No Labels Party has new label: Drop out

Sen. Joe Manchin, left, and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, center, were featured at the New Hampshire No Labels Party town hall on July 17.

No Labels party on Thursday said it has ended its attempt to back a “unity” candidate for the presidency. For months, the group has courted centrists like Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, and others to make a presidential bid. But it could not convince candidate that it had enough of a base of voters and donors to win.

“Americans remain more open to an independent presidential run, and hungrier for unifying national leadership, than ever before. But No Labels has always said we would only offer our ballot line to a ticket if we could identify candidates with a credible path to winning the White House. No such candidates emerged, so the responsible course of action is for us to stand down,” the group said in a press release. The group had talked to Republicans Chris Christie and Nikki Haley, but both declined.

The party was seen as a threat to Joe Biden’s bid for reelection. It has gained ballot access in at least 16 states, including Alaska.

Asked who he will vote for now, No Labels National Director and former Democratic Rep. Joe Cunningham told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto he will vote for Biden.

Last week, the founding chairman of No Labels, former Sen. Joe Lieberman, died after suffering from a fall while in New York City.


  1. Just heard the Republican Party renamed itself to the LGBTQ party
    LiesGunsBookbanningsTrumpQuanon Party.

    • Forget all this noise. It’s Trump v. Biden part II this fall. And Trump is gonna win BIG.!!!

        • I tend to agree. When you are blowing 1 trillion every 3 months- and accelerating- things as they are are unsustainable. The bill is coming due quick and I hear and read nothing to really address this. We need to radically reduce government spending asap.

          A positive if Trump is elected is many on the left will be more amenable to national divorce. Like a marriage gone bad we have become two peoples who live separate lives and have fundamentally different values. Before it gets worse and mass violence breaks out at some approaching tipping point, we ought to have a serious conversation about splitting up the “album collection”.

      • They are upset because he wants children to have access to pornography- especially deviant pornography- and some wise and mature adults are attempting to restrict this access.

  2. A waste of time and resources. I wish they had drafted Cheney to run. I would have enjoyed her getting humiliated again.

      • Decent woman?
        I bet you think Pelosi is a sweetheart as well, and Hillary is not solely interested in power and control.

      • I admit I do enjoy giving you the rope to humiliate yourself, child. I see it as allowing a misbehaving child the chance to fall face first in public via their own actions. The pain and humiliation can be a good teacher, if the child is willing to learn.

    • Other than not supporting Trump, what are Cheney’s sins? She has a very conservative vote record. She seems to be everything a Republican would want – except she doesn’t kiss the ring.

      As you enjoy “educating” people so much on here, explain to me why Cheney is such a terrible republican without anything about her animosity to Trump.

      • I would, but I’ve seen your other posts. It would be more enlightening to enlighten a moose. It might listen. Wasting time with you would be like talking to its droppings.

        I’ll give you one, however. In her Jan 6 farce, she seems to have participated in hiding evidence and deliberately misrepresenting facts. Regardless of who the defendant is, that’s unforgivable. Unless you are a democrat, I suppose.

        • So dishonestly is a deal killer for you.

          But you’re willing to support Trump?


          • See what you want to see. And you see damn little.

            It’s not dishonesty you liberal dolt. It’s the deliberate attempt to rob a person, any person of their just due process under the law.

            But I realize the Constitution’s means nothing to ideologues like you.

            Now I need to go find some moose poop to talk to. I’m owed a level of intellectual discourse it may provide you are incapable of.

            • My Brother in Christ, Trump tried to steal an election – to usurp the Constitution on a grand scale. Plus all the other dishonesty and lying he does as a matter of course.

              Your ability to do ethical flip flops and justifications is truly epic. I applaud you for unabashedly living in such a fantastic imaginary world.

              And we’ve discussed this before – I’m far from liberal. I’m just do not idolize Trump (nor do you, but you’re willing to give him a pass on whatever he does, I am not). I was once on board with the Republicans until they sold their souls for a populist hooligan. Now I guess I’m just a RINO who wants small government, professional leadership, a strong world position, less taxes, etc…

              But hey, please keep preaching your shtick, I enjoy it!

