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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Kelly Tshibaka: Voters sent a message this month about government overreach, but Alaskans already get it

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Earlier this month, voters across the country delivered a strong message that they are tired of government overreach and want a change in direction. In Virginia, New Jersey, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Buffalo, people showed support for parental involvement in schools and opposition to pandemic-related mandates. They also supported increased law enforcement and spoke clearly against government intrusion. 

It’s good that the rest of the nation is finally catching on. In Alaska, we’ve been fed up with encroachment of government for a long time. 

President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate is blatantly unconstitutional. Already halted by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which called it “fatally flawed” and “staggeringly overbroad,” it threatens the jobs of workers if they decline to be vaccinated.  Biden bulldozed over millions of Americans’ rights and medical autonomy by compelling individual behavior under the guise of a workplace regulation. What’s more, his mandate made no allowance for people who already recovered from COVID-19 and have natural immunity, People should make their own decisions about medical treatment, and independent Alaskans don’t take kindly to having politicians push their way into the provider-patient relationship.  

Alaska had by far the highest violent crime rate of any state in 2020, and still there are leftists who want to defund and dismantle police departments. Incredibly, Biden installed Vanita Gupta in a top job at the Department of Justice, despite her Senate testimony a year earlier urging lawmakers to adhere to the Defund the Police movement. In Alaska, we know that people in our most vulnerable communities need public safety protection. 

Another great risk to the livelihoods of Alaskans are Biden’s radical environmental policies, which attack our resource industries. On his first day in office, Biden halted the oil and gas leasing approved under President Donald Trump. Biden then worsened the blow by suspending leases that had already been sold, with the Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, leading the charge. And even though he had promised he would defend the massive Willow energy project and its billions of dollars in investment and thousands of jobs, Biden allowed U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason to block it without filing an appeal. 

Biden reversed another Trump policy when he returned to the “roadless rule” for the Tongass National Forest. This blocks our ability to attract tourists and produce timber, both of which mean jobs for Alaskans. It was Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack delivering the blow that time. 

And finally, the same federal judge as in the Willow case, Judge Gleason, stopped the King Cove Road, which would link Alaskans living in the Aleutians with life-saving emergency medical facilities. 

The people listed above have taken direct aim at Alaska’s sovereignty, safety, and prosperity. And all of them have something in common: They all bear the seal of approval from Sen. Lisa Murkowski. 

Murkowski paved the way for Biden’s presidency through her outspoken and unrelenting opposition to President Trump, even though Trump won Alaska twice by double digits and enacted policies that were great for us. 

Murkowski cast the deciding vote on the Senate floor to confirm Gupta to the Justice Department. 

Murkowski cast the deciding vote in committee to move Haaland’s nomination for Interior Secretary to the floor of the Senate, despite expressing “very real misgivings” knowing it would hurt Alaskans.  

Murkowski voted to confirm Judge Gleason, calling her a “superb judge” despite knowing her record of supporting environmentally radical positions from the bench, putting her in position to block the Willow project and the King Cove Road. 

Murkowski voted to confirm Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary, allowing him to block access to our own forest. 

And when she had a chance to cast votes that would actually help Alaska with liberty-minded judges, she voted against confirming Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and voted to filibuster Justice Amy Coney Barrett. 

We heard what voters said across the nation earlier this month–it’s what Alaskans have been saying for a while. Government is supposed to work for us, not against us.  

The government’s role in our life is supposed to be like the two referees in a hockey game. They regulate the game, call the fouls, and make sure the plays are fair. But right now, we have 200 referees on the ice with sticks in their hands, messing with our puck!  

Next November, I will be asking Alaskans to send me to the U.S. Senate because we deserve a leader who will listen to the people, and who will help clear the rink so we can get back to playing the game! 

Kelly Tshibaka is the candidate for U.S. Senate in Alaska endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party and President Donald Trump. 

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Latest comments

  • Compelling arguments–all, Kelly. You’ve got my vote.

  • The whole slate of so called republicans need to go. Leftist Lisa, Sellout Sullivan, and Notso Young.

  • Will she vote for Alaskans or she sides with Mitch and establishment?

    • “In Alaska, we’ve been fed up with government ….” So fake. She’s been a DC swamp creature her entire professional life as side from the new government job she slid into in AK after we payed her moving expenses. She doesn’t stand a chance.

