Sen. Murkowski worries about Alaska coming in 49th in nearly everything


Sen. Lisa Murkowski, speaking before the joint session of the Alaska Legislature on Wednesday, talked at length about the billions of federal dollars she has brought home to communities in Alaska for various infrastructure projects, from Ketchikan to the deep harbor port at Nome. She made special shout-outs to mostly Democrats in the chamber, which had both House and Senate seated for her annual remarks. She acknowledged there are a lot of new faces in the Legislature, people she looked forward to getting to know.

She made special mention of Rep. Justin Ruffridge of Soldotna and Rep. Andrew Gray of Anchorage for forming a “freshman caucus” that she described as “bipartisan.” It’s unclear how many freshman are actual members of the caucus, but it’s open to the 17 new House members, and it’s led by Ruffridge and Gray.

In her 55 minutes at the podium, she also made special mention of Sen. Bert Stedman, Sen. Donny Olson, Sen. Jessie Kiehl, Sen. Lyman HOffman, Rep. Daniel Ortiz, Rep. Louise Stutes, Rep. Brice Edgmon, and Rep. Josiah Patkotak.

She praised Congresswoman Mary Peltola for “carrying on the legacy” of the late Congressman Don Young.

Without acknowledging that she helped create the Biden Administration, she talked about how difficult the Democrat in the White House has been for Alaska, and how Biden has shaken the economic stability of the 49th state. Her talk took a cautionary tone when she hinted that she is very uncertain how the Biden Administration will rule on the Willow Project, which has gone through numerous hoops, both regulatory and in court, and is finally back for another decision.

Under the former administration of Republican Donald Trump, that decision would probably have gone in favor of the ConocoPhillips project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. But once it was bounced from court back to the White House, it’s unclear if Biden will approve the oil project that would bring thousands of jobs and revitalize the economy of Alaska.

Murkowski expressed concern that it may be nixed. If so, she said, it’s all about politics.

Murkowski didn’t talk about abortion-for-all bill bill she has co-sponsored. She boosted the Alaska Marine Highway System and asked the Legislature to provide the matching dollars to the federal dollars she has brought to Alaska.

Murkowski spoke confidently and authoritatively, but also showed concern that Alaska has slipped to the bottom of the states in most important measures — education, economy, and the ability to recover from the Covid pandemic economy. She said the outmigration that has occurred in Alaska since 2015 concerns her.

Alaska’s longest-serving senator, in the Senate since 2002, said there is no reason Alaska should be 49th in anything, except Statehood.


  1. Well she’s certainly right about our rating for senators….bottom of the list and that says a lot. She and Sullivan deserve trophies for that accomplishment.

  2. Actually, Alaska may come in 50th in most everything. I cannot imagine what state would be behind Alaska economically, or in other measures such as student accomplishments, etc.

  3. It’s not about the money, Lisa. It’s about your ineffective, immoral Leftist policies. YOU and your DC comrades are failing Alaska.

    • This is very true, Caterina. But the arrogance of radical leftists, Princess Lisa among them, will NEVER allow them to acknowledge the consistent failures of their insane, anti-freedom and nation-bankrupting policies.

  4. Alaska comes in first for hate mongers and unchristian like attitudes.
    The problem may be that we have a lot of new comers who don’t understand the value of our great senator Murkowski.
    She brings broadband for rural, huge infra-structure package, F-22 squadron, two F-35 fighter squadrons, always votes more money for military, highway construction and new bridges, new Coast Guard Cutters, new ice breaker under construction, more money per capita than any other state, born and raised Alaskan, defeated her last election opponent in the first round of RCV, serves on powerful senate Committees, champions big energy projects (Willow), highly respected amongst her colleagues and on and on and on 😉

    • Blah blah blah, more hollow pro-establishment talking points, 3rd. And just like Princess Lisa, and every other radical leftist, you consistently fail to recognize the morally and financially ruinous nature of all that pork, and of your pernicious brand of taxpayer-soaking statism in general.

      • Jeff; You are incorrect, the federal money would have been spent on other states regardless., Alaska just got a bigger piece of the pie 😉

    • Thank you. We Murkowskis have been running Alaska politics for 43 years. So kind of you to recognize our superior intellect and family prestige. We aren’t just Alaska royalty, we are considered national royalty too.

