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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Today Don Young became the 6th overall longest-serving Congressman in history

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On Friday, Alaska Congressman Don Young surpassed former Speaker Sam Rayburn’s tenure and became the 6th overall longest serving congressman in the history of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Young has served since March of 1973, and is in his 25th term.

He already was the Republican Party’s longest-serving member of the House in history, and is currently Dean of the House, the first Republican Dean in over eight decades.

“It’s truly the honor of a lifetime to represent Alaskans. I love this institution dearly, and I’m grateful to have served with nearly 2,200 friends on both sides of the aisle in the House,” Young said in a video posted by his staff.

“His tenure in the United States Congress. 48 years, 256 days.That’s me. That puts me in the sixth position of every congressman who has ever served for longevity. When I get reelected this time, I’ll go to number four,” he said in the video, taped in his colorful DC office, surrounded by his Alaska memorabilia. “I thank you for that, Alaskans. Don Young thanks you. I’ve done the job for you because you’ve asked me to do it, and we’re going to do it again. I’m proud of that. It’s gonna be good times. God bless.”

Rayburn, of Texas, was a Democrats who served as the 43rd Speaker and was also speaker three times. He still is the record-holder for having the longest tenure as Speaker, 17 years total. He served from 1913 until 1961, and an office building — the Rayburn Building — at the Capitol is named in his honor.

Watch the Don Young video at this link:

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • retire PLEASE

    • He really does look worn-out and rode hard. Don needs to count all of his ill-begotten money and get out of Congress now. Another campaign will probably do him in.

      • Don (Not)Young is like that old forgotten container of cottage cheese in the back of the frig that has turned into something very ugly, very stinky, and not the least bit appetizing.

        • Lou always said that too. Moldy and curdling. Kinda like Don.

  • Time for Don to go to the old folks home with his buddy Joe and their friends Hillary, Nancy, Maxine, Diane and Barack. Put them all out to pasture, we’re sick of them.

    • Sad commentary, elders need to go out to “pasture”? Sick

      • You would prefer what term? “Gulag?”

      • PaintedPony:
        …….as long as they’re on the North side of the pasture, where the daisies aren’t growing.

  • After his most recent vote maybe it’s time for someone else. He is out of touch with Alaskans.

    • The infrastructure bill is a great bi-partisan bill that will benefit all Alaksans. This is what Congressmen are elected to do. I have not voted for Don Young in 20 years, but wil probably vote for him in 2022

      • I’m sure your kids and grand kids will agree when they pick-up the tab for promises never met.

    • Not only out of touch, but where is the power of that longevity for the benefit of Alaskans?
      Don’s ego will require him to leave the House feet first.

    • Amen to that!

  • Don- Sir, we love you and respect you still despite this latest stunt of saving Nancy’s butt on that huge spending bill. But, methinks it’s time for you to fade into the sunset and enjoy a well deserved retirement! BTW, when you were clowning around with China Joe at that despicable 1.3 Trillion Dollar, pork filled , socialist enabling, freedom robbing bill signing, could you tell if China Joe was wearing his diaper? Asking for a friend.

    • That was a nice rant Mr Schenker. Helps me understand your side

      • I don’t blame you for wanting to join us Evan. It stinks over there!

      • Evan, your acknowledging need for help understanding our side is a good start. We have hope for you.

        • Wayne: Thanks. And this is odd – I agree with nearly all the MRAK posters here about the horrible Mr. Young, but – and you probably guessed this since I’m a liberal – for the opposite reasons.

          • Michael Tavoliero for US Congress in 2022.

  • Time for new blood, not connected to the DC sewer.

  • Not what America needs right now.
    Looking forward to saying, so long don!
    I wish I could be more optimistic and realize don has pulled off the win in the past. Don is not pulling his weight today, and I wish him replaced.

  • And still screwed us with vote on Biden’s abomination.

  • Don’s interest is clear it’s not about representing the people or the best interest of the State of Alaska it’s all about Him setting a record for longevity in the House of Representatives.

  • Let’s GO !!!! D Y

  • No Shame, No Sense….NO VOTE!

  • Don:
    Quit being a greedy old man. You are way past your prime. Let some other Alaskan have a turn. And, you are an idiot for selling out to Pelosi. Our family will not vote for you again.