      • Brian must be from outside? Let me guess, we need to sick with Leftist Lisa’s seniority? Or perhaps you just want a Demoncrat?
        At this point anything’s better than leftist Lisa, but Kelly seems like an actual good candidate.

      • Brian, you sound like a Lisa guy, unless that’s an oxymoron… I have to agree with you about this Kelly T though she sure looks swampy, but then she isn’t the daughter of Frank the Bank either. And her description of Lisa’s voting record is accurate.
        As I write this I am listening to that old Jessie Colter song “I’m Not Lisa”. In my opinion the song’s title alone is enough for Kelly T to get my vote. Not a perfect world here Brian, and Lisa isn’t someone you want to re-elect.
        Oh, BTW, I recall another fellow, came here from D.C., ran for Senate, folks thought he was a bit of a new comer, and dare I say an opportunist? Anyway, unlike Kelly T he wasn’t even born and raised here, yet he came to some good, name was Ted Stevens. Ever hear about him?

      • Barbie doll…,

        • Really? That’s your comment?
          Let’s stack your IQ and accomplishments up against hers.
          What say?

          • Hit a nerve did I? You take issue with my comment after reading the vitriol you and a few others rant about on here? Cute.

          • Avoid the issue. If I were you, I’d probably do likewise.

          • It is all good and dandy to preach to the choir, as she did here.

            It is easy to tell a supportive audience what you want to say.

            But, she is citing rural Alaskan issues.

            She does not get brownie points by talking ABOUT rural Alaskan’s struggles to a largely non-rural audience.

            Anyone can read a briefing paper – based off work that has already been done by others for decades.

            She does not have anything that differentiates her to be compelling.

            Sadly, I already forgot her name since I started writing this quick comment.

          • Oh please!
            Does rural have to mean bought and paid for? Not all of rural Alaska is so willing to have team Leftist Lisa fill out their ballots for them (which is illegal, but they get away with it in rural Alaska). Rural Alaska is not so homogeneous as you might think. There are plenty of rural Alaskans that are finally sick enough of the traitorous Lisa to not give away their vote to a Marxist that can afford to crisscross the bush with huge money donated by outside Marxists and Planned Barrenhood in order to fake sincerity and promise as little as she can to buy the gullible vote.

        • Painted Pony, Any Barbie doll would be an improvement over Lisa,!

        • As in “plastic”? As in not for real? I don’t agree but I think I understand what you meant to say.

      • So how’s about you Kelly naysayers (de facto Leftist Lisa supporters when it all comes out in the wash) actually do some homework on Kelly and figure out why she is outraising Leftist Lisa 4 to 1 from actual Alaskans? Do you have a better option that won’t have us stuck with the nepotistic nincompoop again? We can’t afford to shoot ourselves in the foot again.
        Find something constructive to do.

        • So how’s about you paid shills go lay down by your dish and let those with valuable opinions speak? You’re fully enamored w/ Ms. Tchibaca however, you never even once have stated why that might be aside from that she’s not Murk.
          Tchibaca writes a few self promoting paragraphs all focused on making herself appear to be something she’s not and you write several more that consist primarily of vague disparagements of other’s opinions and random suggestions that others need to do their homework in order to reach the level of understanding you claim to possess.
          Try posting objective references here that might make either you or the poacher seem like either of you know what you’re doing. We’ll wait.

          • I’m not a paid shill. And I’m not too much of a pathetic coward to take shots while concealing my name.
            Show some evidence of what you speak, Leftist shill.
            I have contributed a decent amount to Kelly’s campaign because I’m not stupid enough to keep leftist Lisa.
            I have herd Kelly speak. I have talked to her personally on a few occasions. I know her type and can make a decent guess that she is a good gamble – so very much better than the known quantity that is the Nepotistic Numbskull, Leftist Lisa.
            Now wander off and be a useful idiot elsewhere.

      • Brian, the reason we paid her moving expenses was because we hired her before she returned to Alaska. Nice sleight of hand thought. I trust we hired her for good reasons.
        I have but one criteria when casting my vote: “Will this person endeavor to secure my God given rights?” Lisa has proven she doesn’t and will not get another of my votes.
        We’ll see how our western brothers vote now that we’ve lost our Rescue Road through the Izembek to King Cove because of Murkowski. I hope nobody dies this winter because of that.