      • Actually I’ll throw you another. She’s a Bushie. The two Bushes and their acolytes did more to set back Reagan conservatism than any democrat could dream of.

  3. There are plenty of people who wish for a candidate without baggage. The problem is that so far the only candidates offered up for the proposed new party are already tainted and do not offer anything fresh. Kind of like Walker and others hiding behind non-affiliation to get a vote .

    • Unless Jesus Himself runs, any candidate will have baggage. It’s the reality of a world run by humans.

  4. Last mid term I declined to cast a ballot for the first time since 1978. I believe that this election I will join most other Americans in abstaining again.

        • How exactly does that work?
          Let’s say there are two candidates and both are not exactly great.
          So, Bob refuses to vote.
          All that means is the candidate who has the most supporters with the least scruples will win.
          The time to avoid the tyrant is not election day. It was months before it. Abstaining from voting is something people with (or more accurately, who think they have) standards do. Which means those without standards will get their candidate elected.

          • CBMTTek: It’s not because i have standards (or think i do..) Its because after all those years of faithfully casting ballots while at the same time watching as our government, regardless of the party that happened to be in power, became more and more independent of the electorate it was supposed to answer to that I finally realized that voting had been a waste of my time.

        • Greg I think that by not voting the tyrant puppet masters pulling Biden’s strings are more likely to retain their positions in Washington DC.

    • I fully agree. A quick perusal of the comments on this page shows that elections are rigged, people are stupid, and all politicians are corrupt. Given these truths, the only moral choice is to refuse to participate in the charade.

    • Reliable Voter, odd choice of moniker there. Apparently you don’t realize votes are political currency. Abstaining is a vote–an uncounted vote (wasted currency). You should at least write-in your own name so it gets counted as “other candidates” to show the several listed candidates they lost your vote.

      • Wayne: Why bother? This listed candidates are already well aware that at least half of the eligible voters seldom if ever cast a vote. The the real truth is that the smaller the percentage of eligible voters who votes the more tenuous the grasp on power becomes and eventually, a day will come when real change can occur, doubtless at great expense to the ruling class.

      • No you cannot assume that. I will continue to point out that the way things have stood for decades, it has mattered not who was elected, very little changed.

        • I wanna whine, but I don’t want to do the one thing which might actually give my voice power.

          Smooth, Bob. Smooth.

          The beauty of it is, you disenfranchise yourself to both sides, rendering yourself moot.

          Again, smooth.

          • Avenger, in case you missed it, what I contend is that in all actuality, the ‘voter’, including you, has been moot for decades.

            It may have once been possible to bring change via the ballot box but those days are long past.

        • You should ask Ukraine if it matters who was elected. Groceries up about 30% since Biden was elected. I think it’s pretty clear that Clinton baring the CIA and FBI from sharing information cost us thousands of lives and two to three wars. The world with Carter at our helm was a very dangerous place. Reagan bought down that wall. It actually matters a great deal who gets elected. Health insurance is through the roof ever since Obama “saved” everybody $2,000 a year. It matters.

  5. This ‘non-partisan’ group has always been about damaging Republican candidates. Naturally, they did the math and realized that anyone they could con into being their figurehead would only hurt Biden’s chances against Trump in November.

    So after fundraising and doing the ‘will she/won’t she’ dance for several months, they are sitting 2024 out. No Refunds, suckers!

  6. If Biden gets a second term we may well be paying more than $8.00 per gallon. I hope that never comes to fruition.

  7. So “No Labels” finally says the quiet part out loud: The entire purpose was to take votes from Trump. Now that they’ve realized that it is in fact Biden who will lose more votes to them, they drop out.

    • I don’t think they ever really hid that fact. The No Labels party is really more center-right than center-left. They’re trying to appeal to the moderates and disenfranchised neo-RINOs (right leaning, but not Trump supporting), but also never made any bones about the threat they believe Trump represents to the republic.

  8. No Labels pulled more from Biden, which is the exact opposite of its purpose. So it was shut. Next task: get RFK Jr out.

  9. Simple fact is, we are a faux two party system. Faux in that it often it seems more like left and left lite the way the GOP votes. There are other parties but they lack everything necessary to be viable.

    So unless a true believer in one of the outliers, the only way a vote can make impact is working within the current system.

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