No Labels Party gains access to 2024 ballot in Alaska and nine other states

Sen. Joe Manchin, left, and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, center, were featured at the New Hampshire No Labels Party town hall on July 17.

The No Labels Party may have a presidential nominee on the Alaska ballot next year.

No Labels, founded by mostly former Democrats and disaffected moderate Republicans, has won ballot access in 10 states, with North Carolina Board of Elections approving it for the 2024 presidential ballot earlier this month.

In Alaska, No Labels has been categorized as a “limited political party.” Per Alaska Statute, a group may file a petition to become a limited political party in the presidential campaign, and can maintain this status if its presidential candidate receives at least 3% of the vote.

A limited political party is a group that organizes for the purpose of selecting candidates for electors for president and vice president, according to statute.

The 10 states where No Labels Party ticket has ballot access are, so far: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota and Utah. 

“The No Labels movement has achieved a significant milestone, winning ballot access in 10 states,” said civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin J. Chavis, National Co-Chair of No Labels. “This is a historic victory for Americans who have said loud and clear they want more choices at the ballot box. The spirit of democracy is winning in America today.” 

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut was the founding chairman of the party in 2009. During his last term in office, (he served from 1989 to 2013), he listed himself as an independent Democrat and caucused with and chaired committees for the Democratic Party. Nancy Jacobson, a former fundraiser for the Democratic Party, became co-founder, president, and CEO of No Labels.

Since its founding, No Labels has been working to dismantle partisanship and “cultivating a spirit of unity among among elected officials from both sides of the aisle. The organization is focused on common-sense policy solutions, practical compromise and cross-party collaboration, aimed at addressing the pressing challenges facing the nation.”

During that time, however, partisanship has only deepened at every level of American politics, even in nonpartisan races.

Sen. Joe Manchin and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski have been much discussed as a possible No Labels ticket for president and Vice President. Manchin is on the right side of the Democratic Party, and Murkowski is on the left side of the Republican Party. 

Murkowski fueled that rumor when she said on the record that if the choice is between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, she will vote for Manchin, who is not yet an announced candidate, but who faces an uphill battle if he decides to run for reelection to the Senate.  West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a Republican, leads Manchin, a Democrat, in the polls by 22 points in a hypothetical Senate matchup.

No Labels, which held its first town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire on July 17, featuring Sen. Manchin and Republican former Utah Sen. Jon Huntsman, announced this weekend that it would hold a presidential nominating convention in Dallas, Texas, in April. No details were given about how the party would decide on its nominee.

The video of the first town hall has only garnered about 3,000 views on YouTube:

In a survey the group released last week of registered voters in the top eight presidential battleground states, 63%, said they are open to voting for a moderate independent ticket in the event of a Biden-Trump rematch, the party said. Some 69% of those surveyed supported groups like No Labels getting on the ballot “in case an independent wants to run for president.”

Alaska has four “recognized political parties” — Alaska Democratic Party, Alaska Republican Party, Alaska Libertarian Party and Alaskan Independence Party.

There are also several recognized “political groups,” some of which do not advance a candidate for president, but they have dozens or more registered members. These have applications on file with the Division of Elections: Alliance Party of Alaska, Freedom Reform Party, Green Party of Alaska, Moderate Party of Alaska, Patriot’s Party of Alaska, Progressive Party of Alaska, UCES’ Clowns Party, and Veterans Party of Alaska.

The No Labels Party is in the third category of a “limited political party,” along with the Alaska Constitution Party. There are no actual registered members of the No Labels Party in Alaska at this time, because it has no known local sub-organization that has registered with the state Division of Elections.

The presidential election in Alaska is not subject to open primaries or ranked choice voting.


  1. Another east coast creature crawling to the surface again. He is 82 what good is he representing anyone. Just what we need more half fried antiques.

    Wonder how much old joe Biden paid him to screw up this election.??

    • Actually I think this will help Republicans (whomever the nominee may be) this time around. In 2020 a large number of Biden voters were really voting against Trump rather than for Biden; a major third-party candidate will probaby siphon more votes off the left than the right.

      • So we want to split the hair three ways instead of two? Nah, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. ALWAYS beware what comes out of the east coast where insanity prevails.

  2. Far left Liberals are a loyal bunch and will never vote outside the party. This “no label” group will do nothing but split the vote with Republicans. Democrat win again.

  3. This is a great thing. The republican party wants to align with the extreme right, going on a culture war crusade, and triping over itself to support Trump. Moderates of the party are ostracized and labeled RINOs. Ok then, let’s have a new party for those who lean conservative but are tired of the republican party’s hypocrisy and decline.

    A party that more represents what we want seems appropriate, no need to keep lumping us into an ever more un-representative party. This is progress, however incremental.

    • I repeat, beware of ANYTHING that comes out of the east coast where insanity prevails! Just splitting hairs three ways instead of two will do no one any good except the democrats which is where those folks will side based on history.

    • B.N.; You’re Correct.
      What ever happened to Republicans Like Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan?

      • 3rd gen,
        Perhaps you’ve forgotten that the Commie Democrats hated Reagan and they did their best to destroy him. Old Teddy Kennedy his bad self even went so far as to approach the Russkies in an attempt to de-platform R.R. Imagine that.

        And Lincoln? They killed him.

        Teddy ended up being useful for the Banksters when they financed his third party ticket in order to split the R vote with Taft and elect Wilson. The result? Federal Reserve, Income Tax, WWI and host of unamerican un-constitutional edicts targeting free speech, along with Wilson’s institutionalized racist policies that condemned a generation or two of the Black race. Perhaps the most egregious act committed by Wilson was his apparent love for the KKK, he likened them to Holy White Knights. Go figure. Third Party indeed…

      • Lincoln shredded the Constitution and presided over war crimes.