      • Very true, Nancy. I used to go to Taiwan and while I was there I received the royal treatment by government officials. Twelve course meals served by little Dolls, followed by Kareoke bars and lots of singing. I even sang the Alaska flag song to them. I sure miss those days when the Murkowski name really meant something.

    • Ohhh… she gets some money sent here.
      Did it fix any of the issues for the several decades she has been doing that? No? Perhaps she should try something different.

    • We’ve done this before. Its the two movies on the same screen. You give credit to Lisa for every good thing to happen and ignore all the bad. For instance…..

      – F-22 / F-35s came to AK because the AF retired F-15 / F-16 jets
      – Rural infrastructure is simply a money grab, laundering money for the Bush into her campaign coffers
      – Elon Musk solved rural broadband with Starlink without a penny from Lisa
      – New bridges? Really? Wake me up when she funds Kinik Arm, Turnagain Arm and Gravina bridges
      – I am mystified about new ice breakers, as Lisa is fully onboard with the manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions. If all the arctic ice is going to be gone, why pray tell do they need new ice breakers?
      – Stands idly by while Biden shuts down logging in the Tongass
      – Ensures the US is dependent on the CCP for rare earths needed for her new energy projects by continuing her opposition to Pebble

      Finally, there are better things in this life than to be respected by democrats and other members of the DC Uniparty. But that’s just me. Cheers –

    • She did not bring the F 35’s to Eielsen, that was actually Mark Begich. She did put the final vote to stop the disassembly of Obamacare though.

  5. What arrogancy! She has helped this state become the least econimic viable, her union friends have made us 49th in education and if it weren’t for her we would have the biggest and best state in terms of the least regulations (EPA, IRS, FDA, CDC, you name it) she has had a hand in it all. Oh by the way, China owns her too.

      • I’m pretty sure dumping chemicals on the open ground is already illegal. In fact most things we consider ‘bad stuff’ is already illegal. I’m concerned with getting people/companies/entities to actually follow those regulations. If lisa had shown some tendency to support enforcement of these various regulations, I’d have some respect for her.

      • They only rode on the bad bearings for 43 minutes intil the derailment. What you are attempting to reference, wouldn’t have stopped the derailment. You repeating Pothole Pete’s lame azz excuse is hillarious.

        • Oh, I forgot about Sec Bootysex trying to blame Trump for stopping a braking requirement rule.
          Which would not have applied to the train in question anyway, but why stop a good narrative.

      • Do you know why that train derailed?
        What sequence of events led up to the derailment?
        I doubt it, because regulations would have done nothing to have stopped it.

          • Henry:
            You know that, but Lucinda appears to be firmly under the illusion that President Trump squashing a proposed regulation (that would not have applied to this train) was the reason for the derailment.

        • Connecting the dots indicates the way is being cleared for cobalt extraction I believe starting on the Delaware side and then the lithium. Oh, those rare earth minerals. Herding humans away from their land is just so annoying. But who wants live without potable water. Donald Trump can’t keep paying for it personally in perpetuity while deals are made with others overseas can he?

      • Actually, they are waiting for Pastel Pete to finish extended maternity leave so he can come by and pass out tranquilizers.

  6. Yes and she is a big part of this rating. The princess should be so proud. Look in the mirror Lisa and say I did that.

  7. There is nothing derogatory left to say about lisa. She complains about our state coming in at the bottom of all these categories yet she has voted against our values and helped insert the feds into every attempt at development. Look in the mirror lisa and behold the ‘problem’.

  8. Deb Haaland is Alaska’s nemesis!! Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Dan Sullivan’s ‘yea’ votes put her over the top to become Biden’s Secretary of the Interior. She neglected to remind the legislators of this fact. If the ‘Willow Project falls through, it will effectively hang around their necks.

  9. Maybe she should get some Bureau of Indian Education money to help those bush kids. The fast internet heading that way should allow them to conduct more research/resources to improve. Such as tudors that may be missing there.

  10. Gee…. I wonder…. could the senior Senator for Alaska perhaps… Oh… I do not know… perhaps… Do something to correct that course?
    But… you will say, but… she brings millions/billions of dollars of Federal dollars to Alaska.
    Well, NEWS FLASH! Not making a difference. Throwing money at it does not work. This is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. Simply getting the earmarks, or the appropriations is not fixing the problems.
    It is essentially just throwing good money after bad. If our Senators and Representatives at both the Federal and State level were actually interested in solving issues, they would spend more than a nanosecond thinking about the “effectiveness” of their actions before voting. But, they do not. Why? Because the voters are clueless. They will vote for the person that can appropriate the most from the public treasury, without regard as to whether it makes a difference.

