The case of the hot-mess attorney who had Trump Derangement Syndrome


Gov. Michael Dunleavy and former Chief of Staff Tuckerman Babcock have asked a judge to throw out the case brought against them by a former potty-mouth state attorney whose resignation was accepted at the beginning of the Dunleavy Administration in 2017.

In a court filing today, the attorney for the governor and his former chief of staff says Elizabeth Bakalar, the former assistant attorney general, was properly let go. Bakalar claims she was fired because of her blogging activity, in which she writes “about politics and puerility.”

Puerility is perhaps too kind a word.

According to the court filing on Friday, Bakalar wrote about things like her “personal strategy” for “weekday work pooping,” and explained the bravery it took for her to confront the “fetid slurry of wadded up toilet paper and piss and sh[**] in portable toilets.” She worried that the pharmacist might think she is a walking sexually transmitted disease. In her own words, she wrote, “I write about farts, nipples, Cheetos, and Donald Trump’s spray tan for tweets, shares and viral laughs.”

She didn’t just write about farts. She used her blog to urge the retention of Justices Joel Bolger and Peter Maassen, she described her affection for Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and she called Rep. Don Young “Alaska’s State Fossil and resident Balcony Muppet.”

She praised former Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, who resigned in disgrace, for “always ha[ving] an inspiring word to share.”

The high-ranking attorney for the state had special ire for President Donald Trump, who she wrote made her sick to her stomach and “incredibly sad.” According to the court document, Bakalar obsessively posted Twitter comments about Trump on Election Day, 2016, and wrote “if this country makes Trump president, it deserves everything it gets, and the rest who repudiated him go into the abyss.”

As it became clear that Trump won, Bakalar posted that “America just texted the whole world a dick pic,” and “Sad! Unbelievable! Disaster! USA is BIGLY f[**ked!”

She wrote that, based on her expertise as a lawyer, no decent lawyer would represent Trump in Nevada.

And when Trump was declared the winner, Bakalar vote that she cried because she knew when she went into work that morning there were people there who had voted for Trump.

At that point Bakalar started writing about Trump all the time. In 301 of her posts on social media, she wrote of Trump, calling him names like “Cheeto Satan.”

“Before Trump I wrote a lot more about parenting. Now I feel compelled to write about Trump so that. … if the sh[**] hits the fan my kids will have a contemporaneous Handmaid’s Tale-style record of What the F**k You Did to Us.”

She wrote, “Our POTUS is a manifestly delusional likely senile, sociopathic, treasonous, semi-literate, lecherous oligarch who is scissoring the Constitution into red white and blue confetti like Edward Cheeto-Hands with the help of Congress, all at the direction of a repellent, rheumy-eyed alcoholic who legitimately wants to destroy democracy and perpetuate the master race.”

It should be noted here that Donald Trump is a well-known teetotaler and may be many things, but is not an alcoholic.

Bakalar was making herself into a Twitter celebrity in Alaska and around the country among those who thrive on hatred of Trump and Republicans in general.

Then something happened. A member of the public complained about Bakalar’s posts. The Department of Law declined to take action, and Bakalar declared the complainer was a “stalker wingnut [who] tried and failed to get me fired for criticizing Donald Trump as if Alaska were communist Russia with no First and Fourteenth Amendments, I’ve only been embolden to criticize him more, as often as possible.”

And so she did. The Juneau blogger was obsessed with Trump during his presidency.

She wrote about Trump’s “dick” and said Trump should “text Satan a dick pic at 1:00 am, and ask if [he]can come down to hell for a booty call.”

“Dick” was a favorite word, and appears in more than 160 of her writings. She also would call people Nazis routinely.

The governor’s case says that the separation from state service for Bakalar in 2017 rests on a question: Must the people of Alaska accept legal counsel “from a lawyer who publishes nearly daily about sex, excrement, and politics? The answer is no.”