  • You are obviously the candidate of choice for most of us Alaskans. What we in this state must figure out is how to get people to vote, especially Anchorage. And how to get more people to get involved enough to study for an election, instead of relying on who can have the best or most commercials. The folks benefiting from the handouts and high paying government jobs seem to have no problem casting their ballots. The rest of us need to get active, now.

  • Convince me you’re not just a female version of Swampy Dan. Alaska has enough elected officials who talk conservative until elected, then vote swamp.

    Honestly, I don’t believe you can. Prove me wrong.

    • Let’s start with, Kelly, ditch the mask. if she can’t be bold enough to not wear a mask; how will she fight for us on tough issues…? look at MTG, $60k in fines for not wearing a mask and she hasn’t backed down yet.

      • Where has she been wearing the ‘I’m a dumb liberal’ face diaper?
        I saw her several times in crowds at the state fair. No face diaper there.

      • Oiy. MTG is your guide?

        • She has a spine. We like that on our side. That’s why we are more embarrassed by a Senile in Chief that destroys America and makes us look weak and pathetic in the eyes of the world.

        • Did MTG vote for the ‘infrastructure’ Marxist bill like our three bootlickers? No. And she wouldn’t. That’s what’s important if your not a simpleton that doesn’t like plain talk but instead clutches at pearls all day long.

  • Lisa Murkowski has a record that all Alaskans can look at and make their own decisions. Why don’t you list your acomplishments so we can evaluate you based on what you have done. Why don’t you explain why you are in Alaska. How did the Dunleavy administration find you and why would he create a job for your husband. He had already chosen the frozen yogurt guy over you. I imagine you had applied for the position .

    • Realistically, her best argument is the argument of why not Leftist Lisa. It is the easiest to make and the most motivating. Daddy’s little nepotistic numbskull has got to go.

      • Typical neo con dodging. Why can’t questions be answered instead of demeaning insults that make you look ignorant and uneducated?

        • That was not a dodge. And no. I’m not stupid enough to be pro Leftist Lisa. Never was.
          Kelly is quite accomplished and a good person with a good heart. It is an educated gamble that she will also have a good spine. We’ll see. I’m sure you’re all for her or the Democrat du jour, but I’m just not that self destructive.

          • “It is an educated gamble that she will also have a good spine.”
            A very common sense argument which I agree with.

  • I’m listening, Kelly. Lisa doesn’t like it when I listen to you. But her baby talk is really starting to get to me. I prefer women who are smart, talk intelligently, and can write coherently. Can’t wait to vote for you.

  • What was Lisa Murkowski’s accomplishments before being appointed by her dad?

    • She failed the bar exam 4 times and then probably cheated on the 5th.

      • Senator Murkowski was a lawyer and a State legislator before becoming a US Senator. A better question is why is Kelly T calling Lisa M a DC insider? Kelly T has worked in DC lobbying since she got out of college while Lisa has done a great job of representing Alaska

        • So you ARE pro Leftist Lisa.
          You could’ve saved us all a bit of time and let us know that you are a shill for her.
          Leftist Lisa is the ultimate swamp creature DC insider.
          That is why she can’t hardly get donations from Alaskans. She gets almost all of her warchest from huge money Marxists and organizations like Planned Barrenhood because she is a fake Christian and reliably votes like she loves abortion. All outside money. With undeserved power, she is the ultimate lobbyist.
          Lisa for Sale!
          Get your Leftist Lisa vote HERE!!

          • Lisa won her Anchorage house legislative seat by less than 100 votes before her dad appointed her to his former US Senate seat. Lisa was not even popular where she lived in Anchorage. It took Frank Murkowski almost two months to decide to appoint his daughter to his old seat after Frank became governor in 2002. Lisa took the Bar exam 6 times before passing, and it was disclosed that she was part of a cheating scandal that eminated from a bar preparation course where the answers were provided before the exam. Lisa was a very below average student.
            Just an entitled little Princess. Part of the Murkowski Dynasty. Privileged White Folk.

          • I have so often wished for some minority privilege when defending or trying to gain a job or some education.
            Oh well. Not having the only privilege that has existed in this country (minority privilege) for half of a century has just made me work harder.

  • All of these commentators sound like astroturfing liberals using conservative buzzwords. Interesting how their names seemed to be picked from a bingo wheel.

  • Yep, awesome! She’s got my vote and I tell all I know she needs their vote too!! Let’s go brandon!!!

