Oops, she did it again: Public official threatens lawsuit against MRAK


[Redacted] City Attorney Libby Bakalar, who demands Must Read Alaska not name the city for which she is counsel, has written a letter threatening Suzanne Downing, publisher of the Must Read Alaska news site.

Through her attorney, Juneau trial lawyer Mark Choate, Bakalar demands Downing must not write about her anymore, or else there will be lawsuit.

In October, she had posted a social media message (seen above) saying anyone harassing her would be hearing from her lawyer. Now, even writing about her social media political work is enough to trip that trigger.

Bakalar is suing Gov. Mike Dunleavy because she was let go after the Walker Administration was shown the door by voters in 2018. She was an attorney with the Department of Law and says she was wrongfully fired by Dunleavy. She doesn’t want Downing writing about that, either.

“Your ongoing mining and re-publication of Ms. Bakalar’s personal social media in tandem with repeated references to her position as the City Attorney of Bethel is clearly intended to provoke requests and actions to end that employment. You engaged in similar critiques of her while she was an Assistant Attorney General and continued those after her wrongful termination by the Dunleavy Administration. Your resumption of these efforts constitutes ‘tortious interference’ with an employment contract, for which you and your business may face significant liability
and damages,” says the letter from Choate.

Bakalar is evidently upset about a republication of her social media artwork in which she depicts male genitalia on a logo used by the governor for a podcast that features his commissioners talking about their departments. The social media post makes it appear as though she or someone drew the male genitalia on the logo as a joke:

“When considering claims of tortious interference with a contract, the Alaska Supreme Court recognizes a clear distinction between persons who interfere with the contracts of competitors and those who interfere with contracts in which they have a direct interest themselves. Even when there is a direct financial interest involved, “the essential question in determining if interference is justified is whether the person’s conduct is motivated by a desire to protect his economic interest, or whether it is motivated by spite, malice, or some other improper objective.” Burton v. Fountainhead Development, Inc., 393 P.3d 387 (Alaska 2017). My client is a hobby blogger and litigant against the Dunleavy administration, for which you are a widely-known and vocal supporter. You utilize your blog to attack what you perceive as its foes and write frequently about the “Deep State”. You have attacked Ms. Bakalar in your blog for years. You have no business relationship with or financial interest in my client, her hobby blog, or her job. Your continued harassment of Ms. Bakalar and the goading of your supporters to harass and threaten her—both at work and at home—is rooted exclusively in political disagreement, malice, and spite,” according to Bakalar/Choate.

Bakalar has been a political actor for many years on and off social media, commenting on any manner of issues and political figures in Alaska as well as former President Donald Trump. She and other liberal women traveled to Washington, D.C. to implore Sen. Lisa Murkowski to vote against the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, and Must Read Alaska has written about such exploits and others by the Juneau woman, who is a social media sensation, with over 9,000 followers on Twitter and who writes op-eds for the Anchorage Daily News. Her blog is titled One Hot Mess Alaska.

She has alleged in her lawsuit against Dunleavy that her free speech rights were being infringed by his Administration.

The entire letter threatening legal action follows:


  1. Sounds like Bakalar is a whiner, to me. She clearly needs to move on and get a life. Our Governor clearly had the right to fire her, as she worked at the pleasure of the governor and knew that when she was appointed. So go whine elsewhere. I’m sure Lisa will hire you.

  2. If that lawyer woman was a Man doing exactly the same thing she has has been doing posting the same explicit content and using unprofessional language about state leaders who are her colleagues, no matter what is their political affiliation. He would have been terminated from his position under today’s American culture standards.

  3. Overtaken with fatigue at having her ‘supremacy’ challenged, having her hand cramped and tired, she called in some backup?

    • This freak of an attorney is just another hypocritical radical leftist who can dish it out but can’t take it. “Rule for thee but not for me” is their official motto.

    • IMO there’s no case here. Freedom of the press applies here and Bakalar is a public official of Bethel and before that a public official at the State of Alaska. Choate should know better. Besides, when she writes publicly, what does she expect? She can dish it out but can’t take it apparently.

  4. In any other state, I’d just laugh. As corrupt as the Alaska judicial system is, it’s very, very possible.

    MRA should sue her.

  5. I don’t see that she has a case. I don’t see that her social media content is protected. If she did in fact post diagrams of male genitalia AKA pornography, then it seems like she may have opened the door. Was she in at will employee? If so can’t she be fired without cause at any time? Sounds like she’s just butt hurt and looking for somebody to stick it to in my opinion.

  6. Love the above comments. If Libby is that “hot”, why is she complaining? Not getting enough attention? This is cancel culture run amok. Suzanne, we’ve got your back – this has First Amendment written all over it. Keep us in the info loop please.

  7. A lawyer has a duty to represent their clients interests. It’s the manner in which they do so that determines the value of the lawyer.

