Chicago will host the 2024 Democratic National Convention


Alaska Democratic Party delegates will head to Chicago in late August of 2024 for the National Democratic Nominating Convention, where the party faithful will vote on which Democrat candidate for president will be its nominee. The dates for the convention are Aug. 19-22, 2024.

The choices at this time are President Joe Biden, who has not yet announced his campaign, new-age adviser Marianne Williamson, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The midwestern part of the country is seen as a critical battleground region and President Biden made the call to have the convention there, rather than in Atlanta or New York City.

The Democratic National Committee said Illinois is part of a “blue wall,”  that was important to the party’s fortunes in 2020 and 2022 elections.

Chicago, which last hosted a convention in 1996, is a crime-ridden Democrat- and union-run city that saw crime rise  41% from 2021-2022. The convention will be in the middle of an area that is slightly less dangerous than the South Side, at the United Center, located slightly west of the Chicago Loop, or central business district. 

Republicans announced in February that they would hold their nominating convention in Milwaukee, Wis., July 15-18.


    • Reggie, my sentiments exactly, except this time it’s not the Daley machine in control, it’s the Marxist.

  1. I’m hoping with all the gun violence in Chicago there will be no armed security. It would be best if they had no security (defund security) with no walls or fences, like our southern border. No ID to enter would be thoughtful as well and everything should be free.

  2. The democrats are meeting in their own pile of failure. Perfect place for the dimwits to strategize on more lies and thefts.

  3. This is great news. At least some of the national media will show the nation how the policies of the abject moron Democrats are destroying the city- and state.

    It would be terrific if this story about how the corrupt Cook County decided to destroy a small family business established in 1937. Just demand $180,000.00 in property taxes, for one year. Well worth a read to show just how evil, stupid, corrupt, and un- American today’s Democrats are. Pure trash- all of them.


  4. I will bet the party of gun control will ensure the parasites…. errr…. I mean the elites of the party are well protected by people carrying guns.
    And, I will bet the party of “ID to vote is racist” will require everyone entering the event to show a government issued photo ID.
    And, I am sure the party of “stop climate change” will use plenty of limos to get from their private aircraft to the event.
    At least, there will be plenty are places where they delegates can get their drugs.

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