Eastman upsets again, as he tests the patience of fellow lawmakers and taunts free speech opponents


Rep. David Eastman, apparently attempting to show the hypocrisy of pro-abortionists, is in trouble again. This time, he has created a kerfuffle in the House Judiciary Committee, where he implied that abused children might be better off dead. He was trying to make a point, but it was lost on the audience.

The left and mainstream media willfully misunderstood his statement, but he is not being defended by just about anyone in the Capitol. Eastman has few, if any, friends in the Legislature. His ally during the last two sessions was former Rep. Chris Kurka, who did not run for reelection in 2022, but instead made a failed bid for governor.

Rep. Jesse Sumner, a Republican of Mat-Su Valley District 6, wrote of Eastman’s latest comments on the record, “I think they’re atrocious, and he should not be a legislator.”

Sen. Scott Kawasaki, a Democrat from Fairbanks, is ready to throw Eastman out: “I voted to censure Republican Rep. David Eastman for implying rural Alaskan women get abortion for ‘free’ travel [in 2017]. After I became a Senator I respected the rule of autonomy/separation of the bodies when it came to expulsion for disloyalty to the Constitutional oath.”

But he then wrote, “Representative Eastman has got to go. Period. After his latest national headline comments about economic benefits of the death of a child of abuse. I would hope that the House censure him for this statement and then remove him from office.”

Eastman said he had heard the theory that the silver lining for abused children dying are that “because “there aren’t needs for government services over the course of that child’s life.” Many abortion proponents make the same argument that disabled fetuses should be aborted for that “burden to society” reason, but Eastman’s comments were not understood by his critics in that context.

Must Read Alaska has invited Eastman to explain his intentions with that comment, inviting him to write a column to put his words in context.

Eastman is not in any caucus in the Legislature. The House Republican caucus did not invite him to be a member. The representative from Wasilla has routinely upset the Left with his remarks, including when he famously said that some women in rural Alaska used their pregnancies as an opportunity to come into Anchorage to get an abortion, a comment that garnered him national media coverage.

House Democrats tried, but failed, to expel him from the Legislature over that remark, made in 2017.

Eastman also drew attention from the Left/mainstream media, when he went to Washington, D.C. on Jan 6, 2021, to hear President Donald Trump speak. An attempt in court to overthrow his election failed last year in court and with voters.

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  1. Much like Democrats in some states try to blame Republicans for so-called mass shootings, Alaska Democrats try to hang Representative Eastman around the necks of Alaska Republicans. When Democrats have spare time on their hands and they gather in Juneau there is no limit to the propaganda, the mischief, and disinformation. Much of the media is complicit, and I suppose this diverts our attention from which Democrat is sleeping with which staffer (as if we cared). It’s really been a quiet session so far.

  2. Is there any statement that cannot be misconstrued into an offense to the perpetually offended (otherwise known as leftists.)?

    • Exactly how does this statement, or he, advance conservatism in a blue state?

      It gets him press, but accomplishes what, exactly?

    • My standards for Alaskan politicians are pretty low.
      1) Against Abortion and won’t apologize for it.
      2) Refused the Covid Vaxx.
      3) Don’t own a monogrammed sex toy.

      By my estimation, that list probably disqualified all 35 that voted for censure.
      Wish Eastman was from my district.

    • Except that Palin was spot on about the plan to ration care through “panels.” We saw what the left thinks of the old and infirm when they shoved them into nursing homes with COVID patients and exterminated thousands of them. Saved some Medicare/Medicaid money I guess.

    • The death panels are already advancing in Canada (right next door)
      The list of people that the Feds there will help commit suicide is ever growing.

  3. Yeah that was a pretty stupid thing for him to say. That’s almost like saying Jews were better off dead than in Auschwitz. I’m not suggesting that abused children are abused nearly as badly as the Jews in the prison camps were and some in the camps might argue that they were better off dead but they fought on to survive so apparently as long as a child or a prisoner has a heartbeat, life is worth living. Freedom of speech is alive and well in this country so long as you don’t dare disagree with your rivals. Then, Katie bar the door.

  4. Thank you for the invitation. It does take more than a hot minute during session to respond appropriately to the self-refuting rhetoric of the left.

    • Good luck getting out of this one dude! What the heck were you thinking? It’s nice that MRAK is trying to spin this in a “favorable light” for you but damn this is crazy. See ya later alligator as they say.

    • Is “Rep. Jesse Sumner, a Republican of Mat-Su Valley District 6,” a speaker of “the self-refuting rhetoric of the left”?

    • Perhaps it’s because you make it so easy for them.

      Ever occur to you you’d be more effective to your constituents if you spent more time working than grandstanding?

      Probably not.

