ones that beat people without restaint need to be in prison.

  2. Thanks Senator Sullivan for taking the time and effort to write the letter but for a letter like this to have a positive effect it has to go to someone that cares!!! and in this case neither anyone at the Department of Justice or the FBI, especially anyone in a leadership position at either or these agencies, care one wit about the American public anymore…

  3. The FBI confiscated the constitution copy because it was written by “white supremists” and clearly defines the actions of our new police state tactics illegal.
    “There’s no mention of the FBI or the Department of Justice or any other agency in the Constitution” creates a problem as to the legitimacy of these agencies. Therefore adherents of constitutional law are now dangerous subversives needing to be made examples of.
    Now these agencies can be defined as bastard agencies in that they have no originating lawful basis, and no longer operate with the consent of the governed.
    It is sobering how incompetent they are in failing to correctly identifying suspects before unleashing brute force on innocent citizens.
    To the FBI, the desired effect of creating concern and shock in Alaska is more important than solving crime.
    Meanwhile Anifa continues to burn and loot Portland unhindered………

  4. Screw an apology by the Biden Administration. This is a civil suit in US District Court for wrongful arrest, wrongful detainment, destruction and theft of personal property, domestic terrorism, and NIED trauma (negligent or intentional infliction of emotional distress). A jury would produce a verdict in the $100,000 to $300,000 range. An out of court settlement should produce at least $100,000, considering all the emotional trauma perpetrated by the government.

  5. I doubt there will be any apologies coming from the American Geheime Staatspolizie or their gruppenfuhrer.

  6. Garland will never apologize.

    The Homer couple needs to hire a hard, pipe-hitting lawyer and sue these bastards into oblivion.

  7. We don’t need an apologies, we need swift, fair trials followed by extremely lengthy prison terms…at hard labor. Anyone who thinks the federal bureau of matters only recently started abusing their authority needs to catch up on their reading. And no, Silent Dan is not on our side. But is only running for cover, like any other coward. He has yet to fire a shot, and if he ever does , it will be way high, way wide.

  8. No here thus far has complimentary statements to make about the marine senator from Alaska requesting an apology from AG Garland . One would wonder how Danny boy opines about the “domestic terrorist “ mother concerned for her child in front of a communist school board? Same FBI defined these mothers Dan. Start writing another request.! Your pathetic

  9. Good for Senator Sullivan for sticking up for these two Alaskans. Their guests deserve an apology as well- imagine simply being a guest of a B&B and having the front door kicked in by the Feds and being handcuffed and held at gunpoint? Crazy. And good for Sen. Sullivan for brining up what the Feds did to Senator Ted Stevens. They prosecuted him despite having exculpatory evidence in their possession – which they hid from the defense- that proved he was innocent. Sadly he died prior to being exonerated. So far as I know, not a single consequence was doled out to the prosecutors.

    • We were just talking about Stevens too. To little…too late for him and his family. Unacceptable! I think apologies are needed by all agencies, including the local police who kept their eyes on them. I’m sure this was ordered by a much higher authority than our local captain, so sure he was being pressured. But, nevertheless, I think a apology (privately, of course) would be in order. And a apology from the anonymous sources that made trouble in addition to the FBI because people like that is what divides our community here. You can disagree on issues, but purposely making someone’s life hell is just plain evil.

    • Want to find out what law firm worked against Sen. Stevens? Read Sidney Powell’s book ‘Licensed to Lie’. Then pay attention to the name drops of law firms and lawyers involved in the investigation(s) brought against Trump. Some things may never change.

      Nice letter Dan – I’m sure it will make for interesting re-election banter.

      Was he was in the batting cage with them supporting their innocence all along. I’m sure he was.

      He certainly was very vocal about the abuses at the ‘Jan. 6 insurrection’. He wrote scathing letters to Alaskans about the gathering, chastising those American criminal protesters who threatened our very way of life at the Capitol during the deadly riot. How could they cast dispersion’s upon the cleanest election in the history of our country?

      Fact is: Nasty abuses are still occurring on the federal level and getting worse everyday.
      Abuses that aren’t going away.

      Go ahead with your empty request for an apology.

      The letter…words on paper.
      In your position Senator: Actions speak louder than words.

  10. An apology? Worthless. The FBI is completely corrupt. Ted Stevens, Martha Stewart, Dr. Kent Hovind, Joe Miller and numerous others have been falsely accused by the FBI. Oh, yes, and the FBI was no small player in the stolen presidential election in which they put into power Joe Biden instead of the real president, Donald Trump.

  11. The FBI should not only apologize but replace every bit of damage they did to the house. And frankly, I’d sue for punitive damages. Fear for their lives, being handcuffed, fear of imprisonment, and not knowing why. And I mean a LOT of payment to them so that maybe someone somewhere will think twice before doing it again. (Hello, you little informants. :(I would like if you would be” brave” enough to speak up now and say you did it and why?) Cuz, I’ve seen Homer change from a friendly place, no matter the lifestyle, to a hatred of anything conservative. You know…TRUMP voters! I believe they should be outed and a civil suit filed. Also, the City Police need to apologize. The stuff that happened after the initial raid was pure harassment. I love our police, they keep us safe here in Homer, but whoever okayed the pullovers, etc…knows what they did was wrong. Own it and move on.

  12. The U.S. Gov’t/FBI owe them a hell of a lot more than an apology. It’s past time to strip down the FBI.

  13. If you really want to understand what the FBI, ATF, etc. are like I would strongly recommend the book “ And Others Unknown”. It was written by Stephen Jones, the lawyer of Timothy McVeigh. The FBI is most likely the most powerful, and successful criminal/terrorist group in the history of our republic. They will not be brought to heel by Colonel Chipmunk respectfully requesting an apology.

  14. It’s been how long and Swampy Dan gets involved now?

    Did someone wake him from a nap or something?

  15. This same kind of thing happened in the old Soviet Union. When a couple of thugs working for the Goverment got out of hand , the Government would single them out for prosecution. Nothing changed of course, but like Sullivan’s letter the average citizen was led to believe that it was merely an isolated gang of over zealous agents and the problem had been fixed
    Say, where in the Constitution does it say that the Federal Government is authorized to have it’s own police force? Asking for a friend here. Seems that the FBI took their copy of the document.

  16. Those agents and whoever sent them out there must be at least fired.
    And where is our governor on this??
    How about it, Mike? Do you care about our residents?

  17. The FBI has seemingly degenerated into the enforcement arm of the DNC. I am tired of hearing that it’s only a few over zealous high officials that do these things. That the rank and file agents are solid. If this is the case, why hasn’t ONE FBI agent resigned in protest over these egregious violations of citizen’s rights. Isolated incidents? Just ask Rudy and Roger Stone! And all the cases we don’t hear about.

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