Covid going around the Capitol, as Sen. Murkowski comes calling


Today’s address by Sen. Lisa Murkowski to a joint session of the Alaska Legislature may not be to a full House and Senate, as Covid is going around the Capitol, and several legislators and staffers are out of the building, quarantining while the virus works its way along.

Murkowski will address the Legislature at 11 am Alaska time, and her remarks, and the press availability that follows them, can be watched on KTOO-Gavel Alaska. Viewers may see some members wearing masks, and others absent altogether. In addition to Covid, another nasty virus is making the rounds in the Capitol.


  1. It appears the Governor’s Ball helped a virus spread, very unfortunate the Ball is not held outdoors in the summer

  2. She has done zero for Alaska except get more fed involvement and less return for our state. What a wonderful example of what not to be when you grow up.

  3. My opinion is that none of them took the shots, not that it would have made a difference either way. The shots were for us.

    • I didn’t need to campaign for her much. Mitch McConnell and I got that all worked out behind closed doors. She got $$millions from Mitch through the Republican Senate. So glad the money didn’t have to come out of my triple government retirement pension funds. As for Covid, Catholics fear it almost as much as having babies. That’s why Nancy and I hid out in Petersburg last year.

  4. Miss Lisa Ann I haven’t heard her speech yet but I can well imagine that she Is straddling the fence and not making a clear decision either way

    As far as covid going around the state capitol I’ll bet $50 the people getting sick are the ones vaccinated.

    Just saying…

  5. I feel terrible! Can you just imagine?! Here that poor virus is stuck in D.C. with no one to infect except senators and congress men. The horror!

  6. Highly per capita jabbed Juneau and legislators have something going around with the spike protein, that’s interesting. First good argument I’ve heard for keeping Alaskas government in Juneau.

  7. What a load of crap that they sold this virus BS to the point that it is going to take a few years to go the way of the H1N1 hysteria. Did people die WITH a respiratory virus, yes. Did more people die in 2020 than any other year? No. It is a fact, there were less total deaths in 2020 than in 2019. This COVID crap is nothing more than the advancement of control over people and income for drug companies. And Lisa is worse for Alaska than any virus.

  8. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s speech today was the most excellent. A true Alaskan, born and raised, brought us the F-22 squadron, two F-35 squadron’s, broadband for rural, Coast Guard cutters, new ice breaker under construction, votes always in favor of military funding, huge infra-structure package, highway and bridge construction for the state of Alaska, also serves on important powerful senate committees, and on and on and on., won her election easily including the first round of RCV , thank you senator 😉

  9. Juneau is probably the most Covid vaccinated city in Alaska, maybe even the USA, and Covid is running rampant there? C’mon you genius’s, rush in line to get your, what is it, 5th booster? Imbeciles. No wonder they can’t accomplish anything meaningful while in session!

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