Once again, Rep. Eastman censured by House for comment made in committee


The Alaska House of Representatives voted 35-1 to censure Rep. David Eastman of Wasilla for a remark he made during a Judiciary Committee meeting about the economic savings that could come from the deaths of abused children. His comment had been ironic in nature, as he was attempting to make a link to how people sometimes view abortion, as a cost-savings to society. He opposes abortion.

Eastman was the only person who voted against his censure, which was introduced by Anchorage Democrat Rep. Andrew Gray, who adopted a child from foster care.

Eastman said that the entire process of censure was against the House rules, because Rep. Gray had impugned his motives and his character, as well as that of his district and “by stating that my motive was to imply something.”

Eastman has been excluded from the Republican caucus this year. He was censured in 2017 over other comments he made that the House majority found offensive, relating to Native women and abortion access. An attempt was made last year to disqualify him from taking office, but a judge ruled that he had not committed sedition by being a member of the Oathkeepers, whose leaders and some followers have been convicted of various crimes related to Jan. 6, 2021 and the takeover of the U.S. Capitol by protestors.


      • Good. The PFD is just another form of liberal handout that druggies use to buy more drugs. Get rid of it. It’s basically a type of universal basic income that smells of communism. Less handouts, more hands to honest work.

          • Wayne Coogan,
            Evidently you missed the Original Intent of the P- Fund and later the dividend, it , ( the fund) was conceived to LIMIT GOVERNMENT.
            Apparently you believe in unrestricted Government Spending and its resulting graft and corruption.
            BTW, if druggies use their PFD to purchase drugs, that simple act does more for the economic well being of society than all of the Social Service /Democrat Programs that ever existed or will exist by confiscation of the people’s PFD.

  1. I hope everyone knows about how John Quincy Adams was censured many times in the House of Representatives for speaking against slavery. The left can keep fighting to save their ability to sacrifice their children to their gods, but they will lose in the end.

  2. I say this as a conservative: Eastman is a terrible representative, a poor example and a blight on our party. He should be removed from office and replaced.

    • Found the liberal/RHINO. They always start with: “as a conservative:” or some flavor. No one believes you’re a conservative. You’re just here to stirr the pot and sow doubt.

    • For what? Satirical rhetoric and mocking the Leftists on their own stage? Give me a break. No one believes Eastman was serious. His comments are demonstrative that Leftism and wokeism is a real problem in government. This was an act of courage by Eastman. The real cowards are the ones who jumped on their own little soapboxes to impress the lefty media and all their lefty friends in Juneau. Ridiculous. Move on to more important matters, please.

      • Dogger,
        Just think how far along we’d be if they were 60 Eastmans in the Legislature. The budget would be passed in late January and adjournment would take place by February 5th.

    • Just remember that only 3 legislators are from Juneau. The other 57 come from the rest of the state. And the majority from the greater Anchorage area. You send them them down here to do the damage. Start electing people of more integrity and quit blaming the corruption on Juneau.

      • Juneau is a political mindset like Wash DC, along with being a place where corruption is rampant and advocated, particularly outside the easy reach of the majority of their constituents. Swamps are everywhere and Juneau certainly has one; thus Juneau – the legislative state of politics are corrupt.

    • As a human being (since we are all now prefacing our comments with our existence credentials), I must protest your comment sir. Juneau is a city; cities cannot be corrupt. I suspect you mean to say, “It’s insane how corrupt some people currently in Juneau have become.”

  3. He is no worse than all the others who cause nothing but trouble. As a native woman I understand he is being sarcastic because he knows they will each one of his colleagues will do nothing to assist really, this segment of Alaskan society and he is sick of it like the rest of us are.

  4. The person who impugned his motives and character is Eastman himself.

    Making stupid statements to make points has become his hallmark. It has basically turned him into caricature instead of someone to be taken seriously.

    There are times, especially when you believe yourself to be morally right, that a wise person reads the room and adapts accordingly. Mr Eastman lacks this level of self discernment.

    In a blue state like Alaska, he will never change hearts and minds acting like a buffoon.

    If Eastman wants to be taken seriously and have a seat at the big boy table, it’s past time he grow up.

    • All the same stuff said about Trump, and the left is going after Eastman just like they went after Trump. I’m at the point now where I prefer mavericks over anybody else just so I might hear a wrench crunching gears. This entire machine is corrupt to the core. I wish I could cast a vote for Eastman. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

      • And honestly, what did it get Trump in the long term? He lost reelection, most of his good policies were undone, and he is under attack in every possible direction.

        Neither side trust him. He has few natural Allie’s he can count on.

        If you want to beat the left, you gotta be smarter.

    • It is humorous to see how easily the left is triggered, and how little sarcasm or circular reasoning is required to get y’all spooled up. Let’s run the legislative process off the rails to say that we don’t like your tone, timmer or tie. What I want to know is did the these so called Child Trust advocates get their taxpayer handout? They represent a bait and switch organization that want funding to “protect” abused children, but also provide those funds to whomever will terminate a pregnancy for convenience at the drop of a hat, thus the grossest form of child abuse; infanticide.

