George Martinez, running for Anchorage Assembly, once starred in an ‘Occupy Wall Street’ video


Activist George Martinez may be the most radical of the radicals running for Anchorage Assembly. He started in an Occupy Wall Street video in New York City, where he is from, in 2018.

As the Anchorage Assembly continues on its journey of radicalization, Martinez may be setting a new standard for Alaska’s largest city as he runs against normal-guy Spencer Moore for East Anchorage Assembly Seat I in District 5.

In spite of his radical background, the police union in Anchorage supports him.

Martinez last ran for office in New York City, when he ran for Congress, but only got 752 votes — less than 3%. He marketed himself as the “hip-hop diplomat” and Wall Street protester. Martinez moved to Anchorage and worked for the now-disgraced former mayor Ethan Berkowitz. He is a program director for the radicalized group Alaska Humanities Forum, which has begun promoting drag queen performances for children.


  1. We don’t need a New York radical woke idiot in our local government. What in the hell is wrong with you people?!

    • He listed as a LIBERAL.. take it for what you want. We need Spencer Moore, the conservative that is running in the same spot.

  2. And Anchorage would vote for him because? Are there no citizens in Anchorage that have enough of a backbone to speak out about the evil in their city and run these people out of town on a rail?

    • I’m curious matt, do you go to the adn website and accuse them of “fair and balanced reporting?” Because if you do, good on ya! But, I suspect you do not. Remember, this website is by and for conservatives, unlike the adn which is for your windows, fish and hamster cages.

      • The ADN shut down comments on their website and blocks people from their social media feeds who aren’t obedient lapdogs for their narrative. Haven’t you noticed how MRAK has been overtaken by refugees from there? As for the last sentence, you must not have paid attention to the recent story published here about newspapers discontinuing paper editions. The ADN is bound to follow suit.

    • matt, please show us any inaccuracies in this piece.
      I only want accurate reporting. There may no longer be any journalist outlets anywhere that are truly fair and balanced.
      MRAK is a conservative outlet that provides balance between its content and the content contained in liberal outlets such as ADN. And for most MRAK readers, that is fair enough.

    • No content-free criticisms. You may also want to consider proper form and use of an ellipsis. Effective communication skills are the first step in getting off the EBT card. That, or just wander off and complain to someone who’s respect you may have earned previously. No options there? Holler upstairs and see if mom’s got a minute.

    • Seems like you didn’t see this reported elsewhere and therefore it’s not fair. You might ask yourself why is this not reported in the mainstream media? You might ask yourself whether George Martinez should be held accountable for his radical associations and failure as a congressional candidate. Come on over to the conservative column and take a look at it from our perspective for a moment, just as an exercise in compassion for what you see as our feeble minds.

    • Maybe many otherwise voters are disgusted with the untransparent, intermediated and inherently unprivate and corrupt mail-in voting system, and want no part of it?

      • Except this has been going on long before RVC and mail in.

        Regardless, you don’t get to pick how you get to fight. If people stubbornly sit out on some weird principle, they are as complicit as the people who vote for the Bolsheviks.

  3. Good– how nice for Mr. Martinez getting APDEA on his side with that group of under and ill-advised voters. They are only THE POLICE
    Sure, hope the first gang of drag queens dance in his neighborhood for all their friends to see while they get their property tax bills in the nail.
    I am certain Martinex will bring the other numerous bomb throwers on the assembly to brand new never thought of or seen before level of pain and physical disruption in our lives. Constant is probably licking his chops at signing on with Martinez.
    We will be putting the final knot on Anchorage becoming a totally fascist government dependent community. POWER RULES

  4. Ask not why our children should be exposed to grown men in ladies’ panties and lipstick, but why grown men in ladies’ panties need so much to be exposed to children.
    Answer that, George, and then we can move forward with plans to elect you again, or not.

  5. I wonder why progressives are so interested in cold weather states. Because the conservatives have the rural and southern locked up?

  6. What is up with all these radical leftist extremist carpetbaggers?
    Anchorage seems to attract them like flies to $hit. Which, it occurs to me, is more than just an analogy, actually.

  7. “……..Martinez moved to Anchorage and worked for the now-disgraced former mayor Ethan Berkowitz……”
    Great. Another Big City radical like Berkowitz carving his start in small city Anchorage with hopes of the Big Time, taking the Long March into and through a state legislature to the halls of power over the entire planet in Washington DC. Isn’t there some way to flush turds like this before they screw things up on their invasion march?