    • I wrote her a letter before the omnibus vote asking her to defer voting for this until she had read and understood it. She (her office stamping her name) wrote me back months later highlighting the virtues of and benefits to Alaska received by her voting for it without reading it.

      Providing Alaska with unfunded and borrowed billions of dollars is no better than stealing all of the Christmas gifts you give to your loved ones. The loved ones feel privileged to receive them, but society as a whole is negatively affected. Eventually, the negative effects will also directly affect your loved ones.

      Murkowski brags of her theft of billions from the American populous and actually prides herself on the booty -“what she brings home”. Her office stamped reply to my letter said that this is how government works for Alaskans.

      Her view of reality is skewed as is any in Alaska who want those stolen billions for what affects them personally. Is there any real justification for accepting stolen money? Does the end really justify the means?

      Murkowski, you cheat to get into office, cheat to stay in office, and cheat while in office. You work in opposition to your fellow Republicans in DC, and pander to the Democrat left. You loudly and proudly support publicly funded murder which is minimized through calling it abortion.

      All moral and ethical Alaskans should reject you, and as a state, we should reject all stolen money she brings home. The end does NOT justify the means. It is our obligation to our children and grandchildren to leave them better than we had it. If we stay on the course we are on and that she is leading the way on, we are headed for a crash.

      • In December, we saw a $1.7 trillion pork pie omnibus appropriations bill passed by a Congress that had no time to read it.

        Lost in all of this has been one spectacular giveaway: $100,000 per beneficiary of the Central States Pension Fund (CSPF).
        Yes, our money bailing out a failing union pension fund. This will be the first but not the last.

  11. Congratulations
    Senator Lisa Murkowski….
    For realizing that, the AK is 49th
    In everything.
    Job well done!!!!
    Do you have any plans for Alaska???
    Just one more Alaskan in wonderment/frustration

    • Well she did vote to confirm Haaland which shuts down extraction industry in this state for the foreseeable future.

  12. Roads: 50th
    Other infrastructure: 50th
    Schools: 50th
    Economy: 50th (when seasonal tourism jobs are subtracted it gets even worse, if that’s possible)
    Number of leftists moving to state: 1st
    Percentage of leftist judges: 1st (we are near or at one hundred percent)
    Percentage of elected officials who pretend to be conservative but are really leftists: 1st.

    • Most people I know who’ve left do so because they are concerned about their kid’s futures and their ability to financially retire in Alaska.

      They don’t want to go, but are convinced it’s their best long term option.

  13. I can’t wait until Trump is back on the campaign trail, chewing-up this stupid old woman who thinks she rules over Alaska by mandate. Murkowski just squeaks-by on virtually everything……..from her elections, to obtaining a law license, to calling herself a Republican. After 21 years in the US Senate, she still conducts herself like a deer-in-the-headlight rookie.

  14. She praised Congresswoman Mary Peltola for “carrying on the legacy” of the late Congressman Don Young.
    Boy that’s a understatement. At this rate she may surpass don.
    I wonder how ak can pick such poor representation to send to Washington? There are so many competent individuals in this state.

  15. W/ her National abortion law could this id*ot get any lower?
    How does a ‘National’ abortion law help Alaskans Senator? Abortion is legal in AK.
    Is a Fed abortion law going to make us #48th instead of 49th? or is that just so libs vote for you?
    Too bad the bar association (or whatever they’re called) doesn’t have a ‘3 strike your out’ rule for the AK Bar Exam, but I guess your dad would have still felt you were THE MOST qualified to be our US Senator.

    • Yeah I don’t know anyone that failed the bar three times. Passing the bar doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be a good attorney. It’s just a test and really doesn’t have a whole lot of questions about laws. Mostly about critical thinking.

  16. I realize that the Senator is doing her best to follow in the late Senator Ted Stevens’ path trading her votes for dollars for Alaska, but it isn’t enough. Alaskans need to recognize that what Alaskans need is the freedom to mine their resources, drill their oil, fish their waters, and cut their timber. It’s why the Governor has resorted to carbon Sequestering to help the state budget. Shutting down the state to please the pseudo-environmentalists, leaves fewer opportunities for younger Alaskans. It also leaves less to plan for the future in the state budget. Allowing the groomer crowd and the CRT crowd to take over Alaskan schools and then keep asking for more money to further trash them will not get that job done, either. Instead of kowtowing to the Biden Administration go out and fight for Alaska, both of you senators. Get a more sane policy for the state, get the rest of the allocated lands in the state’s hands, and set Alaska free.