    • Unfortunately with this vote he secured the support of the people that really matter: Dominion Voting Systems and Alaska Native corporations

  • Isn’t it some violation of the law or house rules to campaign from your office? If it isn’t, it probably should be.

  • Why do you continue to patronize this self-serving turncoat?

  • So who are the five above him? Just off the top of my head, I’m guessing Robert Byrd, Emmanuel Cellar, John Dingell, Carl Hayden and Strom Thurmond.

    • This time, I actually looked it up. The Wikipedia article “List of members of the United States Congress by longevity of service” has him in ninth place, not sixth. Of the names I mentioned, subtract Thurmond and add John Conyers, Daniel Inouye, Carl Vinson and Jamie Whitten.

  • Don Young: when you retire from this earth and are called to Jesus, Alaskans ( the Majority of us) will say Better things about you and your contributions to Alaska. We will remember more your positive contributions to the State of Alaska more than remembering your faults and mistakes. We who are still left here after you are gone will continue to fight the good fight, journeying onward. We will Miss you Don Young. Thank you for all those who stepped up to a call of public service and run for the elected office, Democrat and Republican even those elect compromised or not voting agianst their partisan principles whether or not their votes were for good or evil. I really am trying to be kinder… I slip up sometimes (too many times!)
    I had to say something. I feel really bad after seeing many of the comment reactions. I know when Don Young is no more We will All miss except the 10 percent genuine haters, those 10% haters what they think their thoughts don’t matter.

  • Sold us out! What are our liberties worth? Guess we know now……..

  • Don, you have definitely earned your retirement. Please clean out your office for me.
    In your lame duck season please do not add anymore to the national debt
    future generations will appreciate it.

    It’s time Alaska, Vote 3rd party. End the establishment cesspool.

  • Longest serving SWAMP CREATURE! We have had enough of you Don, move on.

  • This is great. It would be much greater if the Congressman would use his position to enable economic development,. As it stands, in twenty years everyone will be working for the government or something created by the government. Sorta like the old Soviet Union. And that will not be anything to be proud about.

  • It was a good run but age and what seems like possible incipient dementia have turned a Conservative into a RINO. Give it up, Don. You might win if you really do run again but that would seem most sincere if you just admitted you have changed parties and run as the liberal Democrat you’ve become.

    • Remember he joined back when being a Republican meant supporting the Equal Rights Amendment and unlimited government spending. He is pre-Reagan

  • Poster Boy for term limits.

  • Buh Bye Don Young you no longer represent our great state at all. You have been bought out by China Joe and the entire swamp… Retire you are no longer needed or wanted here.

  • I’ll vote for Don till he’s dead!!!

    • Michael Tavoliero for US House of Representatives!

  • Your length of time is nothing more than an indictment of how much damage you have done to our country while deceiving the Alaskan people

  • Gheesh!

  • Throughout history, it has always been elders who have provided most of the wisdom, guidance, and leadership to keep civilization(s) on track. Those suggesting Don Young should exit the race or retire merely because of his age are engaging in logical fallacy. Talent for leadership is not held as a franchise by any age bracket… although it tends to be more prevalent in seniors due to experience. A young person with talent can function just as well as an elderly person (compare Alexander the Great and Winston Churchill). The only qualifications needed are: mental acuity, world view, and above all, wisdom (neither youth nor age are part of this list). Don Young seems to have these qualities in spades.


  • Farewell, Don, I hope your retirement works better than mine. Quit kicking a dead mule and enjoy your remaining years. You have done your service to our great state.

    • To anyone thinking the comments were mean are living a illusion. Go to the pete santilli rumble show ep.270 November 21. Watch his guest just a little over a hour in. The guest is a outsider who has been looking at election fraud. You’ll learn how corrupt things have become. We are on the razor edge of losing what we take for granted. This is not a time for elder respect, we are talking about representation.

  • Don, Dan and Murky all voted for Beijing Biden and Pelosi’s bill BBB! Time to dump these Democrats.

  • Stand for the US Constitution.

  • Time for this old toad to move out of the way. He and lisa are has beens they are no longer needed.
    Time to get some real Patriots into the mix. Out with these old relics.

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