Micciche officially wins as mayor of Kenai Borough


The final numbers are in and it’s Mayor Peter Micciche for the win.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough held a special election this month to fill the leadership position left when former Mayor Charlier Pierce resigned from office last fall to concentrate on his run for governor.

Micciche was the apparent winner after the polls closed on Feb. 14, but needed to have more than 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff.

On Feb. 21, the borough Assembly certified the results. With Micciche still holding with over 50%, he is the winner.

Micciche is a longtime public servant on the Peninsula and was the mayor of Soldotna before serving in the Legislature. He retired this January after choosing to not run for reelection, so that he could spend more time at home with his family on the Peninsula.

Over 5,000 Peninsula voters cast ballots in the election. Micciche will serve through Pierce’s remaining months, and if he wants to hold the job for three more years, he’ll have to run again in October, when the regular election is scheduled.


  1. I wish him well in his tenure there but I’ve had a low opinion of this man since I first met him. One of my pet peeves is mispronouncing someone’s name and I’ve heard his said many ways. So I politely asked him what was the correct way to say his name. He sneered at me, didn’t tell me and I had the feeling that if I was a bug he would have just stepped on me and given a squish. Most politicians are careful to leave a good impression because you never know with whom you are speaking. I’m NOT important but I always try to be polite to everyone I meet. I have no use for arrogance.

    • MeChickee, last I heard. I don’t know the man, but I’m sadly unimpressed with his past legislation. He’s not in my district, and I’m glad for that. I think your assessment is right on. The photo says it all. Wonder who’s filling his pockets.

    • I have never heard his name spoken, so I don’t know his preferred pronunciation of it either, but ever time I see his name in print, I automatically sound it out in my head as “Mih-CHEE-CHEE-CHEE”. Kind of like the sound a monkey might make.

  2. RINOs and socialists have conquered Alaska. There are only four actual conservatives left: David Eastman plus the three minority members of the Senate.

    • What about Jamie Allard, Sarah Vance, Cathy Tilton, Jesse Sumner, Stanley Wright and so many other conservatives in Alaska? Dave Eastman is literally the guy who destroyed the PFD last year with his friend Kurka and you think he’s the only conservative around. Gosh, people like you have to stop throwing the word RINO around everywhere when its not necessary because it dilutes its meaning and makes it sound cringe. I imagine your like one of those stubborn boomers who hang out at Republican Party district meetings acting really angry about everything but doing nothing to solve anything.

      • Vance has zero interest in reforming state agency’s wasteful and ridiculous budgetary processes. Zero. Status quo is fine with her apparently. She is indeed a RINO in my book.

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