        Teddy was an expansionist who overreached constantly but had the support of congress during a bout of manifest destiny. He often had a vague relationship with the Constitution as well.

        Reagan would never have sat quiet on the culture war. He’d have been smarter in how it was fought.

        So two outright fails and one bad miss. But you think Princess is “honorable”, so it’s about as good as you could be expected to do.

        • MA, I give Lincoln a pass for his suspension of habeas corpus, I know it’s easy for smarty pants like you to show your disdain for Lincoln in an effort to reveal your vast intellect to the masses, but then you were not at the helm during an armed rebellion either. I’m not condoning Lincoln’s actions but, well you know, just saying that sh*t happens when you’re in the sh*t up to your eyeballs. But then maybe you’ve never been in a position to have to make those kind of calls.

          As for unconstitutional acts, many Presidents have been guilty, Jefferson being but one. In an effort to avert war with France he forked over bribe $ and called it the Louisiana Purchase. Seemed to have worked out pretty well for U.S.

  4. No labels is a label itself. This is like non-partisan muni & borough elections. They are often partisan as you can get but claim non-partisanship like a no label candidate would. The issues are the issues. There’s no way around it. A moderate position for 1 person might be seen as extreme by someone else.

  5. “The whole idea is to save the republic from Donald Trump”, said Mark McKinnon, a former GOP strategist who helped found No Labels.

    The group’s chief strategist, Ryan Clancy, said the group would likely drop its bid if someone other than Trump emerges as the GOP candidate.

    Bingo…that’s all you need to know. Remember they ran Evan McMullin from Utah against Trump in 2016. The group operates as a nonprofit so they don’t have to disclose donors. I’d be surprised if Mitt Romney wasn’t lurking around in the background of this group.

    It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome – hopefully they fiddle around enough with all their nonprofit donor dollar secrecy and get the FEC on their tail.

    Ignore them. I think that the Democrat party is more worried about them at this point.

  6. A more efficient way to run up the debt in the spirit of democracy and practical common sense solutions.
    Funny, I didn’t read anything about freedom, liberty, or reducing the size of government. We’re nice people and we’ll take care of you.

  7. “No Labels” is a label. Third party candidacies for the last 50 years have always resulted in demrat wins – gave us Jimmy Carter and um the hillbilly. That was Ross Perot and I can’t remember that other idiot… Lisa will stop at nothing to keep Trump out of D.C.
    Those who believe the msm labeling Republicans as “extremists”, such as the Northman above, need to understand that ALL of us want to be seen as reasonable people and that the ones doing the labeling from the left are the extremists. Tell me, is it extreme to demand the alphabets leave our kids alone? What say you Lisa? Is it extreme to say we need to open up Alaska for drilling and mineral extraction? Lisa, where have you been? You used to be in favor of the Alaska economy…
    It is easy to say that the left is projecting again, but it is much harder to form consensus or even coalitions when labels are thrown with impunity.
    “No Labels” is a protest, not serious about running a candidate, but they will be an influence that will have to be dealt with without compromising our own platform. Lisa will have us water down our positions to the point of meaninglessness to retain the “moderates” which would still result in a demrat win. We will win if we stand strong.
    Will Lisa have to resign her Senate seat if she runs for another office? Gov Dunleavy should appoint Kelly Tshibaka if Lisa quits.

  8. Should have marked clinton the “hill&billy”… my bad. Hillbillies are too good to be equated with those criminal idiots.

  9. Why don’t they just call it the Uni-Party? Moderate = Uni-Party = No Labels

    Anyone who supports open borders, broken elections, foreign wars, and destroying the dollar is who we should be fighting. Unfortunately, there is no one to represent us.

  10. Apparently MRAK posters are not smart enough to undestand that the No Labels Party would damage Biden more than Trump

    • Frank, I’m not on board with the no label hogwash, instead I’m supporting RFK Jr in his bid to bring some sanity to the dystopian democrats, but then I’m not a democrat. But as you say, I’m probably not smart enough to understand that the no label group is targeted at Biden, right?

    • Oh “Frank”…
      (shaking head more sadly than usual)

      The issue isn’t who might get hurt worse, the issue is yet another stupid political con job.

      What we’re not “stupid enough” (an interesting accusation considering the source) is to buy a con from the left. Every time the left says this will be good for us, we know it means the opposite.

      I support the left is “stupid enough” to think we’re that dumb.

      You got your once a decade win with RVC. Enjoy that.

    • NOT! It will damage those who want conservatives who believe in our God given rights and know they DID NOT come from the government! Obviously you are not one.

    • If they run as what they are, socialism light go for it. But the left can’t run on what they actually believe because they won’t win. Yet.

      passing themselves off as non extreme is false and deliberately misleading.

  11. If the candidate is not far right, stay far away. Only the far right can save us as everything else devolves into madness and grooming. Trust in Trump and rank the red.

  12. Murkowski has already said she would vote to begin with. FYI, Murkowski is not a conservative she is a democrat and that’s the group with RCV that put her in office this last election. Would never vote for either Manchin or Murkowski or a ticket with them both on it, they would continue the very dark path the US is traveling down.

  13. In theory, I love this idea. Getting away from all previous labels/slanders and starting fresh. But, having dealt with humanity for nearly 60 years, I see this as another attempt to split a conservative voting block (think RCV). In reality, if we are serious about cleaning up the progressive mess in D.C., we need to first get our own party in order. We will never see a return to Constitutionalism if we cannot solidify as a party.

  14. The current lawfare against Trump is what’s called “Beta Testing” and these people seem to be all for it.

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