‘No Labels’ party to proceed on presidential campaign with candidate … But who?

Sen. Joe Manchin, left, and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, center, were featured at the New Hampshire No Labels Party town hall on July 17.

The No Labels party, a third party launched last year to be somewhere between Democrat and Republican, met on Friday and sealed the decision to proceed with a presidential candidate.

That candidate won’t be Sen. Joe Manchin, who has decided not to pursue a run for president. Both former presidential candidate Nikki Haley and retiring Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have ruled out third-party presidential campaigns.

Whoever it is will be has not been revealed but is to be announced around March 14. No Labels has ballot access in 16 states, including Alaska.

“Earlier today, I led a discussion with the 800 No Labels delegates from all 50 states,” said Mike Rawlings, No Labels convention chairman. “These citizen leaders have spent months discussing with one another the kind of leadership they want to see in the White House in 2024. These are some of the most civic minded, thoughtful, and patriotic Americans I have ever met. They take their responsibility seriously. Even though we met virtually, their emotion and desire to bring this divided nation back together came right through the screen. I wasn’t sure exactly where No Labels delegates would land today but they sent an unequivocal message: Keep going.”

The vote among the 800 delegates was nearly unanimous, Rawlings said.

“Now that No Labels has received the go ahead from our delegates, we’ll be accelerating our candidate outreach and announcing the process for how candidates will be selected for the Unity Ticket on Thursday, March 14.”

The Democrats and their liberal media surrogates are worried that the candidate most hurt by the liberal-leaning group will be President Joe Biden. With many of the top-tier candidates dropping out of contention, the party is on the hunt for someone with the “it” factor who can launch the group into orbit again.

In Alaska, the group is considered a limited political party, and its chair is one Darrell Brown Sr. of Palmer, who is a registered nonpartisan voter in Alaska with the Division of Elections, but has no evident political experience in the state.


  1. I believe Geoff Duncan will be the nominee and he will pull far more votes from Trump than Biden

  2. The goal here would be to find someone right leaning to take votes from Trump. It’s kind of like RCV.

  3. With respect, Madam Editor, might the word “cares” have been inadvertently omitted from the title?

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