As an at-will employee, Bakalar could be released at any moment. All of them can. Last month, the commissioner of Public Safety was forced out.

In a blanket memo to all similar employees at the beginning of the Dunleavy Administration, Tuckerman Babcock, then the chief of staff to Dunleavy, requested that people submit their letters of resignation or send a note stating they wanted to stay with the new administration. This has been characterized by the mainstream media as a loyalty oath.

Bakalar, who now serves as the city attorney for Bethel, had been hired by the State Department of Law in 2009, and two years later was assigned to represent elections issues for the Division of Elections, where she handled “initiative applications, ballot challenges, candidate and voter eligibility, and compliance with federal voting issues requirements.” She also provided advice, and drafted legislation and regulations. She was an Attorney 5 when she separated from state service.

Bakalar was the person who was calling balls and strikes for all things related to elections in Alaska, where 53 percent of the voters have voted for Trump, while her own statements show utter contempt for anyone who voted for Trump.


  1. Wow! She really sounds like she has some serious mental health problems there. I do think it funny that the paragraph she uses to describe Pres. Trump are exactly what we are getting from Biden. “She wrote, “Our POTUS is a manifestly delusional likely senile, sociopathic, treasonous, semi-literate, lecherous oligarch who is scissoring the Constitution into red white and blue confetti like Edward Cheeto-Hands with the help of Congress, all at the direction of a repellent, rheumy-eyed alcoholic who legitimately wants to destroy democracy and perpetuate the master race.”

    I’m sorry for Bethel…sounds like they got a raw deal in her. I don’t imagine they’ll be keeping her around long…not if they’re smart.

  2. “Before Trump I wrote a lot more about parenting. Now I feel compelled to write about Trump so that. … if the sh[**] hits the fan my kids will have a contemporaneous Handmaid’s Tale-style record of What the F**k You Did to Us.”

    It’s too bad she has kids.

  3. Ms Bakalar is most certainly a mess, but I hate to break the news to her but she is definitely not hot. I wonder if she might find that those observations “trigger” her…?

  4. I am reminded of a Henry MIller quote…
    “Everybody says sex is obscene. The only true obscenity is war.”

  5. “Our POTUS is a manifestly delusional likely senile, sociopathic, treasonous, semi-literate, lecherous oligarch who is scissoring the Constitution into red white and blue confetti like Edward Cheeto-Hands with the help of Congress, all at the direction of a repellent, rheumy-eyed alcoholic who legitimately wants to destroy democracy and perpetuate the master race.”

    This is the most accurate description of Donald Trump ever written. Period.

      • You’re not rational or logical enough to argue effectively with much of anything, a trait you share with most lefties, including Bakalar.

        • I did notice you didn’t attempt an argument with it either Art. Guess it stands.
          You still looking to find a suit off the shelf for real men? Heheh!

          • Well, Bill, if you like white trash polyester suits, when I left you could still find them at Fred’s. I don’t like white trash clothes, and a Brooks Bros. 42 Long fits me just fine off the rack.

      • Bill,
        What extra constitutional actions did Trump take? Semi-literate? Seems he is educated enough to become elected US President. Wharton School business at U. Penn. is purported to offer a top shelf education. Senile? That doesn’t seem to bother anybody who voted for our current president. You? Did you vote for Biden this all but assuring an Harris presidency. You know, Kamala Harris, the candidate that about nobody in the Democratic Party supported. Interesting position to be in.

        • Are you going to argue this with Bakalar on her site, or are you only able to come out when you have an audience of equally uneducated losers? Go ahead and give it a shot, if you dare. heheh!

          • Billy Boy, strange that you hang with and routinely get your A$$ handed to you by the ” un-educated” on Suzanne’s site.
            That said Billy, I hold you no malice.

  6. This is a pretty weak excuse for a story, even for MRAK. Seems like this particular person may have gotten under your skin if you are writing a hit piece about them 3 years after they last served the State.

