Judicial Watch: What you need to know about ERIC



The media is condemning officials in Republican-led states for withdrawing from a controversial data-sharing consortium that purports to help manage voter registration rolls and, not surprisingly, the news reports fail to tell the whole story. The system is known as the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and it claims to be an efficient and cost-effective mechanism for states to maintain accurate voter rolls. ERIC is a nonprofit that was formed by leftist operatives in 2012 and, until recently, had more than 30 member states. It claims that its sole mission is assisting states to improve the accuracy of America’s voter rolls and increase access to voter registration for all eligible voters.

The reality is much different and Judicial Watch offers compelling information deliberately omitted by the media in a White Paper released this week. The document presents facts that directly contradict recent news coverage attacking Republican-led states—including Florida, West Virginia, and Missouri—for cutting ties with ERIC. The New York Times expresses fervent support for ERIC, writing that the nonprofit “has faced intensifying attacks from election deniers and right-wing media.” National Public Radio proclaims that “the far right is now running a disinformation campaign against one of the best tools that states have to detect and prevent voter fraud.” The headline of a recent Washington Post story reads: “Election deniers take aim at group that helps states maintain voter rolls.” The list of media critics is extensive and ranges from national outlets to small town newspapers.

The fact is that ERIC has been far more successful at identifying unregistered voters than duplicate or invalid registrations, according to research conducted by Judicial Watch.

The organization reports identifying more than 60 million unregistered voters since 2012. That is not to say that it has not been effective at identifying many potentially improper or invalid voter registrations. However, certain aspects of its operations are incredibly dubious.

For instance, ERIC was founded by the liberal Pew Charitable Trusts, potentially with funding that originated from leftist billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations network. Its founder, who remains influential within the organization, has a history of leftwing activism and unethical conduct. ERIC also shares the vast amount of sensitive personal data it receives from member states with another liberal nonprofit, the Center for Election Innovation and Research, a key player in the Zuckerbucks scandal in which private entities donated millions of dollars to fund government vote counts in the 2020 elections.

Records obtained by Judicial Watch show that ERIC is far more effective at swelling voter registration rolls than at keeping them clean. Our research also determined that the large amount of sensitive data provided to ERIC by member states and the organization’s role in maintaining voter rolls may violate a number of federal statutes.

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  1. We need to drop ERIC if our stand tall governor can reach the bar. This program gives away to much personal information and has been exposed to inflated voter rolls IE cheating.

  2. Hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.
    We raised the alarm in November 2022:
    “ERIC is a voter-roll management organization used by 33 states which ostensibly exists to identify duplicate or deceased registrants (by cross-referencing states’ voter and DMV records) and thereby “clean” state voter rolls. Alabama joined ERIC in 2015 and currently pays about $25,000 a year for its membership.”
    Alaska is one of those 33 states.
    The “Federalist” article goes on to state, and we paraphrase: “The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) was started by far-left political activist David Becker, who has dedicated his life to attacking conservatives and advancing left-wing policies. Becker also started the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), one of two leftist groups that funneled $419 million in grants from Mark Zuckerberg to mostly blue counties of swing states, funding Democratic get-out-the-vote operations from government election offices in 2020. ERIC shares voter roll data – including records of unregistered citizens – with CEIR, which then reportedly creates targeted mailing lists for unregistered but likely Democrat voters and sends them back to the states for voter registration outreach.
    Additionally, per government watchdog Verity Vote, ERIC doesn’t actually clean states’ voter rolls, but rather inflates them. Though member states are allegedly required to clean their voter rolls, nothing happens. A March 2022 audit by Michigan’s auditor general found the state’s Bureau of Elections failed to sufficiently clean its voter rolls, though Michigan had joined ERIC in 2019. Likewise, the District of Columbia (another ERIC member) has also been sued for its failure to clean its rolls.”
    Bottom line is, considering this and everything else we’ve enumerated to date, it looks more and more like Alaskan voters have not, for some time, voted in a truly free and honest election.
    And it’s going to be really, really hard for Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor, the Conoco-Phillips guy who spent his time accusing voters of spreading election “misinformation”, to prove he dragged Alaskan voters into ERIC knowing nothing about these little details.”

  3. Suzanne, Thank you for running this story. JW has a long and successful history with legal action that results in massive cleaning up,of voting rolls.
    We appreciate any help in election integrity, something that our legislature seems to be very reluctant to address.

  4. Yes, Judicial Watch actually pointed out the flaws in Alaska’s voter registration database prior to the 2020 elections that at the time had more registered voters than Alaskan citizens. Response that I remember hearing from the Lt. Gov. was when Alaskans leave the state they are supposed to inform Alaska and remove their name from the voter registration database. Huh, that isn’t how the state statue reads. Shenanigans did take place in Alaska in 2020 and in 2022. The new Lt. Governor better get going on actually cleaning up the voter registration database and removing Alaska from E.R.I.C. Alaska must also ensure no more data breaches. How many of us Alaskans were targeted after the data breach? How many solicitations do you get from Political Action Groups, political surveys, polls, etc on your cell phone number that SHOULD not be given out. Illegally installed Ranked Choice Voting must go to the wayside. Alaska must clean up its judicial branch to ensure that judges are not politically motivated and can actually do their jobs. State legislature better step up on its watch dog efforts and start passing constitutional laws including 2nd Amendment support, all politicians must adopt education that creates leaders and thinkers instead of “WOKE” indoctrination and stop/prevent ALL medical tyranny. Alaska can not be allowed to fall into despotism by more covid type measures. Time to wake up and take action. Call the governor, call your state and federal senators and representatives and make your conservative voices heard loud and clear, go to school board meetings and stand up for the children, talk to Mayors and vote out crazy woke politicians and judges. All the shenanigans going on in Anchorage voting should be a red flag that we need a new Clerk and overhaul of Anchorage voting. NO MORE SELECTIONS. We must have statewide fair legal elections.

  5. The fact that ranked choice voting idiocy made it in front of the Alaska Supreme Court and was summarily dismissed as a legal form of voting, WITHOUT the court issuing a written decision with constitutional backup supporting their decision, should give every Alaskan pause. The judiciary is no longer upholding the constitution in their decisions. The judiciary is now a tool of the left to further remove the individual freedoms we were guaranteed under the US Constitution.

  6. So is this why our Alaska voter rolls are such a mess? And is this why the public out-cry, mostly from conservatives, to clean up our voter rolls seems to be met with silence? Our elected and appointed officials are trusting in a system that appears to be designed to do the opposite of what is claimed. It seems our ERIC membership is a waste of money and we are only funding a left leaning tool, now combined with RCV. Proverbial fox guarding the henhouse.

  7. Another “nonprofit “. That’s the root of all of these leftist organizations. Change the criteria and tax the hell out of their nonprofits. It’s money laundering at its worst. The seed money is provided by radicals until they establish a method to use taxpayer money. And it becomes very profitable.

  8. “ERIC is a nonprofit that was formed by leftist operatives”

    This is all you need to know summed up in a short statement.

  9. It is amusing how the radical left just loves to sling around the epithet “election denier” for those who challenge the increasingly compromised and corrupted US elections, when in fact it is they who are ELECTION CORRUPTION DENIERS!

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