  17. Thank you Lisa and Dan. With your guidance and determined will I have faith you will bring this great state to the top . 50th is something you can be proud of.

  18. Isn’t it amazing she names her friends and they are the PFD thieves, that like her, should of term limited out.

    Go away Lisa.

  19. Lowest educational levels on earth due in part to targeting for ethnic cleansing by globalists and lack of honesty and solidarity with Alaskans or not keeping their best interests in mind. Thanks for removing our bona-fide, hard won industries we no longer have. We realize you are pleased and supportive of the collisions for wiping out America and us economically.

  20. Term Limits should have flushed the toilet on this crooked mess of a DC person that has used everything dirty possible to get back on the DC take like the Biden Family and friends ✍? When are we going to get term limits for people like this and other long-term government officials that abuse the system and hurt the very existence of what America is about⏳

  21. I’m sorry, but I have a hard time listening to anything SINO (Senator-In-Name-Only) Murkowski has to say. She represents 1 person in Alaska, herself. She is responsible for Rank (Fetid) Choice Voting (bahahaha! voting… what a joke), which gave Democrats leadership of the Alaska delegation. I happily went and signed the petition to repeal that farce in Palmer the other day. I pray all of you find a guy with a clipboard and sign the petition as well. We need to send the Establishment a clear message that they cannot continue to steal our vote with these types of shenanigans.

    SINO Murkowski is an embarrassment. She’s one of the primary movers of Alaska racing to the bottom on everything; her and her buddies in the NEA. I don’t care how much Federal money she has brought up here. We need leaders in D.C. that understand what time it is, or America is finished.

        • Idiotic and irrelevant comment — non-natives can be just as stupid as natives. Or are you trying to suggest that the entire population of Alaska is Alaskan Native?
          I have rarely run across a more illogical and irrational comment here, and with the likes of regular radical leftists like Maureen Suttman, Whidbey the Dog, Bill Yankee, Lucinda and Frank Rast posting here, that is really saying something.

  22. Peltola is “carrying on the legacy of Don Young,” Lisa? Really? Young would have voted against providing medical services to babies who survived abortion? You sure about that?

    • She is busy working on the Magnuson Stevens Act.
      A curious way to stay busy, since it was signed into law 1976, but why would I dispute the claims she makes in her ads.

  23. Lisa has been in place since Dec 2002, 20+ years. She has been senior US Senator from Alaska since Jan 2009, 14 years. Since then, AK has drifted lower and lower by nearly every single measure (except abortion, which she is actually interested in). A lot of people own this outcome, but Lisa’s leadership has been abysmal. And there is nothing on the horizon to indicate any improvement in the future.

    Had she been interested in anything other than abortion, imagine the good she could have done. She and her cheerleaders must be very proud. Cheers –

  24. Rule Number 1 in Politics—–Get Elected. Once that is done, nothing else matters. Unless you have a Conscience.

    • Because there was a possibility the Republicans could have gotten a majority in the Senate, and as a recent convert to socialism, errr… I mean the Democrat party, she would have lost all seniority and not gotten decent committee assignments.
      The real question is why has she not changed party now? With the Democrat majority in the Senate, they would have likely given her very nice committee assignments as a turncoat.

    • Why change parties? She gets all that she needs right now and the dems have dependable ‘republican’ support with lisa and susan collins.

  25. Lisa, why so surprised? You helped us get there! I’m not as worried about this revelation as I am about the rampant corruption in our government institutions. A very revealing testimony came from the ongoing Arizona Legislature hearings on election integrity. The corruption is so deep, it may take the National Guard to correct it. Mexican cartels are running many local and state bureaucracies including Police Departments and Judges. Money laundering and ballot stuffing schemes galore. This also crosses over into other States. How much of this is happening in Alaska, I wonder? Have a read here.


  26. The ground squirrels may still be snowed under, but it’s obvious that they’ve already begun to squirm around. I can barely wait to hear them really chatter! We know that in the game of life there are winners and losers, but it’s a rare occasion to witness a clan of subterranean dwellers proving that they are indeed the 50th out of 49!

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