    • It’s a current update on an event that transpired, along with some background added on for those that might not know what she is, and what she wrote.

    • The “hit piece” is relevant today because of the request to dismiss. And that she’s needing professional help!

      Welcome to the party!

  7. That she survived as long as she did is a monument to my retirement in July of ’06; I’d have tuned her up long ago. I’ve disciplined State employees for far less egregious abuses of their position on political issues than her actions. I don’t know what she was like under Palin and Parnell, but I know there wasn’t much of that supervision stuff in either administration and certainly not in Law; there has rarely been any effective supervision in Law, especially in Juneau. Administratively the Walker Administration was a Democrat cluster****, so they cheered her on.

    My class specification and position description when I was a Labor Relations Analyst III and IV in the ’90s and early ’00s read a lot like the duty descriptions they describe in the Motion for Summary Judgement. I pretty much was unsupervised and had almost complete discretion about how I did my job, contingent on my having the good sense to make sure my boss and I were pretty much on the same page.

    I predate the “blog” days but I was pretty vocal on Juneau Empire’s editorial pages; that’s how I first met Suzanne. I would never have thought of writing a “My Turn”: or Letter to the Editor” without prefacing it with a disclaimer that the opinions expressed were my own, not the position of my employer. As much as the Knowles Administration and I hated each other, they never dared to confront me about it.

    If you are sufficiently high in the government firmament, your identity is inseparable from your government position; your speech is the government’s speech and that is the predicate of the 9th Circuits Garcetti decision cited in the pleading. If you are identifiable as a government actor, your speech and actions are the government’s speech and actions, and the First Amendment protects the citizenry from you, not you from the government. Fundamentally, when a public employee walks in the door to their office and assumes their duties, they surrender most Constitutional protections for their speech and actions. If you’re prominent enough, you’re still a public employee even when you’re not at work because your identity is inseparable from your employment.

    Now, I have little faith in the judicial system in these “woke” days, but if the District Court judge has any respect for law and precedent he will give Dunleavy and Babcock the Summary Judgement. If it goes on the Ninth Soviet, who knows what happens; we’re really no longer a Nation of laws.

    • Right on Art. I support the freedom of speech, but as a government actor she would not have lasted two seconds if I were Governor.

    • Well stated Art , reminds me of the admonition passed on to new students at Valley City State College back in North Dakota in the 70’s ; “when you are enrolled as a student at VCSC you are obligated to follow the college standard of conduct at all times and in all places”. Any serious infringement ( such as being arrested by the local police) could put you in front of the Dean of students who had the the authority to impose all levels of discipline including dismissal from the college.

  8. This woman’s deep, obsessive level of hatred, spewed from a keyboard using abusive and scatalogical language in blog and Twitter postings, is indicative of a malignant personality. And her hero has called us the “deplorables.” ‘nuf said. Sad.

    On the plus side, there’s several open positions for attorney E. B. in NY Gov. Cuomo’s office.

  9. This completely ignores the well known nature of Dunleavy’s administration that’s coddled to Trump and Trump’s base, assumedly because they’re one-in-the-same as his own. We were all there to witness the behavior of those in office who vehemently support Trump even to the detriment of democracy, legality, and civility. To pretend the circumstances were anything other than that is irresponsible. Bakalar is incredibly respected in her field. Dunleavy on the other hand is not for that very reason and more. This reeks of cognitive dissonance.

    • And how’s your Biden doing with our supposed free Republic with a currently ignored constitution. I’m sure she is, “incredibly respected” in her field among her other unhinged friends.

    • “Well respected” is not a term I would use to describe anyone who dared support such a person in any field. Your post reeks of cognitive dissonance.

    • Problem: I’m part of “Trump’s base” and think Dunleavy is grossly inept and in over his head.

      He has “done” one or two things during his train wreck of an administration. Catering to us is not among them.

      TDS is a terrible thing.

