Sullivan heads to Southern border to investigate flood of illegal border crossings


Sen. Dan Sullivan and 17 other senators traveled to the southern border outside of McCallen, Texas today. Sullivan spoke about the need to complete the wall because “walls work.”

On Fox News, he called attention to just how backward the Biden Administration is on immigration, with a humanitarian crisis on the border.

At the northern border, the Canadian border is completely shut down, and Alaska is affected by that more than any other state, he said.

The Biden Administration has not worked to open that border, which has been closed by Canada due to Covid-19. And yet the southern border is completely porous except for the wall section that was built under President Donald Trump.

With nearly one-fifth of the Senate on the border, the only station that aired news of the trip was Fox News.

The first photos that were made public to the world about conditions of children being held in concentration camps at the Southern border were leaked last week.

Since Biden took office, the border with Mexico has become overwhelmed with men, women, and children, some of them being trafficked, because word has gotten out that Biden is allowed everyone to come into America, and they are coming from Central America, north, with no end in sight.

The Biden administration has opened up six new concentration camps in the past month, with three of those sites dedicated to unaccompanied children.

“Mexican cartels control who crosses the border. A young mother from Guatemala, sitting on an aluminum blanket with her 1-year-old, told me she paid smugglers $6,000,” said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who went on the trip.


  1. Finally! That’s what I want to see from our representatives. Get out in front of conservative issues and stances and be vocal. Go for the throat. The only press we get is about Murkowski and how back-asswards she is in relation to the party that she takes money from only to turn her backside to it and saddle up with the left. Don, where are you? Don?

    • Sorry, but I think Don naps as much as Biden these days. I like Don and the things he has done, but it is time for a fresh face.

      • Don’s was good for the state years ago in the uncle Ted days, but he has lost his willingness to fight. He’s trying to be friends with Alaska’s enemies.

  2. #1) If we stopped giving free medical, housing, and food vouchers, as an incentive to every illegal that sneaks across our border, I think we’d see a dramatic decrease in the hordes of illegal rushing the border to enter the United States!
    #2) I think it’d also be worth looking at requiring a mandatory military or civilian service commitment from the millions of service age illegal immigrants, both men and women who cross the border seeking citizenship. If they’re serious about seeking a life of freedom here in the USA, let them start off by showing us that they’re willing to make a defined contribution to our Great Nation, and not just sneaking across the border for free medical, housing and food stamps!

  3. If you’re illegal, you’re illegal. Go home. Come through the front door, then let’s be neighbors, welcome. If not, build the wall.

  4. Now I wonder what He and Don Young will do about it, probably they can’t do much of anything. this is one is for ALL fifty states collectively show who D.C. works for, its not the other way around Alaska and Texas don’t work for D.C. D.C. can’t penalize all fifty states protecting their sovereign rights to provide, protect the safety, and honor its residents; as well as better protect those who will be trafficked, raped, beaten, used, and left to die walking along dangerous routes as spoken by New Zealander Trevor Louder from youtube’s ‘Let’s Talk About It-Will Johnson channel’ during a rally at a border Texas location. From what I am understanding the invasion isn’t so much about illegal immigrants looking for a better life to provide better security and safety for themselves and family, the illegal crossings is MORE about continuing the Human trafficking and Drugs for the Cartel, Democrats and their compromising Republicans.

  5. What is a trip to the Southern border going to accomplish besides another government paid trip to a sunny locale?

  6. Sullivan is a traitor who voted to install the Chinese Puppet Vichy Imperial Federal Govt and destroy the Republic.

  7. Typical…Sullivan let’s an illegitimate president take office with nary a peep of complaint and now preens and postures for votes and donations.
    He’s as genuine as Murkowski and has the same strength of character as the Pelosi praising Young.
    What a fine trio of career, go along to get along, politicians.
    Alaska deserves better.

  8. I first emailed Senator Sullivan to make sure he knows how much this is appreciated and then sent a message to the Anchorage Daily News (the oligarchs mouthpiece). I asked the ADN editor to put forth an unbiased report on Senator Sullivan’s visit and stop pushing liberal Washington Post and AP articles on their readers. I pointed out the fact that they are totally complicit in the direct abuse of children at the border by not reporting the facts………
    It’s time to hold a vigil demanding truth in front of the ADN offices but I don’t even know if they are in Alaska anymore??

    • Are you still subscribing to ADN..??? That may be part of the reason with they are surviving. One way to hurt ADN.. Just don’t subscribe or anything they support (our $$). sooner or later they will go broke..

      • Nope. Wouldn’t dream of giving them a nickel. Just hoping to elevate awareness of those who still do:)

  9. Does this count as proof of life Sen Dan is still upright?

    Can’t make that determination by his advocacy for Alaska

  10. The top of that wall would be the perfect place for a HV transmission line.

    Something that has a crackly sound to it once in a while. Bvvvvvtytbty… blam!

  11. Dan voted in favor of having Biden become President [Electoral College certification vote], and he “fervently wished that President Trump had accepted the results of the election.” Now he is down on the southern border for a photo opportunity whining about what Biden is doing? Wow.
    For his next trick we will see Dan send a strongly worded letter whining about something that Secretary of the Interior is doing that is hurting Alaska now that he voted for her too.

    • Exactly.
      All Sullivan wants from us is a donation check and a vote.
      He helped enable what’s going on at the border by not taking a solid stand on election fraud and now he’s just posturing for votes and money.
      He’s a male version of Murkowski who’s smart enough to hide what he really is better than she does.
      Our entire delegation needs replacing and I look forward to helping get that done.

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