    • Continue to speak truth. Do not allow the Overton window to be closed a bit more by these weak and feckless hypocrites-many of whom support infant murder. Use all the rhetorical devices including hyperbole.

    • David, all you had to do at the end of your statement was to use the current vernacular; NOT! But, I guess they want you to serve up every rhetorical question and statement with supporting documentation to the effect of, “I’m about to say something which is going to make your mind pop, but please understand it is for the sake of effective rhetoric to support my pro-life stance and shine a light on the rube who is begging for money to maintain the status quo on abortion.” The censure is not wood, hay or stubble, but precious and fine gold. You serve an audience of One ultimately, while serving a constituency of many. Well done good and faithful servant.

    • What exactly is the slant here? The story sounded pretty factual. It contained the original statement from Eastman and the statements from his opposition. Do you call it ‘slanted’ because you don’t like Eastman? Or is it because of what he said?

      And if there is no respect here, why are you here at all? I don’t have an ounce of respect for MSNBC but I don’t try to get my voice on there website either.

  5. Why are Democrats so angry? They’re the ones, or some of them anyway, who advocated for post birth abortion. Remember? Make the infant comfortable while his/her’s fate is decided. I believe if the outcome was not good, they’d be given a shot like an elderly pet who is suffering. Although, Rep Eastman could have worded his statement a little better, he gave the Liberals ammo to attack him with.

  6. Scott Kawasaki, the 50-year old man who still lives with his mother, and sends birthday cards to
    all of his 85-year old constituents to remind them to vote for him? Scott Kawasaki, the little PFD hypocrite, who wants the full PFD at election time, but while in Juneau hates the full PFD? Scott Kawasaki, the career politician who has never produced any meaningful legislation, ever?
    Yep, that little guy. He “gets it,” but rarely.
    Mr. Eastman, fear not. All of those cowards in Juneau mean nothing to us citizens scattered around Alaska. You are the only one who fears not to be despised by the media for taking a stand on your beliefs. Thank you for your past service to our country, while in military uniform. A West Point graduate and military officer. You have more patriotic credentials that 95% of those pipsqueaks in Juneau, whom the public really can’t stand anyway.

    • Couple of thoughts.

      1-Eastman got between you and your full PFD because he didn’t get exactly what he wanted.

      2-Your personal attacks on Kawasaki are boorish and irrelevant to the matter at hand.

      3-Being in the service and a West Point graduate do not exempt his from criticism, nor form a basis of personal character. John Kerry was in the military. West Point is going steadily woke.

      Perhaps if you’d have commented on his comments and why they were appropriate, you might not have made yourself look so incipient and foolish

      But you do you, boo.

      • Judie got the part about Scott Kawasaki totally correct. I’m situated in his district and he is a fraud. The part about him being a middle-aged man and still living with his mom is based on his Japanese heritage and should not be a basis for ridicule. But his campaign ads last fall were supportive of a full, statutory PFD, which he used to defeat his opponent…….the former Fairbanks mayor. Kawasaki personally opposes a full PFD now that he is back in the Senate. Typical twirpish behavior. It’s hard to believe he gets reelected.

  7. Eastman is, intellectually, always several steps ahead of his peers in the legislature. When it is their own hypocrisy that is the target of his shocking statements, they can’t see the forest for the trees. His quotes will read far better for future generations, not his own. If his comment is shocking, why not Kawasaki’s devotion to the Democratic Party’s policy of abortion-on-demand, all 9 months of pregnancy? And J. Quincy Adams, when he returned to the House after his presidency, was greeted with shouts of “Expel him! Expel him!” whenever he challenged the zeitgeist. Eventually, however, he was grudgingly called, “Old Man Eloquent.”

    • Can you provide some examples of how Eastman is intellectually steps ahead of his peers?

      I’d genuinely like to see them and be proven wrong.

      From this moment, however, the evidence is against your position. If he was that far intellectually ahead of his peers, he should be smart enough to to make his point in a less obnoxious way.

      • He continues to be re-elected in his district despite numerous ridiculous attempts to remove him from office, using laws that last were most recently applied to Confederates in the 1800s.

        His district is 80% White, lots of construction workers and oil field workers, a very large over-representation of people with solidly middle class education and practical skill sets. I’m pretty sure they understand exactly who they are sending to Juneau. Serious competent people will invariably choose smart representation. Interestingly, the parasitic classes, employed in government and education, are severely under-represented in his district.

        You seem to not trust their judgement? Do White people voting for their own interests scare you? You seem quite eager to paint a lot of bedrock voters as obnoxious and low class. I mean, what? Should they should be electing some slick financier who will say the right words about Gay Pride and BLM, while fattening up and selling us out?