  10. Bethel just gave her craziness a raise, and praised her.
    Kind of off topic, but when Bethel went to only allowing vaccinated people into their pool and spa, the spokesman for the pool and spa said not all of their employees were vaccinated because they couldn’t lawfully mandate their employees to get vaccinated, however non-employees must show their cdc vaccine papers before entering. Ha!!

    • KYUK: Are employees required to be vaccinated?

      Reardon: We can’t require our employees to be vaccinated. We are strongly encouraging it and most of our employees have been vaccinated, but legally we can’t require that. Which is another reason that masking and social distancing are so important.

      KYUK: And it can’t be required because the vaccines are authorized under emergency use?

      Reardon: Correct. Yeah, we can’t require them as an employer

  11. The alcoholic in question was Steve Bannon not Trump. For someone who seems to hang on her every word, it’s a surprising oversight by you. You may want to correct your post.

    She gained me as a new follower today, so thanks for the pro tip! I’m sure I’m not the only one who benefited from the free publicity you gave her.

  12. She say’s what she is thinking. Most people say what they want you to believe that they’re thinking.

  13. Bethel City Attorney ????

    One wonders about her relationship ( if any) with the Bethel PD, which so abysmally failed Juanita Nick in her recent issues with sexual assault in that community.

  14. I know my English is not very good. Her English makes me look more understandable, hahahaha

    Why can’t Alaska run people like her out of Alaska by not giving them any job?

  15. Given her outwardly craziness, as demonstrated in her writings, it’s likely she has a mental disorder. Maybe(?), the FBI should look into this person as a potential threat to society.

  16. Wake up, Alaskans! Lawyers like this one are currently in charge of selecting jugdes. Four of the seven members of the Alaska judicial council are selected by the Alaska Bar Association, many, if not most of whose members have sentiments like Bakalar’s. The most important pieces of legislation introduced this year are Senate Bill 14 and Resolution SJR2.

  17. I found a description of her and her ilk in the Bible:

    2 Timothy 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

  18. Does not Bakalar’s behavior constitute ‘domestic terrorism’ as defined by the Biden administration? Why is she not banded from social media for racist and sexist insults? Oh Zuckerberg, is Bakalar on your payroll?
    Bethel needs a barbed wired fence to protect Alaska from such talent.

  19. Sent to the city manager with a picture of her tweet. Maybe everyone should contact them. I mean let’s take advantage of this leftist cancel culture.

    This is making its way around Facebook. If she does work for you this is an embarrassment for Bethel and the people of Alaska. What about tourists who see this from a government employee? I’m all for free speech but when you take a position with the government it needs to be moderated. I don’t have a problem with her expressing her opinion but this is just nasty language and makes her sound mentally unhinged which based on reading other posts by her in my opinion she is. Is this really who you want representing your city?

  20. She expressed a mere rubble of irrational and hateful thoughts about President Trump a person she doesn’t even know. Had she met him and his family personally her reaction would have been different. His political opposites through lamestream media often encouraged maladjusted animus against a person new to politics and some were then in total reliance on negative media. Since her thinking is/was so unreasonable in this one arena I might mistrust her other conclusions as well.

  21. Libby Bakalar has done a great job exposing and amplifying the gaffes and graft of the Alaskan Governor and the national menace to Democracy. Now that the American people have spoken loudly in favor of change in Washington, I can’t wait for them to speak for change here in Alaska via the Recall campaign or voting in 2022 for a better leader. Keep up the fight One Hot Mess!

    • The only change you’re going to see are more conservatives taking offices in this state, after what the liberal Democrats have done to Anchorage nobody in their right mind would vote for a Democrat.

  22. How did she become a lawyer? She had to cheat because she sure has common sense issues. Go back to California where they will welcome you with free stuff.

  23. Obviously, Dunleavy didn’t have a sufficient understanding of the Streisand Effect when he fired her. Her popularity took off after that moment. The more that is made of her free speech, the stronger her arguments become.

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