  • Kelly is number 1, Lisa will be number 4 in the ranked choice voting.
    Voting 4 for Lisa will knock her off the ballot.
    Primary that socialist anti Alaskan, anti american liar.
    Thank you Kelly.

  • Well said Kelly, but you need to go further and talk a bout a plan to reign in the swamp once in D.C. You need to be willing to call out Dan Sullivan as well because he sold us out on the Infrastructure bill. No playing nice if we are being lied too. In the home stretch, be willing to layout your primary objectives once in Congress and deliver on those promises. The beauty of President Trump is he ran on promises to our country and he delivered in spite of congressional stonewalling. As a Senator, you need to do the same! Hopefully Mitch McConnell will be in chains before you get there, but if not, you need to advocate for a new Senate Leader (Cotton, Hawley or Paul) that will push the American First agenda for Secure Borders, Economic Growth, Reduction of Government, Lower Taxes, Strong Military and is willing to confront and deal with China! Also, there needs to be stronger government oversight on agencies that go rogue like the FBI and DOJ. Both need a thorough house cleaning and an investigation into their files and what they are hiding. They are currently acting like Nazi SS, intimidating American parents and families trying to protect their children from dictatorship school boards and unions. It is time for Americas elected leaders to actually represent the people that pay their salaries. We need term limits and complete government reform, no 100% pensions upon leaving government. It is time for an America rebirth!

  • This is why I have decided to support Kelly Tshibaka for US Senate with both my time and money.
    Since Kelly announced her run for US Senate earlier this year, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about her. First by studying her history, and then observing how she operates in public and in person. I encourage everyone to do the same as their time allows.

    July 17, 2021: I was attending Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” event in Palmer, and happened to notice Kelly in the crowd. Just like the majority of people attending the event, she appeared to be there in a low profile non-political way for personal and not political reasons. I believe it speaks to her personal beliefs in meaningful way.
    August 21, 2021: Along with a bunch of other fellow supporters, my wife and I chose to be in the Alaska State Fair Parade to show our support for Kelly. She appeared to have very strong public support as she walked and met people on both sides of the street. Only some of the Republican politicians I saw there on the elevated stage were displaying obvious support. Most wouldn’t even wave back to me.
    August 26, 2021: I met with Kelly and one of her staff in person at a restaurant in Anchorage for a couple of hours to discuss her political perspective/aspirations/etc. It was a great opportunity to learn more about her.
    November 15, 2021: My wife and I hosted a Meet and Greet Kelly at our home, where we got to see how she handled herself answering a barrage of miscellaneous questions.

    I trust we can all agree that no one is perfect, including you, me and Kelly. Through all my meetings with her, I’ve come to see she has a great balance of compassion for people, with the willingness and ability to go on the offense for Alaska. I would say if you’re interested in seeing Alaska and the USA begin returning to the Constitution, to strengthen and remain the land of the free and home of the brave, a place that honors everyone from conception all the way through life and beyond, that Kelly Tshibaka is a great pick for Senate and worthy of your support. I encourage everyone to take the time to get to know her along with the other candidates, and then make an informed vote for Alaska’s future next year.

  • Jelly Kelly, not one peep out of you about the state ferry system yet you have the audacity to bring up King Cove issue as being important? The Alaska Ferry System has a much bigger impact on Alaskan sovereignty, safety, and prosperity than anything your manufactured talking points bring up.

    • Manufactured talking points.
      So your alternative to a common sense conservative is what?
      More Leftist Lisa?
      The Democrat du jour?
      Really, all of this shallow barking against nat a solid candidate.
      What is YOUR stellar alternative? More of Murkowski and her Marxism and abortion bought and paid for by outside money?
      Really, what or whom is your alternative?

  • Mr. Myers. I am interested in learning more about illegal voting in Rural Alaska that you mentioned. Voting is the backbone of freedom in America.

    If that is being violated, it needs to be discussed openly.

    Thank you for bringing this up.

  • Here is a question for Ms. Tshibaka: What is your position in Congressional earmarks?

    And a follow up: Do you believe that federal appropriations for Alaska create a stronger Alaskan economy? Why or why not?

  • That you Kelly, we are so tired of the cold mess RINO. I believe you will be our next Senator. Please take notes from Margorie Taylor Green, Jim Jorden, Mike Gaetz and Ted Cruz and others in the Freedom Caucus because we will demand that level of engagement.

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