      • Hey MA. Honest question here. You seem to take great offense to the delivery of some politicians such as Eastman and Trump. After all those years in the military, I’ve pretty much become calloused over to harsh words, so it doesn’t really phase me much anymore. Is it your opinion that harsh words are more important than policy? Or overshadow the objectives? For me personally, I agree with Eastman’s pro life position and when Trump was in office, the country had strong boarders and a growing economy. Aren’t these points ‘good enough’ to overcome your dislike of their words?

    • Representative Eastman certainly thinks himself intellectually several steps ahead of others, in fact he is too clever by half.

  8. Let’s see there’s 40 in the house? There’s probably 35 or so I’d like to see go before Eastman. He’s not the problem. Marxists and RINOs are the problem.

    • No. The problem is hateful, divisive folks like you and Eastman who consider your neighbors to be the enemy. Eastman was the lone vote against being censured. That’s a lot more than the alleged “marxists and RINOs” you think you’re so superior to.

  9. The Alaska state capital has become a feeding trough and woe be it to anyone that calls the obvious out on the floor. And, just for the idiots that claim that there are not those that travel to Anchorage for “doctor appointments” for the free air fare, please don’t fly. The pressure on the vacuum between your ears might be unbearable.

  10. He was being sardonic. Among other sardonic people who do not value any others unless they alleged command global billions and whom it is believed hand out favors and tiddlywinks.

    • Sardonic is a word. So is saying he was being a pompous ass.

      There is a much bigger track record for the second than the first.

  11. Kind of a shrug from me. Mr Eastman could have chosen his words more carefully, but, on the other hand, if someone had heard him reading a grocery list they would have tried to make it into proof that he’s a ‘radical right winger’.

    • His position isn’t radical in the slightest. Its just mainstream Christian. ‘Abortion is an abomination and should have no place in a civilized society.’

      A ‘radical’ position would be to encourage and subsidize abortion in violent, crime ridden areas like Philadelphia – while discouraging it in places like New Hampshire and North Dakota. This was similar to the position of the feminist founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.

      Quite obnoxious how earnest, average Christian pro-life types frequently get smeared as ‘supremacists’ by journalists who don’t even bother to research what actual ‘White Supremacists’ prefer.

      • Feminst? Pretty sure she’s more of a racist eugenicist.

        ““The minister’s work is also important and he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” – Margaret Sanger

  12. The boundary between unborn infants who are better off dead than to live through inclement circumstances, and young children who do so, is the mother’s cervix. The reasoning that justifies abortion in anyone’s head is mortally flawed and the pride that perpetuates it is mortally perilous. The reaction from pro-aborts to Eastman’s point proves his point with perfection! I’m for no dead kids. Who’s with me?

    Pray to end abortion.

  13. I’m glad Eastman said this.
    If it is (perhaps) good to abort a child born into poverty & dysfunction because of all the ‘services’ they might need, (Democrats) It must also (perhaps) be good for a child to die in the hands of an abusive family because of all the ‘services’ they might no longer need. Both these statements are either true or they are false, which is it liberals? God only knows.

    • Is it God who would know if the abuse is warranted right up till the death of that child George? We’ll want to put you on any committee in charge of looking at abused children as you seem to have your finger on the pulse of this issue.

  14. Good for you Rep. Eastman! The deep irony here is, THAT is their position, albeit one they’d rather not be called out for in public… The truth hurts when it’s thrown back in your face.

    I support you making the death cult accountable for their absurd positions. I’ve also read articles supporting Pro-Death that flat out openly state abortion is a public good, because most of those killed would have grown up and filled our prisons and been a drain on our welfare system. It’s really disgusting and about time someone puts them on notice for their bloodlust.

    You keep doing what you are doing. Your constituents are obviously behind you, and really, they’re all that matter. As long as you keep representing them, the whinners in Juneau who want you gone are just that- whinners.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see the bulk of the Republicans stand in unison for life? Someday… right.

  15. Rep. Eastman’s point is obvious on it’s face. Killing abused children is not a societal norm because all children are precious and have a right to life. A continuation of the same thought is that there is no justification for intentionally killing a pre-born baby, who is also a human being.

    Before Roe was passed and in subsequent years, abortion was presented as the solution for child abuse but what was the result? Child abuse skyrocketed 500%.

    I also read that abortion was needed because otherwise women would live in poverty. Imagine my surprise when I went to abortion clinics to offer help to women and observed that the majority arrived in vehicles that were far more expensive than what I could afford!

    I don’t think the other Representatives are intellectually challenged so why the furry over Eastman’s correlation of the two different age groups? Abortion is a violent act but rather than acknowledge Rep. Eastman’s point, they overreacted and voted to censure. May God give us more courageous people like Rep. David Eastman!

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