NRCC: Peltola a repeat offender voting for criminals in DC


A new report shows that 67 percent of suspects arrested in Washington D.C. over the course of a year were not prosecuted by President Joe Biden’s handpicked U.S. prosecutor.

As reported earlier this month on the Substack newsletter DC Crime Facts, the decision to not prosecute has nearly doubled from 2015, when prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s office refused to prosecute about 35 percent of such cases.

“This is the anarchy Mary Peltola embraced when she backed lower penalties for violent crime like murder, robbery and carjacking in Washington D.C.,” said National Republican Congressional Committee Spokesman Ben Petersen, speaking of Alaska’s lone congressional representative. “Mary Peltola threw her lot in with the extreme defund the police wing of the Democrat Party. Now she must own the total lawlessness and anarchy that has resulted from their dangerous ideology.” 

On Feb. 9, Peltola voted with the Democrats against a measure that, due to its passage in the House and Senate and approval by the president, reversed the get-out-of-jail law, similar to Alaska’s unfortunate experience with SB 91 under Gov. Bill Walker (repealed under Gov. Mike Dunleavy).

The cases that the U.S. Attorney last year refused to prosecute include 52% of all felony arrests and 72% of all misdemeanor arrests in the nation’s capital, which has become a violent dystopia, where law-abiding citizens cannot carry firearms without going through a rigorous and lengthy concealed-carry permitting process.

“Pursuant to recent amendments to the Firearms Regulations Control Act of 1975 (D.C. Act 20-447), anyone wishing to carry a concealed pistol must submit an application to the Metropolitan Police Department, including proof of firearms training and the basis for requesting a concealed carry pistol license,” the MPD says on its website. The District of Columbia has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. It is illegal to open carry and in order to conceal-carry a handgun in DC, you must have the local permit. Out-of-state conceal-carry permits are not valid in DC and you can be arrested for having a firearm.

The D.C. violence is so bad that even lawmakers and their staff are being attacked. On Feb. 10, a day after Peltola’s vote for criminals, Rep. Angie Craig, D-Minn., was attacked in her apartment building. Craig had voted for the D.C. pro-crime law as well.

On Saturday, an aide to Sen. Rand Paul was stabbed in daylight hours on H Street in Northeast Washington. The suspected assailant, Glynn Neal, 42, was charged with assault with intent to kill. The victim, Phillip Todd, was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries, including a deep knife wound to the head, abdomen, and lungs. He underwent multiple surgeries over the weekend.

Phillip Todd, chief economist for the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, was attacked in DC by a man wielding a knife.
Glynn Neal, the presumed assailant of Phillip Todd, who is back under lock and key.

Tim Todd wrote on Facebook Tuesday that his nephew Phillip, who is the chief economist for the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, had more surgery Monday on his ear and was scheduled for yet another surgery Monday: “His lung is collapsed and his skull is fractured.” He is still in critical condition and may suffer seizures due to the brain injuries.

The suspect had been released from prison the day before the attack.

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability is scheduled held a hearing on Wednesday to consider crime and safety in D.C.

“The citizens of D.C. and the visitors to our nation’s capital deserve to feel safe and our police deserve to have the resources to ensure safety for all,” said Rep. James Comer, a Kentucky Republican and chair of the committee.

There have been more than 50 murders so far in 2023 in the District of Columbia.

This is the kind of lawlessness Peltola endorsed when she backed lower penalties for violent crime in Washington D.C. Peltola’s dangerous position was too extreme for President Biden and even Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The local ordinance that ended up being overturned by the president, was even too radical for D.C. Mayor Muriel Bower, who tried to get the D.C. Council to reverse its ruling. The House and Senate passed a law overturning the lawless legislation, and Biden signed it.

Questioned about her vote for criminals, Peltola told a reporter she was “learning how things work here.”

Peltola won’t join delegation in support of Ambler Road


    • It’s part of the playbook:
      Step One: embolden ever-increasing crime and violence with expected associated increases in gun violence and thus destabilize population centers creating majority fearful “please save us” voters
      Step Two: majority fearful “please save us” voters justify firearms removal to fight that actually caused by Step One
      Step Three: usher in more ever increasing authoritarian laws and associated police-state control to “solve” the crime and violence problem (again caused by Step One) and bring “safety and stability” back and all for your own good and in a tyrannical manner against your consent (which isn’t needed anymore because you are disarmed).
      Gee… where have I read about this before throughout history?

    • And that is exactly the issue. Sure Peltola’s name is in the article, but every Democrat in the same position would have and did do the same thing. Unfortunately, there is a subset of Republicans (uniparty) that are at best a flip of the coin. We need conservatives who believe in liberty and the constitution. The state Republican apparatus is a crap shoot. Known to buckle when it counts.

  1. It appears that, Mary Peltola, is grossly uninformed on important items like this. Her lack of an educational background perhaps? Or is someone working her puppet strings?

    • Boyd, do you seriously believe that Peltola is uninformed?

      She has been fully informed by her handlers and is closely following instructions.

      It would be interesting to view bank accounts and statements to know if there was any “payola” involving a certain former governor to campaign against her BFF.

      Palin is a big reason “Smilin’ Mary” acquired Don’s seat, but not the only reason.

      • Kenaimike, Pertinent Observation above about how Sarah owns the Mary, Mary, quite Constitutionally Contrary debacle. I recall watching the video of the supposed KJNO debate. Sarah was really chummy with Mary throughout the proceedings and hostile towards Nick as she fumbled through her delivery of her confused ramblings.

        Sarah loves playing the spoiler, first Walker and now Peltola confirm that.

        I think Palin’s 2022 US House contest is a precursor to our 2024 National Elections. MAGA ON THROUGH THE FOG!

  2. Peltola is a disaster for Alaska, and it appears also the nation and capital, and from my perspective on rigged choice voting, was not even truly elected. She did not receive the majority vote as cast. The whole system is criminal therefore she is a fraudulent representative.

  3. Sarah Palin needs to take the blame for this. She alone, delivered the idiot Peltola to Alaska. Disgraceful, Palin.

  4. Mary wants a free for all. It’s the wild wild west and alls fair. What’s Mary’s home address I need some home furnishings. Maybe I should just squat in her house. I hope the bush people like the regulations she supports.

  5. Why does Peltola require a chauffeured SUV? “Learning how things work here” equates to ‘distancing from my constituents because I’m above you and now part of the woke club’.

  6. This woman must be voted out!Everything she votes on is the wrong side.She is bad for Alaska and the country.Nauseating.

  7. Just remember ….. Sarah also ushered Willy Walker into the Governors Mansion over Sean Parnell. And Willy unleashed SB91 on Alaskans because incarceration was too expensive. Willy is now seen roaming the beaches of Oahu aimlessly lost trying to figure a way to get back in the big chair in Juneau without his “menace to society” Byron Mallot propping him up. Willy was overheard mumbling “where is that damn Sarah when I need her?” Hawaii is a great place for Willy…plenty of democraps to buddy up with and make a new plan of attack on Alaskans. Sarah and Mary could be sisters if not in blood but by ideas and track record.

  8. We need to appreciate the efforts of Suzanne Downing regarding keeping tabs on our lone representative in congress. God knows we certainly cannot depend on others in the media to do so.

    • Wayne Douglas Coogan, on this I wholeheartedly agree with you!

      Furtheron it occurs to me that producing Must Read Alaska costs money ?. I am forwarding an installment to Suzanne today so that She and her people can continue their important work.

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