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Hayden Ludwig: Non-ERIC states do better at removing ineligible voters


If the Left ignores you, keep digging. When the Left tries to gag you, you’re onto something. Nothing better illustrates that fact than the recent battle over the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which goes to the very heart of our election system.

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ERIC was supposedly designed to help states cull their lists of voters who’ve died, moved, or otherwise become ineligible. That’s a noble cause – yet data from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission shows that non-ERIC states do a better job of removing ineligible voters from their rolls than do ERIC’s members.

Perhaps that’s because ERIC doesn’t force members to actually clean their rolls – the very thing we’re told it was created to do. In fact, it makes this process optional and surprisingly tedious.

When Republican secretaries of state and conservative watchdog groups questioned this, they immediately came under fire from partisans posing as reporters, who began denigrating skeptics as “far-right conspiracy theorists” and “election deniers” for asking ERIC tough questions. One wonders whether the activists at the New York Times, Washington Post, and Associated Press even recognize genuine investigative journalism these days.

Here’s the truth: ERIC was created to expand the nation’s voter rolls, not clean them.

Take it from ERIC founder and leftist elections lawyer David Becker, who bragged in 2018 that “[ERIC] is the single most effective voter registration drive in the history of the United States,” responsible for adding, in ERIC states, “between five and six million [new voters] in just six years.”

What Becker and the rest of the professional Left know is that the Democratic Party’s future hinges on mass voter registration. The goal is to create a new electorate altogether, tailor-made to suit the elite Left’s interests.

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Hayden Ludwig is the director of policy research for Restoration of America and the author of ERIC: the Best Data Money Can’t Buy.



  1. How dare you deny the left the chance to stuff the ballot box (or mail box)?

    Clean up the voter rolls? What next? Actual accountability?

  2. When is our governor going to act on Eric? It is an information highway of voter information to everybody. The voter has no privacy we might as well just vote by open ballets.

      • You’re right. I don’t think you should even bother going out and voting. Just stay home. That way your vote won’t get stolen.

        • So, instead, you should continue to participate in a game that you can never win (by design). You do know that pretending the system still worked was part of the propaganda in the USSR, don’t you? There has to be a 3rd option that isn’t giving up or playing make-believe.

  3. OUR PERSONAL DATA is sent to ERIC every single month from the State of Alaska by both elections and DMV IT staff (i am confirming this as ex employee). They get every bit of new or any change of data – our full names, addresses (physical and mailing), drivers licenses, dates of birth, all personal data you should cringe about.
    We need to stop bleeding and feeding our personal data to the George Soros funded ERIC system. How do you think we get targeted so very personally? Change your address, party you vote for, change your name, where you live and get mail. You are now a prime target (yes i am personally creeped out as a woman and a human).
    ERIC pays the state for OUR data, paying for the monthly labor i suppose as an incentive – NOT WORTH OUR INVASION OF PRIVACY.
    Have the various State entities work on data cleanup, a few discussions between elections, DMV and whiever is tracking birth and deat certificates within the state should get cleanup of our voter polls going in the right direction.
    Terminate the contract with ERIC immediately.

  4. This should’ve been a five minute decision for dunleavy. Eric should already be banned from the state if the lady cared for fair elections and Alaskans private information. If he doesn’t get rid of Eric, it shows what side he’s on.

  5. Recently, the Georgia AG was in DC. While there, he decided to stop by the ERIC HQ. The address lead to an empty building. Nothing says “legitimacy” like a fake business address.

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