    I hope Mark Choate isn’t charging her more than three cents.

  8. Public Sector jobs are a matter for the Public. She can’t have her Public Sector job on the backs of the tax payers while maintaining anonymity. If she was worried about that she should have used a Nom De Plume.

  9. She’s mental. At least with the Wuhan, she can lock down at home and draw all the penises she’d like without being caught doing it at work.

  10. I’m unclear why she thinks that her publicly posted media is somehow private. Maybe one reason she was let go was because she doesn’t understand the word “public?”

  11. Even the tolerant people of Bethel don’t want her to swim in their lagoon. Any attorney who wants to represent her must truly be hungry.

  12. Once again, Libby Bakalar, AKA the Harpy of One Hot Mess, demonstrates her attention-seeking victim stance.
    But I betcha Ms. Downing would have to admit it’s kinda fun to poke at her every now and then – Bakalar rises to the bait every time.

  13. Choate, interesting choice in lawyers here. I believe he lives in Juneau next door to the Guv. Bought that old house across from the Mansion and put millions into fixing it up. Quite the restoration project. I hear he is expensive, but perhaps this is Pro Bono? Nothing elevates one’s status amongst the Facist Left like silencing the opposition. Hang in there Suzanne, we’ve got your back.

  14. LOL … Bethel is about the ONLY place that will have Bakalar. And when Bethel gets tired of her they can transfer her down the ladder a few more rungs to the bottom. Out on the tundra by herself where she can draw pornography in the snow and fantasize about giant dildos, or whatever it is this nutcase dreams about. Good luck, Bethel. You earned and deserve her.

  15. Posts any inane thought that enters her head onto social media where every single person on the planet with a phone or computer can read it…..then angrily shrieks “Stop talking about me!!!!”
    Yup, your typical Democrat…..

  16. Awww…poor wittle hot mess cannot take what she dishes out….

    Publicly, mind you…

    And this individual of questionable mental competence, by their own admission, over and over again, strikes out against those that simply agree within said individuals assessment of themselves?


    I shall sue you should you agree with me, that not only am I a ‘hot mess’, but beyond any rational thought processes….

    Perhaps the said individual should sue themselves, and any individual that agrees with them, as that would make more sense….

  17. Bakalar is indeed “One Hot Mess Alaska”. She apparently believes she can use social media any way she wants to ridicule the Governor in the most pornographic manner without reaction. All the while touting that she is the attorney of record for an Alaskan municipality. Bakalar calls into question her pathetic immaturity and also her profound lack of judgement. Why Bethel allows this person to continue to represent their interests is a mystery. Perhaps they should examine Bakalar’s behavior with moral turpitude in mind.

    So, thanks for standing your ground, Suzanne! It seems Bakalar is not smart enough to know she is a public figure and doing things that are notorious and that this behavior can and should be reported in the media. If she doesn’t want it reported, then stop doing stupid things!

  18. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press…surely this high-speed attorney is well aware of these basic fundamental rights that even Alaskans have. And without Libby herself tweet-yapping about how ACLU of Alaska flew 100 Alaskan women round trip to “protest “ at the Kavanaugh hearing in Washington DC, how would we ever know who was howling like banshees at the capital building embarrassing everyone? Without her inability for public self-awareness and social etiquette, how would we ever know of her artistic “talent” (as shown above here) or that hers was the very first lawsuit on the Governor because all she did all day everyday was flap-yap on social media? As an attorney, is Libby discriminating against Must Read Alaska? Rhetorical question of course.

  19. It is tragic that this woman is supported by some who see her self inflicted wounds as being from an external ” conservative” source. She has been enabled by the leftists to continue in an unhealthy delusion so they can score political points. I believe she is being used by uncaring political operatives.
    Please have sympathy for Ms. Bakalar and hold her up in your prayers.

  20. Harassment claims require a test of reasonableness. Just because a person “feels” harassed does not mean they are in fact being harassed. There are legal standards, and there are also just reasonable standards.
    If this woman (whoops… .did not mean to assume her gender there) feels harassed, fine. Prove it. Simply naming her, or pointing out where she works (assuming it is public information) is not harassment. I will not declare she is wrong in feeling harassed. I cannot tell how she feels. However, I can make the statement that her claim fails any test of reasonableness placed against it.

  21. Typical communist.. Can’t take it, get a lawyer. Loved the 3rd grade meme, it’s shows her intelligence level down somewhere in the toilet.

  22. Wow…

    Isn’t it the latest fashion for leftists to try to get people who opine conservative views fired from their jobs?

    The hypocrisy is rich.

  23. Hope she sues you. Then have your attorneys rack up a ton of legal costs and when the court finds in your favor, nail the hell out of her via Rule 82 (3)(G) or like principles.

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