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Native Movement targets Alaska teens for time alone with famous drag queen

The Alaska political group known as Native Movement is bringing a noted drag queen to Alaska and will make him available to teens and young adults at an event just for them at the Alaska Public Interest Research Group’s Anchorage offices.

Pattie Gonia is a drag queen who mixes environmentalism with drag in his public appearances. He has an Instagram following of 572,000, and posts photos of himself in the wilds in various drag and other costume attire.

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While in Alaska, Gonia will be featured at a “lunch and learn” conversation for youth on the topic of “the with Pattie Gonia about the “intersection of climate justice and gender justice. For teens and young adults. Lunch will be provided.”

Gonia is coming to the state to help raise funds for Native Movement, Alaska Public Interest Research Group, and Alaska Community Actions on Toxins.

Screen shot of Pattie Gonia’s Instagram account shows him with Vice President Kamala Harris. More at:

Gonia will co-host an event for adults with another state-based drag queen named Golden Delicious, at the 49th State Brewery in Anchorage on Sept. 2, an evening that will also include drag queens Lamia Monroe, Athena Nuff and Ice Watah, a performer who describes himself as the “nicest a**hole you ever met.”

Tickets include access to the show, a silent auction, being entered into a raffle, dinner, and non-alcoholic beverages at Alaska’s 49th State Brewery. Alcohol beverages are available for purchase.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Mary should be proud to introduce this to your gullible kids who are just living day to day trying to be kids. Is this the best they can do is stick it in your face? What about a real person with something worthwhile to learn.

  2. I don’t need to have lunch with anyone to learn this is a very mentally disturbed individual.

    One look from a distance is sufficient.

  3. Is this the final shaming of the natives? When white man came to Alaska, the natives were considered savages and not human. Their native language was so shameful according to white man that they would be punished for speaking it. Now, white man is going to make them slimy, soyboy sex objects only useful for one thing…shaming. Really? Is this what the Alaska Natives really want? Who created that Alaska Native Movement group? Who is funding it? Soros or one of his minions? I know a lot of very intelligent Alaska Natives that have fallen for the evil money. I pray to God Almighty that they see this evil path they are being led down and they stop these infiltrators dead in their tracks.

    • I can appreciate your conviction on the terrible abuse this program poses for Native American children. However, I wish you would replace “white man” for what these people really are, the deranged and mentally ill. I am considered a white male but I, and many like me, do not want to be associated with these people in any way.

    • I as well am sorry you have such a negative attitude towards “white man”.
      I as well as many other “white men” worked hard next to many native coworkers to improve the entire infrastructure of many villages. I spent years talking and became friends with many of the elders because of their interesting stories about their past and knowledge of nature.
      Not all “white men” are guilty of the travesties that happened in the past just as there were plantation owners who thought it was “right” to own slaves but hundreds of thousands of “white Men” died disagreeing
      I am just as disgusted as you regarding the horrible agenda being pushed once again on innocent native youth.
      It is important for you to distinguish who is responsible for this trash.
      In the photo above is our very own Vice President Kamala Harris who frequently poses with this group and endorses their cause as well as President Biden who has the full support of Lisa Murkowski AND Mary Peltola who always votes for anything they project.
      I can assure you will find they are behind this filth as they have all spoken in favor of the climate and gender justice.
      You cannot fight this alone. It is in your best interest to realize there are many “white men” who will fight AND sacrifice their lives to protect any youth who are targets of this filth.
      Many of us are on your side regardless of color or race.
      It is important to reach out to your village and regional corporation leaders and make them aware of this hidden agenda just as I am doing because I have a lot of skin in the game as well. The leaders have the power to put a stop to this filth.
      NEVER give up fighting for childrens rights to a “normal” community driven lifestyle.