  8. Mafia union thugs would vote for anyone that tells them they will do EVERYTHING in their power to push their labor contracts ensuring lavish pay raises not based on merit but just because they belong to a mafia based ideology group. Remember Mark Baggage? Signed longest possible union contracts requiring pay raises yearly without renegotiating? All at the taxpayers expense. Democrats love to spend other peoples money foolishly as long as they get a hayride out of the deal!

    • Maybe we should get some conservative or libertarian candidates to campaign as “trans-gay”, and REALLY blow the wokesters’ minds! (what little they have of one.)

  9. He will fit right in with the rest of the freakshow. I recall Dunbar supporting Anti fas fascist goon squads

  10. Problem in ANC is GOVERNMENT UNIONS, like the Police, Fire, Teachers, IBEW, Teamsters, Federal etc ….etc…
    THEY promote the twisted liberal politicians that make up 85% of our Assembly & S.Board.
    They SEEM like good neighbors, but many actually are not.
    Their GREED, for pay & benefits, supersedes any commitment to the town they work in.
    How many of these well paid “public servants” retire & move as soon as they can?
    We are stuck w/ the communists they voted in AND we send them retirement $ every month until they die.
    FDR warned us about this (gov unions) & JFK forced it on us anyway, to get votes for Democrats.
    JFK’s plan is working perfectly.
    There are not enough of us in ANC to overcome the money & votes of our public union neighbors (overlords) anymore and soon all of AK will be the same.
    Back to the “Colony Days” of FDR, when he sent welfare families, from MN to the AK, make this a “blue” state.

  11. Just watched the video. Unreal.
    The communist, Felix R. (here 9 yrs) also worked for Mayor Berkowitz
    Thanks a hole.
    1st Rivera & now this putz.
    Glad you humiliated yourself & hope you rot somewhere.

    • There are none, Maureen. And your shallow attempt at diverting the attention away from the REAL extremists one the municipal ass-embly, who are ALL radical leftists, is both pathetic and laughable (and irrational and illogical, and that’s just for you, sweetie).
      Honestly, I have to ask the question once again: given your demonstrated near-total lack of critical thinking ability, honesty and intelligence, how can you bear to be you?

    • Hi Maureen. What makes a right winger or conservative a radical in your eyes? For me a left wing radical would be anyone subverting the US Constitution. At the state or local level a radical would be someone actively working to limit personal freedoms and to grow any kind of government oversite of our personal lives and businesses. To me a liberal is different from a lefty, because in my mind, a liberal may argue with me about how to spend money domestically, for example, but still believes in a strong military and strong border security. What do you say?

    • Maureen. Just subscribe to ADN. You will
      get all you need there. But they don’t talk, they write. Subtle difference, I know, but none I know of listen to MRAK or ADN. Most can read.

    • A better question would be how many sick freaks did you mislead with assurances that they were quite normal while you simultaneously trashed normalcy and Western civilization for a paycheck in your counselling career, Maureen?

    • There’s….wait, not him. Then there’s…not him either. And there’s…damn.

      Unless the definition of radicals on the right means anyone who opposes the will of the Politburo, seems to be a dry hole. Or wishful thinking.

  12. Gosh Suzanne thanks for including the live video of the hip hop diplomat occupying wall st! I totally missed watching that first time around. Damn He is GOOD! I cant believe a producer hasnt spotted him and put him at the top of billboard charts like Snoop Dog! Gona be excitin to watch him an his Queen with all his rowdy friends occupying the Park Strip when he is hostin Drag Queen Strip Show! A big shout out to George…Please invite the white babe with green hair wearing the red plaid skirt to Anchorage. She gotta be the hottest Babe Ive seen since I left Frisco although what she lacks in dance moves she definitely makes up for in looks! Cmon Anchorage lets jump on Georges bandwagon! Dont you wanna get out an dance with him an his buddies from New York plus all his new friends he just made at the Police Dept? Dancin with the Stars! Lets Go Georgie!

  13. He can keep on hip hopping right on out of the state. I hear Hawaii is nice this time of year, and pretty far left to boot. The issue is that there will be, once again, low voter turnout so all kinds of shenanigans can and will be played with the results. Barb’s parting gift

  14. Will they now make it a law that requires attending the educational drag shows ? Its bad enough that parents are now required to send their children to re-education camps (public schools). The goal is now conversion, not acceptance.

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