  5. Keep doing what you are rep Eastman this way they are busy chasing you and not screwing us. That being said you are our best legislator we have.

  6. There is a big difference between hearing someone and listening to them…seems like 35 legislators just showed us they were hearing but not listening.!!!

  7. If we have a right to kill our babies before they’re born because of disabilities or addictions, why not after?

    If I can kill my baby before he’s born out of fear for the expense his life will impose upon me, why not after?

    …let’s not pretend we didn’t understand Rep. Eastman’s comment, as reported.

    And let’s not pretend the baby inside the womb is an entirely different being once he’s exited the womb.

    Let’s not pretend there’s a moral difference between killing Little Johnny inside his mama and killing him once he lives outside of her.

  8. They all hold political office and yet try to act offended when they hear something they don’t like. The whole bunch needs to grow up. Or at least grow a pair.

  9. Eastman has what, 3 or 4 small children? Hardly the life style of someone pro abortion or pro death of abused children. If you can’t figure out what I believe from my words try looking at my lifestyle choices!! Also, they don’t usually select fools to attend ,or allow them to graduate from West Point!!

  10. This politician has no political savvy whatsoever. As a result, he is utterly ineffective at his job.

    What is curious is not so much his clueless character, as the clueless people who keep electing him, knowing full well how little he achieves for them.

    • Even if Eastman didn’t attend a single vote, it would be a win.
      Why? It’s a seat denied to yet another vile leftist ‘They/Them’ or a useless pig-at-the-trough Republican jumping on the Peltola gravy train.

      But he does vote – and pisses off the fake Alaskans as a bonus.

      • Apu, in general I am in agreement with your argument regarding Eastman’s occupancy of his seat and accomplishing nothing being preferable to having some RINO jackss in his place who would actually do the State harm.

        That said, I have to confess that I am disappointed in how Mr Eastman has conveyed his message on this and other occasions. Eastman, in my opinion has lost sight of the fact that some of his fellow legislators are either evil or not very bright. His messaging should be tailored accordingly.

  11. David Eastman is pro life/family. He has a beautiful family, unlike some of his detractors. We know people by their enemies, and unfortunately our legislature is against a member with real convictions. Sumner being one, should quit throwing manure at his mirror, and learn that Mat-Su is capable of discerning reality from politics.
    Of course the chimp panzi media is following orders to craft another attack on him as they are soo righteous.

  12. Anyone who adopted a child should be prolife by default. Adopted babies survived the mama abortion question, should i or should not?

  13. Wow. A comment made with intent to irony and he is censured. The Hitler quote was a reference to the wrongs of abortion and did not indicate in anyway Eastman was aligned with Hitler. Indicating so is a stretch and completely out of line. Eastman may not always say things with grace or tact but what he says is indeed true.

  14. This guy is the best Democrat that Republicans could elect to represent one of the most conservative portions of the state. Statewide the Democrats absolute love this clown and his ability to render an entire conservative house district completely impotent.

  15. And Eastman is just being himself. Some comments, relationships, and personalities of our society elites are meant for the inner circle not for public ears for keeping decorum, peace, and unity among general public. This didn’t need to leave committee.

  16. David Eastman is just stating the truth in a way that is not woke. If you are for killing babies at any age, then just follow the money. You kill becasue you do not want to support. David Eastman can represent me anytime. Sorry that he cannot state his case in such an eloquent way that it does not offend anyone.

  17. If we conservatives really cared about life, we would do something about the corrupt criminal justice system, killer cops, and the callous inhumane treatment of the mentally ill. But we won’t.

  18. This says much more about the 35 then Eastman. I wonder how many of these 35 support infant murder? There needs to be a mass purge of the Alaskan political class.

  19. Eastman and others calling themselves pro-life aren’t that at all. They’re pro-birth. Once born, they could care less what happens to a child.

    • What a sinister thought , Cman ! Crawl back under your rock please ! It’s clear you can only shoot darts at everyone not of your liking , your time will be measured regardless of how many you shoot!

  20. Andrew Grey is a LIAR.
    He actually stood and testified in the SAME ROOM that the state STOLE my six shooter and literally said, “we aren’t coming for your guns.”

    • I’ll say it again. If anyone here wishes to meet me face to face to see if I’m ‘real’, then say the word. But I would NEVER bait anyone into revealing potentially sensitive info on an open blog. If I lived alone, I might make a different decision but with family at home I will not chance a crazy coming to my house.

    • Sidney:
      3/4 of us are Democrats. Suzanne is a very tolerant, diverse, generous, and fair moderator.
      Even we Democrats hail her excellent reporting.

  21. … they want to murder our indigenous population under the guise of “healthcare” now? These politicians should go “healthcare” themselves.

  22. I support a new House Rule. Censure every leftist because everything out of their mouths is either a lie or accusing people of something they didn’t do. Keep going after them Dave, your one of the few in our legislature that speaks the truth and stands for the Constitution. I am praying for Alaska, because I see dark days ahead for this State as the dark money and leftist commies consolidate power against the people.

  23. ‘https://twitchy.com/amy-313134/2023/02/24/pro-abort-ma-dem-worried-crisis-pregnancy-centers-save-too-many-kids-with-expensive-special-needs/

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