      • I am just using the term that many natives use when I say white man – I apologize if it sounds offensive. I am white also. Looking back on the his-story, if I am remembering correctly, Russian trappers and the Russian Orthodox church were here. The Russian Orthodox church tried to help the natives. Then the Catholic church and who else – the Mormons (?) (Kilbuck and that group) came in to help the natives. I have heard good stories and I have heard bad stories about the treatment or effects of the help from the different groups that came in.
        So, getting back to my original post, just like with the rest of humanity, is this the move of final shaming of the natives? Yes, it is one little evil group pushing this agenda and they have control of the main stream media and make it seem that nearly everyone agrees with their sick, perverted thinking. They are using the Alaskan Natives and when the sick ones have accomplished their goals, they will dump them like hot potatoes. I pray that the natives will wake up and see that they are being manipulated by Satan’s minions.

  4. How aptly named, this Native “Movement”.
    Explains the remarkable resemblance to what’s in kitty’s litter box.
    Definition of gratitude is never knowing if it smells the same.
    Same destination seems appropriate for both.
    Yet another reason to boycott downtown Anchorage.
    Good news is it exposes (can’t un-see that now, can you?) what is all about.

  5. More Natives will end up missing and abused. Do they really want this? My experience with Native elders is that they teach the young kids the traditional values of their culture. Do they really want to have them turned into homosexuals and trannies? Because that’s where this is heading. Pretty sad commentary for our Native youth.

      • To judge by the way in which the vast majority of Alaskan natives vote, it would seem that “traditional values” includes sucking on the federal government teat to the maximum possible extent.

    • The Brewery needs to be boycotted just for allowing these idiots a platform.
      It was descibed best above by the performer…”The nicest A**hole you ever met”
      Does anyone really want to meet nice A**holes?
      Will they be serving free bud lite because everybody quit buying it on account of A**hole Mulvaney?

  6. There are others works working to also reach the next generation better than giving a counterfeit alternative life. They are This Generation Ministries (TGM), Alaska Village Missions, Christ for Native Youth Network, Young Life Alaska, Covenant Youth of Alaska, Youth for Christ, Solid Rock Bible Camp also whom are reaching out to the next generation.

    It’ll be other GenZ children and young adults Christ leaders who’d be better at reaching other confused GenZ youth to be approached and friended by other indigenous youth and young adults who been there and seen what we seen Growing up Native to tell them the gospel, to see Native youth demonstrating living an unshackled life, and discovering their identity as a child of God and meeting adults to help the young person where to find a Christ centered community of believers whom will help motivate, encourage, mentor and pray alongside them as they each navigate through this life.

  7. Further if these ministries can get the Native Youth and Native Young adults to learn their ancestral Native Arts and crafts like the artists not following Christ do and selling it, so those youth for Christ who demonstrated a talent for sewing, carving, weaving can make things for sale online like using eBay, Facebook marketplace, Etsy, instagram, TikTok, and crafts fairs the Native young adult artist can sell their work which the art and sales is another way to meeting and reaching the Native community with the gospel showing we don’t need to give up our people’s art to follow Christ. The Native art can be another way to glorify Him. As the Bible points out proverbs 31:19 keeping our hands busy is biblical “ Her hands are busy spinning thread, her fingers twisting fiber”” She makes belted linen garments and sashes to sell to the merchants”Native young men would be using wood and ivory for making art if he isn’t interested in sewing and weaving since most guys don’t have much patience for a needle and thread.

  8. Whatever… “native movement” is not Native. Far as I can tell it’s wishful fantasy on the part of the alphabets. I’m no longer shocked by their perverse behavior, just disgusted, and would rather not have it shoved in my face. This is likely the last article I bother to read on the subject – I refuse to give them even that much attention.

  9. Oh hang on a moment isn’t this the guy in the NorthFace ads?? You know the one, who thinks the outdoors needs more equity, so he is going hiking in some outlandish outfit?
    The question then is: “Which “Native Values” is he going to impart on these kids?

  10. This group of mentally deranged stuck on stupid group of misfits is endorsed by our very own Vice President Kamala Harris.
    She looks as giddy as a pervert in a peep show triple feature.
    Interesting how they are using “The Native Movement” to push their agenda “intersection for climate justice and gender justice for teens and young adults..with free lunch”.
    What is their goal here? Transform the young natives into spastic gender confused groups of fools so they can take control of their land and resources?
    Why arent they doing a performance at AFN in front of the entire sector including Elders and youth conference where Lisa and Mary like to troll votes or is that on next years agenda?
    Where in the h**l is 49th State Brewing going with their drag shows?
    Are they competing with Dylan Mulvaney for running Bud Lite into the ground?
    I wouldnt go near that establishment even if I was dumb enough to venture downtown.
    If their business continues to flourish and even spike upwards after these putrid shows that will be an indicator how deep Anchorage is in the sewer ditch.
    Natives need to wake up and see this.
    I know the leaders and Elders are not “for” this rot of their culture.
    Interesting how the Regional Corporations are not participating in AFN anymore.
    They are clearly being targeted by an evil force who has an evil agenda just by looking at the “face” of it.
    The saddest part of the entire spectrum is to see the Vice Presidents smiling face of approval.
    Wake the H**L up everybody!!!

    • Last years First Alaskans Institute Elders and Youth there was too much talk about LGBT and lot more LGBT activities. I think FAI was working their crowd up to one day their elders and youth conference will host a drag show probably during its teen dance or during one of its performance nights. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens this October since Alaska Native Heritage Center and Native Movement hosted an event.

  11. Guess we can add the 49th to the Bud light list. Used to recommend them to my out of state visitors. Businesses need to learn, there’s no neutral ground anymore.

    • 1. Children might not have the automatic revulsion that normal adults have. It is very important to them that they be able to act out how they think a woman would act – and receive approval… “affirmation” that they really are a woman. Kids are vulnerable especially when their teachers groom them ahead of the “show”. Many adults throw things at them and spit – at least they used to.
      2. They’re grooming for future sex partners.
      Yes, this really is mental illness.

      • Bingo!
        Kids have no experience to evaluate what they see. They learn by watching adults. If adults approve, then they take it as the truth and okay. It is manipulating the next generation and some parents are willing participants, because they either suffer from the same affliction(wokeness) or are too cowardly to stand against the current “trendy” group. It is truly sad!
        These are self righteous bullies. The antidote: Laughter and as loud as you can! (pointing fingers works too)

  12. This is adult “entertainment”. It is not for children and any parent approving of this needs to re-evaluate their standards and values as a parent. Get a grip!

  13. I would have liked to see such a mentally ill drag clown waltz into any Native village circa 1900.

    They’d have found themselves on an ice flow on the outgoing tide before they could blink their fake eyelashes.

  14. Why is it important for adult he/she’s or she’s/he’s be teaching and doing shows for kids? And why are the adults present in a child’s life pushing for this? Makes you ponder the reasoning behind actions?

  15. The continued sexualization of kids, especially Native kids who must overcome geographic seclusion and a history of abuse and victimization; must stop. This just another attempt by deranged people to warp children. 49th State Brewing should be ashamed to host such an event

  16. One of my many failings in this life is my inability to understand why this sickness is the hill the left has chosen to die on.

    It makes zero sense.

  17. Since I am Native, I am hurt and dismayed that anyone at all would want to expose our children to this platform before they have even learned how to properly gather(foods, dances, get togethers). I want them to learn traditional values, and all their own culture and ancestral ways. Our people/children are precious and we want them to thrive as they grow in the knowledge of their indigenous ways. We want to protect them from harm that has plagued them for many years. To be raped, killed, gone missing, stolen and made a mockery of, is not something we want for our children. If this show can teach them our cultural values and how to protect themselves from being exploited and used and torn down, fine, but I am much in doubt of that. Are the people presenting and honoring the ones putting on a show like this for our children doing it because “why exactly?” Why can’t the performers present to adults who choose to go to such an event? It is like taking kids into a strip club or bar. Inappropriate, irrelevant and unsuitable. Dress appropriately and teach our children how to read, how to be safe, to know good from bad, and to make good choices. that is my plea.

  18. 49th State Brewery must have one weird crowd and owners, if their looking to lose business then I guess it makes sense, mental illness run a muck, what kinda freak would even consider attending such a event.


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